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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Illegal badges of rank being worn by junior IPS officers of the J&K cadre : Home Ministry takes action

Regular visitors would recall this blogpost of 10 January 2011 wherein it was pointed out as to how officers of the Senior Time Scale (Grade Pay Rs 6600) posted as district police chiefs (SSPs) in the state of J&K were wearing the ‘State Emblem with Two Stars’ with blue gorget patches on their collars which was in contradiction to the IPS Uniform Rules. The military counterparts of such officers (Majors) and also their IPS batchmates in other states are wearing the State Emblem alone. This illegal action was being allowed to flourish by the State Govt ostensibly to ‘boost the morale’ of such young officers and to ‘aid’ their interaction with senior Army officers and those of the CAPFs.

I had taken up the issue at the highest levels of the Home Ministry and have now been apprised that the MHA has already invited the attention of the J&K Govt on the subject and has directed the Chief Secretary of J&K to take action in this regard and ensure that the rules are followed in letter and spirit. It may be recalled that the MHA had earlier confirmed that no such permission had been granted to officers of J&K to wear higher badges of rank than the ones actually admissible under the rules.

The MHA surely deserves kudos for taking a swift and immediate corrective action on the subject when pointed out the above incongruity.


Pokar Ram said...

Dear sir,
You deserve the kudos for taking up the matter with MHA.Though it was supposed to be taken up by Army authorities.

Brig(Retired) VK Sharma,VSM said...

Maj Navdeep, my heartiest compliments to you for getting this anamoly rectified. Having served by choice in valley from 1998 to 2006 (in one stretch) one was faced with numerous embarrassing situations of the nature pointed out by you. The worst was some Corps Commanders(do not want to name them) expected a Brigade Commander to interact with the SHOs of Thanas on daily basis. At times our seniors are also to blame in lowering the status of our officers,JCOs and OR.

Anonymous said...

When approached correctly, the government takes proper action. Unfortunately, the military in many cases is unaware of how to push cases through.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep

You have managed it thru your sincere efforts. MHA should actually monitor such glaring anamolies and rectify them in time.By the way when I was in Mumbai long time back the BEST bus conductors used to wear similar color dress as IAF blue and Navy blue working dress ,with similr looking stripes for diffrent ranks.Nothing happened then. Unlikely that they would have changed it even today.

Not connected with the topic.
What progress on BB case. Some response was expected within 2-3 months from begning of April 11.Could you kindly give progress on chatroll.
Thanks in advance


Anonymous said...

it is the other way round in the army.offrs are being pushed and told to liase with civ dept officials at patwari and nb tehsildar/sho levels for land cases ,mact cases etc.the staff at hqs have no compunction in detailing the units and setting own timelines for which our civilian counterparts have no regards. but for which the unit offrs are harassed

Anonymous said...

ACTIONS do speak louder than words Navdeep.
Great approach!
Keep it up!!!!

JB Singh said...

Great work.
We should design a new layout for representing ranks and then, by law, prevent anybody from copying it. Like what has happened for our camo's.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Major Navdeep from a pretty long leave. Good to see another good NEWS welcoming you again to an active life of Yours supporting the JUST and the RIGHT.

Anonymous said...

Dear Major Navdeep,

The continuous down-slide of the Armed Forces has been prevented by your relentless and selfless effort. Thank you so much.


rsrawat47 said...

In the on-going grilling of the Murdochs in the NOTW case have we noticed the distinct uniform & Badges of Rank worn by the Police Chief?
Brig RS Rawat

Anonymous said...

May I know if it is correct for a Brigadier to attend meetings org by DC in J&K?

Danny Misra said...

Very interesting read.
I would like to know if the "advice" tendered to the Govt of J&K by the Home Ministry at the Centre, had the desired effect?
Has an independent survey/check corroborated that indeed, the practice of self-elevation of rank badges to boost the "morale' of the lower ranking officers has come to a stop? I have very serious doubts.
The matter rests as it was. Status quo ante goes on unchecked, for want of any follow up by any responsible authority.
Brig(Retd) D C Misra

Anonymous said...

Sir ,Is there any ruling for the wards of defense pers for getting domicile for education purpose of the state they belong to .I am from chattigarh and am struggling for the same,as my child has not studied in chattisgarh obviously due to my postings.
Please advise what to do???I am sure lot of my brother offrs and OR are facing the same problem....Any one any solution please share

Anonymous said...

The edge in the Defence Forces pay scales for their officers is on account of the Special Disturbance Allowance. Otherwise, the established relativity of the posts of Major General and Brigadier is with SAG and DIG pay scales of civilians/police forces respectively. This has been explicitly mentioned in the third CPC and carried forward by 4th, 5th and 6th CPC. So a DIG of Police is indeed of same rank as a Brigadier in the Army and an IGP is at par with a Major General. Thus they wear same badges on shoulder.
Someone earlier
It is extremely derogatory and unprofessional for a brother officer to mock his counterpart in Police and consider him anyway lower than him. Police is as important to the nation as army.