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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

See it here first : Sixth Pay Commission approval orders / resolution / notification for PENSIONERS

See it here first, the complete govt notification / resolution on acceptance of the Sixth Pay Commission Report on Pensioners AND the notification / Office Memorandum for pre 01-01-2006 (Pre 6th CPC) retirees.

These notifications are in pdf format and are applicable to civil pensioners. The modalities of defence pensions are more or less the same and separate orders shall be issued by the Ministry of Defence for defence pensioners. There should now be no mystery over pension since these notifications contain detailed tables articulating the new pension admissible. These tables are applicable to defence pensioners too and the only thing that remains to be seen is whether a fitment of the newly introduced MSP is to be taken into account while calculating the pensions of past pensioners.

Click here to see the resolution / notification of Approval of 6th CPC Pensionary Benefits

Click here to see the notification / Office Memorandum of Approval of Pensionary Benefits of pre – 01-01-2006 (Pre 6th CPC) retirees

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Anonymous said...

If the MSP is not added it would be discriminatory between pre 2006civilina & defence pensioners & should be challeneged in court of law.
When serving personnel will get DA & pension on MSP , it should not be even termed as an allowance & should be termed as pay
The pre 2006 pensioners will lose a large amount of money if MSP is not taken into account
It is also surprising that Service hqs have not taken up this issue

Anonymous said...

pl ref 143.14 of 5CPC recommendations 1n 1996.

"The primary task of our army is to defend our territorial integrity against external aggressions and war and to remain ever prepared to meet any eventuality of war or external aggression. The current trend (1996) indicates that army has been increasingly involved in internal security duties which has not only put avoidable strain but is also affecting the ethos and morale of its personnel.We strongly feel that though the Army should be available,it should not be routinely involved in internal security problems,the primary responsibility of which is that of Ministry of Home Affairs".
Let us have a look back at Army's deployment in IS duties and Disaster Management.
Army is routinely involved in IS Duties in J&K and NorthEast. An army personnel spends on an average approx 50% of his service life in these duties.
This time should have been devoted for war preparedness.Mind you the preparedness for a war(which army calls as war exercise) takes almost the same energy and spirit as that of a war.
Earthquakes, Floods, famine, drought, law and order situations in states(too large in numbers to name them), curfew in states, children falling into bore wells.. wherever and whenever the nation felt helplessness, ARMY was there to provide the needful. A call of duty much beyond what is their primary role.The IS duties in J&K which started in last eighties and which 5CPC recommended to put an end/avoid is now beyond reversion. Did we ever hear Army complaining that it is not its routine duty..but only on exceptional conditions.. Why do the state and central mechanisms collapse so fast and army is called to control the situation so regularly?. Haven't the civil community got used to a thought that these are ACTUALLY ARMY'S DUTIES?
gentlemen pl think.. now the time has deteriorated to such an extend that Army is requesting us all not to humiliate it.. leave alone respecting it..
Jai Hind..

Anonymous said...

Dear entertainment i do agree to you about the task of army that is mentioned by you but it is not true in todays context.The army should itself take initiative in internal agressions or calamity. otherwise If we are not fighting then whats wrong in taking part in rescue activities, security problems. Atleast We have to be answerable to the salaries that we are taking.Now You also very well know .. abt What we do in our daily routines . only saluting and supporting the bureaucaracy of our so called colonels ..

This whole army setup is humilating now any way war situations has changed drastically All our neighbours are nuclear capable so forget anything about direct engagement.and why at all we are 12Lk something in strength when these days one hitech soldier is capable to perform duties of 50 soldiers ( but dont ask him to do personal household /domestic help to his major/brigadier/colonel)

jai hind

Anonymous said...

We all are blaming the netas and the babus for the unjustice, but i feel that only babus are responsible for our fate. Is their any neta who can understand what the babus are presenting to them in the form of long drafts and reports. When their is no representative of armed forces in the pay commission then how can u expect justice. My question is we dont have representative of defence forces in pay commission, but why they were not there in the anomalies committee.
Also lets not forget that the PM and FM are ex babus!. how can they betray their ex class. One of my basic question is that the implimentation process is carried out by the babus, It is similar to a judge giving judgement on his own case. Its high time Govt outsources the whole process to independent body. A third person can only find fault in a system. Why cant the Government of India take an independent view on the anomalies. The justice should prevail and for this the Government should take steps not to fall prey to the designs of the babus. If you want to know if their is any hand of netas in the 6CPC then find out how much time the netas have spent on discussing the report. The whole process of implimentation of the pay commission cannot be non transparent. The netas have to depend totally on babus for the whole process then how can you expect justice.