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Friday, January 16, 2009


Did you know that ‘Spicejet’ offers full fare discount on all its flights for serving defence personnel anywhere in the country ?

Well, now you know !

The airline company is the first to offer complete waiver of the airline ticket price for serving personnel. When flying on ‘Spicejet’, defence personnel are only supposed to pay the taxes and not the ticket price. There are no other restrictions applicable on flight bookings and there is no limit on the number of tickets that may be bought.

The special no-fare scheme for defence personnel is a continuous offer and not a limited scheme but cannot be availed for family members or by retired personnel. Though these days it is the taxes that pinch the pocket, still a nice gesture.

Tickets for military personnel can be booked through their website http://www.spicejet.com/

Readers are also requested to send in details of any like deals applicable to defence personnel so that all of us can make maximum use of such offers.

PS - I forgot. Google has been placing some adverts of political parties on blogs. Some may get reflected on this blog too. However, this blog has no political leanings whatsoever. Thanks.


Anonymous said...

My Dera Navdeep,

Is this benefit available to War Widows and dependents ???

Is this concession available to Gallantry award winners.


Anonymous said...

Is this how we treat our military?

Thursday, 15 January , 2009, 17:33
Last Updated: Thursday, 15 January , 2009, 18:16


RSN Singh is a former military intelligence officer who later served in the Research and Analysis Wing, or R&AW. He is author of two books: Asian Strategic and Military Perspective and Military Factor in Pakistan. He is Associate Editor, Indian Defence Review.

At this critical juncture, India needs to demonstrate its resolve, and ensure the strength and morale of its armed forces. Instead, however, the self-pride of the armed forces is being subverted by parochial interests and narrow considerations. If some planted stories in the media are to be believed, the revised pay demands of the armed forces have not only been met, but enhanced by the government. Editor's Choice
The Chief of Defence Staff
Pakistan: The Anti-India Identity
Use of Irregulars: Bane for the Pakistan Army
Punjab’s Pakistan
Fratricide Incidents in The Army

This is a travesty of truth. In reality, the basic demand of the armed forces for pre-Sixth Pay Commission status quo has been brushed aside with complete disdain. There are three major demands of the armed forces: one, a hike in pension (70 percent of the last pay drawn) in respect of personnel other than officers; two, restoration of the status of Lt Cols in the higher pay band (Pay Band-IV); and three, restoration in the status of Lt Generals vis-à-vis Director Generals of Police (DGPs).

The government’s willingness to enhance pension for lower ranks does not actually translate in an actual raise, as the reduced slab announced earlier was based on the flawed premise that post-retirement they would be absorbed in the paramilitary forces, something which is still on the drawing board.

Are our forces lower caste?

The other two demands, for restoration in status of Lt Cols and Lt Generals have either been rejected or have come with riders. The most ridiculous clause is the pay package of Lt Cols and their equivalent in the other two services. While their pay package have been upgraded to Pay Band-IV, it has been stipulated that their status in this Pay Band with regards to their Grade Pay, which determines their status, would be only applicable when they are serving on combat duties and not when on deputation. The term ‘combat duties’ has confounded all ranks. This smacks of a disdainful ‘take the money and forget about status’ attitude on part of the government.

The junior officers, that includes Lt Cols and their equivalents in the other two services, form the cutting edge of the armed forces. It is the same grade of officers, who dislodged Pakistani troops from the Kargil heights, by some most tenacious and daring assaults, without any parallel in the history of high altitude warfare. The demand for status parity for Lieutenant Generals with the DGP Police has been rejected. In Uttar Pradesh alone, there are more than two-dozen officers in the rank of DGP.

Indian army, foreign hand

Is this the way the to treat the Indian Armed Forces, which are respected for their professionalism in most parts of the world? Our vote-bank driven politicians have no direct stake in the armed forces. In the United Kingdom, the males of the Royal family invariably serve in the armed forces. In the US, a military past is a political asset, with most Presidents proudly proclaiming their military background. The Indian politicians, leave alone sending their sons, discourage even their even sons-in-laws from the military.

Time and again, the Indian Armed Forces have drawn applause in bilateral and multilateral military exercises involving several nations. When India wins a cricket match, the Speaker does not fail to mention it in the Parliament. However, a few years ago when the Special Forces of the Indian Army stood first in a professional competition organised in South Africa, where more than two-dozen countries had participated, it did not find any mention. Our politicians including our Prime Minister and the concerned bureaucrats, I am sure, were even not aware of it.

Foreign observers laud Indian war games

The bureaucrats and the police hierarchy, relics of our colonial past, have over the years been systematically denigrating the armed forces out of sheer inferiority complex and to promote their own vested interests. The only hope for the armed forces personnel was the politicians. The politicians, however, have allowed their minds to be subverted by wily bureaucrats.

To make matters worse the Prime Minister too seems to relish the role of a bureaucrat rather than the leader of the country. In the Sixth Pay Commission, he had refused the military’s demand to appoint an armed forces member in the commission. Now he conveniently concedes that the military is entitled to a separate pay commission, which ironically will be constituted in 2018!

Indian defence and the Abominable No Men

A leader of the country like India, which aspires to be a great power, must enjoy the respect of the armed forces. He must realise that diplomacy and military strength are the two sides of the same coin. He must also realise that the ‘argument of power’ is as, if not more, important than the ‘power of argument’. And the ‘argument of power’ is based on the strength and efficacy of a country’s armed forces. During his visit to India, US President George Bush told the Andhra Chief Minister that military should always be kept happy for the well being of the nation.

Yet our leaders, abetted by the bureaucrats, for reasons best known to them, thrive on sowing seeds of inter-service rivalry in the armed forces. A Minister of State for Defence with a police background was candid in telling me that to be a successful defence minister, one has to generate inter-service rivalry, and the best way to do it was by making the three service chiefs squabble over budgetary allocations.

With such an attitude, one wonders if the Indian Armed Forces can ever hope to find their legitimate status, and the institution of the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) will ever see the light of the day.

Courtesy Indian Defence Review


Anonymous said...

I have availed this facility last week and I hereby confirm it.

Thnx Spicejet & Navdeep

Lt Col H Padmanabhan

Anonymous said...

please correct your blog ,this is available to all Armed Forces and not only to defence forces.


why families have been left out of this scheme.

Anonymous said...

Anony@ 0455PM
You wrote..

"Please correct your blog ,this is available to all Armed Forces and not only to defence forces."

Would you list the Armed Forces of the Union for our benefit.

Faujidoc said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Dear anony 4:55 PM
Could you please explain the difference between defence Forces And Armed Forces.

Unknown said...

Dear Navdeep and all bloggers,
It would be prudent to fight for the following :--
-- Restoration of 2Lt rank and to be granted to Cadets of Army, Navy and Air Force Academies on successful completion of Course
-- 2Lt --- 5400 grade pay
Lt --- 6100
Capt -- 6600
Maj --- 7600
Lt Col--8700
and so on.....
Only then will we be able to come close the parity that we deserve. To break the ego and backbone of armed forces officers this was done. Thus these officers cannot fight for their men also as they are now junior to their counterparts. How disgusting and shamefull. Only way is to struggle. Dirty Politicians and Quota IAS /
IPS are meant for HAfta Collection, and do not understand the price that armed forces and the nation pays for such people. But a time will come when armed forces will become like police and IAS and will start worrying about themselves. I do not have to say what will happen thereafter. May GOD Help Our Country.

Anonymous said...

Those who are authorised to bear Arms for the Union of Inida are the Armed Forces..

Arms are not only rifles and pistols but also other things..

Height of things.. Now CPOs have statrted claimimg themselves to the Armed Forces..

Their claim to being PMF is also false.. If they are ashamed of being called police better resign. Why did they join ...?????


Anonymous said...

Agree with pawan @ January 17, 2009 12:16 AM

Had mooted this on the c/box sometime but did not find any takers. GC's in IMA/OTA/AFA/NAVAC etc should be ranked 2Lt. That way one rung would be created to satisfy the Babus and Lt Col would become the fifth one.

Anonymous said...

On restoration of the rank of 2/Lt
why not traet last one years trg at academy as in 2/Lt Rank and count one years training as Service like everyone else incl CPOs.

The logic of not treating it so is not understood.

Doc Rajeeva said...

How about inclusion of Retired Service personnel in the ambit for concession with a maximum fixed for a year. Many of the retired personnel have compulsions of travel urgently but may be restricted physically or financially.

A small gesture to the veterans who have given the prime of their youth for the cause of the country....!!!

Navinder Narang said...

Hi Navdeep,
Hats off to your contribution to the community.
I would like to also highlight another team of ex-servicemen who are working hard to develop a platform for better opportunities for ex-servicemen. The venture, aptly called XISF Foundation, is keen to develop a model which would be free for its members, i.e. the ex-servicemen, and would create a community especially for their welfare. It is a noble non-profit venture led by Capt Dinesh Desai, who left Army after serving with 9 ASSAM.
The website may be seen at www.xisf.in
Since I know Capt Dinesh for about 6 months now, I can only stand back and admire the work being done by him, you and many others!
With guys like you, our community doesnt have anything to worry about, be it before or after retirement.

Anonymous said...

All I found was a 30% discount fare. Seems the no fare has been stopped or I could not find it.

Anonymous said...

All ranks except Lt Cols have been paid the new pay scales and arrears.The interest payment for the delay period is the obligation of the Govt.Could you please explain the legal position of this and also tell us how to claim this interest ?

shyam said...

Dear Maj Navdeep- clarification from spice jet web site reproduced below for information-sorry if it is already posted
Indian Armed Forces special discounted fares are applicable only to serving personnel(s) and not to family members and retired Indian Armed Forces personnel(s). Indian Armed Forces ID Card & Authority Letter should be presented at the time of check-in and the Indian Armed Forces Personnel needs to submit a copy of the authority letter duly signed.

Subhash Chand Sharma said...

May I request to let me know regarding the pension anomaly of the Majors pre 2006. The anomaly has arisen partly due to revision of rank structure of the defence forces in 2005.

Major and Lieutenant Colonels were in the same pay scale with a difference of Rank Pay. Majors retired after at least 20 years of reckonable service. Therefore the pension of Major and lieutenant Colonel was almost equal with a difference of Rs 500-1000 ( difference of around 10 %).

After 2005, the situation has completely changed. One becomes Major after 7 years and Lieutenant colonel after 13 years. No officer with more than 13 years of service will retire as Major. This has removed a disparity with civil service and good for the defence services a long pending demand of defence forces to restore parity.

However it has created a situation where an Army officer who retired after more than 20 years of service as Major (pre 2006 ) is drawing almost half the pension in comparison to the Lieutenant colonel . Where Lieutenant Colonel/ Colonel (TS) of today performs the same duties as Major Pre 2006.

There is a huge difference amounting to almost double the pension between Lieutenant Colonel and Major, a Difference of Rs 14,169/- incl DA. Major Pension incl DA Rs 18370/- and Lt Col Pension incl DA Rs 32539/- ,both retired before 2006. The difference before 6th pay commission was just about Rs 1000/- Per Month .After 6th pay commission it is Rs 14,169/- .

I would like to know the status of this anomaly/disparity between Majors ( Pre 2006) and Lieutenant Colonels.

Major Subhash Chand Sharma (Retd)

Anonymous said...

Please delete the mention of XISF as the org is not functional anymore.