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Saturday, July 9, 2011

SC recalls order on constitution of Armed Forces Grievances Redressal Commission

Visitors would recall this blogpost of 13 February 2011 wherein it had been pointed out that the Govt had apprised the Hon’ble SC of steps being taken by it to alleviate the problems of veterans. This was in the ongoing petition in which orders had been passed for constitution of the Armed Forces Grievances Redressal Commission thereby hinting to the Court that the said commission was not required.

In the same very case, the SC has now recalled the directions for constitution of the AFGRC.

The relevant part of the latest order of the SC is reproduced below :

“Learned Solicitor General has also submitted that for looking after the welfare of the ex-servicemen a scheme has been put in place by the Union of India, which has been setout in great detail in the application filed in this Court by the Union of India. Under that scheme nodal officers have been posted all through the country and there are special schemes which have been introduced for the purposes of medical benefits and re-settlement of ex-servicemen. In view of the above, we recall the Order dated 15.11.2010 passed by this Court. The Writ Petition is disposed of accordingly.”


Anonymous said...

Let us just hope for best. Surprised that the Hon'ble SC has accepted the contention of the Government after all the turnarounds by the Government on their directions/decisions not only for Defence Services related issued but other issues as well. All the best to all.

Harry said...

RIP 'Still born' AFGRC! :(

Anonymous said...

The veterans are at the receiving end of what is being dispensed by the govt and the various agencies dealing with veteran welfare.The question is whether what is being dispensed by these agencies is adequate or not.Take the case of the Dept of Exservicemen Welfare under the MoD. It is exclusively manned by babus alone.No serviceman or veteran included in it.What insight do the babus have on the problems faced by the veterans? Thus,agencies and mechanisms maybe existing, but are they delivering?Perhaps, this aspect was not highlighted before the Honble Court.The Redressal Commission,if constituted, Would have been able to address the present shortcomings.Now, that opportunity has been lost for ever.

Dhoop said...

And for those interested, the full text of the order can be read here.

corona8 said...

@Anonymous July9:"Surprised that the Hon'ble SC has accepted the contention"
The UOI filed an affidavit, based on which the Hon'ble Supreme Court delivered the judgement. So there is no issue regarding the correctness of the legal process. If there had been anything incorrect in the Affidavit, the opposing counsel would have surely raised the matter. In case there's any wrong or false submission in an affidavit, the consequences for the deponent(s) would not be light. Perhaps Maj Navdeep can be of guidance in the matter.

Anil bali said...

Update Rank Pay Case: 11 July 2011

The case came up for hearing today in the court of Justice Aftab Alam & Justice RM Lodha. In the absence of the Solicitor General, since he has put up his resignation, UOI sought fresh date. However Mr Harish Salve appearing for the RDOA and others explained to the court the wrongful deduction of the rank pay in contravention to the recommendations of the IVCPC. The example given by the UOI in its affadivit as asked by the court was argued threadbare and the wrongful deduction was exposed to the court. The point was taken note of by the court.The next date of hearing has been scheduled after 15 days.

dattatreyahg said...

Redressal Commission was anyway a recommendatory body. We have seen how recommendations of various Commissions starting from Shaw Commission have been acted upon by Govt!!. So nothing is lost . But imagine how ingeniously Govt.has succeeded in adding to its already bursting flab by way of nodal officers,instead of asking for an explanation from the various depts,why so many grievances have been allowed to accumulate for so many years, even in the face of various pronouncements of the Supreme court and other courts. Past inactions/wrong actions must be dealt with firmly and quickly if Govt is really serious about correcting injustice meted out to defence personnel over decades.

Dhoop said...

The matter has belatedly caught the attention of the press

dattatreyahg said...

I read Press coverage mentioned by Dhoop(19 July).It is unpardonable if Pushpavanti has quoted wrong figures on affidavit and that needs to be dealt with sternly. As regards Govt contention that a mechanism exists for looking into grievances of defence personnel, Govt must take all concerned into confidence by publishing various grievances(with Dates),redressals(with Dates) and those still pending (with Dates) and reasons thereof. RANK PAY case dating back to 4th Pay commission (effective from 1986)still begs answers,just to mention ONE example. A welfare mechanism should be proactive; there should be no room for lethargy/procrastination/indifference/arrogance/thrill of litigation. Publication of details as mentioned above will help every one including the general public to know how the "welfare mechanism" has worked over long years.It also helps in projecting their good work where it exists.

Anonymous said...

Our press and the Netas got to learn from USA. The only institution which is left to keep country united is also being demoralised and consequences will be bad. Our Netas need to come to USA go to Arlington cemetary in Washington should see for themselves how the veterans who died in various wars are cremated and respected as they served , saved liberty of population and nation is too grateful to veterans and soldiers. Where are we as a nation ?

Bill Tak

Anonymous said...

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Aparna V Sutar
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