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Monday, September 28, 2009

Q & A (4)

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Can information be sought from Army Welfare Housing Organisation (AWHO) under RTI act? If the answer is in affirmative, then whom is the application to be addressed ? There are no details about PIO on their website. (Ardy)

No, the Central Information Commission has already held that AWHO is not under the purview of the RTI Act.

Previous Rail Minister Laloo ji during his last budget speech had announced travel concession also on Rajdhani / Shatabadi trains for the holders of Gallantry Awards Railway Passes, however the DRM Offices have not yet received any official communication to this effect. Can you give us some update. (Lt Col Choudhary)

You may seek status of the same from the Railway Board under the RTI Act.

None of the pensioners in SBI Subroto Park are being paid the new pension asper 6th CPC. They are still getting pre-6th CPC pension.Is there anything that can be done short of going to court? (Wg Cdr Agrawal)

Send a complaint to their Head Branch with a copy to the PCDA(P) Allahabad. Wait for 15 days and complain to the Banking Ombudsman. The details are available on the RBI website.

Is there any rule that Service personnel are exempted from paying property tax on one house owned by them? At Secunderabad this rule is applicable for houses in the Municipal limits but for houses in the Cantonment area (Secunderabad Cantonment Board) this exemption is not being granted. Please can you clarify on this? (XYZ)

Simple, make a trip to the Cantonment Board and meet the Cantt Executive Officer (CEO), ask him or her the actual position on the issue.

Please let me know the Section of the Income Tax Act under which the IT exemption for disability pension is granted as the same is required by the IT Department. (Lt Col M Chowdhury)

The exemption on disability pension was initially granted under a notification issued in the year 1929 by the IT Department which was issued much prior to the passing of the IT Tax. The same was later clarified through a circular of the Central Board of Direct Taxes in 2001 which can be accessed on this blog. The pre-existing notification of 1929 is still in force notwithstanding the IT Act and the ibid circular can be quoted to claim exemption.

(Posted by Navjosh Singh during the absence of Maj Navdeep Singh)


digvijay said...

This is in reply to Wg Cdr Aggarwal that Subroto Park is not paying the pention as per 6CPC.SBI has given a add in the Times of India & that also very6 prominent one that they have paid the arrears of 6CPC including the 60%& if any one has a complaint they can put it as greivance on the given site .I dont remember the URL but it should not be difficult to find it on the net itself.

Anonymous said...

@ Digvijay,

There is no URL in the advt.The advt. It just mentions that you should either contact your pension paying branch or fill the complaint form on their website www.sbi.co.in or call helpline no. 1800-11-2211.

In my case, forget about the 60% arrears, my pension has not been revised as per PB4 till date & so I haven't even received the 40% arrears of PB4.
I had given a written complaint to my branch manager in August but when my pension didn't get revised as per PB4 even after a month, I met him again.This time he called up the concerned person in CPPC & asked him to do the needful.After about 10 minutes, I got a call at my residence from the Manager telling me that they have lost my PPO ???????? & so my pension has not been revised as per PB4.He asked me to send copies of all my PPOs which he will fax to CPPC.This has already been done on this Friday & he has promised me that all the arrears (40% & 60%) will be credited into my account by Wednesday.
My guess is they are probably too lazy to go looking into the old files for the PPOs & use this tactic to make their work easy.

Lt Col DPS Uppal said...

Exempt income is not added in ones Gross Income but is just shown in the Schedule-EI to Form ITR-3 or equivalent Form applicable as per ones class/cat/source of Income.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous 3.40 pm. I retired on 30 Nov 2006.Corrigendum PPO in my respect was issued by CDA pension in May 2009 and sent to to my bankers ie SBI Mehrauli Road Gurgaon in end May 09.It had all the details of dues to be paid to me given clearly.

Hoever SBI took no action on it till July.Being on reemployment and away from Grgaon, I tried to contact them but the phone was never attended.On my request my friend approached branch in august in person for enquiring the action by them.He was told that the papers after action at branch level had been sent to their central office at Chandni Chowk on 01 August for further processing and payment. He was also told that it will take 2-3 months at chandni chowk branch.

However it was only as a result of three visits by my friend to chandni chowk that my dues on acct of arrears for commutation ,gratuatity and pensions were released only a week back.
To me it appears to be a case of lazyness and nothing else on part of SBI in particular.There are a No of such cases of delays in case of SBI.Other public sector banks particularly PNB has been very prompt in crediting pension dues.

Col P B Singh

Anonymous said...

Whispers in the corridors website is reporting that the PM has approved the Col (TS) rank to be accorded in 18 years service.

Kots said...

PM clears file of Army Officers

Prime Minister is believed to have approved substantive time scale promotion to the rank of full Colonel and equivalent in Army, Navy and Air Force after 18 years of service. Thus Col will not be a select rank any more.
Source is whispersinthe corridors at following link???


Unknown said...

PM clears file of Army Officers

Prime Minister is believed to have approved substantive time scale promotion to the rank of full Colonel and equivalent in Army, Navy and Air Force after 18 years of service. Thus Col will not be a select rank any more.

this is the article published at whisperscorridor can any throw some light on this.......

Anonymous said...

What are the implications ? its impact on colonels who made it so far after being screened from majot to ltcol and from ltcol to colonel?
will someone anlayse ?

Anonymous said...

ZERO impact, I would imagine.

digvijay said...

Dear friends, you are right , the banks have been very lazy but that is the way they work .what we are interested is the quick results for ourselves therefore we have to handle them accordingly.
2. I informed the bank as soon as the orders were out & also handed them the copies of the orders that were addressed to them .Gave them a little time to work out .The desired results were not there .On the net itself I filed a complaint to their head office that happens to be in Baroda for Bank of Baroda .There was prompt action by them which resulted in proper action by the bank.Little delay but that we can take it after retirement but I still maintain good relation with my bankers .

digvijay said...

Anon @03:40 , 28Sep 09, the url is :- http://www.sbi.co.in/user.htm?action=customercomplaintform
Try it might work, best of luck.
If the url is not working for you then go to SBI & customer care & complaints you can down load the form or file the complaint on line

Anonymous said...

@ Digvijay,

I have already recd the arrears on 29th as promised by the Branch Manager.Thanks anyway.

Anonymous said...

exemption from income tax to disability pension ie the entire disability and service element are exempt from incom tax auth goi letter f.no.200/51/99-ita.i 02 jul01.min of finance dept of revenue central board of direct taxes.instr # 2/2001. I am in receipt of full exemption and so are all who were informed.

Anonymous said...

Can we seek information from CDA (O) under the RTI?

Utpal said...

Dear Friends,

I retired on 24 mar 2000 (22.25 yrs service)as a selection grade Lt Col. From time to time I keep hearing about benefits that offrs have got as a result of the 2006 pay commission. Being busy in the Industries I lost track of these issues. Can anyone just guide me on what all issues I must check upon to see if i missed on something? I need this help e.g ;like am i getting the correct pension? can I get TS rank? any IT benefits i can get? etc

Lt Col (Retd) Utpal Banerjee 9403511542