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Saturday, August 8, 2009

SpiceJet extends its defence ‘zero fare’ scheme to retired personnel, families and para-military too

As reported on this blog earlier, SpiceJet offers a no-fare scheme for serving members of the Armed Forces.

This scheme has now further been extended to retired defence personnel, their families and personnel and families of Para-military forces (CPOs) also.

The following stipulation appearing on SpiceJet website may however be kept in mind :

The special discounted fares are applicable only to serving and retired personnel of the Indian Armed Forces and Paramilitary Forces and their families (those carrying a valid military identity card). A valid identity card issued by Indian Armed Forces (or Paramilitary Forces) is a necessary condition for travel under this offer and passengers will be required to produce the card at the SpiceJet check in counter at the airport.

Though it is not the fares but the taxes which constitute the major part of air-ticket prices, it is the gesture that counts.


rajaraman said...

It is great to hear this facility being extended to retired personnel and their families too.

As there are no Identity card issued for the spouse, I wonder how they will be identified when they have to travel alone. Hopefully they will accept the ECHS card which is some sort of a Photo identity card.

col S Rajaraman

Ramani said...

good , the gesture hopefully will be taken up by others as well.
in the USA in many metros, senior citizens travel free in bus / train.Hope someday we wll emulate them.

vajir singh nain said...

Thank you very much for placing this facilities on the blog. As Col S Rajaraman has inquired into the matter kindly communicate if possible.

A lot of thanks to SpiceJet for the regards/concessions extended to defence personnel and their famalies too.

Vajir Singh Nain
ex Hav/clk

GSK Murthy said...

We have quite few number of officers serving in Navaratna PSU. There is discrimination in pay hike after PSU pay commission implementation for ex-servicemen. The PSU management is not showing any interest towards our representation.Can we take up such issues with AFT for justice?

Anonymous said...

A word of caution though...as per the latest guidelines (which can be viewed on the CDA(O) website), all travel on Temp Duties as also on LTC will have to be undertaken ONLY by Air India/Indian Airlines. You won't have your claims entertained if you fly any other airlines.

Anonymous said...

isnt it ironic that the govt letter restricting air travel to Air India was on the CDA website IN SIX DAYS FLAT of its issue (thats when i saw it, maybe it was posted earlier), but DA was paid 4 months late on the pretext that the ink signed copy hadnt been received. WAH CDA!!!!

Anonymous said...

thanks navdeep,

spoke to spicejet call centre at 1800 180 3333 and i have been intimated that the dependent card signed by unit will do for dependents

Anonymous said...

spice jet fares discounts are varying upon date of travel.100% discount if U travel during lean period upto sept and 50% discount thereafter.One has to carry authority letter signed by Unit also every time of travel.

Anonymous said...

i had gone to Bagdogra airport to book a flt to chennai and back but they refused and told me to do the reservation through nrt or through travel agents to avail the concession. They said this facility is not available at the airport counter.... anil

RANVIR said...

What would constitute as 'valid military identity card' for family members of a retired defence personnel?

Secondly, is this facility only available through net booking?

pradeep said...

I want to know that whether defence concession paid to dependants of serving pers.
If so, what proof to show

vinays23 said...

1. The concession provided by spicejet is a very good gesture.

2. It can be availed by booking your tickets on spicjet.com and even when u go to and airport by telling them to book under the defence personel scheme.

3. Serving / Retd pers along with their family members i.e. dependents of all ranks of military / para military are elligible for this

4. Dependent cards which are issued by the units are required as a proof. To basically check if the ticket purchased is by the genuine person.I card no is required to be shown which is always reflected on a identity card.

5. Not sure if the ECHS card would work. My view is it should as it proves your identity and is issued by right authorities

Unknown said...

I have booked my seat under retired def quota and gave my ID Card no.It is accepted also. However,in case of my wife,their computer system requires different ESM ID Card nummber reference (which she does not have).

This needs to be looked into. On defenceID Card ref, family tickets should also be booked.While check in,they can verify from other doc evidences like driving lic,voter ID etc about genuineness of family

Capt K Khera

govindan said...

i am a mns officer. i wish to know the pay benefit that would be given to me for an antedate seniority of one year since i have a civil bsc nursing qualification.my email id is
kcoolguy@ymail.com. kindly reply to this id

Unknown said...

I have recently travelled to Mumbai on Spice Jet who offered good discount for defence personnel (retired). Therewere no problems. I think this is a fine gesture. We must thank them and make use of this facility.

Capt Kuldeep Khera

ex.sgt.amardas udasi said...

May i know the process/details of getting discount on domestic air fare being an ex-serviceman.thanks

kprakash650 said...

^ Dear Sergeant
There is no additional procedure. While booking online, the websites of the airlines that provide the concession to armed forces you have to check the option for Armed Forces personnel. Alternately you can book at the Airlines counter.
In addition to the normal booking process you will be asked to give details of serving/ ex-serviceman ID card and/or proof of dependency in applicable cases.The passengers are required to carry the same and produce it during checking in.

Please Note:- you must avail the option in case of confirmed/ fixed travel plan since there is no refund except tax. I realised it too late.

Navdeep said...

Can the Canteen Smart Card serve as the valid Identity proof for the dependent to avail the discount offered to the families of Indian Armed Personnel ?

Maj Navdeep

Unknown said...

How i pity u mates? So gullible and seedha saadha fauzis.I committed the mistake of travelling by indigo on fauzi discount.It turned out that for 1000 rs less, they reserve non reclining seats with less leg space, eg last row seats.For a six footer like urs truly, seriously it was not worth it.The offr besides me succintly put it as, casualty ho gaye yaar.Wake up ppl, its a free market economy,there r no free lunches for our sacrifices. AMC DOC.

Milan said...

dear Maj. Navdeep,

Is this news of Saturday, August 8, 2009 is till valid..."
SpiceJet extends its defence ‘zero fare’ scheme to retired personnel, families and para-military too "

Anonymous said...

ex- sgt manjunath says
it is good and proud to have spicejet airlines so kind enough to have this type of servicess.
best regards
sn manjunath

Anonymous said...

Hi Sir
I just wanted to know Canteen Smart Card is a valid id proof to grab this offer??

Hony Capt. KR Raja Reddy (Retd) said...

Sir, Spice jet authorities must take immediate decision on accepting ECHS card and CSD canteen card as proof of identity for spouse as these cards were issued by defence authorities after through verification. These cards are also regularly used by spouse for entry to defence area and also availing medical and canteen facilities. Hence there should not be any doubt on this cards. I appreciate SPICE JET management and thank for extending this facilities to retired armed forces personnel also. Capt. KR Raja Reddy (Retd)

Ashish Adpur said...

People enquiring if ECHS card is a valid id proof for military dependents, the answer is yes. I am flying tomorrow with my parents. Booked the tickets under the defence category. Called up the Indigo customer service and confirmed whether ECHS cards are accepted. The executive checked with the concerned department and confirmed it.

Unknown said...

I like to avail paramilitary quota along with my family and family have no departmental id cards, but they have adhar, voter & pan card. Please let me the details