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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Juniors getting more pay than seniors : method of resolution

After the 6th CPC, there have been instances wherein many juniors are in receipt of more pay than their seniors.

While the above is impermissible under service jurisprudence since juniors cannot be paid more than seniors, the PCDA(O) has now advised such officers to take up such instances with their office through the MS Branch (and not directly) with full comparative particulars.

A small flash on the subject is available on the official website of PCDA(O) and a circular on the subject (though pertaining to the 4th CPC) can be accessed by clicking here.

The above is only applicable to those who are in service or those who retired after 01-01-2006.


Anonymous said...

Hello everyone,
Well, the correct thing would be that the pay of the senior officer should be automatically enhanced by the PCDA (O) in all such cases. The data is available with them as to who is drawing how much pay. I really do not understand this business of the senior officer himself finding out and taking up case on such issues. Is senior officer required to peep through the statement of accounts of his juniors? Or, is it just based on luck that a senior officer may find out that somebody junior to him is drawing more pay? Then, even if you inform the PCDA (O), this issue of 'from same arm/service' is not understood. Just because, some junior officer of say infantry is drawing more pay, is it not applicable to senior officer of say artillery ? While this 'from same cadre' business, may be applicable in civil, in army, we are all in the same boat and under no circumstances, a junior army officer should logically be drawing more pay than a senior officer (other than related to issue of promotion i.e. if senior is promoted later and such very few issues known and understood by all, till NFFU is made applicable to army). While the letter linked in the post talks of the same 'cadre', how it is being interpreted by the PCDA(O) in terms of 'same arm/service'. I hope, MS branch and AG's branch will find a solution to this existing practice and evolve a solution under which the PCDA(O) be made accountable for such issues.
And, in any way, how much does a software programme cost to list out basic pay and seniority of all the officers of army at PCDA(O)? Peanuts, in my view.

Anonymous said...

Read it somewhere. Can someone please authenticate??

1. all officers of 1989 batch organized group “ A” services including IDSE(MES) &BRES(BORDER ROAD ENGINEER SERVICE-GREF CIV OFFICERS),INDIAN ORDINANCE FACTORY SERVICE granted grade pay of rs 10,000/- and 1995 batch grade pay of director ie grade pay of RS 8700/-- .
2. as against this army officers col selection grade get 8700?_/- grade pay after selection at 16-18 years service & colonel time scale at 26 years service.only 1.5% officers get to rank of major general at 33 years service.
3. food for thought-why so?
4. answer – because armed forces officers & central armed police forces officers do not come in organized group “ A” service.
5. what is organized group “A “ service?
6. the highest cadre post in such a service in india is not below the level of 37400-67000, plus grade pay of 10000(sag) and all entry is through upsc and graduate entry.lateral entry from class ii gazetted officers through limited departmental exam conducted by upsc
7. in indian army officers non-graduates class iv/class iii persons are also promoted to officer rank through entries like sl & rco etc. army doctors and mns officers are not selected by upsc exams.these kind of entries make army officers inelegible for being considered as group a officers.

Bala said...

it is only notion and practice in minds of services. a sort of narrow outlook. yeah, a person an officer or any other person with more service than a senior in rank,say with 2o to 30 yrs compared to 15 to 18 yrs can get higher basic pay .a senior can get higher grade pay only -AF and not necessarily in basic pay.that is the way of world.violation of that universal practice in AF is genesis of present down gradation and degradation.AF lowered the pays of lower rks just to keep pay of higher rks at higher level. in the processes higher ranks lost parity of pay with civil service equivalents.

Anonymous said...

It is surprising that after all these years, PCDA(O) has refereed to some letter of 90s vintage asking officers to refer their grievances to MS branch. I have never understood this concept of a senior officer finding out which junior is getting paid more than him> Is he supposed to act as a detective to find out the pay of his juniors? Will it not be better to make PCDA(O) responsible for automatic enhancement of pay in all such cases? How much a computerised system cost to list out basic pay and seniority of all army officers? Peanuts ; So why it is not being done? I have also not understood this concept of 'same arm/service'. I think the letter brings out 'officer of same cadre' which means the army. How an officer of say infantry draw more basic pay than that of officer of say artillery with same seniority (other than cases of late promotion and other known reasons). In my view, this is a negative interpretation of the rule by PCDA(O).

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep, Pls break ur much awaited silence on col ts at 18/20. At least write so far what u have gathered on this issue.Many of us are eagerly waiting to hear it from ur pen and also about NFFU FOR ARMY HAS SOMEBODY TACKEN UP A CASE ON THIS WE ALL WILL BE GREATFUL.

Pokar Ram said...

Although this is not linked to the subject at hand, but how is it that the MOD Letter No. I7(4)/08(2)/D(PenPolicy)dated 18 Aug 2010 clarifying that the pension of post 2006 retirees could be lower than that of pre 2006 retirees has missed your comments/scrutiny.

Anonymous said...

CDA(o) must not pass their responsibility to affected officers /AHQ etc.
They have the capability but lack will to do it.

m s khurana said...

Poker Ram Sir,
The revision of pension in respect of post 2006 retirees, as per para 4
of Govt of India MOD letter no 17(4)/08(2)/D(PEn Policy) dt 18 Aug 10. The pension sanctioning authorities will recalculate pension in terms of orders as per ibid letter and will suo-moto issue corri PPOs.

A Sunder Rajan said...

There is a special Army order on Juniors getting more salary than seniors. It was brought out after 5th PC, it should still be valid. It is SAO 2/S/98
Col A S Rajan(IC 31132P)

Pokar Ram said...

Dear Sunder Rajan
@ August 10, 2011 10:37 AM
Junior getting more has been sorted out vide PCDA(P), Allahabad circular 453 dt 22 feb 2011

Anonymous said...

Sir, Lots of Ex.serviceman have put their comments on Maj Navdeep's blog, seeking clarification on reverse discrimination in pension of post 2006 retired defence personnel. But,it appears that either Maj Navdeep does not know the present status or he does not want to reply the qurries on the subject.