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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Pay Band-4 confirmed. Lt Cols to be placed senior to Dy Secys to Govt of India but junior to Directors Govt of India

Well folks.

My inputs suggest that Pay Band-4 (Rs 37400 - 67000) is finally through albeit with a Grade Pay of Rs 8000. All Lt Cols at 13 years of service are to be upgraded to PB-4.

Lt Cols, Wg Cdrs (IAF) and Cdrs (IN) have been placed higher than the grade of Deputy Secy to Govt of India (erstwhile Rs 12000-16500 scale / now Pay Band-3 with Grade Pay Rs 7600) but lower than Directors to Govt of India (Pay Band-4 with Grade Pay Rs 8700).

The minimum pension of Lt Cols who retired prior to 2006 is however likely to be jacked up above Directors GoI.

The basic minimum pension of pre-6th CPC retirees of the rank of Lt Col is expected to be Rs 25700. Basic pension of pre-6th CPC Directors (GoI) is Rs 23050.

Again, I still would suggest readers to take the above with a pinch of salt till the final official announcement.


Anonymous said...

Are we accepting it? We thought it was fight for status? Any change in grade pay of Cols and Brigs ?

Anonymous said...

what about armed forces doctors and thier demands.

Anonymous said...

well friends, this seems it.
we have been had once again. cheers and drown in yr sorrows by a few extra pegs tonight.

Anonymous said...

In AMC are we acting on it or not?

Anonymous said...

Whole issue was fought for PARITY AND IJJAT. Please wait keep fighting we will get our dues. No half measures should be accepted.

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep,

Could you clarify whether incorrect fixation of pay for cols and brigs from S 24 scale instead of S 25 scale has been addressed now or not?

Anonymous said...

Now the fight for Defence Doctors starts:

Harry said...

@ All Service Bro

This should NOT repeat NOT be acceptable !! 93 batch IPS officers have already been empanelled as DIGs, which means they have become "equal" to Brigs with 28+1.5 years service. this is a cruel joke on us! Lets NOT budge from our stand we want FULL PARITY with AIS Cadre and NOTHING repeat NOTHING else would do !!

Anonymous said...

This is all rubbish!

LtCols should be, with service limits placed at NFSG at least at par with Directors. If the IAS can reach director rank in 13 minus 2 years training = 11 years of service, then there can be no excuse for this sort of vapidity. Cols should correctly be placed in GP 10000, and Brigs in GP 11000. Maj Gens in HAG+ and Lt Gens in Secys grade.

Service HQ need to get their act together and put their foot down!

Anonymous said...

What Cock!
What have the Chiefs have to say to this travesty?
Are they alive or stand bought up?
This govt doesn't listen to reason - it's members ought to be hung from Raisana hill. And , that is the only way we will preserve our honour.

Anonymous said...

The service headquarters, it seems has been consulted before this letter has been taken out and they seem inclined to accept it. Its upto the Lt Cols/eqvts to do the fight.

Anonymous said...

If this is accepted then we should quit fauj. when the whole issue taken up was for parity then why this half measure

Anonymous said...

Yes, put up papers. Start with anonymous. But just think whether u will you get even half the pay what u have been given?

Anonymous said...

You need not worry IAS. I left prematurely as Commander(IN) and
draw hefty salary+ perks un imaginable while in services.
Leaving services is difficult but not getting job out side.
Please don't forget many of us are bright Engineers and rank holders from IIT/NIT/BITS where as IAS/IFS are just graduates who could not get into Engineering or get through SSB.

Just give a chance to leave Services and see !
- Commander (Managing a IT Co now)

Anonymous said...

You must have got superceded and rejected by Navy for future promotions.

Anonymous said...

thats the problem with u IAS that there is nothing like superdeded in IAS. I hope something like superceded is put in framework of your service. Then u will be the first one to be superceded. you all are timescaled offrs
where is the selection grade IAS?

Anonymous said...

IAS guy, you are really frusto and it actually shows. just take a chill pill, drown yourself in lots of cheap arrack and have a happy new year.

Anonymous said...

I wish it is another selective leak to gauge the armed forces reaction. Had it not been for parity / ijjat the issue would have been resolved long back. All my fellow brothers dont get disheartened. Light is at the end of tunnel.

Anonymous said...

Not Superseeded. Worked at Indian Embassy along with IFS, IAS and IPS and seen from very near how intelligent(pun intended) and manipulative these services are.

Going by your theory if rejected and superseeded Service Ofiicers are doing better just imagine how the best Officer would be performing.

Just show any servrice which gets so many promotions without any courses or exams and based on only ACRs !

- Commander

Anonymous said...


relax! IAS would not write like this. Some fake for sure. Most of the IAS guys (cream of this poor country) are IITians and had been toppers in JEE of their time.Show some maturity.

Best wishes and a very happy new year.

A well wisher

Anonymous said...

Dear IAS,
I think u need to consider that the promotional structure is unfair in armed forces. This is b'coz it has never involved itself in politics. See our neighbouring country.

Further you will agree that Civilian Conduct Rules are applicable to you which is nowhere near the stringent Army/AF/Navy Acts. It thus means that the work of armed forces is more difficult. It is b'coz of this that 80% of officers in armed forces are forced to retire at 54 years of age.

Considering the above shouldn't you be more careful in expressing yourself?? I hope you will ponder over it.

Best wishes

Anonymous said...

Pl change and mend your ways or else the day is not far when you all shall be brutally shown your F****** aukat by the fauj.It will be very easy for Indian fauj to become copy of our neighbourhood fauj.So keep eating the money of this country BUT KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep and all armed forces brothers

Wish you all a very Happy New Year and all the good news in 2009.

Anonymous said...

I am horrified to read most of hate stuff posted here. Are we not capable of giving mature and balanced comments?

Anonymous said...

we must reject these alms and stand up to our main issue - PARITY.

Anonymous said...

Forget guys like IAS. The country has chosen the FAUJ over celebrities too. Wish all - HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Unknown said...

Grade pay also fixed at 8700...Confirmed

Anonymous said...

sir, is the info on grade pay true. if yes, check source please.

Anonymous said...

dear sirs, (serving & retd.) wish u a very happy & prosperous new year.

IndianACE said...

It is often stated that those who ignore history are compelled to repeat it,

Let me recollect for you what brought about the demise of the Mughal Empire- It was when their warriors became jobbers and 'izzat' became a hypothetical word laughed at by the courtiers of the Delhi fort.

This was the difference between the armies of Nadir Shah of Persia and our Mohammad Shah 'Rangeela' in 1739 when the Indian empire was routed inside a single day.

The above follows a seminal historical research (William Irvine- The Later Mughals,Vol -II- MC.Sircar & Sons-1922) The Indian empire had the larger army but the emperor was misled throughout by his ministers and the wholetime civil servants of Delhi. Finally he had no army loyal to himself and was left dependent on his ministers who had their own agendas.

Kohli - What you are doing is converting a whole generation of warriors into jobbers-
We had offered to forego part of our MSP, so that no one accuses us to be after money.

Beware , Your folly may compel the future historian to judge you as another 'Rangeela'.

And those countrymen gloating in the new-found economic prosperity- Just remember- The Shah took everything in ransom.

The State Secretary's figures are of the highest authority :
Gold and silver plate and cash ... ... 30 krors
Jewels ... ... ... ... 25 ,,
The Peacock Throne and nine other thrones, also several weapons and utensils all garnished with precious stones ... 9 ,,
Rich manufactures ... ... ... 2 ,,
Cannon, stores, furniture ... 4 ,,
Total ... ... 70 krors
In addition to these, 300 elephants, 10,000 horses and the
same number of camels were taken away.

Should I also mention that after Mohammad Shah Rangeela died in 1748, the next emperor, Ahmed Shah, was blinded and deposed by his own chief minister and his successor, Alamgir II, was used and then murdered by the same minister.


IndianACE said...

And ah Yes,

Happy new year to ALL

Raghubir said...

Major Navdeep Singh,

You have been doing great service to the services & the retired people by your incisive,factual & compact writings which all read with great care.

There are large number of issues confronting us -like mass cheating a la Dhanapalan anomaly, OROP, OOP, masquerades in army type rank badges etc where legal action could be the only way out. Can you show us the way?

Great Victory over PB-4 for Lt Cols. Bit it has left lot of bitterness & chasm which would be difficult to bridge.

Happy New Year

Air Cmde Raghubir Singh (Retd)

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
Thanx for the wonderful job you are doing...will be obliged if you could clarify the pension with PB 4applicable for a retired Lt Col of the medical branch(pre 2006 retiree)...would it also take the NPA in to account? your reply will be beneficial to a number of retired doctors like me. Thanx again and a happy new year.
Wg Cdr prem, Retd

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year 2009 to all !

Hv a Gr8 Yr !

Anonymous said...

..."But this increase is only applicable to Lt Cols serving in combat roles in the Indian Army and not those who are on deputation to other services or arms of government"...http://www.indianexpress.com/news/lt-cols-get-a-new-year-gift/405242/

Anonymous said...

Why is the country giving us this kind of stepmotherly treatment.we asked only for existing parity to be maintained not more.

The Armed Forces definitely deserve better.

Please take all my MSP and give me parity any day.Its quite obvious now that money was never an issue with the Armed Forces,only existing status was.

Oddly the Babudom & political class doesnot give a damn about the country or the AF.

But we shouldnot give in, continue our struggle through all means.

Anonymous said...

So officers to MES may not get this benefit. We should not accept and reject it straight away.

Kots said...

Lt Cols get a New Year gift
Indian Express

The figure of 12K Lt Cols is confusing and is a matter of choice for Lt Cols to go or not on posting to Deputation? Do they have a rite of excercising the option of accepting or rejecting the posting on Deputation?

Only wish that the fog clears and good sense prevails. It should not create a disparity in the org between the offrs holding same rank where some get while rest are declared lesser mortals.

Kots said...

Happy New Yr to all readers!!

May all your wishes come true!!

Anonymous said...

The new clauses introduces further anomaly and confusion and seems to reek of the subversion that our esteemed friends in civvy streets seem to have eked out every time....Its time the services stood steadfast and rejected this piecemeal and selective discrimination. History is replete with facts when a nation was wiped out or disintegrated when its armed forces were not given their due-Does India wants to go down that path of subjugation again!!!!!!!!Unfortunately most politicians who are in the corridors of power have a vision that does not stretch beyond their noses - so what else can u expect from them. I do hope the three Chiefs will stick together on this. Its existent parity or nothing. If the nation needs a competent armed force it better learn to respect them and pay them as they pay others in responsible positions.