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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Now for some progress

It’s a mixed bag out there. Well you saw regression, now experience some progress.

Though officers posted around the capital may be aware of this, the ADG Adm and Coord in a progressively out of the box solution, has tied up with the Taj on Sardar Patel Marg for accommodation for Lieutenant Colonels and above. Lt Cols to Brigs can stay @ Rs 3000/- per night which is within the official entitlement and which would include :

- Buffet Breakfast
- Use of Fitness centre, swimming pool & Jacuzzi.
- Ironing one pair of uniforms free
- One litre mineral water free per day
- Daily newspaper
- Fruit and Chocolate basket in each room
- Welcome drink
- Tea and Coffee in each room
- Electronic safe in each room
- TV with multiple channels

The Taj Reception can be contacted for more details on the above at 011- 26110202

This has already been circulated vide a letter issued on 15 August 2009. The arrangement as of now is institutional and only for the zamini fauj but I think on a personal level the other services and ranks can follow suit as long as they meet the entitlement criterion of the govt. Before naysayers jump to any conclusion, the reason why ranks below Lt Cols have not been included is that rates below Rs 3000 per night are not viable to the Taj group.

Wish for more respectable and intelligent solutions like the above.

Thanks to all those who have sent this in. Anybody who may require a copy of the letter may send me an email.


Pokar Ram said...

Dear Major Navdeep Sir,
Navy had made such arrangement for stay on temporary duty at Mumbai, Visakhapatnam and Kochi for commanders and above.Inclusion of information from Navy and AirForce would go a long way in educating/apprising the environment.You have handy information from Zamini fauz but is it possible to make similar arrangement from other two services also???

Gavini VN said...


This is great news. THE CHANGE IS CONSTANT, SIR.

The Armed Forces are poised for good tidings.


Gavini VN

Ashish said...

Navdeep please add that the room for colonels is on a twin sharing basis

Anonymous said...

The air force has made such arrangements for officers to stay at Hotel Claridges, New Delhi almost three months ago if i am right. The Navy too has done it sometime ago at another hotel in Delhi.

Anonymous said...

Are these facilities for serving officers or can retired officers (Brigs) avail the Taj accommodation

Army doc said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

I am a regular follower of your wonderful blog which is really informative. I would like to get the copy of the letter through e-mail. Can you post your e-mail id on the site as I am not able to find it.

Anonymous said...

The arrangements for Lt Cols And Cols are on twin sharing basis. And You have to find your own partner if you land up at Taj.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

Anony at 2.11

Sir, this has no link with retired personnel. This is merely a tie-up in terms of the new daily allowance of Rs 3000 available to officers of the rk of Lt Col till Brig.

Anonymous said...

there needs to be a link up platform or a website where officers can tie up accn with one aother..

Jonathan said...

The last "Anonymous" post makes a lot of sense - a site where offrs can "tie up" their accn.

Would be amazing if that could be done (legally, of course)

- Benji

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

Indeed an excellent news. At least some respectable place is available for Indian Army Officers while staying in Delhi.


Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...


A mail recd from a naval officer is reproduced below for the benefit of all :

well here is some info you could disseminate to others regarding tie ups by indian navy with hotels in diff cities.


Taj Gateway, Rs 3300 per day, single ac room inclusive of all meals
Contact Mr ananth 9246616861, mr deepak 9246616863

Centaur, Rs 2750 per day, ac room on twin sharing basis, inclusive of all meals and usual facilities. Contact SK srivastava 9891895390


hotel sea palace rs 3000 per day, single ac room inclusive of b'fast and one meal. Rs 1500 on twin sharing. contact022 22841828

hotel harbour view and abad Rs 3000 deluxe single ac room inclusive of all meals. contact 9995437301

inn marina tower. rs 3300 per day single ac room inclusive of all meals

port blair
sentinel rs 3300 deluxe/standard room on twin sharing inclusive of all meals contact mr gitesh gehani 9434287928.

these are the hotels with whom navy has signed an mou. im sure they will be more than willing to have officers from other services too. hope this info is of some use to officers from army and air force,

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

Some more info on the subject from another offr :

Thanks for the info. Here is what IN has done for Ty Duty:

Harbour view -Single room 1800 (with meals valid in all rooms).
Deluxe double -3600
Deluxe single - 2200

Abad hotel
Deluxe single -2130
Deluxe double -3000
Secretary SNC mess 04842877430, 09995437301
Sea palace near radio club
Single ac -3000 (twin sharing 1500 per head). 02222841828; 02222854403(fax).

Ritz near church gate
Single ac 4750 (twin sharing 2375 per head) 02222850500; 02222820141, 02222850494.

Both hotels bed tea, breakfast and one meal.


Taj gateway 3300 on single occupancy. Includes all meals. Mr. Deepak 09246616863
Mr. Ananth 0924661681

Centaur (5500 on single occupancy and 2750 on twin sharing). Includes all meals. Contact NOM Varuna .; 01123782306(fax)

This list is regardless of rank and is purely based upon entitlement.


pied piper said...
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Anonymous said...

Im pretty sure even a Lt can afford 3000 per night.

Anonymous said...

What if you are on leave in these stations? Would the rates still hold good?

Anonymous said...

what is the entitlement if both husband and wife are in the army?and r on TD/duty?does the bill have to be kept below rs.3000?

sharad said...

if i understand it correctly, 6000 per night was the room tariff.
two officers can share the same.
so what has been tied up ???
i guess the same could have been done earlier also.
find a 'partner', walk into taj, ask for 6000 wala room and stay.... as it is, food has to be from al kausar or assam bhawan, etc.
so, in effect, is it only the welcome drink and ironing of one uniform, etc. that has been 'tied up' ?
also, can this facility be availed on leave ?
waiting for enlightenment ...

Anonymous said...

guys , if you think information is useful then use it . if not then disregard , but please do not criticise if do not have anything worthwhile to share.


Dear Navdeep and all those who read this Blog seriously

A change we should accept humbly as officers,though we deserve every bit of it. I as a serving Lt Col has stayed in ORs barracks and dined in Langars on TD due to shortage of Accn,no regrets.Never the less OROP is our BIRTH RIGHT AND WE SHALL GET IT. Thanks to FRIDAYS like you and other Soldiers making all this happen for the future generation.Obamas address to USA soldiers should be an eye opener to our Politicians/Beaurocrats. But we should never and never compromise on the Chetwood Hall sayings and still press on regardless for OROP.
God Bless us all.
Col Dham

Anonymous said...

My Dear Bloggers,

The above is a purely "Commercial" arrangements to situate the rules and CDA to pass the bill.

Nevertheless, it is a good arrangement perticularly for Delhi where officers called on T Duty were simply asked to fend for themselves or shubbed into " Battle Honours" mess on twin sharing basis if someone knew someone in Adam and Coord. Their condition is pathetic and are made to run from pillar to post.

Hiring Hotel arrangement was being followed for many years together by HC, HDMC, Neval Higher Comd and Air Higher Command Courses. It is absolotuly pathetic and lethergic that Army HQ have woken up after so many year's blissfull sleep or shall I say "dereliction" of duty.

In Delhi, all Arms and Services are running their small fiefdoms in the name of Mess of various kinds where only priviledged and connected officers are provided accomodation. Services and small numbered Arms are doing well but Infantry and Artillary is just not able to manage their numbers and their officers coming to Delhi suffer a lot.

Late Gen Joshi had mooted the idea of AWWA running their own accomodation schemes and provision of accomodation to officers coming to Delhi on T /Duty and postings. The idea was to build up accomodation as registered society and provided it on rent to officers posted to Delhi on HRA basis. Till an officer was allotted official accomodation, he could easily stay in Army Complex run by AWWA on HRA basis and he could be provided all facilities.

Similarily, as a welfare and fecilitation measure, there is nothing wrong in AWWA running good motels/ hotels exclusively for Defence Services personnels coming on T/Duty to Delhi. Investment could be recovered within ten years.

Such an arrangement would provide a secure environment and allied facilities such as transportation, pickups and drops, meals etc to officers. Securty, otherwise in hotels is going to be a problem for Army officers.

The point is, if there is a will, there certainly is a way.I am sure the often cursed MoD Babus and IDAS officers will not come in the way to scuttle it. If MEA can have a huge residential complex in Dwarka, New Delhi, in the name of accomodating their officers coming to Delhi, (which is lying vacant for last five years, though) I am sure AWWA can do it much better.

Still, Taj invornment is suprlative but without food, drinks and transportation, for which one can always walk into Battle Honours Mess I suppose. Pairing up is not going to be a problem in Delhi.

Well begun is half done. but Army does have better alternatives...

Unknown said...

This is an excellent arrangement and kudos to the three services for the tie ups with various hotels. Pl be thankful for the convenience that these hotels accord. The dumb will always criticise what ever the services have to offer....my suggestion.......ignore them.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

I wish to make a few requests to ADG Adm and Coord through your blog:

1. Similar arrangements be entered with Maurya so that there is a competition between the two to attract "Defence Officers" and they are not slack in providing good facilities.

2. It would also cater for overflow and rush times.

3. It can not be ignored that both hotelse hotels happens to be on prime Defence land. A little more fecilities being provided by them would always be justifiable.

4. This facility to be extended to all Defence officer irrespective of their T/Duty or leave or transit status.

5. The shopping complex of Army Battle Honours Mess could cater for fast food, eateries and beaverages inside "only for Services officers". This could further be catered at shopping Complex of SP Marg residential area but for 'Defence Personnel only'.

6. Bar facilities be offred to such officers on cash payment basis at Battle Honours Mess.

7. A few washing machines can be installed in the commercial area of the battle honours mess where officers statying at Taj / Shereton can use the services on payment. or Payment Washermen be arranged.

8. All Army Station buses of the Area Units and AWWA can ply through Battle Honours Mess to ease out transportation problems.

9. Officers on T/duty could be provided meals less breakfast at ABHM on specefic request in advance and on LRC / advance payment basis.

The above simple measures would make it an ideal destination for Army officers for T/Duty or transit stay.

with regards.

Anonymous said...




Unknown said...

spoke to Taj guys for resv on one of the days they are extending it to Navy and Air Force as well. but the catch is it is Rs 3000/- if two of you book in together, if you are coming alone then the charges are Rs 4950/-.

anand said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
I will be grateful if a copy of the said letter is sent to me on my e-mail ID at "anvat_jha@yahoo.co.in". I am out of the country at present on deputation and hence troubling you for the same.

Anonymous said...

I will be grateful if a copy of the said letter is sent to me on my e-mail ID at kansal2k@gmail.com

just said...

i hope good sense prevails and a similar tie up is done with 'taj group of hotels' or 'similar hotel groups' india wide for indian defense service officers both in TD as well as on leave. I think the hotel industry will accept it as they will get a regular income and defense personals will be too happy to stay in good hotels even during vacation if they can get good deals. I believe a bit of foresight is enough for such a change.

bloggerindian652 said...

I m a casualty in a grenade blast during grenade firing at ranges. The accident was caused due to faulty ammunition termed serviceable by Ammunition Technical Officer.Is this a Physical Casualty,Battle Accident or Battle casualty???? Any one can Help.

Anonymous said...

Dear Major Navdeep,
Apart from hotel Taj gp, is there any other hotel gp extending concessional hotel tariff to defence personnels.