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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Q & A (1)

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The rationale for reducing the minimum service requirement from 33 years to 20 years as applied to the post '06 personnel applies equally, if not more, to those who had proceeded on premature retirement before 1.1.06. Discrimination between the pre and post '06 retirees is therefore extremely unfair. Has this matter been taken up, or is being taken up, with the Govt and what is the likelihood of this discrimination being ended? (Col K L Arora)

The Govt has already looked into this matter and rejected it. To my mind, the discrimination in this sense is more in the case of military officers and civil employees who retired between Jan 06 to Sept 08 Vs Post-Sept 08 pensioners rather than Pre-06 Vs Post-06 pensioners. Defence officers and civil employees who retired from Jan 06 till Sept 08 are not entitled to full pension on completion of 20 years’ service and this benefit has only been granted to Post-Sept 08 retirees which seems to be unfair. However Commissioned officers who retired wef 1-1-2006 would soon be extended this benefit bringing them at par with PBOR.

Your book on defence pensions is not available in Madras, can we buy it online, if not then tell us a place where it can be bought. (Manoj)

I would not like to associate myself with the commercial aspect of any book authored by me. You may like to go through www.defencepension.wordpress.com to order and receive the book anywhere in the country.

Please, do let us know the present status on notification of Govt decision for improvement of pensionary benefits as recommended by GOM and reported to be approved by PM. (Ex-Sub DN Sharawat)

The report of the committee of Secretaries has been approved in principle and the final govt letter is awaited alongwith the tables.

As per a Central Act, Army people are not supposed to be charged Toll at various toll bridges. Some Toll collectors blatantly defy this. Specially DND at NOIDA and at Parwanoo toll bridge near your place while going to Shimla or Kasauli. They defy this despite showing the Act. Can something be done to bring them to obey the Central Act. Isn’t it a serious offence to wilfully defy a Central Law. (Lt Col RK Singh)

The DND flyway case is sub-judice. Toll operators in HP are granting toll exemption wef April 2007 as the matter was sorted out with the HP Govt. For more you may peruse these posts by clicking here.

Regarding exemption from Income Tax to Awardees, It is informed that "Mention -in- Despatch" awarded for Gallantry during war has not been included in the list, though awards like Fire Service Medal and Civil defence medals have been included. I am holder of this award for 1971 Operations. State govt is also paying me Annuity for the award. I shall be grateful if this anomaly could be considered & highlighted at suitable forum. (Brig IJS Chugh, Retd)

The list notified by the Govt includes awards which specifically feature in the order of precedence issued by the President’s Secretariat. Even awardees of the Fire Services and Civil Defence Medals are granted IT exemption when these awards are conferred for gallantry. The civilian awards mentioned by you are higher than M-in-D which does not form a part of the Presidential Order of Precedence for medals, hence is not included in the list.

I am a Nausena medal gallantry award winner. I have a few queries if you can answer :
(a) Status of railway passes for SM/VM/NM Gallantry awardees
(b) Tamilnadu compensates its defence gallantry awardees very poorly (only one time compensation of Rs 3000/-). I want to know if the Police medal awardees are also be given the same, or are they been given more despite being lower in the list which shows the SM/VM/NM ranked higher than the Police medal.
(A Naval Officer)

(a) The issue has been taken up with the Rail Ministry and the AG’s Branch of the Army. Will inform you whenever anything substantial comes out. (b) You may send across an RTI Application to the Home Department of TN Govt to know about the compensation provided to PMG awardees.


Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep Sir, please tell us, why is DACP not being implemented for Defence Doctors and where is it stuck?

abmehta said...

Please refer to your response to Col Arora's Qn. I retired in 1982 on completion of 25 trs of service. Since then the successive revisions have taken this one yr shortage into account and fixed pension accordingly. We expected that once the Govt accepts 6CPC recommendation about full pension after 20 yrs and issued the Govt letter (probably on 13 Feb 09), all will get the benefit of minimum pension appropriate to the rank.
I understand Wg Cdr Aagarwal has petetioned in the Delhi High Court on this subject.

Gp Capt A B Mehta

Anonymous said...

A point of use to service Officers;
Is there any way in which we can collectively educate our servants children (economically backward) and claim income tax rebate(since we are allotted a servants quarter)?
this action may bring us a loyal clientiele as also sustain the schools in times to come.

Praveen said...

Hi Navdeep,

What is latest in bringing post Jan 06 retirees at par with post Sep 08 retirees as far as pension parity is concerned.

Lt Col Praveen Sharma(Retd)

Anonymous said...

I would like to know from Maj Navdeep regarding the progress in implementation of DACP in AMC/ADC. Why is it being delayed though there is clear Govt order on the issue?

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep, can anybody from AMC approach AFT(Armed Forces Tribunal) for nonimplementation of DACP for Doctors of Armed Forces?

Anonymous said...

Can the basis of the judgment of Maj gen pension case be used for other ranks too?