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Sunday, January 18, 2009

AWES notifies admissions to various professional courses

The Army Welfare Education Society (AWES) has announced today the admissions to various professional institutes for kin of Army personnel. Admission notice for the following has been notified :

Army Institute of Education, Delhi

Army Institute of Higher Education, Pathankot

Army Centre of Education, Panchmari

Army College of Dental Sciences, Secunderabad

Army College of Nursing, Faridkot

Army Institute of Nursing, Guwahati

Army Institute of Hotel Management and Catering Technology, Bangalore

Army Institute of Technology, Pune

Army Institute of Fashion and Design, Bangalore

Army College of Medical Sciences, Delhi

Broad Eligibility Conditions :

Broadly speaking, wards of serving and retired army personnel released with any kind of pension are eligible. Even wards of army personnel who have put in atleast 10 years of service before obtaining release / discharge are eligible irrespective of whether an ‘ex-serviceman status’ or pension was earned or not. Wards of AMC/ADC officers serving with IAF / IN are also eligible provided the officer served with the Army for atleast 10 years. Wards of APS pensioners and APS personnel with minimum 10 years of service are also eligible. Wards of TA and MNS personnel are also eligible subject to a service eligibility of minimum 10 years (embodied service in case of TA).

Prospectuses are available from the respective institutions and also from HQ AWES in Delhi and all AWES Cells at Command HQs. Date of sale of prospectus is 28 Jan 09 and last date of receipt of application is 15 March 09. Details may be obtained from their website www.awes.nic.in


Anonymous said...

Doctors in Navy and Air Force are from AMC.Their promotion,selection for advanced courses,release etc are governed by AMC.Therefore wards of medical Officers of Navy and AF also should me made eligible for courses offered by AWES.

Anonymous said...

Not only wards of army and airforce medical officers, there should be some percentage of seats kept for wards for other army and navy officers also. army being a bigger organisation can run so many institutes which ofcourse navy and airforce cant. thats does not mean privilages available to children of navy and airforce personnel are less. they should not be treated as underprivilaged children. a serious thought which i am sure all must agree.

Anonymous said...

Army Welfare Education Society is is an Welfare and Education Society which is run from the Contribution made by all officers and PBOR of the Indian Army.

I am not an authority on the Subject but I believe, when Army approached the IN and IAF to Contribute to this Society in the like manner, they refused it and in turn insisted on running their own Societies.

That is why, I think, wards of IN and IAF personel, are not eligible. Only some wards of IN are eligible for AIT, Pune on reciprocal basis for some seats for the wards of Army Personnel in their Marchent Navy training School.

The sentiments and spirit expressed are valid. However,it must be appreciated that these institutes are a function of unaided and voluntary expenditure from memebrs contributions.

Wholistically, these could be run as combined institues if only the less strenth Services like IN and IAF fully contribute and do not inisit on equality of appointments and staff in these institues. Similarily, the number of vacancies per Service could be worked out on ratio basis.

Well, where there is good intention, wisdom and mutality of interest, rather than unjustified egos envolved, every thing is possible and for the good of all.

That will be a good idea provided MoD and Defence civilains do not shiffon off The CDA Canteen Profit and open another Sankriti School for the kids of IAS.

हर साख पे उल्लू बैठा है.....??

Anonymous said...

What is the implication of Corrigendum II dated 20 Jan 2009 for officers retiring with less than 33 years of service..