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Friday, August 14, 2009


On popular demand and in order to ensure more support to the military community and their families, I shall attempt to answer queries on military benefits to selected questions. The Q & A session shall be posted as a standard post on the blog at regular (but not fixed) intervals subject to availability of time at my end.

The queries may be mailed to me at navdeepsingh.india@gmail.com with ‘Q & A’ as the subject. Some rules :

1. Only queries on broad military benefits and pensionary matters shall be entertained and individual calculations etc may not be sought. For calculation based questions, use the chat-box or comments tab instead so that other readers and visitors can take this load off me.

2. Please do not repeat your query through mail in case it is not featured on the Q & A session since only selected questions shall be featured. It may please be appreciated that my profession does not grant me such luxury of time. Also do not mind if I fail to answer you individually. Please also specifically intimate whether you want your name to appear with your query or not.

3. Thirdly, keep it simple, broad, sweet and short :-)


Unknown said...

Thanx, Navdeep, for your efforts. Just listen to the plight of a fauzi after his death. So, your new venture is all the more praiseworthy.


Last night Sleeping I (Fauji ) died... or so it seemed,
Then I went to heaven
But only in my dream
Up there St Peter met me
Standing at the Pearly Gates,
He said, "I must check your record...
Please stand here and wait."

He turned and said "Your record
Is covered with terrible flaws,
On earth I see you rallied
For every losing cause."

I see that you drank alcohol,
smoked and partied too,
Fact is, you've done everything
A good person should never do.

We can't have people like you up here....
Throughout your life all you did was hear,
You carried out orders without pausing to think.
You never asked for instructions in ink..

Then he read the last of my record
Took my hand and said, "Come in."

You stood in isolated places and shivered alone
You left your kith, kin, hearth and home
You come from an unresponsive, ungrateful nation
You were denied your rights by every Pay Commission

He led me up to the Chief of Heaven ...
"Take him in and treat him well",
He has served in the Indian Military ...
He's done his time in hell.

rajaraman said...


That's great. You have said it allllll in such a simple language.

Well done.

Col Rajaraman

Kaps said...

This would be a great single window repository for the hapless fauji running in the labyrinthine bureaucratic web. Is it going to be s single post amended time to time or will appear as separate posts? For my two cents, I would request this Q&A to be in the form of a single post/page/link where the needy might browse through the content.Thanks again Maj Navdeep.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

This is a noble idea and you desrve acolades and sincere appreciation of Fauzies for that. There are thousands of agencies who are entrusted with job. But you know they also make their job diccult and out of commnors reach so that they can make a buck or even nothing else just could boss around throwing their weight. These Babus as parasites exist from MoD level down upto company clerk.

हर शाख पे उल्लू बैठा है...

In such asituation your feture of questions and answers will be of great help to officers who are supposed to be "jack of all trades".. including legal issues.

Kindly do give priority to minor lagal and entitlement issues. That is where they are found most deficient including JAG officers who are the biggest obstacles in the administration of Justice.. They are advisors at prosecution stage,the reviewers at confirmation stage, advisor at appeal stage... That is mockery of justice...!!

The the cener of all problems for PBOR is the PCDAs and PAO (OR) which have become dens of biggest corruptionand most dreaded organisation.

I wish you all the success. Do cater for comments so that others in the know of things could contribute.

VNatarajan, President, Pensioners' Forum, Chennai said...

Dear Major Navdeep,
Sincere appreciations for your selfless and noble gesture, particularly when you are oriented towards guiding the aggrieved to the portals of justice.Nothing can be more satisfying in your/ your well-wishers' lives than what you are aiming to do. I am sure the efforts will yield fruitfull results to all the Military Service personnel. As an old. unbiassed, senior civilian (not of babu clan), my hearty wishes and blessings!

GREF Officer said...

Great job Navdeep! Keep it up with all my thanks and regards. We all greatly appreciate it.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...


Sir, there would be separate posts and a series of Q&A with about 5-10 queries @ each post. We'll have them under a single label of 'Q and A' which can be clicked to access all Q&A sessions. The Q and A label is already functional on the blog.

Anonymous said...

HOPE our longterm demand for an update on DACP implementation for AMC will be entertainedin Q n A section.

Praveen said...

Hi Navdeep,

Thanx for your selfless service to the "Men in Olives" & out of olives.

I sincerely want to contribute towards this effort. Please do let me know how can I help you towards this noble cause.

Lt Col Praveen Sharma (retd)

Anonymous said...

could you please tell me the way or the formula for arriving pension of pre 2006 pensioners and the weightage for arriving the pension to PBOR and the quantum of pension awarded to X group and also please tell me whether th MSP and grade pay permissable for PBOR retired before 2006?

Paddy said...

Navdeep sir,
Thanks a lot for for your efforts. May god bless you and your family.

Anonymous said...

1. I have two questions for which i have not received any reply till date. My questions are as following:

(a) Any move on lowering of col ts promotion to 20/21 years? if yes, when it is likely to come?

(b) Is retirement age of col ts going to be raised by 2/3 yrs? if yes, when it is likely to come?

2. I am not a contender for (a) but I would ceratinly be affected by(b)if it comes in near future.

3. An expeditious reply may help me in my planning.

God bless u.


Pokar Ram said...

Anony 4:08PM
There are two methods of calculating revised pension of pre-2006 retirees.
1. 50% of (minimum in respective pay band + Grade Pay + MSP + X factor of Rs 1400 +Classification pay) for 33 years of service. For lesser period proportionate pension.
Weightage- Sepoy-10 Years, Naik-8 years and havildar 6 years

2. 50% of (maximum of pay scale as on 01 Jan 96 for the respective rank + classification pay) x 2.26 + DA post 6th CPC. This is for 33 years of service. Proportionately lesser for lesser service.
Out of the two above whichever is higher is applicable to the individuals.
Pension orders can be accessed on website: pcdapension.nic.in
In case of help, kindly contact on mobile-09435056782

Anonymous said...

cda and dpdo have not acted yet to pay revised pension to wg cdr why blame banks wg cdr laxman mail l_Laxman2000@ yahoo .co.in

Unknown said...

We must refrain from putting comments like the first one....The president of India never gave an invitation to us to join the army... and we dont need demotivated ppl here...wud request you to kindly edit such comments.

vajir singh nain said...

Sir, I was watching the speech from Lal Kila by Hon,able Prime Minister Of India on 15 Aug 09

One Rank One Pension

Govt has accepted the substantially increase(Bhari Vardhi, Vastvik Vardhi, Thos Vardhi) the pension of ex military .

An attempt to bring it as nearer to the "one Rank one pension" demand of armd forces as possible

Budget Allotment - Rs 2100 crores

Beneficiers - 12 lakhs

annual per capita- 17500

monthly allotment = 1458

Rank to Rank gap is much more than the amount comes to calculation .
May I know how the gap will be fulfilled.

ex Hav(clk) Vajir Singh Nain

Unknown said...



Unknown said...


Anonymous said...

i ve applied for civ pool accn withmin of urban development while on deputation with mod. they hve not incl msp for calulation of my pay.is that right? does any one have an auth on this? pl help..

Anonymous said...

Dear All,
Let us not belittle our soldiers. Let us not use the term PBORs. They are JCOs, SNCOs, NCOS and ORSs. Let the Babus use the term. Our Serving bretheren has lost the ability for moral protests. Let us not degrade ourselves. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

aj Navdeep,
any info on new direct tax code regarding gratuity, leave encashment, PF amount on retirement after 01 Apr 2011

Anonymous said...

Dear maj,
Any info/details on Direct Tax code implications for Faujis retiring after 01 Apr 2011? - wrt Gratuity, PF, leave encashment?

Anonymous said...

dear sir,
on outset a very noble job being done by u here.. i wished to know tht spicejet defence ticket as claimed by them is a non refundable n changeable ticket thanks to which i hv lost twice heavily of the order of rs 30,000 on leave owing to last minute change in leave plans owin to unit requirements.. can sometin be done about this...
also sir the cancellation charges for air india flights due to changes in td dates are to be borne by individuals or is their a way of claimin them back..
thanks sir n hope u can answer me back..

anmol said...

dear maj
could you kindly allwce while on study lve...i shall be grateful..
col arjun singh

colonolshekhawat said...

are invailed pensioner eligible for ECHS membership

maj b l sharma said...

1. I joined Indian Army as a sapper boy in Corps of Engrs on 24-7-1962 and attained the age of 17 yrs on 26-3-1964 and served as a boy for 1 yr & 247 days and my service was counted as 2/3rd for this period(i.e. 1 yr and 43 days) for pension. Subsequently served as OR wef 27-3-1964 to 13-11-1971(i.e. 7 yrs and 232 days). Again my service was counted as 2/3rd (i.e. 5 yrs and 33 days) for pension. My commissioned service wef from 14-11-1971 to 18-7-1983 (i.e. 11 yrs and 247 days). Hence my total ground service without deduction is 20 yrs, 9 months and 9 days. Whereas as per the calculation of PCDA (P)Allahabad, after carrying out2/3rd deduction of my precommissioning service has been counted as 17 yrs and 323 days and was rounded off to 18 yrs for pension purpose. Since my rank at the time of my invalidment was major and hence I was given weightage of 8 yrs and my qualifying service for pension was counted as 26 yrs.
2. As per CDA, my pension was calculated as on 1-1-1996 is given below 2800*26/(2*33) = 5042.42/-.
3. My Pension was consolidated as per PCDA (P) circular no. 397 is Rs 11,399/- wef 1-1-2006.
4. My pension as per annexure II (revised)MOD letter no. -17(4)2008(1)/D(pen/pon) dated 15-11-2010 should have been Rs. 14,100/- as my qualifying service is, 26 yrs but I was not granted this.
5. I approached CPIO of PCDA(P) through RTI to let me know my entitlement of pension(i.e service element and disability element)as per MOD, dept of ex-servicemen welfare letter no. 1(11)/2012-D(pen/pol), New Delhi dated 17 Jan, 2013.
6. They have informed me that my service element is Rs 14,344/- as per above mentioned letter.
7. My query is this that since my qualifying service is 26yrs(as I am invalided out of ARMY) therefore as per above mentioned MOD letter of dt 17-1-2013, it should be Rs 18,205/-.
8. You are requested to guide me the further action for pursuing my case for which I will be highly obliged.
Maj BL Sharma(retd)
Mob no. 09419203379, 09401091033
e-mail- sharmaabhishek98@gmail.com

Anonymous said...

is an op shelter counted as accn for claiming HRA ?
can HRA be claimed if there is no govt accn avl other than op shelter ?

RANJIT HS said...

Dear Sir,
1. I am a SS Officer commissioned to infantry, not granted PC due to being LMC,P2(Permt) for Recurrent Varicose Vein both legs (Operated),Not attributable not aggravated.Presently on extension till 01 March 2016 and posted in Varnasi.

2. I was posted to Assam Rifles in field in 2006 where i had undergone strenuous practise of 1 month for Ghatak Competition and 1 month practise for Cross Country.As a result i got varicose vein in both legs. Underwent Surgery immediately in R&R,Delhi and discharged Shape1.

3. After 2 years while posted in peace in 2009 i started feeling pain due to incompetence of Surgery.I reported to nearest MH and became LMC for P3 (Temp) Recurrent Varicose Vein both legs(Operated) Not Attributable Not Aggravated.In 2011 became P2(Permt). The Surg Spl opined in his casesheet on 12Sept2009 that origin of disease is 1993 and based on this i signed the med bd in 14 Sept2009 that origin is 1993 like any other obedient and worried patient.

4. In 2012 No5 SB denied PC due to me being LMC, disease not attributale (declared through RTI).

5. Recently, I came to know from Guide to med offr (mil pension)2002 ammended that Rule 23 says the illeffects of treatment in Army Personnel obtained in hospital of Armed Forces is attributable. Also Onus of Claim for entitlement doenot rest with Patient specially while posted in field.

6. In view of above injustice ,kindly advice me a remedy to get PC. My date of SOS from Army is 28 May16 and my % of Disability is 15-19%.
Thankyou and regards.