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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Orders issued for remaining 60% pay and pension arrears

The Ministry of Finance has today issued orders for the release of the balance 60% arrears of pay and the Department of Pensions has issued similar orders for the same percentage of arrears of pension on account of implementation of the 6th CPC recommendations.

With effect from today, the balance arrears can be 'legally' released to central government employees and former employees.



Col Rajinder Singh(Retd) said...

Dear Deep
Thanks a ton for quick info God bless you.

Velayudhan said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Very fast cmmn. Welldone .Keep it up and keep working for the welfare of the Armed forces. God bless you.


Lt Col G Kameswara Rao (retd) said...

MOD, ESW Dept has to wait for DP&PW to issue similar orders and then MOD will take its own sweet time to comply ! See - they have not yet issued orders reg Date of Birth Proof though DP&PW issued on 21 May 09 and 14 Aug 09 !


Dear Navdeep

Thank you very much for the news.
As usual you are the gentleman
who takes pleasure in cheering up
the Veterans and uniform soldiers alike.
God Bless you.
Col Dham

Anonymous said...

Why Cannot Fin Min orders on Pay and Allces be concurrently made alpplicable to Def Forces??

That is hitch and "Ghundi". Th MoD goons want the fauzies to cry for every single authorised and legal penny. That is what makes Fauzies "second class" citizens where they are controlled by the "Babus of the Baubus of the Super Babus".

It is fine for other expenditure but why pay and allowances? Are the MoD Baboons suppose to increase it. So far as making estimate and calculating the amount is concerned it can be done by Ms Sushma Nath without any problem. But "Defence Forces" belong to the Scheduled caste and their "Brahmins" have to be different..

It is simple reflection of our "social customs"...Different Brahmins for different castes...

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Anony at 7.58

Who has told you that this OM is not applicable to faujis ?

This is very much applicable to the defence services. 60% of the arrears would be concurrently released for civil and defence employees.

Unknown said...

dear navdeep sir,
cda site states that
Pending receipt of orders for payment from MOD, officers willing to deposit these arrears in DSOP Fund may send their requests for the same immediately, either through Grievance / Feedback on the website or through email at enquiry@cdaopune.org or by FAX on 020-26453446, duly super-scribing “Request for credit of 60% arrears in DSOPF” on the FAX / email.
it awaits the MoD letter to credit
the arrears.

Unknown said...

Please read the mof memo. It is applicable only to serving employees. Not pensioners. Further a letter from mod is needed for cda/pcda to act. May be one more day wait

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...


The Fin Min has jurisdiction only over serving central govt employees. The Deptartment of Pensions is supposed to issue the letter for pensioners but that is merely a formaility and the sanction letter has already been forwarded to the said dept by the Fin Min.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

You are a gem. Thanks. One question - do banks have to wait for PCDA order to pay the arrears or are these orders enough?

Lt Col (Retd) Sandeep Pandit

justin said...


Ramani said...

all concerned may go to gconnect to calculate their arrears.click on the "click to edit" caption in case necessary.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully 5%DA and DACP for Defence doctors will also come through

vajir singh nain said...

A lot of thank, very "AAJ TAK" reporting. For the holy service to veterans God will surely bless you sir.

ex Hav/clk Vajir Singh Nain
The Guards

Anonymous said...

There were three core issues forwarded to the Govt by Def HQs and were resolved by the Hon'ble Prime Minister Sh. Manmohan Singh Ji:-
(a) PB 4 for Lt Cols & equvalent
(b) HAG for Lt Gens
(c) Grant 70% of last pay drawn as pension to PBOR who retires wef 01.1.2006
Notification for ser (a) and (b) above relates to officers of Armd Forces have been issued and implemented.
Issue of notification for ser (c)above relates to PBOR is still awaited. Whereas, the all three issues were resolved altogether by the PM. Armed Forces Officers always give PRIORITY for welfare of the Troops they command before themselves but it is not understood, how ,they forget in this issue and nothing has been done yet. May we hope for immediate issue of notification for grant 70% of Pay last drawn as pension ?

Mahabharath said...

Dear friends,

1. We need to understand how the Govt of India functions. At times, some of us blame the Bureaucrats/ Lower rung officers of MOD without understanding the functioning of the ministries. In the instant case, the procedure would be as follows:-
2. The time of release of arrears etc are decided by Dept of Expenditure under MoF based on cash flow to Govt, administrative necessity (May be political necessity as well), employees welfare etc and such decisions are communicated to all controlling ministries under GoI. The MoD is one among them.
3. Thereafter the controlling ministries will intimate the decision to all the pay account offices under them. In case of Army, I think the MOD directly informs Army HQ and CGDA/CDAs. So is the Navy. In case of Air Force, I think the ministry informs the Air HQ [with a copy to CDA (AF)] and Air HQ in turn directs the AF Central Accounts Office to release the arrears. .
4. Same would be case for any civil offices under various other ministries. Lookinf at the CDA(O's website, it appers taht they are very proactive and without even waiting for orders from MoD they have initated the action. So let us not blame civilian offices every time for everything. Most of them are doing their charter of duty as good job as any one of us are doing ours (Though ours carry a danger/risk to life).
5. Regarding the pensioners, the Govt has not only issued the orders but also set a dead line (30 September) for the Banks to credit the arrears.
6. Regarding the query of one of the PBOR, whenever an issue is taken up with the Govt, it takes time to resolve depending on the degree of complication. It may not be prudent to refuse solution given to one issue saying that it would be implemented only if all the other issues are resolved. It does not mean people in authority are not perusing the cause of the PBORs. While you have correctly quoted that officers first take care of the troops they command, you have failed to understand that it is also norm that a PBOR does not raise this as matter of issue. Both are ethical in nature.

Anonymous said...

@Maj Navdeep Singh

Ref your Comments 8:22 PM

It is not applicablity, it is implementation which is being questioned. Except MoD and Railways, no other govt deptt have their seperate "Finace Baboons"..No other country in the world has seprate Finance Cadre controlling expenditure on defence and Pay and allowances. Only India...

Railway is a fiancial and economic business and existance of seperate "Finance deptt" is understood but why Defence?? Other Ministries having larger budgets such as Helth or Edecation do not have seprate Finance Cadres and Deptt? Why Defefnce? Indian defence forces are no longer East India Company Sepoys nor a Colonial Army whoes expenditure needs curtilment?

This is issue which was being pointed out. You have simply trevailised it..

No order of MoF or Pers ministry is
ever amlpemented by CDA unless orders to that effect issued by MoD / CGDA, that is Baoons of Super Baboons... It does not happen so for numerious govt deptts or ministries.... Ok...

craig matthews said...

thx a ton for d info navdeep sir.
i want a clarification that the stipned which was given to the gentleman cadets in ota during training in 2006-2007 also got arrears over them or not.this is very confusing plz sort it out sir.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends (Mahabharatha in specefic),

Some of the comments appearing here on "Fiancial" system are too genralistic and devoid of rudimentary knowledge on our system.

Excercising Fiancial control over the executive (ministers or the Govt) is a function of the Parliament which is carried out through budgetory exercises, Parlimentary Committees and audit by C&AG, which exercises the powers on behlf and for the Parlaiment and is a constitutional authority.

The above is called legislative / budgetory Financial Control by representatives of the people (not even Rajya Sabha) (No texation without representation principle).

For the executive (the Govt), the overall Fincial control is exercised by the Min of Fin by distribution of budget on various counts. M of F policies and orders are applicable to all.All ministries have their in built Finance system and structure but not a seperate Fince Cadre or deptt.

It is only the Railways and the Mod which has a Seprate Finance deptt under the Ministry. It has a history of its own. CGDA of Def Accounts was created to keep the C-in-C in India under check so that he is not able to follow military campaigns which go against the interests of the British Empire. The C-in-C in India was resposbile for conduct of Mil Camgigns aginst Afgan Frontier, Burma, Cylone, Tibbet and China as also Far East. There always used to be political tiff between the Vice- Roy and the incumbant C-in-C. So Financial Control over the C-in-C were introduced in India. It is pertinent to mention that back home in England there is no such system. MoD is their own Fincial Controllers as per budget appropriations as is applicable for the ministries in India (Westminister model).

In India even after "Independence" the fincial control over Defence Forces including Pay and allowances continues to be in the hands of Baoons of Def Accounts services? C-in-c in India is no more independent and faraway. No one is responsible for launching Mil camigns independent of the govt but the Congress has considred it wise to to keep the Defence Forces as second grade dangerious elements requiring special Deptt "financial Control".

Well there is a lot of literature available on the subject and as officers you all are supposed to be well aware of it.

Do not express your ignorance in the above manners which would justifiy that "financial Control" on account of our inefficiency.

Defence Forces always receive their entilements almost two to three months after every one in the Central Govt have evn digested the new allowances or entitlement. And that too with a lot of hassels and cuts. After all if there is a deptt, it has to prove its existance. Since it can not be done positively, it is alwyas done in negetive manner. The MoD spends billions of Rs in keeping this deptt in existance. Whereas, the Indian jawan can not be given modern weapons citing lack of funds, govt can spend millions on MoD Finance as effective counter check on the happiness of uniformed soldiers.

God be gracious and give our rulers some common sense.

Kindly make informed comments expected of officers rather than just rattle out your ignorance which will make others laugh. At least read out M of F orders which lays down who will issue seperate orders and whoes concurrance has already been obtained on MofF orders (like C&AG).

Mahabharath said...

Dear Friends (Feedback on remarks at August 27, 2009 4:14 PM),

1. I think your remarks like “Kindly make informed comments expected of officers rather than just rattle out your ignorance which will make others laugh” are more provocative in nature than information. Any how, I stand by what I have stated.

2. Though your statement that “Exercising Financial control over the executive (ministers or the Govt) is a function of the Parliament which is carried out through budgetary exercises, Parliamentary Committees and audit by C&AG, which exercises the powers on behalf and for the Parliament and is a constitutional authority” is absolutely correct but the time of disbursement is prerogative of the executive based on what I have stated earlier.

3. I am also in agreement with your statement “M of F policies and orders are applicable to all. All ministries have their in built Finance system and structure but not a separate Finance Cadre or deptt”. But different rank structure, pay based on rank structure, other peculiar aspects of Military require, most of the times, some modification from what is commonly applicable to civilian counterparts. Some one has to do this job. This is entrusted to officers/offices you are referring to.

4. I do not subscribe to your view “Do not express your ignorance in the above manners which would justify that financial Control on account of our inefficiency”. Every one expresses what he knows to be correct and logical. Let us listen to every one’s view point. In case we have something concrete, Let us convince the other person.

5. I am also not in agreement with your statement “Defence Forces always receive their entitlements almost two to three months after every one in the Central Govt have even digested the new allowances or entitlement” MoD is the second largest central government employer. It takes only a couple of weeks to modify and issue MOD orders. But when some issues are raised by us (which are generally legitimate and genuine), it may take longer time.

6. Regarding your negative remarkes on MOD(Fin), checks and balances are part of any democracy. When we train and maintain a good police force/criminal justice system, it does not mean we distrust our citizens. It is only to keep a check on some bad elements in the large society. Similarly, Can you and I vouch for every one in Uniform ?. While we may be right in saying percentage of honest personnel in Armed forces are relatively very high as compared to our civil society.

7. I also do not join in your prayer “God be gracious and give our rulers some common sense”. Common sense of Rulers (Elected representative) is generally higher than that of the subjects (citizens) in any democracy. That’s why we elect them.

8. Anyhow, some of the information you had stated have been informative. Kindly treat this as mere opinion of another person. You are most welcome correct me on specific statements.

Rajababu said...

navdeep, cant u moderate mahabharata and anony?? this is where we go wrong. everybody thinks he is right and that makes him all the more stupid in fornt of others. high time we stop fighting amongst ourselves, looking and commenting on others and work silently towards our goals(stealth concept). then we shall get our "Aukad as well as Izzat" which has become just fancy phrases in our vocabilary just like "patriotism".

Jai Hind

Anonymous said...

My Dear Friends (Mahabharatha specially),

Well someting agitates your thoughts, the aim is achieved.

Let us not be blind to the facts. The budgetory layout for all ministries and deptts of the Govt of India is as given here:


It maybe observed that allmost all major ministries have huge budgetory allocations much more than defence. Indias defence expenditure is only 2.3 per cent of GDP whereas education, health, Rural development, Infrastructure, Civil avition, Communications, etc etc goes to the tune of 5 to 12 percent of GDP each. They all do not need seperate Finace Deppts then why defence? There are many deptt such as that of Space etc with huge outlays but they do not have their own Fiance Deptt. In the world, the largest spenders of Defence, the US, UK, France, China, etc do not have Fiance Deptts in their MoD. Whar is so peculier with India that they are spending so much to nurture a useless Finance deptt.

So farpay and allowances is concerned, once the Finance ministry has issued an order what is the job or function of MoD fiance with repect to that?

* Issue new orders based on Fin Min orders.
* Do all hanky pankies at that stage i n the orders menat for Defence Forces.
* Introduce new terms and conditions such as that of rank pay not being part of pay etc.
* Delibertely ommit things even if contained in Fin Ministry orders. Examples - initial ommission on NPA and MSP being part of Pay.
* Introduce non existanat terms and conditions such as publication of Corps Orders etc Campus restrictions not applicable to other deptts, funny certifications at each and every stage and make funny laughable rules.

Has there been even a single case in which MoD Fince has given defence employs better Pay and Perks than those contained in Fin Min letter. Can they do it? If Not why do they exist? Only to curtial what Fin Min allows? Is not it? Give a single example where MoD Finance have ever said that Defence Forces need or deserve more. In the last hundred years of their existance, one may not find any instance. They would even curtial what MoD is willing to allow. They then follow the back door appraoch of approaching likes of Sushma naths and even consire to over rule MoD.


Anonymous said...

Pls get something which is going behind the curtain. Like progress on anomalies of GP, increse in retirement age of all offr by 2 yrs,removal of disparity in retirement age of Col S and Col TS, TS Col at 16 for all, 70% pensionary weightage for PBORs etc.

The sun will rise in east has no info content.

Kindly do not moderate Mahabharath and Anony of the last few posts as advised by our friend Rajababu. They are educating us by sharing their knowledge bank.

Mahabharath said...

Dear Friends,

My attitude is to have an inclusive approach. Civilian counterparts have come from the same society from where all of us have come from. Most of them have high regards for the services, at least I have experienced so whenever I visited civil offices for personal as well as for service work. Even if some of them make some mistakes as mentioned by one of our friend (yes, there are such people in civil as well as in service), the most appropriate way to deal with them is to collect facts put them up their higher officials and rectify in such way the recurrence does not take place. To my wisdom, using cynical /contemptuous/distrustful words even in such informal communications will only be counterproductive. I expected that our friend would provide his views on specific statements I made in my comments. That has not happened. As such, I respect his opinion and knowledge. I gracefully withdraw from further discussion on this specific subject unless demanded otherwise from our friends.

Kaps said...

@ Mahabharath and anonymous above. I think two of you are having a very legitimate and interesting debate. However, ignorant people like me do not have much idea of machinations of the functioning. To an untrained, unbiased eye, both the arguments look genuine. May I request Maj Navdeep to put it up as a separate blogpost and give a chance to these two gentlemen to express their views backed with facts? This debate might draw other knowledgeable people and give us something worthwhile to think about.

P.S. No offence meant to any of the two gentlemen above.

Unknown said...

Dear major Navdeep,
Your info is highly informative and useful.
I get my pension from SBI. Recently (4 to 5 months back)SBI has centralised all pension work of complete north india at its branch at Chandni Chowk in New Delhi ie about one lakh plus branches and if 100 pensioners are there per branch then it means one crore chaps.
As a result all branches have stopped answering queries of pensioners because they cannot since they have no communication with pension cell The pension cell is understaffed and refuse to answer any phone .Now if anyone wants to intervene then he has to go personally to pension cell spending time and money. Pensioners who live far away from Delhi cannot even think of coming to Delhi . Here also the pension cell have started refusing to entertain everbody and only take written complaints . Yhe branches can forward only written complaints. The result is that pension cell is getting swamped with these vomplaints and as is expected they cannot register them leave alone action them so invariably all applications land up in trash. The pension cell has no time to answer individual queries by phone or email or otherwise.
Very soon people will start getting their work done by paying bribes and this will flourish very shortly. I personally went to pension cell for my work and found all this to my horror .I also found haggard old ladies and gents running and getting nowhere.
The files and origional PPO's and are untraceable and lying all around the room .AGM's and DGM's are totally out of tune with reality and do't even acknowledge the problem.
The SBI has reduced its manpower for handling pension but created a mess for all pensioners.
I will request you to give wide publicity to this advise all readers , Service HQ's , RBI and MoF the they should start advising all pensioners NOT to open pension accounts in SBI or do something meaningful.
Hoping for wide publicity.
Wg Cdr S P Mittal

Anonymous said...

I agree with Wg Cdr Shashi.Almost every other bank including the private banks have paid the PB4 arrears & some have already paid the 60% arrears as well but I have still not received PB4 arrears from SBI till date inspite of a written complaint.So one can imagine how many months SBI will take to credit 60% arrears.What can be done in this case?

OASIS said...

Dear Maj Navdeep
your blog is very informative and I have been a regular reader but probably first time I am raising a query.
sir from Jul06 Jul08 I was posted in Bhutan and the CDAO says There is no orders for the payment of arrears for that duration .If you could please help me and other officers affected like wise. Sir do you have any info regarding the same?
Maj Sanket