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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Q & A (3)

Readers may send in their Questions through email for a Q & A session with ‘Q&A’ as the subject. For rules, please read this post.

Is there any private bank in India where a retired officer can open a Pension account? (Col Malhotra)

Yes, one can open both pay and pension accounts in private banks. Gone are the days of monopoly of nationalised banks in this regard.

This is in reference to your RTI application filed for Travel Pass to SM (Gallantry). What is the Railway Ministry’s take on this ? (ABC)

Ms Mamata Banerjee has been apprised of the issue. The Services have also taken up the same with the Railway Ministry. Will update you on the outcome.

When the arrears of the sixth Pay commission were given, all those promoted between 01 Jan 06 and 31 Aug 08 were given 2 options. Option 1 fixes the increment from 01 Jul and Option 2 fixes the increment from the date of promotion. However, on exercise of Option 2, the arrears are not being given from 01 Jan 06 to the date of promotion when the new pay is fixed. This is not understood since all those who have got their promotion after Sep 08 are exercising Option 2 and have also got the full arrears of the previous rank. Is this being followed in the other central govt organisations also, or is this discriminatory interpretation only for the Armed Forces? (Wg Cdr AR)

The same is the case with all central govt employees.

Can a Gallantry Award Holder get the annual annuity grant from his present State (UP) if he had initially received a lump sum grant for the same from another state earlier (Haryana) in 1973 and not received any annual annuity grant from any state so far. (XYZ)

Though it is upto the State to follow a policy in this regard, logically you can avail the benefit from only one State.

Is the inclusion of disabled sibling in the definition of ‘family’ applicable only to family pension or does it apply for medical treatment, Form D and warrants, LTC etc too ? (Col R K Singh)

It is only applicable for ‘family pension’ as of now.

Are armed forces personnel exempted from paying ‘Parking Fees’ also as is the case with payment of toll taxes on highways?

Now don’t take it too far :-) You are very well supposed to pay parking fee as any other law abiding citizen of the country. The toll exemption law is to cater for frequent movements of defence personnel and their families all over the country and is supported by a legislative Act. It is not a sop or a benefit.


Unknown said...

Dear Wg Cdr AR, if you have opted for fixation of pay from the date of promotion, then you continue in the 5 cpc scales till your date of promotion, therefore there is no question of any arrears. however, your basic pay will be fixed at 38 something as against 37400 for others. if you have any further doubts pl. mail me.

AJI said...

@ Navdeep

Regarding Private Banks - my question was how to go about converting pension acct from Public Bank to a Private Bank. I am based abroad so help about how to go about it will be most helpful.

Please give the details

Thanks in anticipation

Praveen Sharma said...

Hi Navdeep,

I took PMR wef 20 Jul 2006 as selection grade Lt Col and PB4 is applicable in my case. I am not too clear of what arrears I should get. Some friends are telling me that I should get these in tune of 15- 20 Lakh. Can I request you to help educating me on arears of pay & pension separately.


PS said...

Parking Fee doubt was too gud ;) .. Thnx Maj Navdeep.. u even answered that .. :D

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep,

May I request u to put up some details with respect to automatic upgradation of the same seniority gp A offrs after 2 yrs. The benefit has been extended wef 01 january 2006, implying lot of arrears on this account in addition to normal arrears. Also, why is it that only MSP for def offrs is not wef 01 January 06 when such a benefit as automatic upgradation which has happened much after the pay commission implementation have got implemented wef 01 january 06 for civ gp A offrs. Also if we take arrears on this acct into consideration and the monthly increase which all gp A service offrs will get, it will work out to more than the much talked about MSP. MSP arrears were denied based on the statement that it is new kind of pay. For civ offrs, even grade pay is new pay why the arrears have been paid to them. We had rank pay earlier and civ offrs did not have any such thing.

I would request u to put a post on this issue please.

Anonymous said...


Please let us know the pocess for opening pension account in private bank

Anonymous said...

Anony 0731pm/sep 15 u have a point.
there are many issues which need to be resolved at the earliest:

-NFFU in line with civilians
-arrears on MSP
-time scale rank till Maj Gen
-non inclusion of rank pay in
basic pay in SPC
-Uniform retirement age
the list is end less.

I heard on one side army is asking at least give us Col TS at 19 and increase the retirement age for all by 2 yrs for those retiring below 58. Lets wait.

Anonymous said...

My query is that it is not understood as to why on selection of option 2, arrears are not payable till the date of promotion.
All those promoted after Sep 08 have got full arrears as per 6th PC and can still opt for option 2 without any recovery being taken of the arrears.eg,those promoted in Dec 08 have got full arrears from 01 Jan06 to 31 Aug 08 and can also opt for option 2 from Dec 08 thus getting fixed in a higher pay bracket as compared to those promoted in Jun 08. Could you please clarify? Thanks.
Wg Cdr AR

Unknown said...

dear Wg cdr AR, option 2 states that you choose to continue in 5 cpc scales till your date of promotion to cdr/wg cdr/lt col. due to this your fixation would be one increment above 37400 on your date of promotion. this would be most beneficial to officers promoted between jan 06 and jul 06. the officers that you are talking about would have shifted to pb3 as on 01 jan 06 and shifted to pb4 after their promotion. they would have got fixed at 37400. if you have any further doubts pl. call me on 9869086616.

Anonymous said...

@ Anon

2 yr extension is an absolute baseless contention. Also so many times it has been confirmed that Col TS @ 19 yrs has no basis so no point raising such issues again and again

If there is something surely Navdeep would have put it up, so let us be realistic

Anonymous said...


You have not responded with the details for transferring a pension account in a Private Bank. Please at least let us know if you do not have the info so then we can try from other sources...

Anonymous said...

@ Navdeep,

It's rather unfortunate that the Chat box had to be closed down.So I have no option but to put my query here in Q & A post.

Well, A Retd. Wg Cdr here lost his life in an accident here last year.He was 64 at that time & he had retired in 1996.
My question is, whether his wife is eligible for enhanced family pension since she is not getting the same as of now.
Also, till what age will she get the enhanced family pension, if eligible.Will it be 65 or 67 ?

Anonymous said...

RK, Sir pl answer my query....I was promoted to Lt Col in Dec 07,what is the option suitable for us?in case i havent ex any option,will CDA auto grant me a beneficial one?