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Monday, July 6, 2009

Do not wait for Govt Notification for fixation of pay on substantive promotion : CGDA to CDAs

At last some simplification of procedure, albeit after constant requests by the services and 62 years down our independence.

The Controller General of Defence Accounts (CGDA) has passed instructions to the concerned CDAs to release pay and all financial benefits to officers on the basis of Part II Orders / GENFORMS / PORs issued by military establishments and supported by the relevant branch of the Services Headquarters without waiting for publication of Gazette Notifications related to substantive promotion. Though the system of processing draft govt notifications (DGNs) would continue as before, the pay and allowances shall not be contingent on the same.

The orders signifying the substantive promotion (on the basis of which the pay and other financial benefits shall be released), would have to contain information such as the fact that the officer has completed the requisite qualifying service, he / she is not under DV Ban, he / she has passed eligibility examinations etc.

A welcome step since processing of DGNs was causing undue delay in processing of pay and financial benefits of officers. At times such delay was not in months but in years.


BC said...

Good news, Maj Navdeep. Do you have the instruction of CGDA to the various CDAs, kindly post that.

bills said...

thats gr8 news sir......finally idas is also wearing the robes of practicality.....now someone to suggest ways to expedite the DGN also


Hello Friends

To over ensure a systematic process is a lack of committment, knowledge and moral courage about an issue and to under ensure is a causual attitude, being irresponsible and cheap popularity. Once an order is out/issued by a competent authority, the system down the chain should do their home work adopt sound SOP;s and ensure timely implementation. Passing the buck/baby is a weakness and lack of committment. Any doubt/irritant about an issue can be dealt with minimum possible delay with the communication media availaible such as computers. tele/vedio, special courrier service.
We have always been suffering the self inflicted injuries by accepting casual attitude and imposterous blame and oneman upship.game and character assessination. Let us all make a resolve to move forward with a better vision individually as well as collectively keeping both short and long term issues in mind.I sincerely wish that except for the confidential/operational issues we should be more open in order to bridge the communication gap and fear of the unknown and mistrust.
Remember the Armed Forces potential to perform on each front is second to known and the best, let us move forward to make our system more open tension free in order to serve the interest of the Nation as a whole and self well being and happy existence afterwards. God Bless and we all march forward with pride and dignity. Jai Hind
Col Dham

Anonymous said...


We are listening from long time that PBOR will get 70% irrespective of their length of service. But keeping does not look any authenticity. Kindly give some light on this matter is there any hope from govt that Defense personnel will get 70% pension.

Anonymous said...


I shall be glad if you kindly take up a case with the Govt of India, in connection with their parity in the reempolyed group c and d services. At present only 2 years' antedate of seniority is maintained as far as their promotion to higher grade is affected. This also come after 15 to 20 years after. Therefore, it is negligible. You may please do something so that GOI can relax the benefit to be counted to the extent of their total service in the Military services. After all they have givn their best of time for the safety, security and keep integrity. Why GOI cannot consider their past hard life style to maintain their families in their present state of affairs. My earnest request is that you could only do something to overcome their such misery of life. Best of luch.