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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Why is Indian Express creating a non-existent rift between elements of our defence set-up ? Such sensationalism is not good for the system


I fail to understand !

First the Indian Express (without checking facts) made a hullabaloo and labelled the demands of the forces as unreasonable.

Then the same newspaper tried to create a rift between PBOR and Officers saying that personnel other than officers were not happy with the delay in implementation. This without even referring to the core issue of the enhancement of pensionary benefits of PBOR taken up with the Govt by the service chiefs.

And today they have tried it again on page-1.
They should not try to create a rift between various categories of personnel, the Chiefs and senior functionaries of the govt or our political leadership. Everybody is playing his or her part and the issue would most likely be resolved given the maturity of leadership at our top levels - the military and the political.

Yellow & slanted journalism I would say, doesn't matter much in the scheme of things but such reporting sends out an incorrect message of fissures in the system when that is not exactly the case !. What do you think ?



brinder2000 said...

For some of us who have not read the full script of the news article by Shishir Gupta this is the link for the same http://www.indianexpress.com/news/pay-panel-service-chiefs-back-off-after-antony-tough-talk/366821/2 maybe some comments can be given then.

Anonymous said...

If as per Mr sHiShir gUpta,s article/news if notification is issued within respective arms. we have lost the battle. That off course i had my doubts listening to Manish Tewari's comments on Headlines Today, programme- "Sodiers on warpath". If its senstive issue why did the Cabinet let it reach that situation. Blaming the Chiefs of Forces is what they want to prove. But why were they not aware of of wrong done by bearocracy. why no punishments to them who led to this situation Mr Shishir Gupta. Do you want 1857 back. From your anti forces propaganda.you are vindicating my apprehensions. It was Gore sahibs then and now kaale sahibs. Please it is my request through your blog to the Panel of Cabinet Minsters Don't downgrade and degenerate the morale of forces to level. Is the history repeating starting form the downfall of Mughal Empire- similarities are many. pl analyse until and unless you are short sighted and aim is five years and 60 years for beaurocracy.

Anonymous said...

There is no point posting commments on their site. I tried posting. In the name of comment posting this baniya follows dictatorship and censorship. Instead, I request all CO's to stop subscription of Indian Express pamphlet. Let's not pay for reading things that Guptaji can only dream to understand.

Anonymous said...

Indivisuals, high and mighty, who have not experinced tough life physical and mental of the Forces, can hardly understand the difficulties faced by disciplined soldiers.For them only Babus are right as they control favours which can be doled out and had by so called intellectuals.Chiefs are right but should not buckle under threats or pressure. The GOM should take decision soon after atomic deal is signed at Delhi on 3/4 Oct.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Yes you are right. Today forces have created such a confusion in the minds of younger generation and their own brethern in Armed Forces. What parity with Civilians they are asking for. It is already there . What they are asking is parity above Civilian Counter en when Lt Col were selection post , which only 30 % of them were getting, that time also Lt Col were never eq to Civilian Directors who were in JAG ( NFSG ) grade. After AV Sing I all of them are now given Lt Col rank in 11 yr of their service, while in VI th pay commission , they have been made equal to JAG grade . Already for non selection posts Lt Col s have been given parity with civilians , though it should have been lowered. The reason is that Lt Col are now without selection whereas their civilinan counterparts has to face the two DPC's and civilian promotions are vacancy based in some cadres it takes more than 17 years to reach to JAG grade. So what Lt Col are given is more than authorized.

Anonymous said...

It is high time armed forces stick to their basic job.
-Do not go to flood hit areas of Bihar, Orissa , UP........
Its look out of state govt. and DC,SP,SDO,BDO of the respective area.
-No need to save child Ram of Shyampur from bore hole.Let district administration take care of that
-Terorism in states is respective states baby. Let all Babus(IAS,IPS) handle it

Armed forces is primarily meant for hostilities across the border and not for all f- all jobs they are presently assigned.

Listen Babus , the day forces stick to their basic job, you will start shitting bricks in your pants.You guys doesnt have spunk to handle any of the jobs mentioned.You guys cant do any thing more than implementing paise waale yojnas floated by govt.So just do what you are capable of (mentally and physically).

Its forces fight for their rights. Just lay off.

Anonymous said...

@ Navdeep
We must thank that bum for the articles in his yellow paper. His paper is a robust glue for us, for each such trash article makes us that much more resolute to back our gallant Chiefs and win the HONOUR War. This fella is playing a dangerous game - Tread carefully, man, for you tread on our honour!

Anonymous said...

Let us take a pledge that never in our lives will we buy or read this putrefied newspaper called 'Indian Express' in our homes and offices.It is fit enough for wrapping groceries in Mr shishir Gupta's shop only.

Anonymous said...

Here is the Gazzette of India Establishing the Equivalence. I hope u will not put Govt Notification in Grocery Shop. When we talk , we talk with authority and Govt owned documents.
New Delhi, the 12th February, 2007'
No.1 (E).-The following further amendment. is made to Govt of India, Ministry of Defence Notification
dated 4th November, 1937 Laying down equivalent ranks in the General Reserve Engineer Force and the Regular Army for the purpose of the Army Act, 1950 as applied to the General Reserve Engineer Force,namely:-"'--
(Gcneral Reserve Engineer Forl.X Regular Army
Chief Engineer Major General*
Superintending Engineer (Functional Scale) Colonel
Executive Engineer (Non-Functional Selection Grade) lieutenant Colonel
Executive Engineer Major
Assistant Executive Engineer Captain
2. The inter-se-seniority between the Colonels and Superintending Engineers (Functional Scale) will be with reference to date of their assumption of charge as Superintending Engineer(Functional Scale)/the date of appointment as Colonel. The inter-se-seniority between
other ranks at different levels will be decided similarly.
*The post of Chief Engineer may however be held by a Brigadier till such time sufficient number of Major Generals
is not available from the regular Army.
Ref .No. BRDBI06/86198/GE-Il

Anonymous said...

Before we start blaming Mr Gupta for his article, why dont you all look at the government's press release.
It is very clear that govt has asked chiefs to implement the pay commission and not delay any longer. What seems to have been agreed is that adhoc arrears may be paid now while the committee decides on the final outcome. SO, in a way, the chiefs have retreated from their original stand, right??

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Anonymous at 10.48

The equivalence quoted by you is only for the purposes of 'Army Act 1950' as the notification itself makes clear. The Army Act prescribes punishing / competent authorities for various powers under the said Act - it is only for that purpose that the notification was issued. And for your kind info, the said notification has already been stalled for implementation. Had this been for equivalence purposes then why did the govt not issue it for MES too ??

Anonymous said...

@ anonymous September 28, 2008 10:48 AM
I think navdeep has clarified about your authenticity so just keep your sacred facts to yourself.You are bound to get mauled if you obstruct the way of a furious tiger. jai hind

Anonymous said...

The Men in Arms
The CsOS

Savdhan !

General Salute !!

Salami Sashtra !

Yours Faithfully, Always

Anonymous said...

To Pragmatist.

Dear friend, although you have quoted the press release, but not understood it. Please read the first line which says "Keeping in view that the re-fixation of pay and allowances and consequent calculation of arrears may take some time, the government has decided to make ad-hoc payment of arrears for the current year to all ranks of the Services at the earliest."

Now please understand it says re-fixation and not fixation. That means govt admits there is an anomaly pending resolution of which AdHoc arrears are being paid out. In what way does it indicate that chiefs have back-tracked, i just do not understand.

Anonymous said...

the worst of the newspapers ever seen to date the media has been sold out to the political parties as their mouth pieces .

Anonymous said...

@Navdeep at 11.06
If the said notification is for discplinary works only then what this wrding is doing there'The post of Chief Engineer may however be held by a Brigadier till such time sufficient number of Major Generals '
There is no court's injunction of the notification if any, kindly quote. It is the same army who is stalling the implementation of this gazette notification as has been done in case of SPC recently.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Anonymouse at 12.23

Anony, please first let me know that why has a reference been made to the Army Act in this notification. What does the Army Act have to do with equivalence, pray tell me ?

OK, I'll give you a hint, Please see Section 4 of the Army Act and you'll get your answer.
Thank You

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...


for anonymouse
read anonymous

my genuine mistake. No offence meant.

Anonymous said...

@Navdeep at 12.32
sorry for posing an inconvinient question to answer.But by not answering my 2nd query,you have aptly replied my query in totality. Now it is for the govt to derive its own meaning out of it

Anonymous said...

So what if Indian Express cannot decide which way to fire....

With elections around the corner...the UPA is most welcome to deny the dues the Forces ought to be given....they can depend upon the BJP and it's allies. Read

Anonymous said...

this is what forces are all about.they can not tolerate dissenting voices ,pls understand you are in a democratic country .till now all lies are being got reported through media (print as well as tv) and it is fine because it was sponsored by forces .there are many ocassions when forces have refused or delayed implementation of lawful orders of govt.it is nice that govt has understood the true character of forces .this pay commission has given max to forces but they never get satisfied and are very intolerant .PBORs are very happy as they have no voice in offrs dominated forces .learn to tolerate ,respect dissenting voices and not be too greedy

Anonymous said...

Read this.Support has started trckling in.Guys the game has just begun.

Rectify pay anomaly of armed forces’

This has lowered the morale of soldiers and officers: Rajnath

Message: BJP National President Rajnath Singh addressing the concluding session of the State BJP meet in Salem on Saturday. —

SALEM: Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) National President Rajnath Singh has sought an immediate intervention of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh for an early solution to the vital issue of pay anomalies for the armed forces so that their “genuine concerns” could be redressed and their pervading sense of neglect eliminated.

“The BJP is deeply concerned over the unprecedented development where the armed forces have not raised their pay vouchers as per the Sixth Central Pay Commission notification. The anomalies have lowered the morale of our soldiers and officers and it is not a good development,” said Mr. Singh, who was here to address the concluding session of the two-day executive and general council meetings of his party’s Tamil Nadu unit, on Saturday.

Blaming it on the general and administrative paralysis of the UPA Government, the BJP leader claimed that this situation had arisen totally on account of the Government’s inaction on the core demands of the pay scale parity of the armed force personnel with civilian employees.

Pointing out that the upkeep of the morale of soldiers and officers should be the highest national priority Mr. Singh said even the pay scale for a Lt. General was lower than that of the pay of a Deputy Director General in Border Security Force.

The incorrect fixing of pay scales in the middle line of our serving officers too had led to a band of anomalies. “Indian Army has a glorious tradition and is one of the finest armies in the world with high class discipline. Hence, the Prime Minister should step in to set the issue right in the interest of nation.”

(The incorrect fixing of grade pay of officers up to the Brigadier and equivalent in other two services, lower pay band for Lieutenant Colonels as compared to their counterparts in civilian services, reinstating pension weightage for personnel below officer rank and same status to Lt. Generals, are a few important issues of contention in the Pay Commission recommendations for the armed forces, which are demanding at least equal pay with others.)

Soft appeasement policies of the UPA Government on terror, the BJP leader said, had brought the entire south of the country, under its grip. Kerala had become the hotbed of terror activities.

Strong laws against terrorism and special fast court for speedy trials in cases related to terrorism were needed.

He said “As far as I know, VHP is not involved in the recent violence against Christians in Orissa.”

On the issue of alliance with AIADMK in Tamil Nadu, he said both parties were sharing same views on many issues.

“It is an alliance era. We have neither approached them so far nor have we received any signal from them,” he said and added that the performance of Tamil Nadu Government was “poor”.

Anonymous said...

dear navdeep
withdraw ltcols as GEs and DCWEs ,post as CWE and soI problem gets sorted out.you want to eat the cake and have it too .post superceded ltcols to Regiments which are fighting units and give them whatever you want to .parity should be asked in all fields .forgo ration,tech pay and many other allowances which civ counterpart do not get ,at least when you come to mixed organisations .why increse burden on govt ?when same job can be done by a civ getting half the pay.you post a JCO as UDC and talk of status .it is meetha meetha gup and kadwa kadwa thu

Anonymous said...

Dear Major Navdeep:

Your blogpost is a tad too harsh on the media outlet. While you are well within your rights to post your personal views, labeling it as Yellow journalism... hmmm... This isn't "Sensationalist journalism" by any standards.

While you possess a deeper understanding of issues to put them in right perspective, I wonder if most of your commentators understand how they are making a fool of themselves here.

As you have a right to state your opinion, so does the Indian Express. If it is spreading canards and lies, let the PROs of the service headquarters nail them. That is their job.

The tempers are already running high. If you fan them further with such inflammatory statements, you are not helping the cause, Sir. Dowse the fires rather than igniting them. Bridge the fissures, not widen them.

This is only an advise from a military veteran. Take it or leave it.

Anonymous said...


people expect better from you. more maturity as barar has said. r u standing in elections from some ESM seat?

very disappointing to see such an immaturish outburst from you. u also come out as one of those blinkered faujis with this.

Anonymous said...

@ all

Everyone is entitled to his views and opinion. We should be able to take the bull by its horns. Indian Express may be under compulsion to run such stories. They are trying to fish from troubled waters. What else can one think when you look at their standing in the array of news papers in India. The following is from a report of the National Readership Survey of 2006.
The Times of India is the most widely read English language newspaper (7.9 million), followed by The Hindu (4.05 million)and The New Indian Express stands at poor third{4.0 million}.

Anonymous said...

we should stop reading the news paper which gives biased news and doesnt give the actual fact.Indian Express is one such news paper realised too late. Immediately stop reading false news given by biased newspapers.This is what all citizens of the country do in the best of our intrest n the intrest of the nation.

Anonymous said...

Every person views a problem from their own perspective.v can neither blame the the indian express nor any body else for airing their views as per their understanding/interest.they r welcome to air their views in a democratic environment.
have faith in the CHIEFS.What they have done,no previous chief has done.A situation has been created by the babooze & r CHIEFS r capable of handling the same,possibly to the benefit of the SERVICES.
This is a blessing in disguise,I doubt if the beaurocracy will ever b able to muzzle the CHIEFS ever again,provided the SERVICES PUT UP A JOINT FRONT AS THEY HAVE DONE IN THIS CASE.

Anonymous said...

Dear Brar Sir,
Major Navdeep has a right to say anything he wants just like INDIAN EXPRESS.If that paper publishes stuff like this,what do you want to call it,sir?Navdeep has been forced to call INDIAN EXPRESS as a yellow paper after repeated articles ridiculing the forces.

With due respects and regards to you sir,I am forced to say that we are paying the price for what poeple of your seniority did during your times.(WE DO NOT FEEL YOU COULD HAVE DONE ANYTHING BETTER CONSIDERING THE CIRUMSTANCES)

Now this is our battle.We want the money pure and simple.We have been forced into this.

As for fanning the flames,Sir,WE DID NOT LIGHT THE FIRE ANYWAYS


Anonymous said...

The armed forces need to form themselves into a regularly functioning part of the government. Very few of us actually vote in elections. Can we think of a way to participate in the local and general elections? Not the domicile wala process that we can follow now but where ever we are posted we will vote from there..kind of thing. officers ranks, families all of us... or may be we could have 10 odd nominated serving members in the parliament. If the govt. can have a defence ministry, can we have a directorate of governmental/ political affairs?? Can local politics be analysed in DSSC and NDC w.r.t. effect on armed forces? Can we see more synergy between the three forces on all fronts?

Anonymous said...

what is this talk of firing the chiefs or considering their decision as breach of discipline? Any legal guys around? May be all 3 star and above should consider resigning if these things are true. Why are we taking this lying down? what are the PROs doing? and the retired lot? May be the serving lot will have to work around this now if the govt contiues to be insensitive to our issues. A mass media campaign should be launched so as to project the fauj and its work. Only Jaymala and fauji bhaiyo ke liye will not work any more.

Anonymous said...

To all contributors, a very small and respectful request. All on this forum are gentlemen/women, I presume.So, let us use language befitting our class.

That said, I have not read the earlier articles venting spleen about the rift between the officers and the men. But the article on page 1 of the IE of 28 Sep is, IMHO, not so blasphemous as to generate this response. All the IE has done is report the event. Yes, admittedly, "backed off" was not too polite a verb.And come to think of it, what Admiral Mehta did was lacking in substance, to say the least. Specially when one knows that the instruction just cannot be carried out.

We as the Services are at one of the most critical stages in our post independence history. From virtually every corner of the country, abject failure of the bureaucrats and politicians has necessitated repeated calls to us for help in doing their job. We have bound and held this complex nation together by adding our blood, sweat and tears to similarly inclined citizens. Every single demand made to secure the peace on our boundaries and in the hinterland has been readily met.And now, our paymasters do not want to pay us for doing our job and very many others that are not ours exceedingly well, if I may say so and theirs too again, superbly so. The powers that be should be very thankful that the present situation is still being played out in the most civil manner. Indeed, it is the institutionalized democracy and respect for the Constitution by which the Services swear that has, over every single such grave issue since '47 saved the country from the infinitely more ominous repercussions of successively degrading the very keeper of its nationhood.

Ponder over a scenario, highly likely in the not so distant future, when the Army Chief tells the Def Min that he cannot stop officers with less than 15 years service from leaving and ergo, the net departure has forced him to reduce the numbers of infantry battalions, armoured and artillery regiments et all by a third. Ipso facto, huge gaps in deployment on the LC, LAC, AGPL etc. Or the Naval Chief tells him the same thing and our ambitious plans for a white water navy are junked. Or the Air Chief the same thing and the country's airspace is left naked to the depredations of our inimical neighbours. Mind you, Mr Shekhar Gupta, there would not be a single "breach of discipline", as you so inelegantly put it, in the measured implementation of this avoidable scenario. We do not want it neither does the nation and by the nation, I mean that 99.99% of common citizenry which still loves and respects its guardians and which also anguishes over its fate.

To the Pres as the Supreme Commander and HOS and the PM as the HOG,let the unprecedented stand of the Chiefs be a direct warning as you never have had the ignominy of facing before. For the first time, your most obedient, faithful and efficient servants have, in a disturbingly oblique manner, raised the possible specter of a carbon steel fist inside the chamois glove. The glove is still a glove. I beseech both you eminences, do not make the arrogantly disdainful blunder of allowing the glove to turn into a gauntlet, thrown at your feet resignedly and the implications to be acted upon resolutely. Please have the intuition to read between the lines, the meaning could not have been clearer had it been shouted out aloud from the rooftops.

For the pooh-pooher's of this doomsday scenario, please note- the CJSC has disobeyed a direct order from Parliament in forestalling the implementation of the CPC directions. And he has NOT been asked to go.Can you make some predictions of the next move?

I do not wish my country to be under a hob nailed boot. But at the same time, I cannot go to my masters with a begging bowl every time there is a CPC. I also cannot resign my job away as I am a normal middle class man with a wife and kids. So the only thing I can do is upgrade my skills, do my twenty, collect my pension and seek a second career. Whether I am able to do so in a more respectful and dignified manner vis-a-vis my PMF brethren is moot. dependent upon

Anonymous said...

It is a common saying by these SENIOR retired officers that Discipline has gone down in the forces, when ever they visit units. They conviniently forget it is their wrong policies, which have introduced this mess at the cost of an AVSM or so. please stop giving us Sermons. In military there is no place for a dissenting voice, be it from civil or any quarter. A fauji can not saught opinion of majority before pressing the trigger. So place for democratic stuff here. Gupta must refrain from this nonsense or pay the price.

Anonymous said...

Let it be very clear to those who only se money in this agitation of forces. Baniyas(Mentally) must understand that it is the PARITY for which we are fighting. If FM says forces demands are not financially viable then lower the unfair gain in status given to IAS and para forces. Just give us whatever you want togive an IAS at those many years of service. Financially viable? I think so.

Anonymous said...

@ Brar
A veteran says 'fanning the fires...not helping the cause.'
May I ask, sir, what will help the cause? Keeping our mouths shut like the 'disciplined' soldier that you are? Keeping one's mouth shut when blatant injustice is done and izzat is at stake is not being disciplined, it is cowardice.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

@ Well-wisher
Are you from the babooze snake pit?

Anonymous said...

dr all,

its high time that we boycott the paper.pl join the boycott indian express movement

Anonymous said...



Scientists have discovered a new species of snake in the himalayan foothills in Mussoorie.It has been since named the INDIAN ANTINATIONAL SNAKE(IAS).The snakelings hatch evry year at Mussorie and move out to reside in every corner of the country.Feeding on corruption,egoism and misrule this highly posionous snake can cause severe damage to a healthy human being.This snake does not mind targetting the huge animal called "armed forces" and bites it whenever an encounter takes place for no reason.As of now there is no antidote to the venom.But by 2030 scientists expect the public to find an antidote to this snake's venom..

Anonymous said...

@well Wisher

It is very rarely we come across highly literate and well read well wishers like your noble highness. Which school did you go to sir? I am sure it must be spawning intellectuals and high IQ products fit for joining MENSA by the trillion.

As far as Navdeep's comments, they are absolutely right. No journalist worth his/her salt will publish a story without examining both sides of it. Just going on publishing just one side of story continuously is yellow journalism indeed, and at that, a very dirty shade of yellow. I am sure you will forgive this semi-literate for raising such a stink about yellow journalism adapted shamelessly by Indian Express. Is it any wonder that instead of a newspaper, it has turned into an advertisement carrying pamphlet?

As far as you suggestion for closing this blog, why don't you consider this blog closed and do not visit here anymore so that you do not have to put up with rants of semi-literate scum of this nation? Believe me, most of us are using this technique towards Indian Express. But then if you follow our modus operandi, nothing will differentiate you from us.

You say that Navdeep has fallen into some kind of trap. Well my dear noble sir, this is a WebLog, and not journalistic reporting. With your higher intellect you will be able to differentiate how these two are different.

It was really a pleasure responding to your comment sir. I hope you will overlook my ignorance taking up a case that is not mine. Please contribute it to my half baked intellect.

Anonymous said...

An interesting letter from Gen Bahri to the three Chiefs.B patient,all r contributing in their own way.No need to get hassled by Indian Express.

Dear Chiefs,

Reference my trailing mail. The bureaucracy has struck as was expected.. They will try to break the triumvirate by singling out one of you. They have identified the CNS as their target on the specious excuse that he sent an 'unclassified' signal to all ranks of the Navy. I wish all of you had sent a similar signal to your commands. But that is over.

What the Govt does not realise is that we, unlike other services, have an open channel of communication with our commands. It was a legitimate communication to keep everyone informed about the causes of delay in receiving their enhanced emoluments. There was not a hint that the Govt was the problem. Officers of other services are only interested in getting their pound of flesh and are least interested in the welfare of their rank and file. If you follow the series being done by the Indian Express on the state of our police stations the callousness of the Police offrs is glaringly obvious. But the police officers keep on getting their hike without any thing to justify it. If am not wrong every state has a DGP(Housing). Still he sleeps soundly.

My request to you three is that you have earned the respect of serving and non-serving soldiers. Something, we found lacking in our Chiefs whenever the crunch came. Bravo! Keep standing united and do not let them pick on any one of you singly. More power to your arms!



Lt Gen SK Bahri (Retd)
E 403 Som Vihar Apts,
RK Puram
New Delhi 110022 - India

Anonymous said...

If we expect the agitational approach of the veteran to be supported by
the Chiefs, it is sure to fail.

Even if veterans give as much as a hint that veterans support the Chiefs firm stand on the issue, that may invite a stance from the Govt of the time to force Chiefs to declare in public that they dissociate if not totally reject
support of the veteran.

To expect the serving chiefs to support the veterans cause is
structurally defective as per the experience of the story of all the
veteran movements. The veteran march on Washington DC was suppressed by the Army and you may recognize some the names of the soldiers used for the suppression: Maj Eisenhower and Maj Douglas Mac Arthur!

Ask for a separate Ministry as it is there in USA, the Department of
Veteran Administration under a full secretary as the Secretary of

Can’t we learn from history of such movements? It is nothing short of stupidity to expect the serving Generals to risk their career to support a veteran movement.

It is not for veteran to fight for restoration of “parity with IAS” etc.
You have crossed the stage and you have no sons or son-in-law in the
Services. Fight for veteran benefits and veteran retraining for a second
career. I was aghast when a retired General claimed that retired PBOR do
not need or are not keen for a second career. How smug can one get?
If the same thing had happened in the US, the veteran community would
risen in revolt against the General who came out with such a view.!