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Tuesday, August 4, 2009


Some misc stuff :

(1) MDI Gurgaon has at its disposal a pool of talent of recently retired / retiring officers undergoing a pre-release management course at the institution. The coordinator of the placement cell has requested this blog to place a link to enable our well established veterans to contribute towards their placement. You may access their blog by clicking here or contact the coordinator at mdi.placom@gmail.com

(2) The orders for fixation of pay / allowances of re-employed officers can be downloaded and accessed by clicking here.

(3) Shivdev Singh, an armybrat, has requested readers to check out his matrimonial site www.free2marry.com

(4) Larry Scott, the administrator, founder and editor of the American Veterans Affairs’ (VA) watchdog has done a commendable job for US Military veterans. You may want to check out the site www.vawatchdog.org A link for the same would now be permanently available on this blog.

Thanks !!!


BC said...

You are so concerned!!! Thanks a ton.

VN Gavini said...

Maj Navdeep Sir,

Your compassion has no bounds. You are equally comfortable to deal with any matter.

Keep enlightening us all. Thanks.

VN Gavini

Anonymous said...

please please pardon my repetitiveness on the verge of being referred a a painfully nagging...but can you not comment a three liner on DACP- UPDATE, as an article and not a reply in chat.

All things have your attention Maj Navdeep, pl pl include DACP-UPDATE also in your MISC list...PL

Lt Col Devrishi Singhal said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
Similar course is presently underway at IIM Calcutta also. A good word from you will also help the officers doing this course to get a foothold in the corporate world. The course gets over on 19 Sep. Placement process is commencing shortly.
Thanks a ton,
Lt Col Devrishi Singhal

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
You are doing a yeoman service for the men and women in uniform as also the retired community.I have two queries:
(a) What is the rule position for grant of disability pension for those who seek pre mature retirement after pensionable service.
(b) Can an ex-Serviceman use the rank indicated on the PPO. This has a special reference with respect to Navy, where in a Captain (Col equivalent) with over three years substantive service in rank gets the pension of a Commodore (Brigadier equivalent)though he may not have got instituted to a Commodore whilst in Service. As per the Navy Act, a Captain with three years substantive service in rank can be istituted as a Commodore as this is not a selection rank.
Warm Regards,
A Naval Veteran

Velayudhan said...

This has ref to the Naval Vetrans comment on Naval Capt after three years of service draws the pension of a commodore Equivalent to a Brig.
If this be so ,why an empanelled col for the rank of Brig cannot get the pension of a Brig though the Army wasted out lot of selected/ Empanelled officers retired/ superanuated in that age gp prevalent at that time. If this provisin exists for Navy, Why not for Army.
Maj Navadeep can you throw some light from the legal point of view and fight it out.

Unknown said...

The document posted for The orders for fixation of pay / allowances of re-employed officers mentions Appx A which has some illustrations. Is there someway that i can access that?


Regular said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
Could you kindly upload the appendix of the 'Fixation of pay / allowances of re-employed officers' letter.