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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Transport Allowance, LTC etc


Before I’m flooded with more emails :-) Here are three letters issued yesterday on the subject of LTC and Transport Allowance.

My schedule does not allow me to respond to individual queries on such issues through email hence you may post your questions as comments on this post which can be replied to by a cross-section of readers, a method which also leads to a quality addition to the knowledge base of all of us.

Authority for the newly introduced Transport Allowance

Letter on LTC

Letter on travel on LTC to North Eastern Regions

It was said by someone somewhere that govt employees can only avail the newly introduced LTC-80 scheme fares by IA and AI. That may not be the case. People should be free to avail any fare lower than the ones provided in the LTC-80 scheme subject to govt guidelines. In another welcome move, as also reported before, the central govt has removed campus/distance restriction for claiming transport allowance. The said allowance is Rs 3200, 1600, 600 for Officers, JCOs and OR respectively in A/A-1 cities and 1600, 800 and 400 in other cities. DA is also admissible on Transport Allowance. Happy driving and Happy travelling !!!



Unknown said...

Hi Navdeep, There was some mention in the chat box of some fare restriction vis a vis LTC 80 of Indian Air Lines. Do you have some input.Can you clarify this point ?

Anonymous said...

dear navdeep sir
i have been asking u queries regd three things
1 . abt the progress on four anomalies and wat r the riders my friends are talking abt
2 . abt the residential tele conn can u give the authority letter
3 . pls reply :)
capt vipin

Anonymous said...

Good , other people are getting this from 01 Sep 08 and have got it for last 3 months .
we the NO CLASS CITIZEN of INDIA are getting the notification on 16 Dec 08.
well done GOI .
u r far ahead of Mr Antulay in Heping PAK .
May ur (GOI) tribe grow and help in faster dismantling of Defence services (only Saviour of the nation.
Will any body ask the reason why we r the last to get this order

Unknown said...

Dear Sir,
I am a Hav in army. My grade pay is 2800/- but I am drawing pay in pay band of Rs 8200/-. Kindly tell me abour my transport allce either it will be Rs 800+DA or 400+DA


Anonymous said...

IMP for LTC.
as per Govt order dt 08 Dec 08, there is restrictiin on the ammount of money to be renibursed on LTC.
Please do not misunderstand that IA full rates are there.
The rates are as per the flight fare given out by Govt it is akin to cheap fare.
please ask Indian airlines to tell you the rate from one pont to other AS PER LTC FARE. as on the ticket it is endorsed that it is LTC tkt.
or better still there are large number of pvt operators who are giving the LTC package including travel/accomodation/local veh.
tehy give vouchers which may be accepted by CDA but just spk to cda first).

Anonymous said...

As per GOI letter dt 4 Dec 08 LTC-80 is effective wef 01 Dec 08.

As per this letter total fare on all sectors are given. one will be reinbursed only this fare. eg:-
1. Delhi -Bombay Rs 6225//-
2. Delhi-Gauwahti Rs 6625/-
3. Delhi-Jammu Rs 3275/-
4. Delhi-srinagar Rs 4075/-
5. Jammu- Bombay Rs 5400/-
6. Jammu -Calcutta Rs 6310/-
so look before you fly.

An advice visit Port blair (A&N island) on LTC as the flight is from Madras/ calcutta and you are permitted to go by steamer whose rate is abt Rs 5850/- and the complete ship rate is permitted (as it it is not connected by rail) and the air fair is(LTC)
Calcutta - Port blair Rs 7205/-
Madras -port blair Rs 6425/-

and all those going to A&N Island on LTC should take the destination of Havlok Island and not Port Blair, as from Port Blair Shipping Corporation ship (of GOI) plys whose ticket of Rs 250 per person one way, is fully reinbursed by CDA. even if u go and come back from Havlok Island teh same evening.

shribhagwan said...

sir, i am ex artificer.sir i am invalided out from navy.my pension not revised yet. sir please email if any notification on this matter. my email address is shribhagwan_aee@rediffmail.com.
with regards

Anonymous said...

@ jat
800 + DA

Anonymous said...

you will get 1600 in A1/A cities and 800 in other places. This is irrespective of your staying in a campus housing office even within 1 km distance.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

There are credible whispers in the corridor about why the three top officers of Bomaby ATS got shot in such a way. Connected with that is why very high placed ministers like Antuley are up in Arms on the issue.

The grapevine has it that Karakre and two other Cops were Daud men. When the firing stated at CST and in Taj karkare rang up Daud and asked him to stop that. The three cops were then told to to go towards Kama hospital where two men would have surrendered to them and other place firing would also be stopped. Then the two terrorists with their local ID and red strings on their hands would be arrested by ATS and proved and tried as Hindu terrorists. However, when the three top Cops reached the spot, instead of surrendering, Ajmal Kasab emerged out of the bush and shot dead all.

Antuley and many other Muslim leaders. Malegaon investigations all are links of the same chain. The IB perhaps had known it and even warned the Govt but the ruling Party encourged the Hindu Terror game.

Dawood played bigger game as even after so many narco tests, Karkare was not able to get any thing from Sadhvi. Before the Dawwod connection could be known Karkare and two other Dawood men were removed during Bombay attack. The terrorists had Hindu IDs and were dressed like Hindus to give it Hindu Terror look.

Dawood played a big game which is being carried forward by Antulley fully knowing Dawood game.

Anonymous said...

Lalu, Antulley and evry one is rightly asking who sent karkare towards Kam hopsital and why???

Very valid and rightful questions...Is not it??. Nariman house, Taj, Trident and CST wee under attack not Kama???

The answer is Dawood sent them to kill / apprehend two terrorists ( inclusing Ajmal kasab)... the three top cops went there to apprehend the two terrorists with the Hope Dawwod bhai would have told those guys to surrender..

In the process they surrendered their lives....as planned and wnated by Dawood Bhai...and ISI.

Check all calls of Karkare...one will find all records...but that is not possible due to Purohit and Sadhvi cases..

Congress will be torn apart by the people....

Anonymous said...

well, the driver had a different version- that they were on their way to see another cop- Date - who was admitted in cama hospital. his account told of their so called bravery!!!

Anonymous said...

Well that was No time for ATSChief to visit the hospital when hundreds were being butchered...

Another pertinent question...??

Why were Azmal Qasab and another terrorists there...??? Why had they laid an ambush and for whom...???

They had not come to Bombay to lay ambush...did they...??

Why were all three top ATS cops going together to Kam Hospital...??

If not directed by Dawood...where to go to to apprehend the two Dawood men..??

It is also not coincidence that China is the only Country where the official newspaper says Bombay attack was mounted by the Hindu Terrorists..?? They Published the IAS feed back or the story to be told without knowing lots of changes had occurred in the original scheme of things...???

How come Russia has confirmed Dawood hand...??

Anonymous said...

Another very simple question...

It is well known that Ajmal Qasab after shooting the three top cops had phoned his maters in Lahore and Karachi that he has got the Bonus (meaning that he has been able to kill top three ATS Commissioners etc). That was intercepted...

Now Can any one tell me how Ajmal Qasab knew who were in the Qualis..??

Why did he stop only that car and killed all..??

Unless he was told that who is coming their way ..and what he has to do..??

Why is it that only Arab Country shreholder channels in India are projecting the three Police officers day in and day out...out of proportion....Maj Uni is pushed in the background...??

Has to be larger game.....Such matching evidences can not be co- incidentals...

This does not amount to making prejudicial expressions....please

Anonymous said...

well another side of the story and some more evidences why terrorist organizations were annoyed with Hemant Karkare for turning against them at certain stage:


My God the story is mind boggling...

joe said...

does anybody know whether air travel has been permitted for all offrs on td..thought the cpc norms permitted that

Anonymous said...

does anyone know about air travel during td for majors...

Unknown said...

Respected sir,
I, YG Rao, EX LSTD,from Port Blair and I was retired from Indian Navy on 31st Jan 2006. I didn't get any arrears and new pension . My old Basic pay was 3970/- what was my new pension and arrears.

Thankyou sir,

Email: srcode529@rediffmail.com

Anonymous said...

Has there been any notification for Armed forces regarding Travelling allowance according to 6th CPC ? If so , can anyone give me the link ?

Anonymous said...

whats the latest on the pay & allowances of MNS officers. Non of them (serving as well as retired) is getting the enhanced pay as per 6PC. can anybody highlight the reasons? There is unreasonable opposition to their being paid well , may be amongst the AFMS men folks due gender biasness!!why this anti feelings?

BIKRAM said...

Dear Sir, One of the recommendation of 6Th CPC was travelling by air during LTC for Majors and above. Could you please give some input in this regards as to the same has been approved by GoI.


Unknown said...

Hi Navdeep,
I would like to know about leave encashment which has been linked to LTC. Following basic questions:
- Whether it is admissible for availing LTC in a particular year or for not availing it?
- While availing LTC can an offr and family travel by different modes of tpt.
- How long can the travel on LTC be??


Anonymous said...

hello dere,
i'm capt rahul. i'm posted in kashmir. my hometown is lucknow. i'm getting married in dec dis yr and planning to visit goa with my wife. can i undertake dis journey while availing ltc for both of us?

Anonymous said...

LTC 80 Fares

I am Lt Cdr Manish Kumar Rai serving at Kochi. This is regarding LTC 80 fares.

The LTC 80 fares that the Air India has published gets updated on a 12 - 18
month basis. However, when I went to buy a air ticket from Air India Office
itself, I was given a ticket with higher cost and an "LTC 90" endorsement on
it, saying that the LTC 80 is a dynamic fare which changes on a day to day
basis, and this was the minimum on the particular sector.

Later on when I claimed the same amount, I was disbursed only the published
amount by the CDA quoting the Published fare.

Since I traveled from Kochi - Delhi - Varanasi and back with my family (4
members) I ended up spending 16 thousand Rs from my pocket... (so much for
free travel to hometown once a year).

Now, is there a method to raise this issue and get a clarification and either
of the two options can be formalised: -

(a) Air India publishes the fare and sticks to it till the time a new fare is
published and sent across to the government auditors.


(b) CDA excepts tickets with LTC 80 endorsements by Air India as valid
options and refunds us the money.

Thanx in advance and regards

Manish Rai