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Friday, August 21, 2009

(1) Disabled siblings included in the definition of ‘family’ for family pension (2) Orders for revised pension issued for pre-06 civil HAG officers

I would call this the mother of all progressive actions. The central govt, taking note of the hardships being faced by physically / mentally disabled brothers and sisters of govt employees, has included disabled siblings in the definition of ‘family’ for the purposes of family pension without any age restriction. Resultantly, even after the death of an employee, his or her disabled siblings would be able to draw pension for the entire lifetime. The govt sanction letter can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here.

Secondly, the pension notification was issued today in respect of pre-06 retired Higher Administrative Grade (HAG) officers on the civil side. Their pension has been upgraded to Rs 33,500 per month thus paving the way for upward revision of the pension of pre-06 retired (non-Army Commander) Lieut Generals whose pension shall soon be upgraded to Rs 36,500 per month (Rs 33,500 + MSP fitment of Rs 3000) from the existing Rs 27,700. Lieut Generals who retired as Army Commanders / G-Os-C or equivalent are in the fixed Rs 40,000 pension bracket. The ibid notification can be accessed and downloaded by clicking here.


Ramani said...

It is definetely a good sign of the things to come.the good part of these welfare measures is, that once in force it continues.
once the dispaity of OROP is resolved, there will not be nothing much left to grouse about.
Navdeep, you always come out with something new, which is why your Blog is so interesting and informative.

Anonymous said...

Nice work being done by Maj Navdeep,keep us enlightened.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

You are doing a wonderful work. Please continue.

God Bless


vajir singh nain said...

Sir, good news. I thanks to whom those who demanded it and also those who sanctioned it and also to you sir for publishing it.

Hope, from your blog the results of 'OROP' in near future.

Vajir Singh Nain

Anonymous said...

sir the higher ups HAG (LT GEN)upward have managed OROP for themselves. who cares for the rest. as for the docs NPA is considered for pension but the effect of it is finished when a new pay commission is implemented thanks to a supreme court judgement. when will we do away with one set of rules for the proletariat and another for the aristocrats.(olddoc)

Unknown said...

Thanks for the good news. Is the inclusion of diabled sibling in family apply only for pensions or does it apply for dependent disabled siblings of serving personnel also for medical treatment, Form D and warrants, LTC etc.
Lt Col RK Singh