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Friday, August 28, 2009

Q & A (2)

Readers may send in their Questions through email for a Q & A session with ‘Q&A’ as the subject. For rules, please read this post.

As per Punjab and Haryana High Court decision discussed on your blog here, the new weightage modalities were made applicable from 1-1-96 instead of 1-1-06 but no pension orders have been issued by govt, what is the current status. (ABC)

The decision of the Hon’ble High Court has been stayed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in an SLP filed by the Central Govt.

One of the accepted recommendation of COS was " (e) Anomalies in other casualty pensionary awards to be deliberated upon by the Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare (ESW) at MoD" Could you tell us as to what is this issue? Does it relate to Disability pension rates anomaly of pre-2006 retirees? (Brig AS Kahlon)

Yes. It deals with placing pre-06 retirees on a percentage based system of disability pension rather than the slab system that has been promulgated for disabled personnel who retired prior to 01 Jan 2006.

What is the latest on 70% pensionary weightage system for PBOR? Is it applicable to pre-06 retirees also. (Justin)

Nothing on this stipulation is available in the form of any commitment in black and white or on paper as of now.

Is toll tax exemption available to retired personnel since I am in possession of an NHAI letter that says so. (Col AS Bajwa)

Absolutely not. Toll exemption is only available to the private vehicles of serving personnel on all roads and bridges in the country. The Govt however, as a goodwill gesture, has extended toll exemption to retired gallantry awardees limited to NHs. The NHAI letter in your possession is fake. For more on this, you may click here to peruse this post. For complete details on the issue of toll exemption, you may see this post here.

Is house tax exempted to defence personnel ?. (Maj Shivani)

‘House Tax’ is not a central subject as per the Constitution of India and the Central Govt cannot pass any directions to States or local authorities on the same. However most of the States and Municipal / local bodies have exempted defence personnel from house and property tax. You may make local queries in your area to know if it is applicable to you.

My pay as a Major has not been fixed despite the fact that I was promoted 8 months ago, nobody seems to have any satisfactory answer to the problem. (Maj T Kumar)

Please see if the complete documents have been forwarded to CDA(O). Also check on the gazette notification on your promotion. The rules on pay on promotion have been simplified lately and you may view this post for the same.


SD Sharma said...

Maj Navdeep, Thanx a lot for the infomative blog. Is house tax / Property tax exempted in Maharashtra. I have a house in Pune , if Exempted request fwd a copy at my e-mail id sdsharma07@rediffmail.com. Can any one guide me. LT COL SD Sharma.

justin christian x sgt said...


ravindra said...

Re Pune houses, Municipal corp has proposed exemption from property tax with effect from next year for Ex service men. The details with copy of tax bill and Id card were given by each ex service man to Zilla Sainik office (collector's office premises ) last year.They have forwarded such list of ex service men to municipal corp for giving exemption in property tax. However please note the exemption is only on property tax which is only say about 15% of the total in the property tax bill which includes non exempted items like water cess, tree cess, conservancy, education cess etc. BTW the Pune Municipal corp has announced 10 % waiver of full bill amt to all who pay the bill before stipulated date. So no Big deal for ex servicemen.

Penmil said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
Today, a visitor to your Q&A asked,
"As per Punjab and Haryana High Court decision discussed on your blog here, the new weightage modalities were made applicable from 1-1-96 instead of 1-1-06 but no pension orders have been issued by govt, what is the current status. (ABC) "
You said"
The decision of the Hon’ble High Court has been stayed by the Hon’ble Supreme Court in an SLP filed by the Central Govt".
However you stated earlier in your 17 Jul 09 blog post,
"The govt had challenged the said verdict of the Punjab & Haryana High Court in the Hon’ble Supreme Court through a Special Leave Petition but the same has been dismissed and this important decision by the Hon’ble Punjab & Haryana High Court has hence already been upheld".
Did something else take place between 17 ul 09 and today, staying the decision of the Honourable High Court?

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...


Both issues are different.

The issue that has been stayed is the one wherein benefits of the GOM were directed to be disbursed wef 1-1-96 by the Hon'ble High Court.

The issue that has been upheld is the one concerning enhanced benefits to personnel who retired between Jan 96 and Oct 97 as directed by the High Court.

Hope this clarifies.

Anonymous said...

MRP said....

Dear Maj Navdeep,
Has PB AFT has started functioning as Delhi HC is transferring service matters of AF to AFT?

Maj M R Penghal

Lt Col M.K. Nagar said...

Dear Major Navdeep Singh,

1. Is property tax exempted to Ex-servicemen in Madhya Pradesh? I have a house in Indore (M.P.), if exempted, request fwd a copy at my E-mail id - mahendranagar70@yahoo.com.Can any one share the authority on the subject.Thanks. Lt Col MK Nagar

Penmil said...

Thanks, Maj Navdeep.

Anonymous said...

CDA has not adjusted final basic pay for offr promoted after 01 jan 06 it means that their basic as of now is as per their rank as on 01 jan 06 plus admissible increments,it will be done in due course CDA has not laid any time limit as of now,pray to god it does it at the earliest.

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep.
the reqmt of GN is done way with by CGDA. Now only do part II order of prom with certificates reqd.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Anony at 8.33 PM

Yes, I have referred to that simplification in procedure in the answer above, did you not peruse the link ??

rakesh said...


1. No doubt AGIF provides housing loan to service pers. But there is a anomaly in case of pers having less residual service. As per AGIF they have tied up with HDFC to repay loans upto age of 70 yrs, which HDFC is refusing.

2. AGIF has come out with various options for loan alongwith HDFC. In one of the option AGIF says that loanee can make a ballon payment in full to liquidate the outstanding loan at the time of retirement from his retirement benefits but with a rider that loanees have to clear outstanding loan six months prior to retirement. In this case loanee has to obtain loan from HDFC for repayment to AGIF and then make ballon payment to HDFC, if agreed.

3. My point in debate is; why can not our organization evolve a method to help in payment outstanding loan directly to AGIF rather than HDFC from his/her pension benefits. The surety for AGIF in this case is offrs insurance benefits with them and also amount of gratuity, leave encashment and commutation of pension.

4. The above measure will help members having less number of service in liquidating loan without much burden. I am sure that large number of service pers will benefit from this.

Anonymous said...

What are the elegibility criteria for getting a home loan from AGIF? What is the maximum limit?I have a service bracket of 1.5 yr am i elegoble for home loan.

Unknown said...

Dear Sir
I am a ex service man from Indian navy and staying in Mumbai in my own Flat. I wanted to Know that House / flat tax is exempted from BMC Mumbai for Ex- Service Man if it is Yes then what is the Procedure to get this benefit from BMC Mumbai Maharastra.

Rajendra Pratap

Anonymous said...

Major Navdeep, Thanks for the information u give in the blog. It really helps to our defense personnel. Sir, kindly send me any policy letter which exempts property tax for serving defense personnel holding house in Pune to my e-mail id tripuramallu_123@yahoo.co.in

Thank u

Unknown said...

Yes pls do advise if any relief is provided to serving defence personnel I too have a flat in mumbai namely in badlapur

Anonymous said...

i am a young offr with a service of one yeaar.i want a home loan from agifof about 15 lakhs.kindly guide

subodh said...

Major Navdeep, Thanks for the information. Kindly send me any policy letter which exempts retired defense personnel from paying property tax holding house in Pune to my e-mail id drsubodhagarwal@gmail.com

Thank u
Col S K Agarwal (Retd)

Anonymous said...

hello sir,
I just wanted to know the exact site from where I can download the form of AGIF home loan..
As I am buying a new flat and looking for a home loan of around 20Lacs.
I will be thankful for your help.
Capt Sharma

rita sharma said...

Dear Maj Navdeep as i was looking for some kind of information regarding Property tax in Mumbai i came across your blog . We have a flat in Mumbai, what is the status for this tax for retired Army Personnel in Maharashtra & also if exempted, request fwd a copy of the letter at my E-mail id - mail2rita.sharma@gmail.com
col Manhar Sharma (Retd)

vinod said...

sir i want to know of i have taken 20 lac loan from AGIF. in that case can i purchase building of any owner with that said loan

Unknown said...

Sir. I have a property in pune of which possession was given in 2011 dec. Till now completion certificate is not given by builder for unknown reasons. Now PMC has given a property tax bill of 1.53 lacs with penalty. Kindly guide me if we r exempted from this tax as serving defence person or not and what should be my next action. Pls reply back on ankitflyboy@gmail.com.

Sqn Ldr Ankit Agarwal

Anonymous said...

Sir, I am serving in defence and I have a property on my wife's name in Sohna, Gurgaon, Haryana. I am paying property tax. My wife is house wife and dependent on me. Is property tax exempted being head of the family a defence person. If yes, my humble request is to sent a copy of authority on my email id : yoga942@yahoo.com. Warm regards.