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Monday, September 1, 2008


Well Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s finally here, the notification and resolution for the defence services on the Sixth Central Pay Commission.

Click here to see the complete resolution and notification
Scroll left & right a bit for the complete experience :-)

Most of the recommendations by the 6th CPC have been accepted by the govt, and believe me, not all are bad. To be fair to the PayCom, there have been some out of the box proposals such as full pension on completion of 20 years (15 years for PBOR) which should bring a cheer to the defence community. The areas of concern remain basically the status and pay of Lt Colonels and the status of Brigadiers vis-à-vis their civilian counterparts. Grade Pays have been enhanced but this shall have no effect on status since the corresponding Grade Pays of civil services have also been enhanced. DGAFMS is now in the Apex Pay Scale of Army Commanders, and Lt Generals overlooked for placement as Army Commanders due to lack of residual service shall now be upgraded to the Army Commanders’ Pay Scale of Rs 80,000 fixed, though the fineprint says that it shall be non-functional meaning thereby it shall have no effect on status. Of course there is another issue that DGPs in States (who do not feature at all in the Warrant of Precedence) and DGs of CPOs (Article 25 on WoP) have been granted more pay than Lt Generals (who are higher on Article 24 of WoP). Honorary Commissioned Officers have been granted regular scales which shall have a massive effect on their take home salary and pension.

On the anomalies, rest assured that our top brass shall most definitely take up the issues with the powers that be. Our Chiefs have to function within the four corners of the system and established ethics and norms of a democracy and they must be doing their best to ensure that the grey areas are ironed out.

For a historical background on the equivalence of Lt Cols vis-a-vis their civilian counterparts, click here

For all issues concerning the 6th CPC and Warrant of Precedence, click here


Anonymous said...

Thank You for Intimation
Tomorrow my PMR will go !!

Anonymous said...

Sir the notification is in following mod site http://mod.nic.in/6thCPC/6thCPC-Index.htm

Anonymous said...

Sorry for adding another Bad news
The RANK PAY IS NOT TO BE CONSIDERED FOR CALCULATION. This is given in the main text to take into consideration the Pay Scales given in Annexure-II where the rank Pay is given separately.
Thank You very Much to the following three
Naval Chief, Air Chief, Army Chief

Anonymous said...

can we expct lt col to jump from pb3 to 4 in coming years??...please clarify..... as then i can put up my PMR without any regrets

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Again that clown SE from MES.

Anonymous said...

well the MES SE has a right to laugh at us....
i m not supporting him...but let us face the truth..
this is what is the situation...
get ready for more such humilations...

Anonymous said...

What is the general population in a constituency for parliament???. If all the ArmedForces pers are to be counted as separate constituencies, we can have atleast five MPs wooing us for our votes. All our demands will be accepted considering the coalition drama to get even a single MP A THOUGHT FOR ACTION??

Anonymous said...

I have just read thru the armed forces notifn and tend to disagree with the earlier comment on not taking the rank pay into consideration. i may be wrong, but the sense i get is that it has to be taken into consideration, otherwise, why put it there at all. someone enlighten me , please... i dunt want to be known as anonymous...:) saran.

Anonymous said...

Why the notification is so loud about KILLED/MISSING/FUNERAL etc.

Anonymous said...

thanks to 6 CPC
i shall be putting up m6y PMR soon.
I also regret my decisionof joining fauj against wishes of my parents i should have listened to them. they were right....
Our friends in civil have already given us things happening in Bihar, MP,AP,WB,Orrisa etc mnay more wud join soon.
wait for things to happen may be another few years.People have already started taking things in hteir own hands. wait till they do it to the army also.

Anonymous said...


Disgusted said...

I quote an extract from MS Br instructions of 16 Dec 2004 regarding implementation of the recommendations of the AV Singh Committee

1(c) New promotional avenues are given to hither to fore Non Empanelled offrs so that the stigma of non-empanelment / supersession is diluted to insignificant levels and offrs stay motivated.

Now having been superceded recently, I was doing my best to stay motivated but the SCPC recommendations for Lt Cols is a killer.

How could you, dear sir!!. Are you really sure that only the best and deserving have cleared the SB3. Till now, one could cajole oneself that there is a steep pyramidical structure and someone could be plain unlucky.

But you allowed them to make a distinction whereby I'm now a 2nd class officer for all practical purpose. This is an affront to my dignity and that of my family.

Anonymous said...

I thought that things were at its nadir before 6 CPC for services but now I realise that we are into a much deeper pit. If this nation stands united today, it owes this to its defence forces but we have been shortchanged as usual. I think u have to be smart to work the system in your favour and we can learn a lot from DRDO, another MOD organisation. Their Scientist E who was below Lt Col has been placed in PB-4 and above all it takes only 11 yrs for getting it. One becomes a scientist F(Brig eqvt) in 15 yrs. Though the humiliation of its soldiers continues but I still wish that this nation does not have to pay the price for this injustice to its brave sons.

Anonymous said...

the best quote hear is...



well said..

Anonymous said...

Dear Guys,

Pls don't be tough on the Chiefs. The CAS has already dished out a letter regarding Lt Col's status vis-a-vis civilian counterparts was to be maintained. However, I don't know if the status of Seargeants has been re-considered (same problem). Can anyone give me some ammo here. I thing Lt Cols Grade Pay will be enhanced to 8400 (some say 8700). IAF seems to have put the implementation on hold. Guess you guys should write to your chief's also (we've got an online forum with the Chief). Frankly I would accept Re 1 as MSP by the govt provided it says that it is too bankrupt to pay me(speaking only for myself - as an AF Chap- and not for the brave Army Guys)but will not accept a Rupee less than the equivalent civilian. AMEN.

miltaryuncle said...

The full pension after 20 years is definitely an out of the box solution.
But it was qualified by the remark that the said proposal would be applicable only from the date of accepance of the report which means Aug and not 01 Jan 06.
So the latter part remains a within the box solution!!!!

Anonymous said...

and to top it all.. there goes our Services chiefs declaring that Armed Forces will donate two days of ration fro Bihar Floods............... Irony ... We only pay taxes and we only Donate and We only Rescue and We only are the cry babies and we only are not doing anything great.......... ha ha ha

Anonymous said...

There have been sarcastic comments on the SE of MES in PB4, such a situation could have been avoided by the proactive participation by the Armed forces. Non inclusion of Rank Pay of 5CPC is glaring glitch !
Can I request Navdeep to give some ilusstrations regarding pay fixations in the 6CPC scales. I find I can not reach the loweer bracket in the band!!!

Anonymous said...

I saw that MSP is to be considered for pension purposes.
The report also says that the pension to be fixed will not be less than the minimum of the scale for the rank held by the pensioner.
Hence will this be included for Pre 01 Jan 2006 pensioners ?

Ronin said...


I am receiving Tech Allce of rs. 1000 pm. I would like to know what changes have been made with regards to that.

Anonymous said...

Could someboy please clarify whether rank pay will be considered for fixation of basic pay or not. Is the formula Basic Pay * 1.86 OR (Basic Pay + Rank Pay)*1.86

Anonymous said...

thr r ppl who are cribbing their end and humiliation. offrs who had been exNDA like me....sealed and u want to show ur technical pay by humilating them...by the way ur tech pay is doubled.

abhi said...

Hello to every one one of our brothers has written this,
Maj Navdeep it needs to be circulated I think.

I quote,:-

The following verse has been composed by a fourth generation, 24-year old
career officer in the Indian Armed Forces, spurred by the report of the Sixth Pay Commission and an insensitive article written by a 'respectable' ; denizen of the country in a national daily on the armed forces and the pertinence of the Sixth Pay Commission therein. This free-flowing verse has
not been edited; it's to ensure that the originality of the angst is maintained. After all, when you are in pain, the language of ex-pression is the last thing in your mind*

How you play with us, did you ever see?
At Seven, I had decided what I wanted to be;
I would serve you to the end,
All these boundaries I would defend.

Now you make me look like a fool,
When at Seventeen and just out of school;
Went to the place where they made "men out of boys"
Lived a tough life …sacrificed a few joys…

In those days, I would see my 'civilian' friends,
Living a life with the fashion trends;
Enjoying their so called "College Days"
While I sweated and bled in the sun and haze…
But I never thought twice about what where or why
All I knew was when the time came, I'd be ready to do or die.

At 21 and with my commission in hand,
Under the glory of the parade and the band,
I took the oath to protect you over land, air or sea,
And make the supreme sacrifice when the need came to be.

I stood there with a sense of recognition,
But on that day I never had the premonition,
that when the time came to live me my due,
You'd just say," What is so great that you do?do not;

Long back you promised a well to do life;
And when I'm away, take care of my wife.
You came and saw the hardships I live through,
And I saw you make a notefor two,
And I hoped you would realise the worth of me;
but now I know you'll never be able to see,
Because you only see the glorified life of mine,
Did you see the place where death looms all the time?
Did you meet the man standing guard in the snow?
The name of his newborn he does not know.
Did you meet the man whose father breathed his last?
While the sailor patrolled our seas so vast?

You still know I'll not be the one to raise my voice
I will stand tall and protect you in Punjab Himachal and Thois.

But that's =ust me you have in the sun and rain,
For now at Twenty Four, you make me think again;
About the decision I made, Seven years back;
Should I have chosen another life, some other track?

Will I tell my son to follow my lead?
Will I tell my son, you'll get all that you need?
This is the country you will serve
This country will give you all that you deserve?

I heard you tell the world "India is shining"
I told my men, that's a reason for us to be smiling
This is the India you and I will defend!
But tell me how long will you be able to pretend?
You go on promise all that you may,
But it's the souls of your own m=n you betray.

Did you read how some of our eminent citizens
Write about me and ridicule my very existence?
I ask you to please come and see what I do,
Come and have a look at what I go through
Live my life just for a day
I will still risk my life without a sigh
To keep your flag flying high
but today I ask myself a question or two…
Oh India…. Why do I still serve you?

Agonizing response to the pay commission's apathy towards the armed forces.

Anonymous said...


We have objections, put pay hike on hold: 3 service chiefs again
Ravish TiwariPosted online: Tuesday, September 02, 2008 at 0126hrs Print Email‘Hike in soldiers’ pay welcome but disparity between our officers, civil servants’
NEW DELHI, September 1: Raising fresh objections to the Sixth Pay panel notification after the Cabinet cleared it on August 14, the three chiefs of the Armed Forces, in an unprecedented move, have written to Defence Minister A K Antony that implementation for officer ranks be “held in abeyance” until their objections are addressed.

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Phone-taps legal evidence under MCOCA, says SC; boost for 7/11 cases
WB Governor Gandhi may hold keys to Tata deadlock
Days before NSG meets, China’s state mouthpiece slams India-US nuclear deal
Ad LinksGovernment Pay Scales

New Indian Express

Election Commission Decides

Earlier, they had raised two broad objections: higher salary for Personnel Below Officer Ranks (PBORs) and parity with civil servants for officer ranks. While thanking the government for hiking salaries of PBORs, they claim the disparity has only increased between service officers and their civil service counterparts.

Their objections:

•Disparity in Pay Bands: The chiefs claim the Committee of Secretaries (CoS) moved the Director rank into Pay Band 4 but retained Lt. Col and its equivalent in other services in Pay Band 3. Earlier, they claim, a Lt. Col got the same pay as an IAS Director and Rs 800 more than a non-IAS Director. Now he gets Rs 14000 less than an IAS director and Rs 11000 less than a non-IAS director.

•Disparity in Grade Pay: The CoS agreed to their demand to an increase in grade pay across middle-rank officers but also increased the grade pay of civil servants, thereby retaining disparity, the chiefs say. For example, he Pay Commission recommended Rs 6600 for a civil servant equivalent to a Major who was to get Rs 6100. After review, a Major will now get Rs 6600 but his equivalent in the civil service will get Rs 7600.

•Restricting elite list: The new category of HAG-plus (Higher Administrative Grade) includes all DGs and DGPs but only Army Commanders and their equivalents in other services, the chiefs complain. Their demand: all Lt. Gen officers be included in this category. The Defence Ministry is said to have conveyed that the objections are being looked into and a response will be given soon.

flier said...

From: brigadier ptgangadharan brigadier.ptgangadharan@gmail.com
To: ‘Shri.AK Antony,RM’ ak.antony@sansad.nic.in
Date: Friday, July 18, 2008, 11:44 PM
My Dear Sir,
*1.It was indeed a noble gesture by the PM. As per newspaper reports, the PM was so impressed by the devotion to duty of late Mr Rao, the IFS officer who died in the Kabul bomb blast, that he announced several benefits for his next of kin. These include, full salary and government accommodation till the officer would have retired in 2023. It is undisputable that every possible succour must be provided to the bereaved family under such circumstances. Yet, without prejudice to this thought or to the sacred memory of the deceased, certain olitically incorrect questions arise?
*2.What separates the case of Mr Rao from that of Brig RD Mehta, or for that matter Col V Vasanth and scores of other army personnel who lay down their lives in the line of duty, actively combating terrorism almost every day? Why has no one ever thought of such benefits for their families? Is there any doubt about their devotion to duty? Are their lives any less precious to their families, or to the nation? Or is it ‘no big deal’ because it is part of the professional hazards for services personnel, to lay down their lives? The violent death of a diplomat or bureaucrat, on the other hand , is a rare occurrence thus evoking greater sympathy?
*3.All along, we are being told that that the armed forces are supposed to be at par with other services when it comes to fixing pay and allowances. This is the standard argument forwarded ,for denying a separate pay commission for the Armed Forces. By the same logic, the death benefits for other services should be the same as those applicable to the armed forces. The reason for these double standards is therefore hard to fathom. Irrespective of the reasons or sentiments behind such random acts of kindness, it must be understood that it undermines the supreme sacrifice made by others, and is liable to affect the morale of their comrades.
*4.It is time that the government decided once and for all whether the armed forces are at par with other central services or not, and act responsibly rather than arbitrarily.
Brigadier PT Gangadharan(Guards)
Tel-0495 2356863/9447766863

Brigadier(Retd) PT Gangadharan(Guards)
Tel-0495 2356863/9447766863

Anonymous said...

http://www.defence.pk/forums/indian-defence-military/13926-pay-panel-report-armed-forces-feel-cheated.html .

Plears read this , now our enemy is also aware of what Babus in India are doing , but only our Govt is unaware

Premanand said...

When there are floods in Bihar or communal flare up in J & K, the whole nation looks upto the Defence forces and not the IAS and other para - military forces. Why then a step - motherly approach when it comes to paying them right ?

Anonymous said...

Everytime there is a flood or earthquake they want the Army / IAF / Navy to be sent in because the Babus(IAS) botch it up and are not able to handle things - send them all to Bihar - let them handle the flood situation. The Armed Forces always get suckered by these leeches - It is your duty to do this they say! - What about the Babus when they are not able to handle emergencies like this - are they penalised? Why is their job (incompetently done) supposed to be more paying than the Armed Forces?

Anonymous said...


the best option is not to accept pay commission...till anomolies r removed..

though i personally feel that this is not good for nation but...unfortunately the armed forces have been pushed to the corner and forced to react...no choice..thanx to so called clever babus...

Anonymous said...

army proposes IAS disposes

so A V Singh is a disaster...

at least we got a Captains pay after 4 years of service.. now it will take 6 yrs to get the same pay.(after becoming Major)..

so its a irony that AV Singh -II will reduce the status more and may be we will get that pay when we become a Lt Col...( after may be 7 th pay commision)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Who cares!!!!
We seem to be begging for justice from the perpetrators themselves. By a very conscious decision of Pt Nehru, it was decided to make the civilian babus supreme and services subservient to them. This process has been progressed very meticulously since then and every CPC has been a distinct milestone in this process. Pt Nehru had veered around to the view that services were unneccesary and should be used for nation building activities like building roads, dams and canals etc. This attitude cost India the debacle of 1962 and Pt Nehru did not have answers to the pointed questions of Dr Ram Manohar Lohia in parliament. He went into and continued in a state of depression till his end. But alas by then the steel grip of the babus on the nation and its politicians was complete. so the process of our downgrading has continued and further accelerated by some of our own top brass who, after reaching the top only saw a carrot of Governor/ambassador hanging in front of them and the cost of compromising the interests of their professional force was a small price to be paid.
Quite a few of our problems are self created. For example, any central govt(civilian)employee drawing a basic of Rs 18400(5 CPC)could fly for LTC but in case of services only a Maj Gen could do that.Cant blame babus for this but our own generals. Another example. All central govt(civilian)employees entitled for air travel for LTC can avail of tour packages of Indian airlines which covers almost everything but same is not applicable to services. Why???.
So, our so called fuming and fretting over this injustice is not going to be decided by our honourable RM but the same bulwarks of indian state, the civil service babus.On our earlier protests against the recommendations of (in)justice SriKrishna('Kansaa' would be better), what we got from the same babus is further downgrading in our parity and bonanza to our civilian counterparts who never even asked for it. Services have lost faith in this bureaucracy and their manipulations. Creation of CDS would have given a greater say to our services in deciding their destiny but Alas Gen JJ Singh could not see things on a wider perspective and knowingly/unknowingly served the manipulative ends of our babus. Now our fate continues to be in their hands and Who cares!!

Anonymous said...

if rank pay is to be added to basic pay then for csae of majors their grade pay should be 7600 as they would come in 12750 pay band
can anybody clarify and is the same being done

Anonymous said...

While going through the civil pension rules I was stuck with para 4.2 by which all IAS IFS and IPS guys retired in the now deemed HAG will draw pension as 50 percent of the revised rates which are in the region of 75500 and as such they looked after the retired ones too.

On the other hand the same should have been done for Lt Generals by declaring them in the HAG but I do not think anything like that was done.

I am not sure and may be wrong but if this is true The Defence top brass which is effected should have raised this too

Anonymous said...

Dear brother officers'Till such time the chief/generals keep getting the governors job and enjoy all pay & perks till they die ,don't expect any improvement in the pay/perks of indian defence service officers.The IAS babus have literally bought them.You have every right to keep crying &crying & crying......till either u r exhausted r quit service and join better jobs outside.
Forget about national pride,honour,sacrifice etc as nobody is bothered about u.onthe day officers dead body comes in the name of paying respect they the day shopping/seeing movies/have a nice nap.

chacko said...

Die Hard Indian says.

Always thought Army is the best and our status was never questioned publicly, but now we sure shall be seen as second grade paid bullies who can be used by the Babus and politicians alike for their enhancement of career.

All young officers must seek PMR as their lies no hope since this has now proved the status to all and sundry.

Anonymous said...

hi allyoug guns of army
its time to put in papers
either chif should` ask for pmr and hide his face if he is incapable then he shouls say so
then we should ask for pmr.its time for decision making say good bye to forces search for greener pastures.iam doing so immidiately.
thanks 6cpc
and top brass
bye bye to uniform
god surely will save this countryas there are so many of them.but stop trusting the top brass they will sell you as they have been bought.
amen to forces

DIWAVE said...

Going through your blog, it is very interesting and informative. However, no where does it indicate any responsive action of the MOD or the three Chief's on the plight of disabled war casualties or those disabled due to terrorist action. We have been fighting for the provision of the latest Prosthesis to the disabled, a fact recommended by the VIth Pay Commission but the medical branch of the Armed forces continue to supply and fit peg leg type of Prosthesis like the ancient 303 rifles you now see with the police that have to combat terrorists. Railway passes are given to sports people with huge sums or to those killed in Afganistan or for war widows. For the war disabled there is no such concession even though promised by the governments in power during conflict. The most glaring aspect is of ABSOLUTELY no record of the WAR CASUALTIES maintained by the three services or the MOD.
If a person requires heart surgery, a pacemaker, hearing aid etc there is no dearth of funds but to provide a proper light and durable prosthesis to the war disabled or those disabled through terrorist action, there is extreme hesitation to part with funds which in comparison are chicken feed.

Disabled War Veteran 1965

bobs said...

Well, its obvious I mean the difference between Mr. Rao and Brig Mehta. Well Manmohan Singh Was a babu ,lived like a babu and will die like a babu but nevertheless I admire the man for his sincere effort to promote babudom And unfortunately Brig Mehta belongs to an org whose chiefs are... U know what ..everybody in uniforms know that ...and we cant help but hang our head in shame and slide down in ranks.

bobs said...

We do not have to look for only four or five MPs . Let us all vote for BJP . At least they have a soft corner for us. Let them come into power.Or else somebody like Mr JJ will sell us to Mr Manmohan I mean the congress to become Governor.

DIWAVE said...

Having gone through the various comments, there is no doubt but that the armed forces continue to get a raw deal. No politician in his right mind or bureaucrat will ever concede this fact. It is therefore time that the ex-servicemen take up issues to re-unite themselves in every district of the country and forget rank structure for once and create a party to govern this country. Serving personnel should fight with the authorities to be able to caste votes through postal ballet. Power will only come through the exercise of your votes. They could seek intervention of Election commission! We are already organised up to district level and with this we could move forward. We then do not need to seek left overs!

Col H N Handa

krishanlaljaspal said...


1. While there have been a lot of deliberations at various levels before finalization of the 6th Pay Commission Report, yet, there still are a few glaring disparities and anomalies which are noticed from initial perusal of the Notification of the report. These incongruities, if not addressed in time and rectified, will surely have a very detrimental effect on not only the financial standing, but also their status & thus morale of all defence personnel. A few of the major glitches in the Notification are listed in subsequent paras.
2. The three Chiefs of Defense Services have pointed out the degradation with vivid disparities in the Gde. Pay of the defense officers of the rank of Lt. Cols., Lt. Gens. and equivalent ranks of all three services, and apprised the Prime Minister, Defence Minister and Finance Minister, since it will have deplorable adverse effects during the joint operations as well as on their morale.
3. With due apology, I wish to mention that in addition to the above, there are still number of more grave and worst disparities in the cases of officers of the ranks of Majors, captains and Lieutenants, and equivalent ranks of all three services as well as trainees of these services.
4. You may kindly see that the pre-revised scales of pay of civil services officers falling in S-21, S-22, and S-23 were much less then the pay scales of Majors and equivalent ranks of all three services. Irrespective of this fact; in accordance with the 6th pa commission report notifications, the Civilian Officers of the categories mentioned ibid are given the Grade Pay of Rs. 7600/-, where as all officers of the rank of Majors and equivalent ranks of all three services have been given the Grade pay of Rs. 6600/- only.
5. Further, the Chief Nursing Officers of Para Military Services, the Principals of schools, Education Officers, Assistant Directors and Managers, whose pre-revised scales were 10000-15200; all of them have now been given the Grade Pay of Rs. 7600/-, whereas, the officers of the rank of Majors and equivalent ranks of all three services, earlier drawing much higher pay scale than them, have been given the Grade pay of Rs. 6600/- only.
6. The degradation of Defense Services Officers does not end here itself. If you peruse the VI CPC report and notifications thereto, you will see, that the ‘Vice Principals Grade I’ and Post Graduate Teachers Grade I of schools whose pre-revised scale was 8000-13200 are now given the Grade Pay of Rs. 6600/-, but in the case of the officers of the rank of Captains and equivalent ranks of all three services, whose pre-revised pay was much higher than the officials mentioned above are given Grade Pay of 6100/- only. Likewise, the pre-revised pay scale of the officers of the rank of Lieutenants and equivalent ranks of all three services was starting from Rs 8250/ which is more than the officials mentioned ibid, still, their Grade Pay is given just Rs. 5400/- only.
7. Further, it may be seen that any officers or officials of Central or State Govt. join any service in any post, they start getting their full pay and allowances from the day they join the service. Their entire service is counted for increments, promotions and retirement from the first very day, when they join service. Rather, they are paid their full pay and allowances and all other benefits of service during their training period, irrespective of duration of their training. Contrary to this, the Officers and PBOR of Defense services, they are paid just stipend only during the period of their initial training. Also, this period is not counted for giving increments, promotions and retirement. Such a big discrimination and injustice must not be done to the defense services personnel alone.
8. The 6th Pay Commission and the Govt. has very kindly recommended and accepted the prolonged and long standing/awaited demand of Military Service Pay (‘MSP’) of defense personnel. But, it is highly unjustified as to why the MSP should not be applicable w. e. f. the day the 6th pay commission report is effective. Were the soldiers not the part of defense forces and/or they have not been performing their duties since 1 Jan 2006? If they are legitimate part of defense forces and have been performing their duties since 1 Jan 2006 and the 6th Pay commission report is since effective from 1 Jan 2006, the MSP must be given to them w.e.f that very date and the arrears whatever due should be paid accordingly.
9. Further, Military Service Pay is since the Pay, it is highly illogical not to consider it to calculate dearness allowance and increments on this pay. It may be noted that the Central Govt. has agreed to pay dearness allowance on the Transport Allowance. It is surprising to note that irrespective of the Tpt. Allowance is an allowance and not the pay, the dearness allowance is permitted on it, but irrespective of the MSP is the Pay, yet, it is not considered for the purpose. Hence, the Govt. must reconsider its decision to pay dearness allowance on MSP as well as, it must be included to calculate increments on it w.e.f. 01 Jan 2006 please.
10. In view of the foregoing, an earnest appeal is made to the Prime Minister, the Defense Minister, the Finance Minister and all other authorities to do justice to the Officers and PBOR of all the three services to look into the matter judiciously, restore their status and dignity, so that the joint operations are performed effectively. Keeping in view the facts mentioned above, it is requested to give them their due as suggested below:-
(a). In the cases of Lt. Generals, Lt. Colonels and PBOR, as taken up by the Chiefs of three Defense Services.
(b). In the case of officers of the rank of Majors and equivalent ranks of all three services, the Grade pay of Rs. 7600/- be given to them.
(c). In the case of officers of the rank of Captains and equivalent ranks of all three services, the Grade pay of Rs. 6600/- be given to them.
(d). In the case of officers of the rank of Lieutenants and equivalent ranks of all three services, the Grade pay of Rs. 6100/- be given to them.
(e). And give full pay, allowances and Grade Pay to all the Officers and PBOR of Defense services during the period of their initial training as is being done in the case of other Central and State Govt. Officials as well as count this period for giving them increments, promotions and retirement.
11. If suggestions recommendations above are accepted, it is assured that it will have great impact to raise the morale of all the Defense Services Personnel and attract desired, rather better talents to join Military Services, thus huge vacancies of officers existing since long will be made up. Rather, this will prove to be in the best interest of the nation and national security.
Yours truly,

Anonymous said...


Please let me know In case of an Officer went missing and he had not completed services for 15 years and was not eligible for pension than in that case what all benefits can be extended to the family member of that officer . Please let me know whether depended children would be eligible for any medical and education assistance.

DIWAVE said...

There are many of us, Battle casualties that have still to get their War Disability pays plus DCRG from the time of invalidment though sanctioned by government but details pending from PCGDA allahabad. They are a law unto themselves. I am one waiting since 1974.
There are others invalided out after Kargil, boarded out of service but salaries/pension deducted for not serving in the Army after undergoing some courses by which they were required to serve for a number of years after undergoing the course. They are running from PS directorate to MT Directorate with no one listening!!!

Col H N Handa