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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Papa Bravo – FOUR has officially taken over (Amendment to SAI also downloadable)

“Have you had your plus sign today” : Prince (Positivity / 1988)

So how are my naysayer friends doing ?

Well, PB-4 orders have been issued.

Details :

Initial fixation – Rs 38530

Current Deputation status – All current deputationists to be fixed in PB-4

Status of Pensioners – Orders would be issued by Department of Ex-Servicemen Welfare functioning under the Ministry of Defence

So Enjoy half Colonels.

Click here to view and download PB-4 orders and the amendment to the SAI, including new fixation tables for Lt Colonels and equivalent (and separate tables for officers of the AMC/ADC/RVC).


Ashish said...

yes this is the first step

Hum Honge Kamyab :)

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep
Thanks a lot for everything


CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE LT COL's, Wing Commander, Commanders of the Armed forces finally the good news is out. Cheers!!!! Thanks Navdeep for the long awaited news.

Rajesh said...


Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
Thanks a lot for the good news. At last positivity prevailed over negativity. And we have on one but you and our few hard working well wishers to thank for this important mile stone.
God Bless.

watchdog said...

THANKS Maj Navdeep

Anonymous said...

Thanks Maj Navdeep. Its your significant contribution to our cause which has yielded today.

RAJAN said...

thank you navdeep sir for all ur hard work for this noble cause. kindly also put some light in the blog on the revised pay structure issued today for AMC/ADC/RVC OFFICERS.

vellore said...

Thanx Maj Navdeep, for the good news. You certainly deserve kudos for all the good job done, and more than anything else, for keeping everybody informed periodically, with authentic inputs on various matters and particularly, with regard to PB-4, which was affecting half the officer corps of the three services!

Anonymous said...

Thanx Major Navdeep.
I am sur inspite of this breaking NEWS this blog will continue for ever.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj navdeep,

Thanks for all the pains and efforts put in by u to make it a reality!

Have they added our RP to arrive to new basic? Kindly also explain us about S23, S24 and S25 scales and their significance in case of Lt Col. I am an ignorant and beleive that there may be many like me in armed forces.

What happened to Col TS issue? Have they reduced no. of yrs of service to reach to this rank?

Once again thanks! Beast wishes to u and ur family.


Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

Following amendment is made to my comments at 0605 pm/21 apr 09:

'Pls read best for beast'

I am very sorry for the typing error.

Anonymous said...


Chandy said...

Thanks Maj Navdeep. It was al your show.



Yogander Singh said...

Dear Navdeep
Congratulations. Now let us turn to substantive issues concerning our rank and file. Let us fight for OROP, better ECHS, second career and so on for them. let us also work to create schools and colleges where thier wards an get unintruppted quality education.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

You have been a driving force in creating awareness amongst officers of Armed Forces. Thank you for awakening the ignorant lot

Anonymous said...

dear sir

I express my deepest gratitude to COSC and particularly CNS for taking a position which will be remembered for long. It will be the yardstick used to judge the stand senior officers will take in future to protect the interests of their subordinates. Kudos to Major Navdeep Singh for doing all that he did for the cause. Well done Major I salute you for your dedication.

warmest regards

Rakesh Gosain said...

Thanks Navdeep for timely and long cherished info coming as a BREAKING NEWS on your fantastic Blog.

Indeed Great Show, Keep it up! Hope to see the colour of differential Arrear (I part) and Arrear (Part II)in the respective pockets soon.


Penmil said...

Dear Maj. Navdeep,
Congratulaions to you and all the Lt.Col. Equ. A battle won, though the war is still on!Still the initial fixation of the Band Pay is in the S-24(Rs.14300-400-18300) Scale and not in the rightful S-25(Rs.15100-400-18300) Scale.
This being an extraordinary case, nothing much can be read into the logic of this pay fixation, but it appears that half of the rank pay is considered as basic pay!
Hope the entitled Grade Pay(Rs.8700/-) too will be granted soon.

gentle said...

The MISSION is partially accomplished for the OFFICERS cadre ,both serving as well as veterans .But ,let us remember our PBORs who were also promised higher PENSION @ 70% of last pay drawn ,in the absence of lateral absorption in para-military services.It is time for the Govt to solve their problems at the earliest .
There are MORE ANOMALIES in the pension fixation of PBORS which need to be fixed at the earliest by our efforts to show our solidarity with our men who deserve it the most.
Wg Cdr (Retd) Sushil Kumar Sudan

Anonymous said...

It is most satisfying moment for all and specially readers of this blog.The efforts and persona of this blog really is very good and work done by Maj Navdeep is really commendable who inspite of his busy schedule kept us updated at all time.At times we were little jittery over uncertainity but faith in this blog kept our hopes alive.I would like to send my deepest gratitude and Thanks to Maj Navdeep for his work and wish that he will keep our issues in focus and keep showing us correct path so that values of defence forces regain their glory.Watch.

PB said...

Well fought.First battle has been won by inter service efforts and cooperaion.War is not yet over.All the remaining anomalies have yet to settled.No breakes till the war is won. It is a just war and God is with us.Congrets to all Lt Cols,Wg Cdrs and Cdrs.

Anonymous said...

Dear Gentlemen,

The euphoria of pb4 will go away in a couple of days.

Now the time has come for correction in grade pay, bringing in uniform retirement age and promotional prospect of moving to a min. of maj gen rank by all officers prior to retirement.

Best wishes

Unknown said...

Arrear Expected this year (including 60% arrear of PB-3)
Cdr Promoted in Year ; Total Emolument As per PB-3 (Jan 09); Total Emolument As per PB-4 (Jan 09);Arrear (Post shifting from PB 3 to PB 4); Total Arrear Expected this year(2009); Arrear post deduction of Tax @ 30 %

2005; 61,335; 78,673; 467976 ; 633795; 443657

2004;62,286; 78,673; 435686; 601505; 421054

2003; 63,214; 80,223; 454210; 620029; 434020

2002; 64,154; 80223;422192;588011;411608

2001; 65,117; 81,821; 441248; 607067; 424947

2000; 66,045; 81,821; 409464; 575283; 402698

1999; 66,996; 83,456; 430114; 595933; 417153

1998; 67,936; 83,456; 398222; 564041; 394829

1997; 68,864; 85,151; 421368; 587187; 411031

1996; 69,826; 85,151; 388,598; 554,417; 388,092

Note: Starting pay in PB-4 is taken (as per old S-24 scale) as Rs38,530/- as anounced todate.
The arrear shown is in addition to Rs 1.1 Lacs (approx.) received in Oct 08.

Rajax said...


Congratulations to all. The pay of officers above Lt Col Rank also increases proportionately. A Col for example cannot draw lesser than a Lt Col so there will be at least a few more increments due to him.

@ Navdeep,

Sorry Navdeep. But could you pls confirm if one gets gets 1 increment or 2 increments when they get promoted.

@ Indian Citizens,

Rejoice. Army will not be losing a lot of good officers after all. There are a lot of battles to be won. Hopefully, good shall prevail.

Anonymous said...

Congrats!!! But do remember that these people did this to you and hereafter keep your guard up always.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

Thanks for the encouraging piece of news. Absent this there was lot of negativity in the forum. Hope that now frayed nerves will calm down.

Always Best.


Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep,
Thanks a lot for your untiring efforts.This has been timed quite well coming as it is just before elections.

We need to move ahead and hope that the other anomalies especially that of grade pay be removed

Lt Col S Kailasam(Retd) said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Thanks a lot for your dedicated service towards serving and retired soldiers by putting across the distress of the soldiers in a convincing way to the authorities through your blog .I am very grateful to you for your service in getting the PB-4 for Lt Col at the earliest possible time and publishing the corrigendum SAI today.

Anonymous said...

Hum aakir hoge gaye kamyaab! May I request Maj Navdeep to pursue the case of the PBORs and get their due soon. Jai Hind!!

Anonymous said...

They have just given us the money:status remains due, which was the real issue if you remember CNS saying to the media.

Anonymous said...

Is this applicable to Lt Col (TS).Navdeep,you deserve our kudos and gratitude.

Force1 said...

Dear Sir, the AMC,ADC and RVC have been short changed again, with the result that a homeopath/ayurved doctor who joined civil services gets paid far more than any of these. can one change over?

Anonymous said...

g8 service 2 services..thank u naveep
g8 work done

Anonymous said...

Thanks to the principled stand taken by the Naval Chief, there is a reversal of a great injustice done to the services. Hope the the same principles carry us through to the logical conclusion of all other anomalies.

Thanks Maj Navdeep, for this excellent platform for service men and women

kmpods said...

Dear Maj Navdeep
Thanks a lot for the prompt info. Thanks for keeping all of us informed throughout. As somebody said on the comments, let us now concentrate on other issues. Regards

Anonymous said...

A long long awaited issued gets resolved today. Money, as always, turns out to be the most powerful factor after all. Contribution of a large number of individuals including Navdeep need to be appreciated. Armed Forces can get together as a large community, is the message that has been written on the wall. Lets wake up to the fact that armed forces can also get together and emerge as an a community / section / society / vote bank.

Anonymous said...

We must appreciate this blog for being the first to give the good news. I also hope that Cdr (TS) of the navy who were not promoted to Capt (TS) after 26 years service [since navy did not implement avsc report in this respect as was done in the other two services] will get the same pay as their coursemate Col (TS). Can someone throw some light on this.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navvdeep,
Thanks for keepinng our spirits high.May God bless you.

pawan said...

Dear Bloggers,
Our Brigs (29 years) continue to be equated with DIG with 14 years of service ! It is rediculous and outrageous. Similarly or PBORs cause also is ignored. There is no time to rejoice. Lt Col issue is one small fraction, in fact They are still equated with IPS / IAS with much less service. Our struggle must continue.
I aappreciate the efforts of Maj Navdeep and all those who are fighting for the just cause of AF.
My Best wishes to Maj Navdeep and all the Bloggers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Navdeep for this update. But for your blog, it may have taken a couple of months for this information to reach everyone.

But Bureaucrats are really great. See how happy is everyone with PEANUTS! The issue of parity has been mostly forgotten.
May be we deserve the treatment we receive at the hands of bureaucracy. There is no case for celebration here till we have parity of grade pay and our soldiers' pension benefits are restored to 70%. That will be the day, I'll raise my glass to toast the victory in this fight.
I hope the senior officers involved in settling the anomalies will not be so easily pleased!!!

BC said...

A big thanks....

Wg Cdr K M Vijayan said...

Dear Navdeep,

Kudos for your effort. We all appreciate and are thankful for your yeoman service.

Great job done, indeed.



Ramani said...

Dear Navdeep,
Thanks for the good news.It took 4 months for a one line change in the orders.hope they have covered all aspects.
Keep up the good wok.again thanks.

Anonymous said...

So now PB 4 covers the spectrum from Lt Col to Brig. so how will the pay be stepped up between the ranks.

veekay said...

I am commenting on your suggestion of endorsing a copy of the complaint to the local Provost unit. It is an excellent suggestion worth putting into practice. A suggestion copy of the complaint besides addressing to the SP should also be endorsed to the DIG/IG,Higher HQ ofthe local provost unit
Brig VK Sharma,VSM

Unknown said...

Thanks Navdeep. It has been a marvelleous job done by you more is required to be done. We are with you for the just cause for our soldiers and officers at all levels.
Lt Col Mangat Rai

VK Gandhi said...

Dear Major Navdeep

Your contribution in the process of issuance of this letter is immense and deserves lot of appreciation. Together we will overcome any opposition to the welfare of the forces.

Now next step of OROP is to be sorted out to the expectations of the veterans.

with best wishes

VK Gandhi

Harpal Saini said...

Congratulations to each one of us and Hat,s off to Maj. Navdeep sir for contributing nicely to this cause. I think, most of us agreed to the point that still there are un-solved points, which needs attentions of this community and wage a war (Gandhigiri Style) for accomplishment of the same.

The most important point, even promised by Govt is 70% pensionary benefit to PBOR. Let us resolve to settle this also down. and we have to make sure that Govt gives it,s nod for these benefit from Jan 2006 onwards.

PS: Dear Navdeep sir, Please "Ghumao your Jaadu ki chaddi and get us this also""


Cdr N S Chauhan(Retd) said...

Thanks Maj Navdeep.Your Unique Blog kept everybody informed and was a great help when people felt low,like a lighthouse at sea you provided the correct reference and inputs.Please keep up the Good work and may God bless you.

Rajababu said...

thanx Navdeep, but the battle is won but not the war against the babooz and parity, disparity still remains.

Penmil said...

Is the complete SAI 2/S/08 in public domain?Can any one please provide a link to read it?
I am not a serving officer and can only access it if available on the net.Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Partially successful fight, I presume.
However, clarity is needed in the Armed Forces structure,SALARY and PARITY; In comparison and wrt ___________; Since the Armed Forces shall have independent pay commissions in future and technically not raise anamolies.
WHAT THEN ??????????

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep,

What will be the implication of fixation of lt col with starting basic of 38530 on initial fixation of col and brigs. With the scale given with amdt to SAI, a lt col with 18 yrs of service will be drawing more basic pay vis a vis a full col if the basic for col (who has just completed 20 yrs of service) is not mod which is 40890 at present. Also why the basic has been fixed from s24 table and not s 25 table?
May I request u to clarify please.

Anonymous said...

Dear all,

Have Services HQ taken with Govt any proposal to reduce the Col TS promotion to 21/22/23 yrs from 26 yrs. If yes, what is the status?

Any one having any authentic info on it, pls oblige and write.



Dear Major Navdeep ,Thanks a lot for everything .More people like you are required .Please continue to do the good job of fighting for the right issues .And also please continue to educate all armed forces personnel on various issues concerning them .All the best to you in your selfless efforts .

Anonymous said...

PB4 tu kue aaa gayaHamar tanhai ko kue le gaya
Aik ajeeb sa sanatta tha
Sabhi ko kuch na kuch intjar tha
Ek hawa ka jhoka bhi sab ko hila deta tha

PB4 PB4 tu kue aaa gayaHamare dil ka chain kue chura le gaya
Ham sabhi Chat Chat kar dil behla lete thee
Ek dusre ke dard ko sahla lete thee
Har samay aik nayee chatpatti khabr ka intjar tha
Koi dastak de too Sihar jate
Har khabar par pareshan ho jate
Ek naye intijar mai phir so jate

PB4 PB4 tu kue aaa gayaKoi thoda saa bhi sahare de to daud jate
Khayalo ki duniya mai kho jate
Navdeep ki chingariyo se jal uthte
Dushmano ke tofano se Tharaa jate
Par nahi harte aur phir aakhe khol kar intizar karte
Naye naye dosto ke horses mouth ka aabhar karte

PB4 PB4 tu kue aaa gayaSote hue biwi bachhoo ko kue jaga diya
Credit Card phir se taiyar kar diya
Recession mai shopping list to lamba kar diya
Aab salary aane ke intizar mai sabhi ko behal kar diya
Hai hai AAb ham kya kare
PB4 PB4 tu kue aaa gayaWatch

Anonymous said...

Thanks all for their efforts in PB4 for Lt Col. I guess IAF Offr will get some cash in this month ( courtsy our own Accounts AFCAO). My concern is Min 70 % pension for PBOR.
Maj. Navdeep, Pl help in that also ( Min 70% pension to PBOR). As I am posted in Delhi, I know some minor details about your capablities (which are discussed in Air HQ). will be gr8 service for PBOR

Anonymous said...

In the amendment dated 21 apr 09 to SAI 2/S/8, there is NO mention for Lt Col (TS) 13500 + 1200.
Hope Lt Col (TS ) are granted / placed in PB 4 ?

Anonymous said...

Many thanks to Navdeep.
Now; a piece of adv to some comm on the blog,please dont pose individual(some funny)Qs to Nav.
Let him also live the life beyond Indian Mil.His voulntary effort to the welfare of Mil is unique and unprecedented.Therefore every one should assist him with ideas/feedback and support.
Also do maintain the direction,focus ....etc as individuals also.

Ramani said...

Dea Navdeep,
In one of the cgda sites it is shown that govt has accepted the concept of 50% last drawn emoluments and done away with the old system of number of years of sevice with weightage at various levels.
However this is not reflected in an of the tables/annexues issued by the CGDA.
can you elucidate on this.
thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

@Anony 3:24 AM
This amendment is regarding serving officers so where is the question of LtCol(TS)? BTW, SPC has made no distinction for LtCol(TS) as LtCol(S) has been abolished.

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep Sir,

How you get time for all this
Really a yeoman service
you deserve kudoooo

Anonymous said...

The grade pay is fixed at 8000/- and not at 8700??

anjali said...

dear navdeep
this is just the start and we have a long way to go. grade parity status, retirement age. promotion, side stepping to pmf and so many other burning issues including voting which will make us more confident and more audible.

kureelkad said...

Well,Admiral Suresh Mehta has shown the true colour of a fighter pilot.All the future naval personnel will be thankful to him.Major Navdeep
has got the message across to all.Excellent work.Well done and sabash.

Anonymous said...

i always used to wonder why the pay scale for MAJOR rank is
11925-----plus rank pay 1200

any why not 12000 plus rank pay

Now i understand it was due to the baboos who never wanted to equate Mojor rank with the pay scale of 12000----

now the baboos have come with grade pay of 8000 for LT COL rest assured again in next pay commisstion they will come with some thing funny like this time they reduced the status of all below COL

Pokar Ram said...

Dear Maj Navdeep sir,
Kudos to you for the tireless efforts being put-in by you for keeping us timely and well informed on the subjects most related to the defence community. The final outcome of the PB4 is well(ditto) in line with the advance informatin provided by you on this blog on 31 Jan 09. Your efforts in putting across the point in legal language has cleared definition of deputation and consequent benefit to all lt col on deputations presently.
Many thanks to you for espousing cause of the service community.

2.Somewhere in this blog, in the comments it has been sought as to how is pension fixation of Post Jan 06 but pre sep08 retirees.This has already been cleared by govt orders promulgated on 20/21 Jan 09 which can be accessed as your article on 24 Jan 09

Anonymous said...


0 yrs : GP 15100+5400+6000 lt , ias 5400+15100+6% of basic.

4 yrs : gp 6100, ias gp 6600+2 more addl incr on basic.

7.5 : gp 6600 maj, ias already in 6600 gp.

9 yrs : gp 6600 maj, ias gp 7600 + 2 more addl incr on basic.

13 yrs : maj 6600, ias gp 8700 + 2 more incr on basic.

14.5 yrs: lt col gp 8000, ias gp 8900.

16 yrs : lt col 8000, ias gp 10000.

20 yrs : col 8700, ias gp 10000 JS (selection).

29 yrs : brig 8900, ias gp 12000(selection) or apex scale.

33 yrs : maj gen gp 10000, ias gp anything between 10000 to 12000 or apex scale.

33-36 yrs : lt gen gp 12000

36-38 yrs : lt gen 80000

38+ yrs : apex scale 90000.




Dear Navdeep you have been renedering a yeoman's services towards the the just causes and concerns of Armed Forces and Retired Veterans.Self a retired Lt.Col(TS) am very happy indeed. But my inner voice asks me if justice has been done to PBOR category also. The Armed Forces, the Country and the Retired fraternity needs the Good Wishes, Blessings, Services and Loyality of the PBOR( including War Widows of all Ranks) category, without which our goals and gains are futile. As a lay man I would not know the facts and figures but PRAY that Justice be done in Letter and Spirit to the PBOR.The credit for the present ongoing rightful gains are equally attributed to PM and other sympathetic Politicians/Beaurocrats, the Serving Chiefs of the three Forces, the IESM/IESL fraternity/veterans and other welfare organisations. Let us all rightfully but humbly accept the rightful attributes with the Chetwood reading at the IMA ie The Country, The Men and Lastly Self always and all time.Lastly instead of Armed Forces Personnel getting involved in active Politics should be given proportionate nominated representations in both the Upper and Lower Houses of Parliament and State Assemblies. Thank you all. Jai Hind. Humbly Col Dham

Lt Col S Kailasam(Retd) said...

Dear Penmil @ April 22, 2009 3:25 PM. Maj navdeep has already put SAI at the following site address:-


Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep,

Thanks a lot for the good news!! With the initial fixation (PB-4) at Rs38,530, full pension for pre-2006 retirees (Lt Cols) should be 50 percent of 38530+8000+6000 = 52,530 i.e. Rs26265. Am I right? Then if my total service (including weightage) is 27.5, my pension should be fixed at 26,265 x 27.5/33 = 21,888. Are my calculations are correct? Kindly clarify.

Lt Col (Retd) Sandeep Pandit

Anonymous said...

dear navdeep good work done and thanks for your quick update on the issue.

Penmil said...

@Lt Col S Kailasam(Retd) at April 23, 2009 6:58 PM .
Thank you Colonel. I got the amendment for Lt.Col after migrating to PB4 from PB3.I am also searching for the full original SAI 2/S/2008( when Lt.Col were placed in PB3) to see the fixation tables for all personnel.Is the full SAI available any where in public?
Will be grateful if a link is posted.

Lt Col S Kailasam(Retd) said...

@ Penmil at April 24, 2009 1:09 PM

Please try this site . There is a 35 Pages full SAI with detailed fixation for each stg uploaded by Maj navdeep. Please confirm whether it meets your requirement.

Unknown said...

Dear Sandeep pandit
Sorry u r incorrect.Correct pension for pre 06 retirees for 33 years of service incl weightage would be Rs25700/ie 50% of min of the PAY BAND
which is Rs37400/+8000+6000.Weightage
of 7 years for LT COLs

krishnan nair said...

ColR.K.Nair(Retd) said-
Dear Maj Navdeep,
I had been going through the blog for quite some time. Excellent! Congrats.
Could you be kind enough to throw some light on the disability pension vis a vis the sixth pay commission. Thanks a lot

Penmil said...

@ Lt Col S Kailasam(Retd)
Thanks a mil for the full text of SAI 2/S/2008.This was the one I was looking for.You were very helpful and patient.

s tiwari said...

sir,i will only say that you must look after the welfare of PBOR also.

Lt Col(Retd) R S Dasila said...

All Lt Cols, heartiest congrats! I would suggest, we should write a polite and humble DO letter to Chairman 6CPC Justice(Retd) Srikrishna and member secretary Sushma Nath that injustice done to AF has been fought and won. Though it is a battle won and war is still in progress, but your misdeed will be remembered.
Special thanx to Maj Navdeep for being instrumental in fighting this battle and hope, he would continue to be in the forefront for soldiers of this great nation.
May justice prevail every where in the country. Navdeep, you are doing great yeoman service to the Armed Forces. May God bless you & bestow you with more strenth to continue this service to the nation. With regards.

Anonymous said...

It is high time to give some gen on Col TS revised recommended policies. Fed up of rumours, rumours and only rumours. Maj Navdeep pls do some thing. Thanks.

Unknown said...

Dear Navdeep

If Lt col pay is going to start at 38500 odd , then what will happen to those Colonels who were fixed at 37400

Brig (Retd) AK Jairath

Unknown said...

Anoop, Cols basic pay will not be fixed at Rs 337400/. it will be fixed as per table given for Cols in 2/S/08

Pokar Ram said...

My dear readers,
Although Maj Navdeep sir has published on this blog all the amendments etc on pay and pension as it occurred, May I request you to visit another site for consolidated orders -serviceswelfare.blogspot.com

Unknown said...

For 337400/read 37400/.sorry for typing mistake.

Unknown said...

no, the point is that, when Lt cols were not included in PB4 the new promoted Cols were fixed at 37400. What will happen to them as the start of Lt Col is above 38000.

Unknown said...

Anoop, In such cases their pay will get re fixed. 1St in PB 4in the rank of Lt Col,then on promotion to the rank of Col they will get increment as per rules. In no case,they will get pay less than Lt Col.

sanjay said...

Dear Maj navdeep
What about Doctors (AMC).After 20 years of service they were suppose to get 10,000 Grade pay.Where is it stuck.I hope not Military bureaucracy.Can we know the status.

Anonymous said...

For calculation of pension under PB-4, what is the weightage that I should consider? 5 years or 7 years? I retired as a TS Lt Col and at that time the weightage for Lt Col (TS) was 5 years.

Lt Col (Retd) Sandeep Pandit

Unknown said...

Sandeep it is 7 years for all Lt Cols.It will be clear if yoy see annexture ii of GOI notification of 11 Nov 08,where pension for Lt Cols with 26 to 33 years of service without weightage is same. There is no separate tables for Lt cols(Sel) &Lt Col(TS)

Anonymous said...

Dear Pardaman Sir,

Thanks a lot for the clarifications. Extremely grateful.


Sandeep Pandit

Lt Col G K Mohan Rao said...

I am a AMC(tech)Lt Col Retd on 31/5 2003 with 29 yrs 7month service with basic pension Rs11688. What will be my new basic pension with implementation of PB4. How is the NPA @25% is adjusted. I also draw 2o%(Rs%@) disability pension and how will it be revised. My email address is gkmrao@gmail.com

Lt Col G K Mohan Rao said...

I AMC(Tech)retd as Lt Col on 31/05/2003 with 29yr 7month servie with basic pension of Rs11688/-.Now with PB4 applicable What is my new basic pension wef 1-1-2006.Is NPA @ 25% is to be added to the minimum of Rs54010 in PB4 for AMC offrs ie Rs54010+13253=67260 and 50% of it as new basic pension ie Rs33630. I am having 20% disability and drwing Rs520/-as disability pension and what will be the revised disability pension.

Anonymous said...

Hi i got promoted as lt col in jun08?will i also be fixed at 37400 or 38500? with increment due on jul.

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

In case of offrs other than MNS everything is clear. As per Annexure IV of SAI 4/S/2008 the grade/rank pay of Lt Col (MNS) is Rs 6600/- whereas CDA(O) is giving Rs 6100/- stating that Lt Col(TS) is equivalent to Maj. In MNS corps the selection grade starts from the rank of Col only. Then whey the Lt Col (TS) of MNS corps are not being given the grade/rank pay actually they are entitiled to get.There is not Lt Col(S) in MNS Corps. Moreover, in SAI 4/S/08 nothing regarding Lt Col (TS) and Lt Col (S) has been mentioned.