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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Welcome to Olive Green Lt Col Kapil Dev !!


Cricketing legend Kapil Dev donned the olive green as a Territorial Army volunteer yesterday. He was commissioned into a TA Battalion affiliated to the Punjab Regiment.

The Territorial Army (TA) is a voluntary citizens’ Army where civil professionals receive military training for a few days each year in their spare time so that in the event of a war or a national emergency, they may bear arms for the nation’s defence.

The TA is not a source of employment but a national service organization wherein only those civilians are commissioned who have a full time civil vocation / occupation. Civil employment / self-employment is a pre-requisite for joining TA as an officer.

Many Ministers, royalties, senior civil servants, sitting MPs / MLAs, industrialists and professionals have been national service volunteers with the TA.

Read more about it here in ‘The Tribune’



Anonymous said...

this drama is not going to help anybody, neither army nor the Generals after their retirement. as it is the status of army officer has been converted like a chowkidar in this country. one more celebrity will not help. like earlier before paycommission media was harping upon for its TRP now nobody is bothered. the PM has gone out with out decision. no body else is interested. army officers are just slaves in this country with a status of a chowkidar. but who cares because till the time china does not attack india like 62 nobody will realise that how pathetic the scene is.

Anonymous said...

poor kapil...he doesn't know he is a PB3 material..

Anonymous said...

poor chap just got himself degraded...

to the president..good one..


Anonymous said...

Dear Brother officers,
Pragmatic blogger , a cut and paste specialist, is bent upon tarnishing our image and causing a rift in the ranks.He relies on the US journal for the armed forces to copy and paste serious and brilliant looking ideas!Try the following link.Join hands to shut his mouth.

Anonymous said...

dear annony..PRAG..IS BLACK LISTED BY ME..(SELF IMPOSED)..i feel best way to shut him is to avoid going to his blog...TELL THIS TO OTHERS IF U LIKE THE IDEA..

Anonymous said...

Good Show ! I am sure the staright talking Kapil Dev will be a source of inspiration to many.

Welcome to the fold

Anonymous said...

SCPC: A Soldiers Lament to the President
While we awaited the pay commission bounty
The IAS got there first
and now, President Aunty
We have no choice but to be blunt
We are third class citizens,
though manning the front
The bureaucrats who decide things for us
Have truly shown their animus
And we who defend our dear nation
Have again been shown our lower station.

When the seventh pay commission comes around
We will no doubt lose more ground
Then Colonels would equal civilian clerks
In salary, status and other perks
Generals will wait on worn out chairs
Outside IAS Officers' lairs.

A once proud service is now so degraded
That though their uniforms still be braided
They are demoralised and wait to retire
And then take up their pens to fire
At those they served all their life
In times of peace and in times of strife.

The lesson from this, our children we tell
Is that, if in life you want to do well
And this, I am sure, every soldier endorses
Do not ever join the forces.

Just become a doctor or a pleader
Perhaps, even better, a political leader
Or an IAS officer, with his red light
Why face the enemy, why risk a fight
When the nation you guard
does not value you much
And treats you merely like a handy crutch
To support the government in civil disorder
Or when the enemy threatens the border
But when the time comes to share the pie
They get all antsy and ask - why???

So Madam President, hear us out
A change is going to come about
And we, the most courageous of all
Will soon be replaced by the petty and small
Alas, your government would be squarely to blame
For this avoidable national shame.

Kishore Asthana

madcall said...

Why Chief is making mockery of the Army Ranks? Why he should get in this popularity racket. Is he going to be Army's brand Ambassador?

Anonymous said...

Please tell me in which pay band is Kapil Dev ..... is he happy with PB 3 or he would like to be moved to PB 4 ....... Kapil please reply

Anonymous said...

Dear Madhav

u dont seem to understand the ABC of command...... what the chief is doing is an aspect of command .... its not your fault .... but thats how uniformed life is ... please join SSC COMMISSION and may be u will get an answer to whether its being a brand ambassador or part of his duties and his love and respect for his troops...... he does not personally gain anything by these decisions of his ....GOD NEEDS TO BLESS U ...A LOT....MAY BE LOTS MORE.....

Anonymous said...

Im curious... is the TA affected by AVS Part I report? I.e., is Lt. Col a timescale rank for the TA now? And does it get achieved in 13+2 years? That is to say, 15 years?

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...


That is right. The rank of Lt Col is reached in 15 years in TA.

But it is not applicable to Kapil Dev since he has assumed an Honorary Rank.