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Monday, January 19, 2009

Same dope again ?

I receive many mails on the oh so popular bureaucratic way of life. In the same vein, readers may like to go through this post on this blog which has received quite a few requests for re-publishing since the past two days : “Our officialdom – defenders of the absurd”

Also you may like to peruse this very nice (and long) write-up by Konstantin L Bannikov, a Russian anthropologist, titled “Regimented communities in civil life” on certain specific sociological aspects of military life (Courtesy pipss.org). Very true in the Indian context too.

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Anonymous said...

The cases mentioned in earlier post can be termed as "Jaw Dropping" to say the least. I feel it is not the lack of goodwill in case of Army HQ or for that matter any other force HQ, it is more to do with lack of continuity. Due to this lack of continuity, babu has the last laugh by using and twisting the information in a way he/she pleases.

The huge stockpile of information hidden in the form of notings in the files is never easily available to anyone looking to fight for rights. It becomes incumbent upon Forces to have a knowledge database of issues related with welfare where one can always expect treachery and one-upmanship from babus.

Anonymous said...

For Provision of Continuty at the services HQ, the AFHQSC was suposed to be an answer but unfortunately that Group B Allied Services cadre is hopeless, third rate and unprofessional cadre just passing their time in Delhi while staying in cheap accomodation in Hapur or Palval but claiming all allowances of Delhi including HRA. "Come Late and Go Early" types.

Can we learn someting out of it. In my humble openion, this cadre should be entirely manned by the Short Service Commission officers released after 7 yeras and 14 years of Service.

The COAS and the other Services Chiefs should not emebark upon increasing intake of SSC officers and opening up another Training Acedemy for SSC officers unless they find the Govt giving a suitable guarantee for settlement and retirement of released officers. With very vast opportunities opening up for Job market in India in coming yeras, a good graduate lad may prefer a BPO rather than join SSC with no future.

This should include reservation for released officers in all Class A and All India Services examinations, direct induction into CPOS and other govt deptts, at appropriate levels. If govt can reserve upto 50 percent of vacancies in the name of Social Justice, they can also reserve about 5 percent in the name of Defence, Safty and Security of India.

The AFHQCS should all be manned by relesed SS Officers at appropriate levels. The lower levels such as Sec officers and majority of clerks should be all ex servicemen and civilian misxtures.

One may find marked improvement in the quality of AFHQSC cadre which are intened to provide some stability and continuity.

Anonymous said...

MOD Meeting
The scheduled meeeting with Secretary Ex Servicemen Welfare Department and his staff took place on 14 Jan 2009. Gens Satbir, Parvesh Renjen and self attended from IESM. There was Maj TC Rao (Chairman, AICC Ex Servicemen Haryana Cell) and two other Colonels. The relevant points that emerged are given ensuingly:
• The govt is concerned that respectable people like the ESM have had to go on hunger strike.
• The principle of OROP (pension equality based on length of service and rank) was reiterated and was endorsed by all ESM present. The Secy said that he is now clear on what it is.
• We declined to give any figure on financial outlay, as we do not have access to data. Mrs Pannu (FADS) however mentioned that Finances are not an issue. This was a departure from the common perception and we thanked her for the clarification.
• On being asked whether in the history OROP was ever in existence, we expressed ignorance of history and clearly stated that even if it never existed, it must do so now. We drew attention to Madan Lal Khurana Committee, which had clearly stated that if there was no precenedent for OROP, it (precedent) must be created.
• We conveyed that the ESM were edgy and angry. The IESM as the unbrella has been exercising control but we do not know how long we can do it.
• It was conveyed that the ongoing protest might also affect the serving though we do not wish it so.
• On being repeatedly asked for the govt response that we could carry back to Jantar Mantar, the Secy merely said the govt is considering the issue. We then stated that this was no assurance and the ongoing fast would continue.
• The 11 Dec 2008 pension letter came up in discussion. After the usual efforts to defend it, they agreed to amend the instructions.

Positive step
As a first meeting, it was a positive step. The Secretary’s claim that the meeting was only at his own behest and not on directions of political leadership carried little conviction. We believe more meetings would follow.

Clarification/ present status
Some members have asked progress about Lt Cols being put in PB 4. The govt orders have been received in writing, including a suggestion that Lt Cols not be sent on deputation hereafter. The Army HQ have on 14 Jan 2009 reverted to govt and raised, inter alia, following observations:
Non-deputation of Lt Cols is unacceptable.
The Grade pay of LT Cols is raised from 8,000 to 8700 to maintain their status.
The non-combat posts need clarification as every officer is ever ready for combat.

The issue is likely to take time and there may not be a gift on 26 Jan 2009 as Col Janakiraman Reddy and others are hoping.

Next Major Rally
After consultation with some others, it has been decided to have the next Rally on Sunday, 8 Feb 2009 instead of 10 Feb 2009. We must put in our best in all corners of the country. Thousands must line the streets and show our strength in a peaceful manner.

Best regards,
Lt Gen (Emeritus) Raj Kadyan, PVSM, AVSM, VSM
Chairman IESM