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Sunday, December 21, 2008

Old Wine, New Bottle, New Brand

Readers of this blog would be glad to know that this blog is now on a new, simpler, better and easier address www.indianmilitary.info

Of course, the old address http://www.indianmilitarybenefits.blogspot.com/ would remain operational and valid till eternity and would also lead and get re-directed to the new one. In case of any teething technical glitch in reaching the new address, please visit the old domain name.

I would also like to inform that this blog would retain its original interactive format and would not be converted into a regular website notwithstanding its new domain name. I have tinkered a bit with the layout though – added a 3 column template for reducing clutter, added an auto-refreshing chat box and a new link list. Visitors can decide whether they want the earlier (faster) non-auto-refreshing c-box or the new auto-refreshing chat box.

Any other suggestions regarding the layout are welcome and would be appreciated. Use the comments tab of this post for the same. Any ideas for adding new widgets or features on the blog or for removal of existing ones are also welcome. Decision could be taken by a consensus.

Thanks for your time. Happy browsing.



Dear Navdeep,
Thank you very much for the yeomans service that you are providing to the entire services community. Though the wine is old the new bottle seems to be quite attractive and the new chat box is good. Try and put a section on the blog only for new policy letters(may be just hyperlinks) so that any policy can be glanced at a glance(Eg LTC, HRA, TA etc. see if you can incorporate it. I am a regular follower of your blog and remain updated daily. Thanks once again and wishing all the members on the blog a Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 2009. Hope the new year would bring in smile on many a face in the services.
Wg Cdr Julian

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
Your new setting seems neater and more user friendly.You are the only link to govt policies/decisions for those not in reg army fmns. A wonderful and thankless job. I convey my sincere thanks to you on behalf of many of us.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

Good suggestion.
I have a better idea, I'll create a new label called 'policies and benefits' which you can directly click for such stuff. What do you say ??

Well not at all thankless if you ask me. But I sometimes feel handicapped that I can't live up to the expectations of all because of the demanding nature of my profession which does not provide me ample time for blogging.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep
Thanks and Congratulations for the new and rejigged all new look.
Here are couple of suggestions if possible for implementation.
1) At the end of posts in the chat window the # should be replaced by "On" of "Off" to indicate "Online" or "Offline", so that one does not have to wait for reply from others who go offline in between Chats.
2) At the bottom centre if along with "Previous" and "Next" if we can get 1,2,3,.. also as Links to pages of previous chats that would be fine.
Rest all is Best

Anonymous said...

The'Previous/Next'tab should also appear at the top of the chat box..that will prevent us from going back to the bottom of the box every time we want to refer the previous pages..

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep
There is some problem with the Number of Chat entries per Hour it is not taking more than 60, on page Refreshing it came once but not after that

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

1. Congrats on the makeover.

2. You are slowly getting into the shoes of the incomparable "Swamy - of handbook fame", for the defence personnel.



Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Navdeep. The 'new look' looks good. Now if only we can get more fauji-bhai's to log on. I'm surprised many do not have an idea about this blog that has gained quite a following. Hey, guys do spread the word around.

Thanks again Navdeep for taking this on!

Anonymous said...

Let it be War or No war
Demand hon Chhai ya Char
Nahin maanegi ye Sarkaar
IAS Bubuon ki hai Bharmaar
Vote Dilate IPS Thanedaar
Fauzion ko paregi bahut Maar
Andar kar degi Sarkaar
Narco test honge do Chaar
Charges lagenge barambaar

Fauzies are downgraded after every war
dead braves sent home to cremated
Surviving ones shown doors aajar
Useless loyals are given more stars
This is history of this Sarkaar
This is is story of this Sarkaar

Let there be No War
Let there be No war

Tumhari magen ho do ya Char
Nahin maanaga Nathon ka Pariwar
Nahin Sochegi ye Sarkaar
Nahin Manegi Nathon ki Sarkaar

rooy said...

A change for the better. Good show Navdeep.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
is there some tech prob in chat box?

IndianACE said...

Excellent new looks. Congratulations.
Hope to see more activity and positive outcomes.


Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
Need for a Retirement Benefits Advisory Service
The Need –
1. Thousands retire every year from Defence Forces. And there are many like me who are never 100 % sure of having got the Pension (PPO) award as correctly applicable
2. The agony would repeat every pay commission time, and later for the family when the need arises to have the family pension fixed.
3. The same also could be the case with retirement benefits when retiring.
4. Similar need is also there with the war widows & widows of retired soldiers, for getting all applicable pensionary & death benefits. Need may be particularly phenomenal in case of PBORs
The Suggestion –
1. With your knowledge of Military Benefits, it would surely be a yeomen service if you could start a “Retirement Benefits Advisory Service” for retired / retiring defence community - of verifying that, they have got all the benefits they rightfully deserve.
2. Of course this work will just not be possible for you to handle alone. So here is the suggestion – How about having it as a paid service. You could create and train a team for same, under the ambit of your law practice.
3. This would be of a great help for the retired community who lack any kind of support as they age, and particularly for the widows of both serving & retired soldiers
Anyone to second my suggestion?
Of course otherwise also you are doing a great service

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep
We in the Forces don't work to make our ends meet but the driving force is the pat on the back. I m sure that u might consider urself helpless at times n few think ur job to be thankless but take it from me, u kept helping this fraternity much before this blog came up and its just that u gave us an opportunity to get rid of our dept to u and pat u on ur back thru this blog..Thanks for ur services once again...


Anonymous said...

info@tata.com, sarita.hegderoy@tajhotels.com, rakhee.lalvani@tajhotels.com

For Kind Attention of Mr Rattan Tata

Dear Sir,

Congratulation on reopening of Taj. I wish you could have invited one of the NSG / MARCOS personnel who took part in the operations.


Anonymous said...

If anyone tell about the arrears on X group pay (Rs, 1400/- pm) for the X group pers

Anonymous said...

Thanks major Navdeep. but where is my favorite chat box?

Anonymous said...

Previous chat messages should be accessible. Earlier i was able to go through even the previous days complete chatterings. Right now this facility is not available. This can be improved. Any way great job. Congratulations to u Maj Navdeep

Anonymous said...

maj navdeep.
what dont you ask for RTI to President.prime minister,defence minister including chiefs about the responsibility of creating confusions on pay band issues,demand resignation on failing to lead and not looking after the veterans.

Anonymous said...

Dear navdeep,
Could u please throw some light on auth of residential tele and also whether claim can be fwd for cost of residential tele to CDA and auth for the same?

Anonymous said...

Everything is better-the looks ,layout and the links but the chat box is a big disappointment.The restriction of 60 shouts per hour is irritating and some jokers shout so often that this limit will be reached in 15 minutes..you need to revert back else the clientele of your blog will reduce drastically.Lastly,thanks for everything!!!

jaya said...

Here is a true account from an officer commanding a regiment

From IS Gill CO 22 Field Regt-------- --------- -

1. I had an officer in my unit who was very good, tough and commando type. Capt AK Singh (2003 seniority). He wanted to go to NSG. Becoz of his strong desire, we relented and the offr was deputed to 51 SAG in NSG early this yr.

2. On 27 Nov, he was one of those sent to Mumbai for dealing with the terrorists. Launched straight into ops in the Oberoi Hotel, he est contact with one of the terrorists on the 18th floor at 1800 hr that day. Since the terrorist was holed up inside a room, they blasted the door open. However before they could throw a grenade inside, the terrorist threw a grenade outside. The grenade burst right in front of the offr and with splinter injuries all over, he fell unconscious. He was the only offr to be injured in the complete op (other than Unnikrishnan - who is no more).

3. He was operated upon in a hospital in Mumbai and all splinters removed from his body -- less one. That splinter had pierced the left eye and destroyed it completely. It cannot even be replaced with a donor eye. No news, no media coverage, not even a mention in the press statements.

4. The offr is now alone, in 'Bombay Hospital' with the left eye still bleeding and the NSG people have all gone back to Delhi. He does not know how he will be treated further or what will happen to him. He is crying "Save my eye! I want to continue to serve in army". There is nobody from the NSG to console him. His parents don't know who to turn to for help. The CO of the Bn, an army offr, mind you, has not met him or even spoken to him till 01 Dec. When the matter was brought to the notice of the Adjutant of the Bn, he called up the offr and started off not by asking him how he is but "do not give any interview or statement to anyone".

5. Ridiculous! If this can happen to an offr, what must be happening to men. If this can happen to those who were hailed by the nation as heroes, what must be happening to others. Whatever the intention may be, downplay casualty or whatever, is this the way NSG treats its people. Like Cannon fodder.

6. Fortunately, my regt is loc close to Mumbai and I have mobilised my regt to help him. After all, He is MY OFFR of the Great Indian Army. The Unfortunate part is I can't save his eye and I can't get him any official recognition. Your advice/ guidance is this respect is solicited, w/o harming the offr's relation with his bosses in NSG.

7. Also tell your offrs. Be a leader, lead from the front, have initiative, be courageous and bold but don't get injured. DIE INSTEAD!! Becoz if you survive, you will die a thousand death every day.


IS Gill

Commanding 22 Fd Regt

Anonymous said...

dear maj navdeep,
thank you so much for the terrific job you are doing.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
If you are NDA type , we are with you to be giver higher or equal status. But if you are average student coming through SSB or SL commission or BC commission in Airforce etc is not at all acceptable. How an average students of yester year who could not get job due to their average studies could be equal to studious one. If you are really from NDA we will help you. See you all IC commission hate tourself to equate with SL commisssion officers, deprive them from commanding yourself(ICs). Please look into yourself - are they less competent than you? Never? How can you do unjustice to SL or BC commission officer. When studious and non studious are being equated then why IC and Non IC officers be equated.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Your cause of concern for intelligent IC officers from NDA is genuine but equating all Lt Col with civilian directors is not appropriate & acceptable. See at 10+2 stage, very few patriotic aspirants go for NDA. They should be given equal or better status than directors but who joined fauj after failure in all other competitive exams due to they poor academic records can never be equated with those who have come through tough competitive exams. Govt have given you free ration(not given to civilian), Govt has given you MSP (not given to civilian), Govt has insured you for 30 lakhs( civilian officers for 1 lakh only), Govt has given you lot many things which civilians officers are deprived of.I have seen all the three services and had very good friends from all ranks. About 80% I don't think doing their dutues properly. Just busy in their share market, killing the time etc. Fauj is running with 20% genuine officers . I ays salute them every moment. They should be given higher status but not greedy fauji officers who have joined fauj for the sake of roti, kapada and makan. If you all are really joined due to patriotic ferver, please ask govt to withdraw your free ration, extra insurance,other facilities, MSP and then you ask higher ranks than IAS etc. All will be given. But Most of you have joined fauj for roti, kapada and makan, free ration etc and not for patriotic reasons.

Genuine officers and jawans are always respected and saluted.Always considered as real life time hero.

First correct your officers not to indulge in many corruption involving from ASC supply depot, Ordenance depot, Signals, EME, all Work Shops, Engineer Regiments, AD Regiments, Military forms, you can count a number of top level corruption involved by greedy defence officers and jawans.

Your Engineer Regiments officers going to GREFF, Border Roads, Assam Rifles are looting this country.They talk honesty but dishonest in nature.

Naval Engineer officers, Logistic Officers, Training establishments are all indulge in looting the tax paid money of country men.

Arms and ammunition purchases were always a source of corruption from defence officers.

Claiming false claims on posting transfer by all officers are corruption.Misuses in the name of seniors visit are all seen by me.

Huge LPs and fake job orders by COs & 2ICs are well known. Selling of diesel from vehicle etc are well known.Cutting of trees from defence land and selling them outside and sending to your house under construction is well known.

Govt gives you cheap rate house in very good cities (which civilians don't get) but you do business by selling it at higher price including black money. Is it your patriotism? The day most of you join you are busy in creating house and multiplying your money as a small builder not as a soldier.

What should I say about your top brass - they use MES as their servants. Always do theft of electricity and hardly pay 10% of tarrif. Use MES and your regiment fund to decorate their private houses.Is it patriotism?

GOC, FOC and AOC are sold for monetary helps from MES and your own regiments. Other junior officers are also follow their seniors.Is it patriotism?

Three cheers for your such patriotic works. Still I do believe there are 20% genuine patriotic fauji officers and jawans. I have full respect and every moment salute to them.

Jai hind to them.Got will be kind enough to shower his blessing to them.

I take this forum to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Try to be patriotic than being a businessman or bastard politicians.Don't divide the society as bloody civilian and military. Your parents, your own relatives, friends can also be bloody civilian.

Think over it and be true patritic first.

I am always watching your acts for the last 20 years. Very good friends from all the three services. Some are patriotic and some are just joined fauj for mauj masti as they could not get service else where.

Anonymous said...

@ Anonymous 8.42 am 24 Dec 08

My dear friend i think u r not well informed.

A bit of additional perks such as free ration, MSP etc. can not compensate for early retirement (54 yrs), very low promotional prospects, hardships, remote area posting, non family station , 24 x 7 work conditions, not able to visit and help children/ parents/ relatives/ friends etc.

There are many more problems and every thing can not be written/explained. If u think rationally, logically and unbiased, it may not be very difficult for u to understand and appreciate.

Some where u have mentioned that he is a small builder type. How is it possible? He can not even possibly construct a house for himself due to frequen transfer and disturbances. U thinking of him becoming a small builder! Even the house he constructs after availing all loans, he cant even rent/look after it due to frequent movements from one corner of the country to another corner.

You are directly questioning the integrity and honesty of armed forces officers.It appears to me that u have been poisioned by some anti nationals.

If u cant give him promotion, salary, status,Izzat, money etc., at least I request u to allow him to gracefully and hounourably fade away or proudly die for the country at a much younger age.

Best wishes and Merry Christmas

A well wisher

Anonymous said...

Ky dear friend,
I am not least informed about the corrupt defence officers. You have not answered to many of my question raised about your dishonesty. You misused AFFWA, AWWA and NWWA. You earned through CSD canteen. Who sells defence liquor in black markets? Who misused funds in MH? If you will be given a chance, you will sell the defence informations to enemy for useless money.
Is is your patriotism? Are you not bargaining with govenment machinaries? You all are united because you all have forgotten old patriotism and disciplined life. You all are in the game for extracting money for which most of you are unfit.

Anonymous said...

Annony 01 jan 09 1.56 pm

Remember following

Dusaro ke pap ginane se aapne kam nahi ho jate.

Samay se pahale aur bhagya se jyada kissi ko kuchh nahi milta.

Mera bhi number aayega.

Enjoy New Year with friends/relatives and children.