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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Modalities for grant of monetary allowance related to gallantry awards

Certain queries are time and again raised with respect to gallantry awards, the most common being as to whether the allowance is admissible to heirs on the death of the awardee. Some of the answers to these oft-repeated queries are :-

A. On death of a recipient, the allowance is transferred to the widow.

B. The widow is entitled to receive the allowance till death or re-marriage. The amount however continues to be paid to a widow who remarries the brother of her late husband.

C. In case of a posthumous award to a bachelor, the allowance is payable to father or mother.

D. In case of an awardee being a widower or widow, the amount is to be paid to children below 18 years or unmarried daughters.

E. DA is not admissible on the allowance.


Anonymous said...

All awards ,pensions etc must continue to be paid to any widow (er)
even after remarriage to any one.
Why it is only paid if a widow remarriages to the real brother of her late husband ?
The rules need to be mended as soon as possible.
The gender bais also need to be removed.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

A very small question. If the awards are so valued then why the honorium or award money is taxed.

It has further implications. While the award money would never add up to the toatla income of a JCO or an OR. for an officer it will alaways form part of the Toatl Income.

Why are Armed Forces officers so badly desciminated by the G O I.