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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Additional Pension on attaining the age of 80+ : Clarification and further simplification of procedure

As discussed on this blogpost here, Govt of India, Department of Pension had issued guidelines regarding proof of age while granting the additional quantum of pension announced for existing and future pensioners in wake of acceptance of the 6th CPC recommendations.

Now the procedure has further been simplified by way of a new letter issued by the Central Govt dated 11 August 2009 which can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here. In order to grant additional quantum of pension on attaining 80 years of age, the pensioner / family pensioner / disability pensioner may present any of the following as the age proof as per existing instructions :

(a) PAN Card
(b) Matriculation Certificate
(c) Passport
(d) CGHS Card
(e) Driving License

The Central Govt has now ordained that if none of the above is available, then voter card issued by the Election Commission shall qualify as proof of age for grant of additional pension. It has also been clarified that the additional pension shall be available from the 1st day of the month in which the birthday falls. The Ministries of Defence and Railways have also been directed to issue similar instructions.

It would be worthwhile for readers to inform known elderly military pensioners and family pensioners about the fact that additional pension (varying from 20% to 100% depending upon age) is available to individuals after they attain the age of 80 years since this stipulation remains unknown to many. Record offices should ideally also carry out an exercise and ensure that these benefits reach all affected pensioners.


saran said...

hey Maj Navdeep,
One of the more important stuff. and, how on earth do u get up at 4:56 AM to post a blog? Still not able to shrug off the PT timing, is it? Way to go , sir.

Anonymous said...

Major MRP said....
Dear Maj Navdeep,
It is very good effort on your part. i have informed retired personnel of more than 80 years of age in my neighbourhood and village. Sincere thanks.

Anonymous said...

All military pers prior to enrollment has their personal details incl date of birth recorded at their respective record offices. They retirement is also based on their date of birth already on record. Why this requirement now asking a Octogenerian to prove his date of borth. Record office / PCDA / PDA should do that extra work to identify pensioners alive past 80 years and just pay them instead creating hurdles.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mandeep,
I agree with the anonymous, that proof for date of Birth need not be presented as details are already available with pension disbursing Auths and they should do it automatically.Asking for such a proof is just putting onus of claim on the pensioner and denying him the benefit on occurance and generating unwanted correspondances.
This needs to be corrected

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...


There are many categories of old vets such as WWII soldiers whose dates of birth are not available in records.

Lt Col G Kameswara Rao (retd) said...

Why has the MOD not yet issued their similar orders on this though the DPPW has asked them to do so?

Unknown said...

Hello Major

I am Dr.Ganapathiraman, son of EME 80 years old army pensioner from Chennai. The info is useful and good.

Your mentioned two order copies are not downloadable from Scribd. Can you help by mailing to me at ganpathraman@yahoo.com

sethuramulu said...

my grandma who is a pensioner and she aged 82 years. but she was not awarring about the additional pension. can she have the right to get the benefit from her 80 years onwards!pls help in this regarding anyone.

Anonymous said...

Is it applicable to retired Army Officers above 80 years & if yes give the AHO leyyer No.