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Sunday, July 17, 2011

The concept of Area Welfare Officers (AWOs), were you aware of it ?

The central govt has in place a progressive concept called the AWO scheme.

These are officers of the central govt who are tasked with looking after the welfare of central govt employees and their families in designated areas.

More on the concept can be read by perusing this circular issued by the DoPT.

An interesting concept which can prove to be quite beneficial if implemented and executed prudently.


Anonymous said...

sounds appealing !

sl said...

This is useful information. Incidentally, one hopes this is not what had been submitted to the Hon'ble Supreme Court in the UOI affidavit and quoted in the court order as "Under that scheme nodal officers have been posted all through the country and there are special schemes which have been introduced for the purposes of medical benefits and re-settlement of ex-servicemen".
Incidentally, a number of very valuable links provided in these blog posts were missed altogether by readers to whom I had referred the posts.
Just a suggestion, but it might be of use if the hyperlinks are coloured differently through the 'Design' tab on the Blog dashboard page.

Arun Mishra said...

If anyone who should take offense to the official press release of the MOD regarding Supreme Court recalling its order on Armed Forces Grievances Redressal Commission, it should be supreme court judges who first gave the order and then recalled it,as the MOD release clearly shows them in poor light as a gullable lot who, as peer the pres release, did not apply their mind fully to the issue and failed to go into the details of the case.The press release is work of a short sighted fool.No right thinking man will buy it. It even does not show MOD in good light.
Brig Arun Mishra (Retd)