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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Released SS Officers may be recruited for a new contingency force in Mumbai


There are indications that released Short Service Commissioned Officers may be recruited in a new contingency force being raised for emergent situations by the State of Maharashtra. The force has been tentatively (and fancily) named ‘Force ONE’.

Ex-SS Officers of the military would most probably be recruited at ACP / Addl DCP levels through the public service commission.

Released officers who after leaving the army are missing their uniforms (as it usually happens- as they say, the grass is always greener… :-) ) may keep their eyes and ears open for a formal announcement soon. Such officers who miss their uniforms also have an option of joining as Territorial Army (TA) volunteers with full protection of their rank and seniority. The ‘Force ONE’ news more or less stands confirmed now since the same has today been reported in a section of the media too.



Anonymous said...

I think lot of watering will be required before the grass turns green. No one should take the cattle for granted.

Anonymous said...

I find a poem posted by somebody in an earlier post very relevant here. So I take the liberty to copy paste.

"Here is My Poem

Last night as I lay sleeping
I died .. or so it seemed,
Then I went to heaven
But only in my dream

Up there St Peter met me
Standing at the Pearly Gates,
He said, "I must check your record...
Please stand here and wait."

He turned and said "Your record
Is covered with terrible flaws,
On earth I see you rallied
For every losing cause."

I see that you drank alcohol,
smoked and partied too,
Fact is, you've done everything
A good person should never do.

We can't have people like you up here...
Throughout your life all you did was hear,
You carried out orders without pausing to think...
You never asked for instructions in ink.

Then he read the last of my record
Took my hand and said, "Come in."

You stood in isolated places and shivered alone
You left your kith, kin, hearth and home
You come from an unresponsive, ungrateful nation
You were denied your rights by every Pay Commission

He led me up to the Chief of Heaven ...
"Take him in and treat him well",
He has served in the Indian Military ...
He's done his time in hell."

I dont think anybody would love a second chance in hell.

Anonymous said...


You'll be surprised there may be no dearth of suckers to take it up ...!!!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely Rubbish, let them take the Goons of Raj Thakare's party and Siv Sena

Anonymous said...

is there nobody else in this country except fauji for such task. if not than why govt is not giving them their dues?

Anonymous said...

Jo kaam karta hai usse' kaam milta hai, jo aish karta hai usse' tankha milta hai !!!

Don't fall for this one,SSC guys. MNC are still hiring I'm sure.

Anonymous said...

Good at last fauzi ko bhi policewala banke uupaar ko paisa khane ko milega

Anonymous said...

It is much better to go and Serve TATA or be in some bank as security incharge / Guard rather than being a second grade ACP under an IPS jack ass.

Serving in the Army under IAS bosses is System failure and thrust upon. But being part of Army provides at least some psychological defence....

Anonymous said...

Things are not as straight as interpretted. The peculiar wording appears to be a jugglury of bureaucrates to fit in Lt Col (Selection) and Lt Col (TS) in one band without mentioning it. It is difficult to forecast their vision. The whole episode arose only due to the orders implying that 'all old pay scale-24 and above except defence personnel in pay scale -25 will be in PB-4'. We should not forget that earlier also Lt Col (TS) was not in pay scale-25, rather they were below pay band-24. The entire problem arose due to ceasation of the rank Lt Col (Selection) and the bureaucrate's inability to grasp the intricacies.

Anonymous said...

I heard that a new pay scale has been introduced for MNS oficers in negation to Special Gazatte notification as per 6PC. Is it true? Can the GOI order once accorded can be revised down wards? Whats the logic? Can anyone throw light on it?