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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yellow journalism at its worst

This is truly disgusting. Whereas responsible media houses in both India and Pakistan have played a great role in keeping tempers low and ensuring dissemination of balanced views in the sub-continent, some rouge elements are hell bent upon creating mischief by spreading utterly nauseating information.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, in a truly progressive and evolved approach, has raised a women battalion of the BSF who would be guarding the International Border shoulder to shoulder with their male counterparts. People familiar with the area would know that frisking of women crossing over the fence to work in agricultural fields was a major problem for the BSF which has been addressed by this move.

However the Daily Mail, a Pakistani newspaper, has published this repulsive and sickening article on its front page which should surely make heads hang in shame. Besides terming these brave ladies as sex-workers, the paper has laughably attributed the move to the Army and RAW and also stated that they are meant for deployment with the Army’s Northern Command.

Though by a private publication, it would only be proper for our Press Council to send across a note to the parallel authority across the border and request them to reign in such irresponsible and sexist reporting. A similar note of protest by our MEA should also be more than called for.


Unknown said...

Sir, your voice is to be appreciated and if it reaches to right forum they shall pay their at most sincere action in all future incidents.Also our journalists instead of throwing mud sling on others they shall come forward to publish their suggestions in order to avoid recurrence of such incidents damaging the image of nation.

Anonymous said...

Paki reporting at its worst ! Truly repulsive indeed!!

Kaps said...

When i read the report yesterday, I found it totally unbelievable and disgusting. I was not aware that the paper in question is a paki one and that puts things in perspective. Paki or not, such kind of vituperative sensationalism is not going to do anybody any good. I can't help that think that such reporting will be happily lapped up by the concerned elements in valley and used to discredit the forces.

This requires more than sending a note by press council. A full fledged media war needs to be undertaken to dispel mischievous and utterly disgusting notions being propelled by some media in Pak and to some extent even by the state owned tv channel. I wonder whether our "leaders" will get unwarped from "spectrum management" and fight a determined enemy.

Jerome said...

Does such a 'civilised' whistle-blowing organisation exist across the border? I doubt very much!

Anonymous said...

And......... I was wondering, how they have been able to name some specific officers who were involved in either conceptualising or executing the 'project'!!!!!! I wonder if one of the officers mentioned (who happens to be in station) has read this article, and what's his retort.

Anonymous said...

some one please explain them that prostitutes in India are not so difficult to come by that the govt have to hire them with full pension benefits. days of gazni and taimur are long past. the newspaper needs to either substantiate the news or apologize.

BC said...

Sorry, out of context. Please watch 'Saurya' movie on Gilmy on Sunday at 2000 hrs.
Worth seeing and taking a lesson.

Unknown said...

Dear Navdeep,
nothing new and great. our pak saf paki neighbours are quite capable of doing every thing imaginable or beyond.