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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Changes in pension regime for pre and post-06 pensioners (and some other misc info of general importance)

Pensions of pre-06 retired Generals finally upgraded

As stated by me earlier on this blog on 14 Jan 2009, the govt has finally granted an additional fitment of Rs 3000 to the pensions of pre-06 retired Maj Generals and Lieut Generals (non-Army Commanders / Vice-Chiefs). The govt letter dated 20 Jan 2009 sanctioning the said change alongwith new pension tables (Annexure-II) can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here. The revised basic pensions are as follows :

Colonels : Rs 26,050

Brigadiers : Rs 26,150

Maj Generals : Rs 26,700

Lieut Generals : Rs 27,700

Lieut Generals who retired as Army Commanders or Vice-Chiefs are already placed @ Rs 40,000

Change in pension calculation regime for officers who retired between 01 Jan 2006 and 02 Sept 2008

Officers who retired within these dates shall also now have an option of selecting either a pension in accordance with their last drawn emoluments or average of last 10 months’ emoluments, whichever is more beneficial. The said new direction dated 20 Jan 2009 is available for viewing and download here.

Free Insurance for BSNL subscribers

BSNL has started providing free insurance to all its subscribers, you can know more by clicking here. Thanks to Cdr Vaid for sending this in.

Rare feat by Col Baranwal, a regular visitor of this blog presently on a UN Mission

Lt Col V K Baranwal of the AMC, currently with a UN Mission in Congo, achieved the rare distinction of performing 30 eye surgeries in a single eye camp in Congo. The feat was covered by the international as well as Indian Media. More can be read about it here. Congratulations Col Baranwal, keep the flag high up there !


Anonymous said...

KUDOS to Col Baranwal! May he get PB4 and DACP pronto !!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep
Do you have any idea behind the reasoning of granting additional 3000/ to Maj/Lt Gens i.e. is it an arbitrary amount or based on some logic?

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Col Venkatesh.

It is on account of 50% of MSP fitment granted to Generals.

ASK said...

Dear Navdeep,
Any info on status of revised rates of disability pension?RM is talking about "sincere" action on pending issues of 6CPC!!Isnt this also a pending issue?

digvijay said...

What happens to the Lt Col pension pre 2006 , the letter does not show change of PB4 granted to post 2006 retirees , kindly someone enlighten !!!

Dr YNI Anand said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

I prematurely retired as an AMC Lt Col on 04 Apr 1995 after a qualifying service of around 21 1/2 years. NPA was then included for the calculation of pension. I hear that the NPA will not be included now. I went through the chart giving the minimum pension of various ranks. I was a little confused since at PB4 the minimum pay of an AMC Lt Col is 39000 plus MSP plus NPA. Accordingly the minimum pension should be 21 K for all Lt Cols (may be more for AMC Lt Cols if NPA is included).

Could you kindly clarify as to what would be my basic pension as on 01 Jan 2006? My basic pension as on 01 Jan 1996 was 8161/- keeping in mind that all Lt Cols have been given PB4 now? I shall be obliged if you could send me info at my e mail: drynianand@gmail.com

Thanks, Lt Col Anand

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maj.Navdeep, for an important post.Do we take, with this MOD letter, that MSP is to be reconned right from 01/01/2006, for the purpose of computing pension?State Bank of India (SBI) has not taken into account MSP, for consolidating pension , inspite of an unambiguous letter from MOD.Probably they are confused by Circular No.397 of 18/11/2009 from the PCDA(P), Allahabad.
What should be done to get MSP element included into pension by SBI?Can any one please help?

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep, I am regular reader of your blog and my sincere tahnks to you . I am( Lt col (selection) retd in 2005 after 23 years.Presently I am employed outside India.I would like to know the pension for pre 2006 retirees lt col

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

I retired as Lt Col (TS) on 21 May 2008 with a pension of Rs6,704. After merging 50% DA, my pension had increased to Rs10,056. The 6th CPC has revised my pension to Rs15,152. With Lt Cols now being placed in PB 4 band, I will be grateful if you can let me know what effect it will have on my pension.

Utpal said...

Dear navdeep,

i retired as Lt Col (selection grade)0n 24 mar 2000.how do i ascertain my pension pre & post jan 2006

Unknown said...

major saab,

A sailor in a Y Group Retires After 15 years as A Petty officer as on 30th April What will be the pension.