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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Clarification issued for officers promoted to HAG in State cadres who are occupying lower posts at the Centre according to their actual empanelment

As regular readers of the blog may be knowing, at a federal service backdrop, the actual status of All India Service officers is determined by their empanelment at the centre, mostly under the central staffing scheme. Hence you may see Officers of the rank of Secretary to State Govts (SAG) occupying the position of Director to Govt of India at the centre which is actually meant for ‘Selection Grade’ officers which is a grade lower than SAG, Officers of the rank of Principal Secretary to State Govts (HAG) or Financial Commissioners occupying appointments of Joint Secretary to Govt of India and so on. All officers are not empanelled at various senior appointments at the Central Govt level. To amplify, while IAS officers posted as states may achieve SAG at 16 years of service, they would not be posted to SAG level posts at the centre (Joint Secretary to Govt of India) unless empanelled for the same which takes a minimum of 20 years and fulfilment of other criteria.

But what helps out All India Services officers is the ‘next below rule’ by virtue of which their pay is jacked up on a notional basis when their juniors are granted a particular grade in their parent cadres. Hence while an officer with 27 years of service is on deputation to the centre at SAG level, as soon as his juniors pick up the HAG in the State cadre (which may happen in 25 years), the pay of the SAG officer would be jacked up to HAG level though he would technically remain in PB-4 with GP 10,000.

Confusing ? Here is how it would happen : For example, If an IAS officer’s pay fixation in the new HAG (67000-79000) is Rs 73220, on his/her appointment on deputation basis as a Joint Secretary to GoI under the Central Staffing Scheme which is a SAG appointment, his/her basic pay will continue to remain protected @ Rs 73220, out of which Rs 10000 would be treated as Grade Pay and the remaining Rs 63220 as pay in the Pay Band-4. Of course facilities to such affected officers like housing etc would be available as per PB-4 with GP 10000 and not as per HAG. The above example and others depending upon various situations are explained in detail in this letter issued by the Personnel Ministry.


TOP GUN said...

Hi Navdeep i am giving a good information for all officers.. if it finds merit please circulate to all for maximum benifit. For confirmation please check the letter undermentioned.

Good news: A soln to accn problems at Delhi.

ADG (Adm & Coord) has entered into an agreement with Taj Palace Hotel, SP Marg Delhi for pd 01 Aug 09 - 31 Jul 10.

Rooms will be avlb for Cols (Army only) on twin sharing basis @ 3000/- per head per day. This incl :-
- Buffet Breakfast
- Use of Fitness centre, swm pool & jacuzzi.
- Ironing one pair uniforms free.
- One ltr mineral water free per day.
- Daily newspaper

In addn normal courtesies will be extended.

For Maj Gens its 4950/- per day single occupancy.

For booking contact Taj Rxn 011- 26110202 or Battle honours Mess 011- 26118666
also by email - palace.delhi@tajhotels.com.

Recom for use while on TD at Delhi.
( auth :- QMG br letter No. 00402/Lgs/ A&C dt 15 Aug 09)

Jerome said...


Is it available for ESM also ?

pied piper said...

The facility is for all serving officers based on 6th CPC.

All offrs can stay at any hotel and claim upto 3000/- per day (For Lt to Brig) and Rs 5000/- per day (for Maj Gen and above). What Adm & Coord has done is to standardise the arrangement with Taj.

Similarly the taxi and food bills can also be claimed at rates specified - Taxi @ 16/- per km upto max of 50km per day. Food - 300/- per day (500/- got Maj Gens & above). Most offrs are either not aware or are reluctant since they are afraid that CDA may not reimburse.

Stop staying in shoddy Guest Rooms and live life kingsize.

IndianACE said...

IMHO, the civilian govt officers have moved into a stratospheric layer and no 'Military Benefits' will be achieved by keeping a track of their shenanigans or in comparing service officers with them.

Secondly, with the majority satisfied with their 'take home' and hopefully, able to shed the self annointed tag of "WE ARE THE CREAM OF THIS NATION", the info about the P&A being drawn by the high and the mighty is becoming as interesting and distant as the page -3 news.

I never thought, we will be left so far behind, when we started almost an year back.

Once again, pl confirm for my understanding-
A civilian officer with 16 yers service gets into PB-4 with a grade pay of 8700- and starts availing the (non- functional)benefits of PB-4?

All of them? Sericulture, pisciculture,khadi deptt, all?

Anonymous said...

Its true that all Organised Gp A Services start getting higher salary on Non Functional Basis. Defence Service Offrs are not part of Gp A Services hence the rule is not applicable to them. Navdeep Sir has dealt this in details in an earlier post. Organised Gp a services are listed here...


Unknown said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
I retired from service in Feb 2008. There was an announcement of 6% increase in DA from Jan 09.Our bank still keeps giving same pension.Can you plase clarify.Today there is anothr increase of 5%.