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Friday, August 7, 2009

AFT to be inaugurated tomorrow

The Armed Forces Tribunal (AFT) shall be inaugurated tomorrow by Her Excellency The President of the Republic of India. The Tribunal shall not however start judicial work till the administrative machinery is completely in place.

The official PIB release on the subject can be accessed by clicking here.

An earlier blogpost on the AFT can be accessed by clicking here.

Thank You.

Note- The Chat Box shall indefinitely go off-air with effect from 09 August 2009. Derogatory, abusive and personal comments on the box by certain incorrigible elements have necessitated this action.


Ashish said...

Navdeep please let the chatbox stay. A few people here and there should not deter from removing a in happening chatbox like this blog's. The chatbox is equally educative.

Lt Col(Retd) R S Dasila said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
I would request u not to close the chatbox. This box gives opportunity to share lot of good information amongst the readers. U have already granted freedom of speech, let it be like that. These bad elements are part of society. Because of them good things cannot stopped. May God give you more strength and good health to continue this yeoman service to the uniformed fraternity. Regards
Lt Col(Retd) R S Dasila

BC said...

Sir inaugurated means? When would it start taking the cases?

Anonymous said...

please reconsider closing of chat box. few rogue elements should not deter the good people.

gentle said...

The availability of internet technology has provided us a free communications facility to chat/exchange views/opinions on issues of mutual interest/concern .The norms to be observed are left to the user of the facility at the discretion of a blog owner.
The prudence demands that while expressing our dissenting opinion on sensitive issues that might provoke reaction from some readers/participants ,we should restrain our strong feelings that may generate a spite or a feeling of rancor .
We are all unique personalities with our own idiosyncrasy which distinguishes us from others & most of us suffer from complex of superiority in intellect level to an extent where in we seem to think that the dissenting opinion is utterly wrong.
The situation has grown to an intolerable limit which probably is causing anguish not only to the readers of the blog but the owner of this blog to stop the use of Chat Box.The decision is entirely the prerogative of the owner of this blog .
Let us do a bit of interospection on our contribution in this without any bias.
Never the less , I would appeal to Major Navdeep to be magnanimous in his action by adopting "Forget & Forgive " approach with strict warning to the erring /indulgent that they would be denied access to the blog ( what ever is technically viable).
With regards,
Wg Cdr (Retd)

gentle said...

Kindly amend to read my preceding comments at 0942 hrs in the last para as "Forgive & Forget " in place of "Forget & Forgive"
The error is regretted.
With regards,

Rajababu said...

well its good that the AFT has been inuagurated. but i am a little skeptical about the same as i feel that the cases may drag along like the civil cases and there will not be any speedy justice. The AFTs should function like a fast track court and not like a normal court(CAT) we kanow what happens in CAT.

Navdeep its a tough decision to close the chat box as some unscruplous and sacndalous elements have penentrated it. we can always communicate with the help of ur blog and i dont have any regrets

Col NR Kurup (Retd) said...

The chat box had gone out of control. I had deserted it only due to its present state Whenever it is reintrodued, my suggestion is to stop the "Anonymous" posting. One should come out with identity and e-mail address. In fact it will be ideal to introduce a login system with pass word for opening the chat box.