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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Govt notifies new rules on travel allowance. What does it mean for Military Personnel ?


The Central Govt has notified new rules for travel entitlements. What does it mean for the defence services ?, This :-

Travel Entitlements within the Country :-

1. For Major Generals and above : Business & Club Class by Air, AC First Class by train

2. For Lt Colonels, Colonels and Brigadiers : Economy Class by Air, AC First Class by train

3. For Lieutenants, Captains and Majors : Economy Class by Air, AC II tier by train

4. For Naib Subedars, Subedars and Subedar Majors : AC II tier by train

5. For other PBOR : AC Chair Car / AC III Tier / First Class by train

International Travel :-

1. Army Commanders / Vice-Chief / Chief : First Class by Air

2. Major Generals and above : Business Class / Club Class by Air

3. All others including PBOR and officers till the rank of Brigadier : Economy Class by Air

Re-imbursement for Hotel Accommodation :-

1. For Major Generals and above : Upto Rs 5000 per day

2. For Lt Colonels, Colonels and Brigadiers : Upto Rs 3000 per day

3. For Lieutenants, Captains and Majors : Upto Rs 1500 per day

4. For Naib Subedars, Subedars and Subedar Majors : Upto Rs 500 per day

5. For other PBOR : Upto Rs 300 per day



Anonymous said...

major navdeep,

two qusetions,
Is this true for leave or only for Ty duty?

and who exactly is PRAGMATIC IN PRAGMATIC EUPHONY?you have commented on his blog and he seems on the rampage against the forces in the garb of national interest

Anonymous said...

one question major,

Certain command rules on travel often contravene the govt orders,like no flying for overnight travel on duty etc,,what is the validity of such orders and what can be done to sort the issue

Anonymous said...

dear annony...

DASH pragmatic...
dont go on his site..recommend this to all defence people..he servives on our comments...so deny him that...

Unknown said...

we need to see as to what mod says with respect to daily allowance, since we stay in officers mess on ty duty.

@anonymous at 2:17 PM it is applicable for leave as well as ty duty.

@anonymous at 2:20pm those rules always said 'the officer at his own discretion may...... all that is history now. as per 6cpc all officers can fly on leave as well as ty duty.

Anonymous said...

What about families/dependants of officers while proceeding on leave? Are they also entitled to travel by the same category or that is yet to be specified?

Unknown said...

@anonymous at 9:06PM offocurse yes. families travel with you. now pl. dont have such doubts. where in TR have you ever read that class of travel of family will be same as the officer. does that mean that when you were travelling by second ac your family needed some seperate orders to travel with you. sorry i dont mean to be preaching. fact is that have a ball which was long overdue to you.

Anonymous said...

Dear Friends. Bad news.But I hope this is wrong. It seems Babu P Chidambram has turned down the proposal to upgrade Lt Cols to PB4 today. What next? Any suggestions?

Anonymous said...

this is gross injustice n lt cols should not give up they all should fight it out. this serious anamoly was delebrately planed by baboos. now they donot want to part with it. it has become their pestige issue so time n again they r denying the right of lt cols to be shifted to higher pay band

Anonymous said...

the chiefs should not accept the notification till anomalies are removed n should continue in the old pay scale. Time 2 be taken from the govt as to how long will it take to resolve this serious anomolies.

Anonymous said...

at least in this case some izzat is restored. earlier even if the pay of lt.col was more, he was not entitled to go by air although his counterpart on the civil side with lesser pay was eligible.
The fight for parity(if not superiority) should continue on and on and on till achieved.

Anonymous said...

wht izzat? thats the hieght of contentment..thats how v r doomed..

Anonymous said...

@ ramani. I agree with the @anonymous, September 24, 2008 11:59 PM. Dont accept this injustice by resigning to your fate. Can we behave like the bank unions to fight for our demands. Certainly not. But unfortunately the civil service and PC are undermining us just because of this quality of forces. God save them the day forces adopt these bank union methods. And our Baboos are pushing us in exactly the same direction. Down with PC. Down with Sushmita Nath and other Babudom. Jai Hind.

Anonymous said...

Heres a news on The Hindu of 25 Sep 08.

Antony seeks PM’s intervention

Sandeep Dikshit

NEW DELHI: Defence Minister A. K. Antony has sought the Prime Minister’s intervention to correct the anomalies in the pay scales of armed forces personnel, who have refused to accept the Sixth Pay Commission recommendations till the defects are rectified.

Mr. Antony has approached Prime Minister Manmohan Singh after the Finance Ministry turned down the armed forces’ demand for a review of the anomalies without assigning any reason, said informed sources.

The sources pointed out that the armed forces are so upset over the downgrading of certain key posts vis-À-vis their civilian counterparts that for the first time they are not implementing the revised pay scales recommended by a pay panel.

The salaries of all armed forces personnel for this month will be as per the previous pay panel’s recommendations, they said.

Mr. Antony, the sources said, was compelled to write to the Prime Minister after his missive of September 16 to the Finance Ministry did not elicit a satisfactory response. The Defence Minister on Tuesday said the services’ point of view was being examined by the government.

This is not the first request to the Prime Minister from the Defence Ministry. Earlier this month, Navy Chief and Chairman of the Chiefs of Staff Committee, Admiral Sureesh Mehta, wrote to Dr. Singh about lowering of the status of defence officers and men. This was preceded by a letter from the Chief of the Army Staff, Gen. Deepak Kapoor, to the President and ‘Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces,’ Pratibha Patil, raising the same issue.

The letters to the Prime Minister and the President reflect their disappointment with the bureaucratic mechanism to satisfactorily resolve the grievances of the armed forces personnel, said another source. “We are not going to settle for another committee comprising civilian officers. The government had set up a review committee of officers but they did not do anything. So we thought it was better to approach the political leadership directly,” he explained.

The armed forces want the resolution of four core issues but they are specifically agitated over the lower pay and downgrading in the warrant of precedence of Lieutenant Colonels (and equivalent), considered the backbone of the armed forces, and Higher Administrative Grade (HAG) plus for all Lieutenant Generals (and their equivalent in the other two services).

Anonymous said...

Dear Brother officers,
Pragmatic blogger , a cut and paste specialist, is bent upon tarnishing our image and causing a rift in the ranks.He relies on the US journal for the armed forces to copy and paste serious and brilliant looking ideas!Try the following link.Join hands to shut his mouth.

Anonymous said...

@anonymous 24sep 11.59pm and sep25 9.40am,
My dear friends,
you have missed out the second part of my statement wherein I have said that "we must carry on the fight on and on and on till we achieve our goal".
We are lucky to have such supportive chiefs and defence minister.

Anonymous said...

Dear Pragmatic
After going through your posts in the recent past,it is not difficult to zero on to your identity.A few possiblities are listed below.Now,own up and tell me how correct are my guesses (this will help me in selecting detective services as my second carrier).
(a) As I have said in my earlier comment you seem to be an ISI agent working to sabotage the only functional organisation of the country.
(b)You are part of an internal conspiracy of launching multi pronged attack on Armed Forces with an intent to defame it.
(c)You are a case of attention deficit personality.
If none of my above guesses are correct then will you mind answering my following questions to enable me to establish your correct identity.
(a)What do you do for your living? It appears that you are on someones pay roll for running this compaign.
(b)What made you to select Defence Forces as a target for your so called reforms,when the entire civil set up is in shambles and has failed on all fronts.
(c) What qualification do you have with regards to matters military.
To hide our own incompetence,we tend to question the competence of other.This is a psycological manifestation of deep rooted inferiority complex.You may like to look up a psycologist for evaluation .
If all above is untrue then you are indulging in a very dangerous game and the common man of this country will not pardon you.
Stop for a while and ponder before you again feel an irresistable urge to show your intellectual acumen.

Anonymous said...

Hi, just for every ones info, Relaxation has been permitted for travel by Air from place of posting / nearest airport to anywhere in NER under LTC (TR177A) in lieu of home town, upto Jun 2010. GOI Letter is also posted on the CDA(O) website. I wonder if a
similar concession is still available for Andaman & Nicobar? Can anyone please provide the relevant auth in this regard, and also such other concessions which are currently in vogue

Anonymous said...

can u please post the proof of the same ( connected documents)

Anonymous said...

The three-member ministerial committee to look into grievances of the Armed Forces met for a round of discussions on Wednesday afternoon, but the matter remained inconclusive even as the deadline for a final report on the issue is approaching fast.

Sources said several permutations and combinations are being worked out, but more meetings would be required before a final decision can be taken on the matter. The committee, headed by External Affairs Minister Mr. Pranab Mukherjee, met on Wednesday even as hectic rounds of consultations are on with the Armed Forces and other services.

The committee, set up by the Prime Minister, was given a deadline to prepare a final report for the Cabinet by the end of this month. The last round of consultations with the armed forces took place on Monday when the Chairman Chiefs of Staff Committee, Admiral Sureesh Mehta met the ministers.

While the committee is leant to have agreed to the demand for restoring the pension given to Personnel Below Officers Rank (PBOR), discussions were on to resolve the other three issues put forward by the Armed Forces.

On the demand of moving Lt Gen and equivalent officers to the HAG plus pay band, solutions being worked out included a further categorisation of the officers to accommodate a proportion of them in the highest pay band.

The most contentious issue remains the demand to move Lieutenant Colonel level officers to Pay Band 4 in order to give them parity with their civilian counterparts. While the Armed Forces have dug in tight with the demand of moving Lieutenant Colonels and their equivalents be placed in Pay Band 4 (Rs 37,400-67,000) instead of the present Pay Band 3 (Rs 15,600-39,100), paramilitary forces and the MEA are insisting that changes will result in administrative problems. A solution under discussion is the creation of a new category in the Pay Band 4 to accommodate Lt Cols and give them parity with civilian counterparts without altering the monetary edge of non-defence services officers.

Source: The Indian Express (30-10-08)


With DA now crossing 51% , will the flying allowance and kit allowance will be increased by 25% since as per recomendation of 6th cpc, all those allowances which donot attract DA, will be increased by 25% once DA crosses the lakshman rekha of 50%

Anonymous said...

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