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Sunday, August 2, 2009

This or that ? appeasement or independence ?

“What good is the mind of a man if it’s run by another ?” : Prince (Cybersingle, 1996)

Some officers of the AMC took it on themselves when this blogpost highlighted the fact how Govt orders authorising medical facilities to non-pensioners were being flouted with impunity by some elements at M-Block. A section took it as an anti-AMC stance.

I or any other person who has served in uniform need not be reminded of the magnificent and difficult job being performed by the Army Medical Corps. And not only the uniformed community but even the society at large holds the military medicos in very high esteem.

However, why be so touchy that pointing out of a patently wrong action is taken as a slur on the entire medical military community ? Just because the AMC is performing a laudatory task would not ipso-facto mean that their officers cannot commit a wrong in an administrative capacity. Surprising were the comments of some officers who stated that I was bringing up this matter since I was an SSCO. To put the record straight, I am neither an SSCO nor affected / benefitted by the issue. If bringing to light some defects in our system is to be taken as an affront, then just as the ibid posts are being labelled anti-AMC, the banking community should call this blogpost as anti-banker for highlighting the incorrect deduction of tax from the pensions of disability pensioners and gallantry awardees, the PCDA (Pensions) Allahabad should take this blogpost as an anti-IDAS stance, Justice Srikrishna should be livid about this post here, state governments should be mightily unhappy about this one, Abhinav Kumar and Saikat Dutta should be cursing me about this post and this one here and the JAG Branch should have been terming this blogpost as anti-JAG. Then just about everything that you may see on paper, on the net, in the media would be anti-something.

Which brings us to the basic question whether we want to have a goody-goody exchange or a meaningful banter leading to improvement in the system? This blog, as a policy, does not believe in promoting or inciting controversy but that would not mean that as law abiding citizens we do not bring to light the slips in the mechanism. Being a lawyer, performing this role becomes even more pronounced in my case. Also the opinion expressed here may be dissimilar (or at times less popular) than the one which may be articulated by me in any of my official or advisory engagements or associations. Taking the instant subject as a backdrop, comments on various blogposts have been quite interesting and mottled, ranging from this blog being labelled a ‘mouthpiece of the government’ and ‘too pro-military’ to an array of other things on the other side of the spectrum.

I would hence like to discern whether you want views expressed on this blog to remain independent and autonomous or follow a policy of appeasement. Since the blog exists for you - the readers, I would like you to decide and comment.


Anonymous said...

Navdeep, I am a retired AMC officer and have been frequently commenting on this blog.
You have never been anti AMC....you have only called a spade a spade. I have also made critical comments about M block and that's out of first hand experience.
Please keep the blog the way it is....you are doing an excellent job.your blog is etremely popular even among the AMC guys....
Lt Col KP, Retd.

BC said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
Please see the environment beyond some narrow minded and selfish persons. What job you are ding can not be compared. Brush aside those comments. Unfortunately our society is such, among the good and reasonable people we have some people who probably do not apply their mind. I thing it is the nature's policy to maintain the society.
All the very best and keep doing the good job.

Pokar Ram said...

Dear Major Navdeep sir,
An excellent reasoning. I feel that your present profession is the most most most suitable. you are providing yeoman service to the community at large free of charge through this blog by espousing the cause of the service personnel in most dignified manner.Successful are those who can weather the storm.such small issues by individuals should not deter you.


"One always throws stone at a tree that bears fruits".This is a democratic society,one has full liberty to express one's views.Any comments whether ceative or otherwise shold not cause a road block for persons who are doing yomen service to the society.Hence bash on regardless,you have my whole hearted support.

Beniwal said...

Following for info to all. on knowing the problem of ESM(including SSC/EC)from Navdeep blog, my efforts to know the latest status to get medical treatment ,got a reply from DGAFMS/DG-3A/DG-1C on the subject and in his reply dt 16.7.09 to me stated quote" The entitlement for medical treatment fromArmed Forces Medical Services is governed by para 296(O)RMSAF-1983 as amended which is as under:-"Retired Defence personnel granted status of 'Ex-servicemen' as per notification s issued by the Deptt.of personnel and training from time to time for the purpose of recruitment in in central civil services and posts, their families and the families of deceased personnel drawing pension of some kind." The ESM who qualify for treatment as per para296(O) as amended are being provided medical treatment through AFMS." unquote. that makes it amply clear that who ever has ESM card from ZSB can proceed to MI room/MH and get medical treatment.

Beniwal said...

As a senior citizen/veteran I have been awakened by Navdeep thinking and selfless service to ESM. My best wishes to him and request to continue guiding the community, never mind some who will try to put spokes in any good effort, its their nature.

sreenivasa moorthy said...

navdeep sir,

you are doing an excellent job and an excellent human. you are like two eyes (vision) to the xsm community. about the mod or for that any government dept, the less said the better, they don't bother to answer any mails sent for clarifications - that is the transparency in our democratic setup, we find.

wishing you all the best,

ex-sgt ms moorthy

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
I'm a serving med offr in IAF. Except few odd AMC offrs, the max chunk of AMC offrs r in agreement with u. Pls keep your blog going the way u want it to. Coz, we guys know your intention.

Let God gives knowledge and wisdom to the few AMC offrs who think Navdeep is anti-AMC.

rajaraman said...


I know it hurts very badly when your honest intentions are misunderstood or even trashed by those people having vested intersts. As someone, who has gone through such experiences , I can understand the feelings.

I have been regularly visiting this blog for more than six month now and it is my honest opinion that your postings are totally unbiased, thoroughly professional and logical and expressed in a precise and lucid manner. it is no hiding the fact , I envy your maturity, your professionalism and your ability for developing and maintaining the right contact to obtain and dessiminate factual information to public like me at large. At 65 , I do not have even 50% of your ability.

You are doing a fantastic job and I wish and pray to you to continue your great service ignoring some adverse comments from such people.

May god bless you.

Col Rajaraman

Pied Piper said...

Thanks to hierarchy, at a very liberal scale not more than 10% of the Govt letters/Notifications ever reach the units. The reasons include not only failure to forward letters at various levels but even deliberate withholding of letters on issues such as RTI considered not in organisation interest. Result – Army Officers remain the most ignorant lot.
In such circumstances this blog not only brings all the relevant information at our doorstep, its analysis are amazing and absolutely unbiased.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anurag said...

Navdeep Sir,
Only Three Words. KEEP EM COMING!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for accepting my request for posting this letter navdeep (after you deleted it):

To all visitors on this blog :

We should remain happy that this blog has retained a neutral view-point and is not biased or clouded in its approach like most of our ESM organizations. This blog's approach on OROP although opposed by some, was the most logical and this blog time and again warned people not to expect OROP for officers so that it does not lead to unnecessary frustration. Still some people kept circulating tables of OROP for offrs thereby raising false hopes. Now such people try to comment that they are disappointed sometimes with navdeep's logical views on some issues. This shows our shallowness and our inability to accept different view points.

And Sone pe suhaga was the comment which said that navdeep was interested in getting medical facilities for short service offrs since he was also an ex-SS officer. How rude and mean ! THis man has been working his ass off for our benefit and such mean comments ? He is NOT an SS offr my dears. Tomorrow someone will say that he is intererested in Maj Generals pension case since his father is a retired major general or that he is interested in getting IT exemption for disability pensioners since his uncle is a disability pensioner. Please let him serve us and do not pass such immature comments.

fauji said...

Navdeep - Lage Raho - Great Job. I call your blog a 'Saakhsharta Abhiyaan' which educates our Armed forces personnel on the many aspects they are insulated from whilst in service and get subjected to a rude shock when the retire. This Awareness will make them better and more conscientious servicemen.
Brickbats & Bouquets are part of the game. Just duck the brickbats and gather the bouquets.

Anonymous said...

Navdeep, please do not delete this. Modesty should have some limit.

Have you negative people seen this:


The man is too modest to even 'announce' his achievements like most of us, still you have problems. He was on cover of India Today but did you see a blog post on it ?Most stupid comments have been found on posts dealing with the medical entitlement of veterans. If pointing out a wrong is a crime then God save this country. Do not discourage good souls is all I would say.

Sanjay said...

Dear Navdeep,
I have been a regular reader of this blog for the past one year. I find this a great service you are doing to the service community by keeping this blog going. Must keep it up as accusation by vested interests will keep coming in the profession and service you have chosen. Let these not deter you.

Kaps said...

"I wake up, i find it is dark. So i will call it daytime." Most of the comments posted by people claiming anti AMC stance by this blog have obviously woken up. Insinuating a person without understanding what lies beneath is often resorted to by our society. No wonder we had people like Kalidas who would cut the very branch on which he sits.

Dear members of AMC, if someone comes and complaints to you regarding a blog spreading canards about medical community, do visit the blog and read everything in its entirety before spleen venting.

Anonymous said...

Navdeep, Just carry on as you have been doing all along. In a free society, some sentiments are going to be hurt, sometime or other. It is part of the growing up process for our democracy.

Ramani said...

Dear Navdeep,
Keep continuing doing the good work. Thee will always be different intrepretations. But then we have to seperate the wheat from the chaff.

Faujipsychiatrist said...

The powers that be in the AMC deserve each bit of vituperative that has been heaped on them. The key word being the 'powers that be' who have ceased to be doctors and have become medical OFFICERS. But that is the tragedy-the good work of the hundreds of doctors in the field has been negated by a few in Dlhi, who have reached there by being efficient PMCs and Mess Secretaries, serving their IOs, and belittling every one else. These are the the frogs in the well, who refuse to acknowledge that there exists a world beyond their little fiefdom... So please don't view the entire medical fraternity through the prism of these people.

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep do carry on the excellent work, and kudos for an excellent article...dont get perturbed by evil minds out to demoralise our unofficial spokesperson, doing an yeomans job...pl also write as how to get DACP implemented for AMC, ADC and RVC Doctors, as this is a just demand, which you will also agree...Wish you all the best..pl do carry on the good work..

Col Rajinder Singh(Retd) said...

Dear Navdeep,
Carry on as usual you are doing a wonderful job.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep

What a super job and being military man I can't but envy your commitment and dedication to the armed forces veterans welfare.( You can judge the character of a man by the way he treats those who can do nothing for him.) Hats off mate and keep it up!

As regards the Anti AMC issue we have a few petty blokes ( they are required to keep the system running) ignore them. And carry on with the great job you are doing- calling a spade a spade

Lt. Col. ( Veteran ) V. K. Arora said...

D0ear Maj. Navdeep,

You are doing a fantastic job. Keep it up . The fraternity is with you.


Lt. Col. ( Veteran ) V. K. Arora

Anonymous said...

Navdeep Sir, Good day.
This is one of the best sources of information for the exservicemen. You are doing a very very good job for ex-servicemen. Please keep it continue. As, we have seen during our service thar the society of the army is full of various nature of people.SO KINDLY IGNORE, ANDA MURGI CHOR.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep, just ignore those who do not understand the yeoman service you are doing to the uniformed community. Old saying empty vessels make too much noise. Bash on regardless. Am always with you. Regards Gopal

vajir singh nain said...

Navdeep Sir,
Wish you all the best.
It is a great job you are doing. This is a best source of information for exservicemen. Kindly continue it.

(Vajir Singh Nain)
Brigade of the Guards

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
My fist comment on this blog to say that you are doing an excellent service to fauj and the nation. Please keep it going as it has become a life line among service community.

Anonymous said...

though undoubtedly this blog has been a major source of positive actions by various agencies involved in the analysis of actions/inactions of various organisations,and the role of navdeep is commendable in this perspective. i, would like to say that the entire aspect of the ECHS was to relieve the regular AMC corps in looking after the men, presently in uniform, and creating a separate entity for the traetment of those out of uniform, in other words it was a case of sharing of responsibilties, the entire aspect should not be mixed up by creating a rift amongst ourselves but yes as far as SS/EC offrs are concerned, they have certainly had a whale of a time, as they have already taken the benefits of being ESMs as also have been able to obtain all the benefits of resettlement into civil life, how does one qualify an officer who has been forced to tender his resignation due to compelling reasons after putting up even 19 years service, he does not get any benefit, compare tis with an SS offr who gets every assistance as an ESM even after putting up just 5 years service?? this requires a lot of contemplation.

Unknown said...

DEAR Navdeep sir,
it is this very misplaced sense of feeling affronted and insulted on unpleasant question being asked that is the cause of our sorry state.
we all want only yes sir with no questions asked.
when we can't justify our actions then all we do is ask the person asking the question to remember that he too has donned the uniform so should close his eyes and ears to every that his senior commits and applaud and learn management.
i wish we could learn how not to ask our subordinates not to question unjustifiable conduct and become a proud officer cadre once again.

'Bela' said...

Really a storm over the tea cup but more surprising to see 24 comments - make it 25 from another 'Bela' like me!) on such a non-issue

C'mon lets not be over-sensitive and move on rather than discuss such non-issues!

Naren said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
You are rendering a unique and Yeomen service.There is no other blog like this.
Blessings of all ESM are with you,please continue with your excellent work.Bravo Zulu.
I am a retired Naval officer.

Mukesh said...

It needs no emphasis that you have been quite decent and fair in expressing/bringing out facts, be it pro faujies or pro govt. Please continue to guide us, be it even at times unpalatable to us. Don't get perturbed and please CARRY-ON, we know that you are neither SSCO/benafacery and wish & pray that you NEVER NEED IT from ANY DOCTOR also.

S K Singh said...

Dear Major,

We are a group of serving officers who regularly read your posts and discuss them. Let me say that its a unanimous conclusion that you are doing a Yeoman service and we are proud of your commitment.

"An honest man is not the worse because a dog barks at him." - Danish Proverb

Col NR Kurp (Retd) said...

I think we fail to identify the problem. The correct problem is "certain manufacturing defect of Service Officers" . The defect vanish automatically, the day he etire. Officers while in service refuce to reconcile that one day they will reitre; but after retirement they become supersensitive to the problems of veterans. I had come across retired station commanders complaining about bad behaviors of canteen staff whereas during their command of the Station, they never bothered to establish even separate counters for officers. Such stories are far too many.
Coming to the AMC, we got the ECHS only due to insufficiency of AMC to cater for the need of veterans. As per their regulations, the Army Hospitals were required to cater for the veterns only to the extend of "Availability of their spare Capacity". That means the MH doctors had the choice to offer or rejcct their service to veternas. Though generally AMC doctors were too helpful to veterns, if some veterns claim their service as right and did not behave as "most obedient servant" before the MH authorities, the service could be rejected on plea of non-availability of spae capacity or insufficent saff and additional infrastrcture etc.,to cater veterans.. But getting free medical treatment from MH was their right and the AMC authorities were duty-bound to provide medical cover to veterance. These conflicting view on medical facilities enttitlement to verterns was the root cause of all the problems. Any disagreement ?

serving doc said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
I apologize on behalf of the clod who insinuated that you are taking up the SSCO matter since you are a beneficiary (I cringed when I read that post).
Your blog is widely read and appreciated for what it is.
Please keep up the good work, and post more issues relating to ECHS and Military hospitals.
Kindly ignore ignoramuses.
Inability to reform ourselves or accept constructive criticism is the bane of AMC.

GREF Officer said...

Dear Navdeep,

I applaud and commend you for the excellent job you are doing for the army and other AF personnel. Even though we have differed in the past on GREF equivalency issues etc., I can respect the difference in opinion and maybe hope to find a common ground to work with.

I also appreciate that despite our differences in views, you were gracious enough to publish them in the true spirit of democracy and as an officer & a gentleman.

Please keep up the good work. People like you are needed.



I dont think Maj Navdeep has offended anyone. Rather, he had moral courage to speak the truth; which is the backbone of military profession. In fact,this is the first lesson tought to all military officers at the prestigious INDIAN MILITARY ACADEMY. AMC officers, who have expressed unhappiness should remember this basic credo of olive green. Hiding the ills of our system will do no good to us. We should call "a spade a spade" & this is the only way, we can earn the true respect of our society.
Kudos to Maj Navdeep

Anonymous said...

Navdeep Sir,
We need to take criticism in the right spirit,else how do we improve?????????????????

Anonymous said...

A spade has to be called a spade.If u are calling spade a sword,it's neither fair on the spade,nor on the sword,nor on the queen's own language.

The problem with all of us guys is that wheneever anything we are associated are criticised,wether it's our service or unit or the men under us,we ALWAYS TAKE IT PERSONALLY.This is immatuarity of the highest order.IT'S TIME TO GET OUT OF"MY DAD IS THE BEST DAD"MENTALITY

AKHIL said...

No doubt you are doing a good job. In fact this should inspire our top brass including politicians to develop a system where all policies (unclassified) issued by MOD is put on MOD web page and be regularly updated. But after going through all posts and news in you blog I find that PBORs matters are not getting their legitimate share of attention. If you cover their causes also in the same way you cover for our officers this would be of great help to them.

Proposal for restoration of 70% pensionary weightage to PBORs was accepted by the Govt. even before “PB4 for Lt Col” was accepted and this was reported by media including top News Papers. Several months have been passed since PB4 matter has been settled but no trace of restoration of weightage for PBORs. Previously, PBORs used to get their pension as per maximum of their pay scales which has been brought down to last pay drawn as being calculated in respect of Civilians and Officers.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

Thanks for the input.


Anonymous said...

The AMC is doing yeomans service to the fauj. No doubt about it.

One odd loose cannon cannot be seen as indicative of the whole org!

There will be an occasional red herring thrown your way, but please don't let it rile you.


Please, please keep your blog the way it is. It's NOT possible to wake up each day without a 'dekkho' of indianmilitary.info !!!


preacher said...

I have been watching the degradation of administration in Army as a whole and particularly in AMC.Being an AMC officer it is easy to understand the issue! Over 27-29 yrs people sit in a single room as specialists without an iota of exposure in adm, overnight become bosses!(remember the story of donkey as king)Only aim in their mind is how to get the next rank. So gulaam to IOs and ROs and bullshit to those people where he becomes the IO/RO.By the time they are in top level they begin to show their inefficiency.It is equally true that Non-AMC bosses want only these kind of people in their formations.within the corps favoritism plays a major role. At the end,half baked people issue orders arbitarily without applying the mind and react when their mistakes are pointed out!TRUTH IS ALWAYS BITTER but a true leader will accept it with humility.I hope I am able to point out why some elements(Very Few in numbers)in AMC lamenting about Navdeeps pointers.

Anonymous said...

Navdeep - please do not get touchy about people who are touchy...you're doing a fine job and all the very best for it

G Karthikeyan said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Do keep up the good job. I have foun this blog to be very balanced and militarily, politically correct while maintaining a high level of decorum towards all.
No changes required in the policy. Do keep it independant.

With warm regards,
Lt Col GK

I D Sharma said...

My Dear Navdeep
Be Free, Fair and Frank You are admired for accuracy,to the point and MOST (MOST)Reliable. If you also become yes men like so many who wants to please the powers to obtain a good ACR at the cost of others, then there will be no difference left betbeen Baboos and a solder. Forget and forgive those who know not what the are talking. Do your duty for all of us who depend on some reliable news in advance. Bravo keep it up.Jai Hind I D

force1 said...

We, in the AMC (And I think, I echo the sentiments of vast majority of Doctors and paramedical staff) are more than willing to look after our own in a more dignified and legal way, though it would certainly help if the resources were enhanced.
As the point of DACP is brought up every time that this subject comes up, there are few clarifications for the deliberation of our friends-
1. DACP has been granted to every Doctor under the Central Government (including those practicing alternative medicine, Vets and Dentists) as the government has not been able to attract them in the services. (Recently, the health minister has announced double the pay for doctors serving in remote areas).
2. The pay of the doctors has always been higher in every country (look at the west and you will find that it is astronomical-though I wouldn’t like to justify it) because of the nature of job and the responsibility taken.
3. While in the AMC , your entire job profile changes with each level of specialization the pay is increased by only a paltry Rs. 2000 and 4000(6th CPC).If you do your postgraduate degree in any other arms or services, you nearly get as much or more!
4. While everyone, in every service, proceeds on study leave in India or abroad, and have a bond liability of 3-5 years (at the most), in AMC if you do your MD, you are a bonded laborer for 7 years and if you unfortunately do your study leave, you are bonded for another 9 years, with a minimal chance of escape thereafter as well.(Again a situation created by the M -Block??).
5. While every other service is having their boards at 14 – 18 years of service, the earliest a board is held in AMC is 21-23 years of service – (maybe this year!).Look at it, Infantry, ASC, Ord at 14- 16 years of service, AD corps at 16 and RVC at 17 years of service.
6. As for the 25 % NPA, please weigh it in the context of- No Sahayaks (even a large number of brigadiers set their own uniform or use anodised ranks and drive their own cars), Call duty nearly every day(at least till 26 -27 years of service), DMO duties at least every week to a fortnight(till 20 years of service as a captain) and gross injustice when it comes to housing (In Pune you have 2 zones – North with awaiting period of 6-8 mths and a south zone, with a waiting period of 18 – 24 months).At times, you may also face the indignity of having to attend calls at senior Officers' homes and you are certainly not a guest at that time!
Yes, I agree that most of the problems emanate from the top, but for those of you who will ask us as to why we don’t quit- the answer is simple – They wont let us!
And Dear Maj Navdeep, Please carry on the good work.You have been a real beacon of hope!
thanks and regards

Anonymous said...

You're doing a good job Navdeep. Keep it up. Best Wishes

Anonymous said...

@ Maj Surender Singh

The whole endeavor is to produce chaps who have the moral courage that you mentioned. In spite of the docs doing their best to ensure that every one joining IMA have adequate guts (not just intestines), spine and b***s, why is it that the ones who desire to retain the Chetwoodian stuff lose out on their body Armour later on in life?

Pawan Chandra said...

Please keep up the excellent work you are doing.By nature we are a thankless lot.

All the very best.

lt Col s chandra

shyam said...

Dear Maj Navdeep- there are only two officers I deeply respect for the selfless, impartial service -you & Brig Kamboj ( there are others I am sure in IESM. ISL etc but their infighting and bickering sickens me, so I do not read their reports)

BTW- Please keep up the superb work and leave the s**t where it belongs and secondly I hope to meet you when I am in your town to express my gratitude-if ever your work brings you to bangalore-pls call09972246236-will be a pleasure to meet you

force1 said...

Dear Major Navdeep,
(This is the 1st part of the post at 7 pm)
You surely seem to have set the cat among the pigeons. We wholly endorse your views and I have been a regular visitor as well as a regular contributor. You have rightly said that pointing out the administrative failure of a few does not taint the entire AMC. However, just look at the responses from a lot of our ‘erstwhile clients’. Calling them immature or naïve doesn’t justify their comments at all. Why aren’t we hearing the same comments on your blog about the ASC, Ordinance, Signals and the MES, or even our good old fighting arms? Is it because they are not catering to veterans or because they are perfect?
Let us go to the beginning. The entire AMC was created to look after the injured soldier on the battle field (And Sir, our profession demands that we do so irrespective of the caste,creed or the nationality of the soldiers-thus being actively involved in humanitarian activities without any personal prejudices and maybe that’s why the DGAFMS is under the MOD).The role was further expanded to include families ,veterans and their families.
Over a period of time it was realized that the burden was getting too much to bear and hence the ECHS was created .However, it seems that we have not been able to achieve our primary objective for the following reasons-
1. Maybe, the ethos of the services was not taken in consideration-as most of us still feel more comfortable amongst our own.
2. We expanded an increased clientele to include even the parents of ex-servicemen (They were not included in the past).
3. Medical care outside is at least 5 times as expensive , with the result that the bills are not being cleared in time resulting in another spin-off-either spurious bills or de-empanelling by a large number of prestigious hospitals.
4. Most of the money is being spent in the 4 major metros and not where a majority of ex-servicemen live (thus diluting its effect).
5. Moreover , the load on the AMC has continued to grow with most Officers and men showing their non-dependant parents and relatives as dependants-if people really started looking at dependant cards at least 6-7 would be caught every day- I would suggest that we increase the ambit and make them legally dependant, as we are treating them anyway and would like to).

Unknown said...

You should NOT be put out by some disgruntled elements. You are doing a good job and yeoman service. We all appreciate your unbiased views and opinions. Please continue with the good work.

Yogander Singh said...

I fully endorse your blog. Yes it is wrong interpretation by some higher ups in the Armed Forces Medical Services whihc is blocking due medical benefits to the SSCOs. But this mindset is a symptom of bigger problem we face where-in the military medical care seem to have beome personal property of some doctors who have no clue about the sacred oath they are required to follow.

Anonymous said...

Persepective from AMC
1. The number of comments on this post is ample evidence that med facilities are a raw nerve everywhere.
2. The ECHS and ex-servicemen issue has not been handled properly at all levels. The ECHS at most stns has become just a milch cow for retired med offrs without providing any meaningful services. It becomes even more painful for us when the facilities go some where else and the work has to be done by us. The frustration may show at some patients, although that is not correct. However, It is heartening to know that "our own" still want to come to us.
3. Maybe, now the long awaited augmentation of manpower and facilities are done keeping the ground realities in mind rather than creating political milch cows like ECHS.
4. Maj Navdeep, please continue to keep the discussion board hot and glowing. Thank You

Jeet Hormuz said...

Dear Major Navdeep,
As a general rule we are loath to accept criticism in our country and sadly in our armed forces as well. Kindly keep up the good work you are doing, and may the debates continue. I absolutely endorse and support the way you have been conducting this blog. I think you have been fair and impartial, and would continue to be so whatever the provocation.


Dear Mandeep
Free Expression is the birth right of every citizen.People dont even spare the PM and President. The five fingers that we have are of different sizes and each finger and its sub-division have diverse astronomical, astroligical values besides the inheirent acupressure points.Freedom of speech and healthy comments should always be welcome for check and balances. Since you have logically put accross the valid interpretation, the comments of odds and sorts should not disturb your appetite for voluntarily doing good for the Service personnel. You should not have reacted to such comments rather pity the ignorance of the person who has commented upon your contributions. I/we have faith in you and your Blog is most educative and authentic. Bash on regardless and may the Almighty give you success and more strength to provide free of cost services to the Defence Fraternity. God bless and thanks for all that you are doing. Col Dham

Rajababu said...

well navdeep, each topic of yours and u calling a spade a spade invariably evokes scathing as well as supporting comments. atleast with this all the ills of the services are very innovatively brought up for discussions to the immense dislike of the men/women who are at the receiving end of the stick.

what better forum(informal) than this to sort out all the oustanding issues!! atleast the senior officers will keep the opinions in this blog in mind when they take decisions affecting the services in office(also know the pulse of the personnel)

so this blog is a kind of medical check up for many personnel(ECG if i may say so)

nkchou said...


I am in full agreement with you. To err is human, but greatness lies in accepting one's mistake and resolving it. Having spent 20 years in this organisation i feel majority of us are not open to meaning full introspection, AMC officers are no different. Honestly the job you are doing should be ideally done by the P cell at the HQs. I sincerely urge you to carry on your crusade without bothering about these AMC critics. It would be interesting to see the comments of these AMC officers when you take up enhancement of grade pay for AMC officers based on their qualification.
Wg Cdr Choudhary

chamyal said...

you are doing a good job

well done and keep it up no matter what anyone says....

Anonymous said...

read beniwals comment at 0747 i can still not make out from the letter he has quoted who exactly is authorised treatment and who is not can somebody with understanding of the issue clarify please.

Beniwal said...

mr. anonymous 02 Aug 09 10:39 pm.( be brave and write your name) If you please read the post again, it says DGAFMS letter dtd 16.7.09. the authority controlling medical services in army/navy/airforce. This letter is in responce to my query regarding medical treatment entitlement to ESM in MH. the letter makes it clear that a person granted status of ESM(includes EC/SSC and others as per the notifications) can/are getting treatment in MH. This is important for non pensioner ESM because pensioner ESM are covered by ECHS. For further details please contact me email: trident142@yahoo.co.in

Anonymous said...

At some point we all need reassurance from the environment for our efforts. May be you need it now. You have full support and good wishes of all indep,just and democratic offrs of armed forces. The power brokers and babus amongst us may feel that their powers are being challenged. ignore them and do what you feel is right. You are a role model to many. good work pl continue in the same spirit.

Unknown said...

dear Major,
aap na hote to hum(incl ur critics) kup manduk hi rahte. A small ripple in ur sea of blogs should not shake ur boat.Pl overlook such comments and kindly move on, such peole will always be there and u can't please 100% of them.
maj santosh singh
mech inf

SMJ said...

Dear Major Navdeep,
you are doing a great job..keep it up...You just cannot let yourself stop because of the carelees and rresponsible comments of some selfish people ....
we are with you ad your cause..all the best..

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
As a serving AMC offr, I have been frequenting your blog for the past few months. I have yet to come across a more informative, balanced and progressive blog. You are doing yeoman service with your effort to bring issues concerning the 'fauj' into the limelight. Please keep it up.
The issue of entitlement is a long-standing one and needless to say the response of O/O DGAFMS is a typical knee-jerk one. A few points may be pertinent here-
1. Our veterans deserve the best of medical care, it is our duty to look after them and we must provide it.
2. Our hospitals are desperately short in manpower particularly paramedical staff, and hopefully someone will wake up and do something about it. The ECHS scheme has not really taken away the load from MHs and I am reminded of the exserviceman who pointedly told me that he would prefer the environment of a MH any day to a private hospital. Maybe a better idea would be to use ECHS resources to augment facilities in earmarked hospitals.
3. As a specialist in the AMC, that too a superspecialist with 27 years service, I have come to one conclusion. A boss is as good as his staff officers, and it is the staff officers who in a time-bound tradition put up a draft which is usually approved straight away. I can assure readers of this blog that we too in service are always at the receiving end of such decisions.
4. I can assure you that the majority of us in the AMC are with you and your feelings on this subject. Please do not take this personally and please also continue the good work! The very nature of a blog is the freedom it gives everyone to express their opinion, wrong or right. In any case, it takes all types to make this world.
With warmest regards

kuldeep said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Your contribution towards medical facilities for non pensioner ESM including SSCOs is really significant and bold. Pl continue irrespective of small disagreements. Most of us have highest appreciation for you.

In case you can send a formal letter (giving legal interpretation) to AG's Br clarifying AMC doubts for medical facilities to SSCOs, it will be extremely appreciated by all.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
You are doing a wonderful job and helping the service personnel in sharing info/ and giving the right prespective.. Kudos to you. Pl. keep going. we are all right with you.
Wg Cdr KVG



Unknown said...

You are doing a great service to your readers. Updation of information is admirable job. We may otherwise remain ignorant about the matters of interst to all of us. Please continue doing it.

Lt. Col.VK Bhatia.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
You are doing an excellant job. Please continue the same and do not be affected by a few who are incapable of accepting the truth as also the fact they were wrong. To err is human and to forgive divine. God help your critics.

Anonymous said...

Hi Navdeep !! How are you ?
Can you clarify the following point for the benefit of affected officers:-
An offcer having less than 15 years 0f service has taken voluntary retirement.He was awarded SC and SM while in service.
Is he elegible for any financial benefits for these awards,like the serving officers ?

Lt Col NS Sandhu (Retd) said...

My Dear Major Navdeep,

Reading your blog every day without any break has become NIT_NAME for me. Your services to armed forces personnel serving and
retired are great. Please carry on.

Lt Col NS Sandhu (Retd)

Aug 03, 2009

Unknown said...

Dear Navdeep,
This blog has been doing a yeoman's service to the serving and retired military guys. I have been following it for aprox one year. please do not get carried away by some sentimental stuff. In my opinion objectivity and good reasoning are the strong points of this blog.
Please don't change anything and continue doing the good work.
Satyen Sinha

Anonymous said...

navdeep, i too am an AMC officer.

Its time the m block officers realise that they r not gods.

Good thing u brought out their weak points.

Lt Col (Retd) Sandeep Pandit said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Truth has to be told even if somebody fnds it bitter and cannot swallow it. In this world, particularly in India where Mahatama Gandhi is venerated, people who have the guts to tell the truth are not liked. Don't bother about little people who do not have the courage to face the truth. You are doing a great job. So just continue what you are doing without feeling guilty and emotional about it.

Lt Col (Dr) G Kameswara Rao (RETD) said...

It is not a question of continuing the expression of views or facts. If M Block has given out some instructions the why and wherefore of it must have been ascertained before passing on comments. It is possible that so many laid down procedures are not effectively made known at the lower echelons. Once when I visited A Training Centre to see whether the Anti Malaria DDT Spraying was being carried out as scheduled I found that raw recruits were handling the spraying pumps and insecticide and were Spraying the dry 9 inch drains outside the buildings . There was no one overseeing their
work from among the Health / Hygiene trained Offrs/JCOs/
NCOs/Jawans. The boys were given the pumps and insecticide and told " Go and Spray this in the Drains " ! How many QMs/ Unit Cdrs know that Bleaching Powder is an ORDNANCE item and NOT a Hygiene Chemical? A DIV CAOC in the field area didnot have stock of bleaching powder when I went there for a visit and I put it in my notes . A few days later heavy rains in the mountainous field area caused floods and the Caoc was hauled up for Not stocking it-- my skin was saved as I had already put it in my visit notes in writing !
In a field OP TR\raining exercise the ENGR regt didnot have stock of Bleaching Powder and were supplying water to the field troops without adding the Bleaching Powder and the Oi/c didnot know of it.
One Brigade Cdr told me during my visit to his Bde " Rao - In the Dak when I se any Letter from the Medical Branch I don't even Read it!"
The instructions and guidelines issued by the concerned authorities donot percolate properly to the implemening authorities.How many MTOs verify if the drivers are following the instructions that before a vehicle is driven out from the garage they should check up whether the lights are working, the horn is blowing ,
the tyre pressure is ok, the wheelnuts are all tightened up et al? Every ARM / SERVICE has its own deficiencies in its functional aspects.There is no use of pointing out faults of one particular service. There has got to be an awareness campaign amongst all concerned to see that the lesst damage is caused to the personnel--whether in uniform or out of it. Of Course the manpower deficiency has to be taken into consideration. There is an acute shortage of ward Sahayaks (Ayahs)/female safaiwalis in all MHs. Vacancies are not filled up due to a blanket ban on recruitment of Group D employees when tha posts fall vacant due to retirement etc. How will the hospoital provide the required services to the patients in the family wards! And the so many categories for availing the AMC facilities !

Anonymous said...

All the important blogs keep reaching me through numerous sources.
These are well written and meaningful.
There will be enough adverse/favorable comment on any given subject.
So take it in the stride. Let the good work carry on regardless.
The comments speak for themselves.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
Your blog is probably the only unbiased forum dealing with issues related to the services. People may criticise and comment if views do not suit their perceptions or would want to call a spade as a'digging implement'.
please call a spade only a spade.
Lt col N

sonu said...

Hi Sir .please continue with the good work you are doing. MAY GOD BLESS YOU.I think people who have created all this are the ones who are just sitting and not practicing medicine for years.some of them have just one motive that ragdo the specialists who are serving under them and praise the superior bosses.nothing against GDMOs but few of them are just damaads of govt. a specialist earn just 2000/- extra for sleepless nights before and after specialisation.as wife of a serving specialist i know how much we have to suffer. but i have not found even a single doctor refusing treatment to our beloved elders (exservicemen).

Unknown said...

Navdeep sir

please continue with the excellent job you are doing. some remarks from a few petty minded persons should not deter the yeoman service you are rendering to SM ,ESM and others.

BK Parida Ex CPOR(TEL)

Joe said...

Navdeep sir,

You are doing an exceptional job. Dont get perturbed because of a few dissenters. keep up the good show and i pray that you get more power to your pen -- Wg Cdr Joshi

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess what we, in AMC, would like to hear is somebody recognising the problems faced by AMC too, while being criticised (Which is fairly frequent!). I am yet to hear in any formal public forum in the services or amongst ex-servicemen fraternity that this is the problem faced by the hospitals and let's help them by giving more human resources (Informal & casual expression of sympathy for the workload doesn't really matter).

There are only 3 facilities which government extends to retired defence personnel- Pensions, Medical care & CSD facilities.
The drastic fall in CSD sales after making the Smart card compulsory to access CSD facilities explains how many fraud dependent cards are floating around.
If we can make same/similar smart cards compulsory for medical care, the hospitals' workload would reduce by 25-30%. How's that as some food for thought to help AMC provide better medical care to all its' dependents- real ones please, not the in-laws and neighbours of serving personnel with dependent cards signed by the Adjutant/Coy Cdr of the unit?

Gold said...

Navdeep You are doing an excellent job and have only brought out the facts. its sad if some people take it personally. As you have brought out in this article also you are in no way anti AMC, infact what you have brought out should actually have been done by somebody from AMC. When we ourselves are eager to deny our people benefits, we dont need the bureaucrats. There is no loss to anybody but only our officers gain.

No wonder the bureaucrats are happy with our infighting. if others get the benefit which I am getting then what is my gain. How am I superior or senior. Lets rise from such small thoughts and start thinking big else we will continue to rot and never grow out of the shadows

babs said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
NAVDEEP, you are doing an excellent
job. Please on with the good job.
The world has all kinds of people.
We need to carryon with them around.

Col MNM Sigs
23 Aug 09