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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

List of military allowances hiked by 25 % (Flying Allowance included)

The latest list of military allowances that have been increased by 25% consequent to the DA being revised to 51% w.e.f 01 Jan 2011, can be accessed by clicking here.

As enquired by many officers on this blog, Yes, the flying allowance has also been increased by 25% w.e.f the beginning of the current year.

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Anonymous said...

thank you maj navdeep for keeping us updated specially when we are in ci/fd area.

Cdr Nair said...

Thank you for the information.will the family Planning allowance go up by 25%?

BeeBlaa said...

What about 50% DA Merging in Basic pension as DP?

Anonymous said...

How come two most imp allces and which affect the max people incl Tpt allce and HRA have not been increased. Infact the reason of increase in DA to curren levels is increasing inflation which has the mos direct relation with increased fuel prices..

B P Singh Maidh said...

Suvigya software-hosted vsf web

Government of India has taken a number of decisions to improve the benefits of defence pensioners.
The most recent improvements are implementation of the 6th Central Pay Commission Report and
further improvements as per Cabinet Secretary Committee’s Report.

2. In order to enable Defence pensioners to know their correct entitlement as a result of various Govt. orders, the Controller General of Defence Accounts (CGDA) has developed a software called
“Suvigya”. This software requires some minimum inputs to be provided about the pensioner (e.g.
date of discharge! retirement, rank / group, qualifying service, date of birth, initial pension etc.). On the basis of this information, “Suvigya” shows the changes in pension as a result of different revisions and the latest pension entitlements. The software also provides for taking print-out of the result.

3. “Suvigya” software has been installed in the offices of Rajya I Zila Sainik Boards and Defence
Pension Disbursement Offices (DPDOs) in a phased manner. Defence pensioners can approach any of these offices (irrespective of where they reside or the agency from which they draw their pension) to know their correct entitlements through “Suvigya”. In case they are not being paid their pension as per entitlement, they may take up the matter with their Pension Disbursing Agencies

Sunny said...

Is it just a morale booster or a feel good factor. For Example All Galantry awardees, particularly the Kirti and Shaurya Chakra awardees may be feeling too delighted to avail the facilities of Rajdhani/Shatabdi Ex.
Limit your happiness since Railways have computerised the availability of seat for pass holders. Which means that a seperate Waitlist in the form of DPWL/1 or DPWL/12 is reflected in the ticket and your Number will come only if there is no wait list in the general class. In another term, the benefit is just a fun or feel good factor. Even if seats are available in the general quota you will be isuued with DPWL.
Happy journey in Rajdhani/Shatabdi.
Somebody please tell the railways.

Anonymous said...

Can anybody tell me, when is the claim for encashment of Annual leave gets time barred? Recently CDA has rejected one supplementary claim for inclusion of DA with EL, done within 3 months of original claim for EL encashment with only BASIC into consideration.I thought atleast one year is supposed to pass by before you time bar one claim.

SK Prakash said...

What happened to the MSP payment case wef 01 Jan 06

Anonymous said...

I want to salute maj navdeep for this act of welfare for army spl for pbors. keep enlight them,They'll definitely serve the nation with some extra courage
thak u sir
Sub goswami

Ram chintala said...

Dear Major Sir,

Mother of CPL Satish,Thank you so much for the important information abt sixth pay commision ordinary family pension claims of parents of unmarried personnel who die due to causes declared neither attributable to, nor aggravated by military service.

God bless you.

Mother of CPL satish