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Friday, April 17, 2009

Shun this negativity

“Keep your mind in a vertical motion – always looking up " : Prince (Feel Good, Feel Better, Feel Wonderful / 2009)

I do not want to sound judgemental, or critical and I most definitely do not intend to hurt anyone, but please allow me to say something - purely a personal opinion on the current state of affairs.

It cannot be denied that the status of defence services has suffered a set-back over the years and this blog has been in the fore-front for making out a case for pay parity between different services.

However there are quarters amongst the serving and retired community who are spreading disinformation and making it seem as if the entire political executive and bureaucracy is working day in and night out to degrade and demean the forces. This thought process is neither correct nor in the overall fitness of things. PB-4 was announced in the end of January and it is April now and there are indications that the file may have even already reached the MoD from MoF but it is not appropriate that most of us behave as if the govt has nothing else or better to do than to browbeat the forces. The chat box on this blog is indicative of this pessimism and negativity which has engulfed us. Some retired and serving personnel are even convinced that PB-4 has been rejected in totality. Rumour mongers are having their heyday basking in this new found glory and fauj bashers have been fed another round of fodder.

We talk of these two months taken for the corrigendum SAI to be notified due to the lethargy of a multiplicity of agencies but Sirs and Ma’ams, the same happens for civil servants too. Officers of the civil services including the IAS face the same wrath of the finance babus and it is nothing unique to discover that some of the proposals of civilians have been hanging fire for years together. While the Lt Col issue was partially redressed by the GoM, even graver anomalies of civilians have not even been touched since their anomaly committees are yet to get into action. So why this impatience ?

We talk of this intentional lethargy on the part of babus, but have we never experienced such sluggishness within our own (military) system ? Tell me, have you never heard of urgent proposals pending in Record Offices for umpteen number of months ? Have you never seen important proposals sent up through chains of command not being decided at all ? Have you never heard of Statutory Complaints taking four times the amount of time prescribed by law ? Have you never heard of appeals against rejection of disability and family pension claims pending with us for years together ? Let us not comment on the efficiency of other organs of bureaucracy when we suffer from the same malaise and that too more critically.

Negativity would take us nowhere. Yes, there are elements who do not want the military to get its due but such elements are not in a very great majority as is widely believed. The time taken for PB-4 to come through is no big deal in my humble opinion and is not military-specific since such delays, though undesirable, happen too commonly in many spheres of governance. Once the SAI is issued, I would urge retired Lt Cols to relax a bit and not go on a tirade against the establishment again since it would take additional time to issue instructions for pensioners because a separate department deals with the same. While publication of SAI would be done by the ‘establishment’ branch of the MoD, the department of ESM Welfare, which is a separate entity altogether, would issue the pension corrigenda after the issuance of instructions for serving officers.

Before criticising all and sundry including our very industrious officers at the Service Headquarters and Pay Cells, we should understand that it is not easy to run the house. Without fully knowing the facts, we sometimes let loose our horses and in the bargain antagonising even those in the civil set-up who are supporting us to the hilt. Notwithstanding the stand of the current govt on our proposals, I’m not sure how history will treat the decision of veterans to send out an advisory to the defence community to vote for a particular party. In a democracy, the adult franchise is to exercise the power of vote through a secret ballot and the maximum that should have been done was to educate our former servicemembers on the manifestos of various parities leaving the choice to individuals. But again this is purely my personal opinion.

My only appeal to readers is to relax and realise that this delay is nothing new in our red-tapist officialdom. We have to move on to make the system, both military and civil, realise the pitfalls of such lethargy on all important issues but we have to move step by step and pragmatically. Let us all make positive strides in moving the system together. Shrill chaotic rhetorical noises or one loud but logical sound, the choice is ours and history shows that the latter ultimately prevails.


Ramani said...

Dear Navdeep,
The chat box is just what it is. A chat box to take things in a lighter vein.We all know that the MOD or MOF have to go into minute details lest their be repurcussions.Hence the delay.As they say the wheels of god grind very slow but ,grinds eceedingly small.
it is the waiting that is getting everyones goat.
I am sure we are all patiently waiting.
As for not opening our mouths while in service,eveyone knows the reason. who wants to get courtmartialled for silly things??//

BC said...

Well said Maj Navdeep. We tend to forget to clean our own house before blaming others. Shouldn't we have stringent rules to sort out the people in our own Org who delay the cases?
Nevertheless, the authorities should not keep siting on our pay parity issues.
Hope the sense will prevail soon.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Major Navdeep, for another excellent article. Thank you 4 giving a subtle but noncommittal hint, that PB4 file may have reached MOD from MOF. Thanks 4 all the help.

Samy said...

Why Can't we develop a sense of respect for all?
Through your blog I would like convey to all the people visiting your blog to follow a path of Respect and Love for others human beings (Say again human beings) and I assure you will definitely get the Respect and Love you are expecting from others


Anonymous said...

Many kudos 2 U for wonderful advice to all of us. Infact I totally agree with U and keep telling all that vote is confidential and vote as per yr consciousness. Just showing Carrot by one party we should not stop using our mind and see what is good for us. Though during chat we tend to be casual but still it reflects our inner feelings and personality we portrays. As defence offrs our psyche has to be positive irrespective of any number of odds and patience is required. Our country values democracy where civil set up is doing wonderfully in world arena and defence forces have wonderful image then why to crib or get perturbed on small issues which ultimately will be resolved. Nobody can stop anybody's dues. Everyone is answerable at some point of time. Wishing good luck to all and thanks for your selfless service for our cause. watch.

Anonymous said...

"...I’m not sure how history will treat the decision of veterans to send out an advisory to the defence community to vote for a particular party."

IMHO we may respect the differing opinions of veterans without being sanctimonious. Isn't this tuttuting a part of the 'Holy Cow' or a holier-than-thou image that we create and then abhor.

But, that's purely my personal opinion.

A B Mehta said...

I agree with you Navdeep and appreciate yr advice for us to be more patient and have empathy for others in the chain. I also felt that one political party included a lot of promises for us and I wrote a letter that was published by Central Chronicle, Bhopal. Here is what I wrote:

"BJP Manifesto promises that if they come to power the Armed Forces personnel would not have to pay Income Tax, the one-rank-one –pension rule would be made applicable to them and a separate pay commission would be set up for them.

Karan Thapar, the welknown anchor of the popular programme 'Devil's Advocate' has commented, “For many it could determine how they vote. They do not seem to bother about the fact that shorn of its high-flown rhetoric and grand-sounding convictions, a manifesto is simply a set of promises a political party makes to the electorate, hoping to secure its vote. I believe, a soldier should never accept discrimination — neither against themselves nor in their favour. As true Indians, they stand with the rest of us in support of justice and fair play.”

Naturally many serving and retired armed forces personnel have welcomed these promises. They also know that other para-military, police, Central excise and similar staff would naturally also want similar concessions. Even the State police would join in.

Quite a few realistic serving and retired staff, and that includes me, are inclined to agree to a great extent with what Karan Thapar has said. Armed Forces personnel do not want to become a special class like S/C, S/T or OBC. All that they want is status, respect, housing and other facilities in peace stations, educational support for their children when they are away and proper honour to their dead bretheren. The salary and concessions should take into account difficult, dangerous, away from family life with long hours of work and readiness to go on duty anytime under such conditions. Young would only opt for defence services if the pay, perks and concessions are commensurate with above conditions. Including tall promises may be alright in manifestos. But coming from a national party it may create a dissatisfied service class if such facilities are not actually provided by the party or parties that come to power."

A B Mehta

Anonymous said...

source : report my signal

The Tribune Thursday, April 16, 2009, Chandigarh, India
It is true that the defence forces have their conduct rules and are known to those who intend to join the services (Letters to the Editor, “Veterans’ agitation” by Neeraj Kishore Sharma, April 7). But does it mean that the armed forces have to be mute spectators to their continuous degradation in status and pay vis-a-vis other government employees as has been happening in India over the past decades? The Sixth Pay Commission was the proverbial last straw on the camel’s back.
Serving in defence forces may not be mandatory but so is the case in other departments of the government. If the civilian employees can indulge in agitations on flimsy grounds, why can’t the retired defence personnel take recourse to peaceful protests to highlight the injustice and humiliation being routinely heaped on them? Are they bonded slaves or lumpen elements to be shooed and snubbed at will?
“One rank, one pension”, the main demand of the veterans, is a sensitive issue because of the specific ethos of the defence personnel and the very early age at which most of them are edged out and made to retire as compared to the civilians.
Frankly, a nation that ignores and insults its soldiers, sooner or later comes to grief. Do we want this to happen to India?
WG-CDR S C KAPOOR (retd), Noida
Veterans’ protest
Realted reading

Sainathan said...

Lack of flow of information from the official sources only give rise to rumours! What prevents the MOD or the Service Hq to issue an official press release that would lay to rest all speculations and confirm that PB4 has been accepted by the Govt. and is being implemented? Delay is understandable and acceptable. But with all the official agencies maintaining stoney silence, rumours and scepticism have crept in. Not without justification though, since as per the last official communication available in the public domain, the matter ought to have been sorted out long back, with the recommendaton of he GOM and the active consideration of the issues by the PM!

Anonymous said...

Thanks and Kuddos to you for such a wonderful service to this community, Maj. Navdeep. I am reading and participating in this blog for quite some time now. I am of the view that earlier contents were more of general nature but since last few months, this blog is contributing mostly to PB4 issue. No doubt, our mission of getting PB-4 for Officers is accomplished, but there are other larger issues also, which needs some attention. For example, there is no notification or news on 70% pensionary benefits to Post 2006 retiree yet. Two. No one is picking up the issue of "Havaldar", which is almost same as of PB-3 & PB-4. Sergeants (Air Force) were in the pay scale of 5000-100-6500 in Vth pay commission. Now as per new PC report , all civilians placed in this scale are given PB of 9300 - 34800 with grade pay of Rs. 4200. But the poor Sergent or Havaldar of Defence are given scale of 5200 - 20200 with grade pay of Rs. 2800 only. Don,t you think , this also amounts to disparity, which needs to be corrected. I request each and every one of you to kindly focus on other relevant issue also, because this blog is doing wonderful job.

I wish all the best to all participants on this blog and hope for better response on Jawan's issues also.


Wg Cdr K M Vijayan said...

Dear Navdeep,

Well written article. We all should be glad that PB4 is approved and the official instructions are on the anvil. If we can wait for so long, why not couple of months more?


havaidoc said...

Dear Navdeep, what you posted is true and patience is the need of the day. please do understand getting carried away too is the order of the day! the whole gamut of discussion stuck on PB4 and the comments there after stems from the very origin of the fallacy, its only human to expect a issue so unreasonable to resolve fast and its also humane to be impatient about it, what was incorrect was the triads on the chat box and so were the intra arm/branch/service bickering which went on, however now that its over lets take some other cause LIKE DACP, OROP etc.

manav musings said...

Dear Sir,
I was begening to think that as a class, the guys who are typing away to glory on your chat box are devoid of any subject other than PB4 and Babu bashing.

Hey Guys PB4 is accepted and the paper work is going on. the financial clock is ticking. You will get your arrears so chill and RELAX.

As far as babu bashing is concerned
please look within yourself.
Are we as a offr class any different from them?
Dont we exercise similar attitude when we are sitting on judgment or decision making?

We all are from the same stock and same society and we behave the same way when our turn comes.

Indications are sufficient.

No use washing the laundry in public.

Guys, there are thousands of issues within our orgnisation which if resolved can make defense forces a heaven to serve.

All these issues do not need MOD approvals. AHQ, Comd/Corps/Div approvals are sufficient to make our life simpler and easier.

If we are positive as Unit/ Sub unit Cdrs the life of jawans can be made very simple and bearable.

and for god's sake stop spewing poison and ignorance on the net for others to see and believe what they might may be suspecting that we are actually ignorant of things beyond our profession.

Anonymous said...

Well said Maj Navdeep, infact for past few weeks I had stopped looking at this blog seriously coz it really pained me to see so much of pessimism and negativity amongst all our brethern. PB4 though as essential and important to me as to anybody else, is not the end of the world and we do not have to crib as if there is no tommorrow. Like what is said in a large number of comments on the blog, we certainly do need to get our own act in order. Thanks for clearing the fog of war on the issue. Keep it up and carry on. Regards

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

I do agree with everything except for your apprehension about support extended by IESM to BJP.While you have stated that it is your personal opinion,a few of the guys around here have gone to the extent of saying that IT exemption should not be accepted and some such loose statements.
I do not know what else the IESM could have done.The fact is,no one including you have been able to find a suitable alternative.And I really cannot come to terms with this "HOLIER THAN THOU" attitude exhibited by a few fence sitters who do nothing but give some unwanted philosophy.I really appeal to all of them to send me the money they would save in case OROP and IT exemption is through.

I do agree with you that the decision by IESM to support BJP can irreversibly change the outlook of how we are viewed.But in absence of no other alternative,this extreme step had to be taken(again,this is my opinion and I MAY BE TOTALLY WRONG).

But like you have stated in your post,no one is sure HOW HISTORY WOULD TREAT THE VETERANS DECISION.So,let's leave that job to history itself.MEANWHILE,AS MAJ Navdeep HAS SAID TIME AND AGAIN,LET'S BE POSITIVE ABOUT ALL ISSUES INCLUDING THIS DECREE BY IESM.And let's pray that this would turn out to be the right decision rather than spread negativity and criticize those who have been compelled to issue this advisory.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep
Well written. Everything in this world is "Relative". No. I am not supporting the rumour mongers. When there is an "ill" we need to treat it to remove the root cause of it rather than just treating it symptomatically, in this case the
"ill" is "rumour-mongering". IMHO the Root Cause is the ZERO-INFO wrt to the issue. Further people would wait for even years if they are told that it would take another 6 months, 9 months, 1 year..... some probable date or time duration. This is the biggest lacuna(lack of timely info) in every org not only ours, may be we would need another few decades to learn to provide timely info.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
I thank you for your efforts in informing all of us. ESM is also doing fine job. on most of their demmands I differ with them. I have been in politics and out of it for good. It is rotten from within. However I have learnt that in India Vote bank counts and counts a lot. Unless we vote enblock with a view to make every party realise that we can also make or break them for good. Then and only then they will pay heed to us. presently no poliltical party bothers about ESM, beacause we are apolitical, Disunited and individualistic in approach. This is a begining for making our own vote bank let us try one party now we may ditch it next time if it fails to deliver. Good luck. Jai Hind I D.

Anonymous said...

I do agree to what you have said bt issues like status and Grade pay should'nt take this long it only leaves bad taste for every one. Especially when one has to work in DRDO and org alike.

Anonymous said...

hi! navdeep sir u can really change the opinion!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
This article like your previous one is well written. I appreciate your maturity and level headedness on any issue. Sooner or later things will get sorted out for sure, all of us know that. But the uncertainity is taking its toll.
Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

GOOD.Patience is required.
There are limits to patience.
Yes,the Quality of chat is poor on chat box.
Bash on,but in dignified and graceful ways.
Election advisory is the best possible option.We cannot remain silent and mute spectators without active paticipation and positive action in democracy.
What is the point in sacrifices and struggles against external anti-national forces when intenal systems are breeding anti-nationals.
Nothing wrong is done in extending support to a political party who are favourably inclined towards attending to decades of disparity and neglect.
As citizens ,we have choice of rejecting any political party;any time. Even present choice may change if they do not meet expectations of fauji.We must try ,act at the oppurtune time.
Beeing a fauji or ESM ,the Rights and resposibilities as citizens remain like any other citizen.

Anonymous said...

I do not agree. This is the normal justifications of bureaucrates and persons not affected. The atrocities done to defence forces made their blood boil. 60 years is a long period to wait. Please do not generalise the issue. Please recollect as to what happened. When the soldiers could no more wait and suffer with the type of excuses advanced by you, the Naval Chief reacted. He said that the Armed Forces are not implementing the 6 PC. Good enough. Why the PM reacted ? Why didn't he ignore it in the style enumeraed by you ? The defence forces accepted to implement 6 pc on condition that the issue will be resolved soon - say one month. We did not acept that it will be resoled along with other problems received by the Anomalies Committee. The govt accepted it by detailing GOM. Now it is 7 months and people like you justify it as it is nothing unusual. The PM should have ignored the Naval Chief's action. We would have got what we needed 5 months back.
It was a criminal breach of trust not to resolve it in a month. At least we expected justification. Nothing. No comment. Not a word from anyone. Our blood boils. It will continue to boil. Irational comments and actions will follow. The EXM is in the correct directions. (Of cource I donot visualise ths remarks getting aproved by the moderator).

Anonymous said...

I agree that negativity should be shunned. but all said and done the delay in implementation of PB4 despite the PM's order is indeed inexcusable. It does not in any case speak well of the system(baboos). Look at some of the paki web sites .They are more than delighted seeing the shabby treatment metted out to our Officers..One is pained to read some of the caustic comments. Was n't it avoidable?

Anonymous said...

Hi Navdeep !!
You have a point there.But the Govt should have expedited the matter,considering the fact that the civilians who were drawing less pay till 5th pay commission, have already been paid PB4 long back.
Who is to be blamed for this anomally ? Many veterans are in urgent need of this money for treatments etc.What new year gift is this ? Justice delayed is justice denied.

Anonymous said...

Sometimes pushing ones views forcefully is dubbed as negative to negate a valid argument. IMHO that Gandhis Non-violence movement would never had earned us Independence had the 2nd WW not broken the economic strength of the Raj. We would still have been getting whipped on the streets had the WWII not come along along and forced the Raj to abdicate.
As regards the ESM asking their flock to vote for a single party i feel this is not the time to introspect. Good or bad anyone in this country needs to be politically aligned to be heard. The Holy Cow image of the serviceman needs to be shed and he should be treated like the aam admi. If farmers get free electricity,minorities get reservations, Civil servants get 25% extra for serving in difficult locations and everyone except the Armed Forces are exempted error free and unaccountable service then why should the military man be different.
Some time ago there was a discussion on my friend(?) Pragmatics blog on why service men should append their rank after retirement. Ever crossed an IAS/IPS mans house. He revels in writing IAS/IPS (Retd. So why should the Armymanshy away from his identity?

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep
I amhappy to say that you aredoing a great job. However You being the moderater of this blog can really change the direction of discussions being held and opinions being expressed. So carry on and introduce some cheerful topic however the chat box is only indiacative of a minority of a minority(internet users) in the armd forces.So lead us away from gloom to happyness.

Anonymous said...

If we are veiwed as apolitical by the society do you think we are given any credit or benefit of being aplolitical. Instead this is used as a handicap to browbeat the soldier on all issues and turn a deaf ear to the genuine demand of the soldiers. Infact it is tool of exploitation in the hand of society to take work and blood from a section of society and them deny them their dues and make them beg for everything and laugh at them. In Indian society the only power is the power of ballot and the power that be hear no other voice. The soldier is in this exploited state since HE has not used his ballot power given to him by the constitution that he defends. It is deprivation of the worst kind. You want the soldier to protect the democracy but if he uses his ballot to achieve his right all hell breaks loose. If this is not hippocrycy them what is. All these people crying themselves hoars with we thought we were apolitical are out of depth. What are people trying to do. They are trying to vote for a party which is promising them what they want. So what is unconstitutional or illegal about it. Why are you feeling ashamed . Does not the sight of hundreds of greying and decaying soldiers sitting in the sun at the Jantar Mantar shame you people. That is what we should be ashamed of and not of the decision to vote for a party.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep

U r right, negativity is gonna get us nowhere. But then there's a lack of positivity from the powers that be, and that too for matters particularly affecting the military. That hurts !

On IESM recommending a party, whats wrong? Psephology is an almost exacting science on politics. And it takes 'vote banks' into account for analysis. All this VOTE, VOTE, VOTE, is of no use unless it has a focus. So, how does one make a decision on his vote. By choosing a party / candidate that is favorably disposed to him, isn't it ?

Or, one more thing that can be denied to the fauji (for all the perceived concessions that this nation is 'heaping' on its soldiers) is his adult franchise !!

So, do we want what we are striving for all this while, with all this blogging ? Or is it all just a pass time.

If we are in confusion with ourselves, it may actually make it seem our 'demands' are also that - a confusion.

I'll borrow what many have said. This is only a personal opinion.

Anonymous said...

Dear Sir

You have begun to eliminate some well reasoned and reasonably polite comments too in the name of moderation. I would say you have begun to impose a censorship which is neither fair nor healthy. All spectrum of views should be permitted unless they are in a foul language. If you think something is illogical that is your view. Such censorship will kill or atleast maim this wonderful blog of your which has given a voice to the voiceless and gagged of the Indian society.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Anony at 6.52 AM

Please do not jump to conclusions. If there is a delay in moderation, it is not due to 'censorship' but due to the fact that I am not in station and did not get adequate time to go through the comments.

I have a demanding profession to follow and I cannot be expected to sit on the comp all the time and pronto punch in my keys whenever there is a comment posted, and there can be technical problems too sometimes. Relax and do not reach deductions. And if you have a problem with anything on the blog, please send me an email rather than posting an anonymous comment.

Anonymous said...

hi navdeep please give your email address I have been looking for same for contacting you to obtain your guidance.If you donot want to make it public then kindly send an email at oknanda@yahoo.co.in

Unknown said...

Dear Navdeep,

Have been regularly reading your info,views, comments etc. Thanks; it certainly is of help to the likes of us who are located far from the Capital and found lagging otherwise.
In "Shun this negativity", what does SAI stand for?

Anonymous said...

"Shun this negativity"

Negativism is not good.

Negativism is avoiding mention of bringing the culprits of this gross degrade of commissioned ranks, to justice.

Negativism is grovelling (on the chat box) for crumbs of GP 8000?

Negativism is tomtomming the degrade status on your celebrated civ-mil equivalence chart.

Negativism is blaming the rank degrade on minor clerical error a la our record offices, quite like the rejection of a stupid LTC claim.

Negativism is criticising our veterans' despair without suggesting alternatives to their proposed action plans.

Blood boils. Indeed, I am ashamed of harbouring more negativism than you'd care know.

Col NR Kurup (Retd) said...

Thank you Maj Navdeep. Your response is well appreciatted In fact I started doubting the merrit of my post. But I was surprised to read that the thought process of majority is fully in agreement with mine.Further, Govt's orders of 16-4-2009 granting "Constant Attendant Allowance to Central Government Pensioners" specifically spelling it out that it is "on the lines existing in Defence Forces" completely thrash all the excuses advanced by you in your blog justifying government's action in delaying the case. Please note that the ibid orders state that it is based on Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure UO dated 23-2-2009. We all know that our case is of much earlier origin where the Naval Chief proclaimed that the Defence Forces are not implementing the 6 PC and interference of our Hon'ble PM from USA promissing to resolve it soon hopefully within a month No one is aware of the Constant Attendant Allowance issue at all .I do not think that anyone will reckon the 6PC orders of descrimination and atrocity towards Defence Forces is of lesser importance than the Constant Attendant Allowance ?

Take it from me. The efforts of Defence Forces to ensure that we exercise our franchise is bound to make our kings realise that the Defence Forces too is a Force to reckon with and "WE THE SOLDIERS OF INDIA" are part and parcel of "WE THE PEOPLE OF INDIA" . We do not want to remain a stone idol in a temple and remain an object of worship whenever the Nation is in trouble. We are human beings with flesh, blood and feelings like rest of the Nation. We want to be considered as such and defenitely not as a STONE IDOL OF CONVENIENCE incapable of responding physically.

Anonymous said...

Negativity in anyones mind is the outcome of injustice done without the scope of redressel.It is better someone vents out its feelings in this blog only.Nevertheless,It is for the masters in civil and military both to gauge the sentiment and accord priorities to the decision making process.Every one knows that govt would have tons of things at their hands.But remember the genisis of this dischord lies in babus doings

Anonymous said...

Is it woth it to serve 27 years to become a Maj-general and that too after a rigorous selection process (only 2%) success rate when IAS will do so as time scale in 14 years and IPS reach Brig in 14 years (Time scale ) . What about MES/BRO Officers also who will reach the same rank in a similar time frame ?Outranking army officers who had probably been their GE's or OC , RCC ?

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep

I get your point and am sorry about my comments wrt censorship. Regards

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

Pls educate us on reduction of length of service to 21/22 yrs in case of Col TS. Is it a rumour? Have services HQ taken up this with Govt serously? If yes, then what is the current status?

What about retirement age of these Col TS. Would it be same as Col Select? Infact as on date Col TS retires at Lt Col retirement age. In Air Force Group Capt TS retires 3 yrs earlier than Gp Capt Select which is the retirement age of Wg Cdr.

Kindly take up some of these issues.

Regards & Best wishes.

pawan said...

dear anony @1:24 pm
maj gen is not after 27 years. It is brig. maj gen is after 29 years of service.

Anonymous said...

Please read this article http://www.hindustantimes.in/election09/storypage.aspx?id=4a882831-38b7-4ab3-8b6f-8b80d5c51344&category=Chunk-HT-UI-Elections-SectionPage-TopStories

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

Kindly educate us on the issues pertaining to Col TS as brought out by anony 19 apr/10:11 pm.

For a change, this vital issue will take away the focus of the bloggers from pb 4 which in any case has been sorted out. The delay in implementation is causing negativity in some of the desperates.

Please also witre on implementation of uniform retirement age for all officers. I strongly beleive that no sooner the uniformity in retirement is brought out we would be heading for time scale Maj Gen rank and abolishing of permanently passed over system. This in turn would redress major grievance of service officers pertaining to parity with civilian Gp A officers.


Rajababu said...

an interesting read Navdeep. but u cant change Human behaviour and especially thinking of Indians. We are born with a negative mindset cos of the reasons which most of them will find out of track in the begining:-

our land is the land of plenty viz only population. so with limited resources that needs to be shared amongst a large populace, not very one gets the best. EDven though an individual is deserving the system is so corrupt and lopsided that the previlage to enjoy the resources is denied. this leads to heart burn, jealousy, djection, negativism etc.

the same can be applied across the bord to various professions in this country. until a correction is given to the system the vicous cycle will keep happening and negativism will prevail.

some corrective actions suggested:

Equal opportunities
Freedom of work and dignity of labour
No comparisions of various trades and duties for compensation packages. The pay packages should be commensurate to the degree of importance and criticality of work performed.
Accountability and Responsibility to go hand in hand with power.

These are some points i have. any takers!!!

amar said...

dear sir, i like to say that any case who are medically out from the defence forces are attributable to service and should be given disability pension. because all the defence personnel are medically fit during the time of enrollement.

amar said...

sir if voluntary retires are giving pension why non voluntary retires are not giving disability pension by saying that the disability is NANA without proper justification.

Anonymous said...

sir, this is a comment for the consideration of hon'ble defence ministry. i like to submit that soldier are those who serving our country by staying away from parents. so during the period of their service,if they are getting some diseses either by due to the service or not due to the service if they are medivcally boarded out without any benifits it is quiet unacceptable. even the disease may not be due to the service it will not not be the person's fault too. after the dischrge the person's life will be too tougher, so hon'ble ministry should consider this seriously. because lots of family might be dependent on this soldier.so any soldier who are discharged from service due to medical problems may be attributable to service or not they should be given disability pension. word NANA is quiet illegal word because the person is fit during enrollment. if he get disease during his service either due to service or not it is attributable to service.so premedical checkup during recruitment should be taken seriously and after entering a person to service responsiblity of any disease occurs to the patient is service itself thanking you..

amar said...

Its a usefull comment. Dear Navdeep sir, will it be considered and brought before the DEfence ministry. If so it will be helpfull for lot of ex soldiers.