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Sunday, April 26, 2009

Pay progression parity with the IAS ordered for ALL organised Group-A Civil Services

If you remember this earlier post on the blog, I had informed readers about the impending system of pay progression parity with the IAS conceptualised for all organised services which had basis in this paragraph of the 6th CPC :

“This is not justified as organised Group A services have to be given their due which justifiably should mean that the disparity, as far as appointment to various grades in Centre are concerned, should not exceed two years between IAS and organised Central Group A services. The Government should, accordingly, consider batch-wise parity while empanelling and/or posting at Centre between respective batches of IAS and other organised Group A services with the gap being restricted to two years. Whenever any IAS officer of a particular batch is posted in the Centre to a particular grade carrying a specific grade pay in pay bands PB-3 or PB-4 , grant of higher pay scale on non-functional basis to the officers belonging to batches of organised Group A services that are senior by two years or more should be given by the Government. The higher non-functional grade so given to the officers of organised Group A services will be personal to them and will not depend on the number of vacancies in that grade. These officers will continue in their existing posts and will get substantial posting in the higher grade that they are holding on non-functional basis only after vacancies arise in that grade. This will not only ensure some sort of modified parity between IAS and other Central Group A services but will also alleviate the present level of disparity existing between promotional avenues available to different organised Group A services.”

The 6th CPC had recommended parity between IAS and other services in the sense that it was recommended that whenever IAS officers got emapanelled at a particular grade in the Centre, their batchmates with a differentia of two years were also to be upgraded to the same grade on a non-functional basis.

The govt has finally published the orders for such upgradation for all organised Group-A services and the orders can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.

Before we start feeling too bad about this, I must inform readers that this upgradation is purely on a non-functional basis and would hence have no repercussion on status. This would not be considered a promotion and status would continue to be determined by the actual functional grade pay. Moreover, officers who are posted on Secretarial appointments at the centre after empanelment under the Central Staffing Scheme would not get the benefit of this non-functional upgradation. However, all officers of the Organised Group-A services which had slow(er) promotions are now expected to surely attain PB-4 in 15-16 years of service and GP of Rs 10,000 in about 21-22 years of service.

Thank heavens for MSP otherwise whatever financial edge that we had achieved would have been nullified by this. It’s time for the defence services too to seek this parity.


Anonymous said...

I wish to repeat my comment already there in the previous post as I feel it is important (with little modification). In the context of this post it is even more imp. Pl bear with me. Thanks.

The Generals have been woefully blind to the damage they have been doing over the years to their own officers. Why haven't they yet taken steps to bring-out promotion avenues for officers at par with Civilian counterparts? If they can't accommodate them in services, then they can be promoted and seconded to civil administration. The civil administration is in tatters due to just 4000 GP I officers administering 3 times the subbordinates vis-a-vis Armed Forces. My estimate is that their strength should be revised upwards to logically around 1,80,000 (ie.. 3 times office cadre strength of ours which is 60,000 managing one-third of civil adm staff strength). So there exists a shortfall of 1,76,000 officers there. Result is that supervision is just for name sake in civil adm with quality of many civic services(including policing) badly performing and under-delivering in almost all states. The best service that can be rendered by our generals is offering to share the load of our tweaking civil administration by seconding our senior officers. It will be a total win-win for society, Civil adm set-up and also for our promotion starved Lt Col, Col and Brigs. The prematurely retiring Officers and PBOR's can be absorbed in civil adm with central Govt bearing 50% cost and state Govt 50%. This so because the central govt is anyway to pay them pension @ 50% of last drawn pay without any work as most of them quit well before time or stay back contributing only half-heartedly. So why not use them economically by getting them to work with the states spending just 50% on their pay? Hope the idea is practical. The country is already sitting on Pension Bomb which eats almost 40% of our country's revenue every year. So getting work of the pensioners retiring well before their prime, is in the interest of all. The difference in pay of Col to Maj Gen is not much considering regular annual increments in PB4 for superceded officers. We have tons of literature on good financial management in government. However, here we dole out as pensions lot of public money to able bodied, intelligent and efficient manpower without seeking any contribution in running the mauled administration of the country. Free lunch should be only after the age of 60 years for all govt servants.

The final result: Clean, good and responsive civil set up with sufficient officers overseeing subbordinate working at just half the price and also a satisfied senior lot of ours who were otherwise superceded.

Anonymous said...

Please stop somewhere.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...


It's not as easy as it sounds.

It is not within the jurisdiction of Generals to second military officers to the civil administration.

Most of problems mentioned by you involve a variety of powers and cannot be addressed by the military alone. The Generals have done their bit in the past and the revised orders for Lt Cols and the 'in the offing' revised pensionary benefits to PBOR pay tribute to that.

Anonymous said...

Navdeep Sir,
Can you please explain this in simple terms.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

If you remember, this is what i had mentioned in one of my earlier comment about setting up of a high level committee which would alleviate these disparities once for all and unanimously decides about the parity which needs to be established between all central government employees. Else these kind of confusion would prevail for generations to come.

I am sure you with your contacts may moot the idea for the same.


Anonymous said...

With all this only one thing comes to my mind.Are we still Group A officers?In case we are, then why this discrimination?


digvijay said...

Yes the senior lot has blundered a lot for selfish reasons & laziness too but in this instance the effort shown by the Naval Chief has been of exemplary nature & it should never be under stated .Lets do better work ,work for the betterment of the service & the nation too.I would always quote your example as improvement of self ,for the well being of all .Fight , we must against injustice , speak we must for equal oppertunity.

Anonymous said...

This just shows how the armed forces have been dealt with unfairly

Anonymous said...

this post is technical and went way above my head. can somebody please simplify and explain??

Anonymous said...

uh!!... understood. The link to previous post is quite elaborate.

pawan said...

Dear Maj Navdeep
Sadly, Gen have done too little and too late.

The situation is more grim in the civil setup. The only logic and rationale followed for promotions is higher status, more power, more money, more corruption and less meaningful work.

If you have any better explanation for IAS/IPS having over 75% str in PB 4 (8700/-)and above.

Anonymous said...

While the other Govt. services are surely but steadily progressing towards parity in all respects, we are the only ones who have succeeded (very successfully too) in degrading a 'sister' service within ourselves - MNS !

A Lt Col from the MNS is not only in PB-3 but is also denied their GP of 6600 by CDA(O) stating that Lt Col in MNS are (TS) and are therefore entitled to only GP of a Major. (There are of course no Lt Col (S) in MNS as selection boards are held only for Cols, just as in the regular Army).

Is there no merit for Lt Cols of MNS to be placed in PB-4 too albeit with a slightly lesser GP (so as to assuage the 'command and control' issues always put forward by AMC brethren)?

Or are you going to say - Buzz off, you're already paid too much !

Thanks, Brothers in Army. Rakhee is only a festival in India held for one day.

Anonymous said...

This blog is very much curious about the status of officers but totally failed to provide knowledge of benefits and status of pbor.Good keep it up.

TKS said...



Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
A number of issues relating to 6CPC as affecting Services are being resolved in parts. this is very good sign of our collective resolve and determination. Congrats to you for voicing these issues.

I have an elementary doubt on MSP for PBOR and Officers upto Brigs. as per Pay fixation and SAI's issued on this subject MSP has been given to PBOR and Officers upto Brig @ 2000/ pm and 6000/ pm respectively. This amount of MSP is not taken into account for annual increments. Now, in case of Maj Gens and above there is no MSP but Rs 6000/ is added as notinal increment in the salary on promotion to Maj Gen from Brig. So Gen offrs are physically getting this amount of Rs 6000/ pm in the salary (whether we call it MSP or otherwise as notional increment). as per SAI's on the fixation of pay it is mentioned that "for Gen Officers this amount of Rs 6000/- will be taken into account for annual increment". Hence for Gen Offrs the annual increment (3%)is Basic Pay + Grade Pay + 6000/MSP (notional). Where as for rest of PBOR and Offrs the annual increment is only Basic Pay + Grade Pay.

Why this difference of annual increments ? Can you explain this to the environment.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

Apropos your assumption "Thank heavens for MSP otherwise whatever financial edge that we had achieved would have been nullified by this. It’s time for the defence services too to seek this parity".

(a) Rs 6000 of MSP is not part of the Basic Pay and hence these Babus wil always point that out while comapring seniority within the same grade pay. It needs to be clearly stated in SAI as was contained in CPC recommendations that MSP is part of Basic Pay for all purposes.

(b) One increment of 3 percent of the basic pay of higher rank plus difference in the grade pay to be added to the Basic Pay at the time of grant of NFSG is substantil increment. Susequent increments will also depend on this increase. This finally amounts to the officers getting benefited by not 6000 but to the tune of Rs 1000.

Lo and Behold ! The Babus of Gp A cat, some of whom are worse lots than Services Clerks, have been granted super MSP and tagged two appron below IAS (the super Babus)... Ha..Ha Ha...

Remedy : IAS to be posted to Central tenures not below JS and not before 18 years of Service. That would still allow them to have 20 years of balance of service in and around Delhi and state capitals at directional levels. Services must also ask for this Parity on NFSG Bases.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Anony at 1.54

The 6th CPC has nowhere stated that MSP is a part of basic pay. The only statement that had been made was that when GP is same then MSP shall count towards seniority in entitlements.

Secondly, currently IAS officers take about 20 yrs to get empanelled at the centre as Joint Secys to GoI in GP 10000. Prior to that they stay in GP 8700. Yes, in the States, most of the IAS offrs attain GP 10000 in 16 yrs.

vikram said...

Dear Navadeep

May I request you to clarify certain facts with reference to ur post "Pay progression parity with the IAS ordered for ALL organised Group-A Civil Services" :-
(a) What is the status of the commissioned officers of Indian Armed Forces? Do we form part of or considered at par or even superior with organised Group-A civil services?

(b) Are the armed forces also planning to seek such parity with the IAS, which I feel we highly deserve.

Ano, 1.54 said...

Dear Navdeep

Thanks for clarification

The list of services participating in Central Staffing Scheme is as follows.

S.No. Service
1 Central Company Law Service
2 Central Engineering Service (Roads)
3 Central Power Engineering Service
4 Indian Trade Service
5 Central Water Engineering Service
6 Central Engineering Service (CPWD)
7 Indian Administrative Service
8 Indian Audit & Account Service
9 Indian Broadcasting (Engineering) Service
10 Indian Broadcasting Programme Service
11 Indian Civil Accounts Service
12 Indian Cost Accounts Service
13 Indian Defence Accounts Service
14 Indian Defence Estate Service
15 Indian Defence Service of Engineers
16 Indian Economic Service
17 Indian Forest Service
18 Indian Information Service
19 Indian Inspection Service
20 Indian Ordnance Factory Service
21 Indian P&T Finance & Accounts Service
22 Indian Police Service
23 Indian Postal Service
24 Indian Railway Accounts Service
25 Indian Railway Personnel Service
26 Indian Railway Service of Electrical Engineers
27 Indian Railway Service of Engineers
28 Indian Railway Service of Mechanical Engineers
29 Indian Railway Service of Signal Engineers
30 Indian Railway Store Service
31 Indian Railway Traffic Service
32 Indian Revenue Service(C&CE)
33 Indian Revenue Service(IT)
34 Indian Statistical Service
35 Indian Supply Service
36 Indian Telecom Service

For info of readers.

Good job done and keep it up.

Anonymous said...

See the gift from the UPA on the eve of elections!!!!!!!!!!they do not consider you to be anything at all!!!!!!!!!!saaad!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep and the readers,

Let me bring out that the CCS has special vacancies and fixed numbers of appointments in the Cebtral Staffing Schemes. As a service, their numbers proportinately is the largest.

Let me put it this way that a man enrolled as UDC or LDC will make it upt to Dy Secy but the largest chunk which makes up is the SO (Section Officers) enrolled by the Staff selection Commission.If one is ever posted to the the HQs, one wil come across the quality of these SOs, half of them being reservationists. The Allied services cadre of AFHQSc are a little better. God bles all of us, those clerks start demanding higher status than the Chiefs. They are given to understand that they exercise "Controll" over the Chifs and Services HQS.

These Section officers dominate the posts of the US and Dy Secys. The IAS consider them as the bed rock, as they are found in almost all ministries.They are the ones who know the system better and lead the IAS upp the gum tree, most of the times.

However, these guys of CCS are the most negetive and archaic colonial regressive fellows one can ever come across. The most corrupt and ready to sell themselves even for a few bottles of liquor. They are the ones who are foundations of corruption in all ministeries. The bloody "Nay Sayers".... Colonial Babus.... sorry to say most of the IAS people inherit their traits...

This element combined with AFHQSC are the biggest opponents and manipulators against the AF. They have a very false sense of ego, largest inferiority complex, and largest anti Force elements in MOD, MEA and MoF. They have just no idea about the the realities of AFs but rool the roost through the files.

So far as deputationists from others services at Dirctor level are concerned in MoD, they are never from IPS, IFS but largely from eceonomic Services excluding IDAS. They are good, frinedly and cooperative. They are spoilled by the CCS and IAS very soon theu join the MoD. Howerver at professional level, they are ready to explore, leran and adjust. Alas the CCS and IAS Babus do not let them. They are not in the Chain of distribution of largese. I have worked with many of them. They simlpy are dazzled with the complexity of the issues at MoD.

MoD has a huge chunk of profits and kickbacks. IAS will never leave it. others are but left over lickers and troublemakers mainly the CCS and AFHQCS. They survive on the power of denial and saying NO including the mighty IAS. Otherwise, they never have anything positive to contribute. They just do not have the wherewithal and knowledge to do that.

The Chirfs must formally demand that CCS be banned from MoD and AFHQCS be staffed with the SSC officers after release. The IAS babus too will find it much better. At present the IAS find it psychologically and abilitywise to face a defence officer. They find it threating that a Defence Officer in the HQs is much better and they survive on his Note and drafts. Therfore, they leave No opprtunity to prove who is the boss in Indian System rather than competing at professional level. There is no match. IAS is politically and not professionally superinposed Babu.

God only save this elite and the country who is so much hell bent on destroying their defence and thus themselves.

Pardon spelling mistakes.

bharatendu said...

are we trying to bring out the issues of the AF or just indulging in loose mudslinging on civilian services?

are comments not moderated before they find place in the blog?

what have we got to do with CSS, a group B service? why are we always abusing ias and calling them demeaningly as "babus"? are we not spreading hatred amonst various organs of govt? if we call them babus, they'll call us by some other name which i dont find it appropriate to mention here, despite teh low levels of comments posted here.

Rajababu said...

Dear Navdeep

I heard that the Ministry has issued orders on 24 Apr to grant upgraded grade pay of 8700 to all civilian employees after govt published orders for services. I feel that a disparity will again be created with this move i still dont feel why the baboos always are anti services?? can u pse enlighten me on this??