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Saturday, October 18, 2008

FIFTH Pay Commission anomaly for Majors finally resolved in 2008 (Yes you read that right !!!)


As many readers would know, in Feb 2000, it was decided by the govt to sanction a starting basic pay of Rs 13,125 (Rs 11,925 + Rs 1200 Rank Pay) to Majors / Lt Cdrs / Sqn Ldrs as against Rs 12,800 (Rs 11,600 + Rs 1200 Rank Pay) notified earlier vide the relevant SAIs/SNIs/SAFIs pursuant to 5th CPC recommendations. This (the step up) was done to maintain a parity between pay progression of military and civil officers in accordance with the length of service which was a direct result of an anomalous situation which went unnoticed by the 5th CPC. However another anomaly crept out of this already anomalous condition wherein newly promoted Majors were placed in the new Rs 13,125 basic whereas some of their seniors were retained at Rs 12,800.

This anomaly has now been rectified by the Ministry of Defence through a letter dated 10th October 2008 vide which a stepping up of the pay of affected officers has been implemented. This stepping up of pay would be applicable to officers promoted to the grade during 01-03-1999 to 28-2-2000.

More than the minor anomaly itself, what meets the eye is the fact that it has taken almost 8 years for such an inconsequential anomaly to be corrected. This is the reason why the Services Headquarters are keen on immediate rectification of anomalies of the 6th CPC. If a proactive follow-up is not put in place, then all of you can expect the resolution of the finer 6th CPC anomalies around the year 2018 !!!, well perhaps that too maybe !!

PS- Thanks to the so many readers for sending this in. I did not want to post this minor issue on the blog but the time taken for this is really mindblowing.



Penmil said...

Dear Maj. Navdeep,
Just amazing !But this is not an isolated delay.Look at the time delay that happened to restore the rightful pension of Maj.Gen.s of that era.It needed the intervention of the highest court of the land to rectify an obvious error.
You are right. If not rectified before the GOI Notification is issued,one can kiss good bye.... to any hope of future rectification.The Post 4th Pay Commission anomaly in granting arrears of rank pay( the now famous Maj.Dhanapalan's Case) is another glaring illustration of how insensitive the establishment is to its own employees.A welfare state that too! May be thousands of officers who have served through the periods of 3rd, 4th and 5th Pay Commissions are deprived of those princely sums of arrears of those times.
But most of the fault may be with the Service HQs themselves.They might not had been alert when the Notifications are issued or at times not sensitive themselves to the issues of all cadres and worse, I hope I am wrong, might be fighting court cases to defend the wrongs perpetrated by the ministries.
Hope a lesson might have been learnt now and the Integrated Service HQ will have a pay, pension and parity directorate permanently in place and be attentive to all that is cooking around even when no Pay Commission is in place.
Well, all that's ends well is good

kaushik said...

may i request you to publish how the mandate of govt was manupulated by the babus in respect of 6th pay commision. mandate was 1.86. how did a director with max 18,700/- reach 45,000/-.

Anonymous said...

@kaushik..good question..that is what i m asking too...how all those in 14300 scale reached pb 4...of 37400

Anonymous said...

There seems no hope in sight for the forces,or is there?we really need to think what to do in case all 4 issues are not sorted out

pawan said...

Tis one is for all those who are blogging without the knowledge of actual beginning of the warrant of precedence in India. Point to be noted is that while it was by Number of years for Civil Officers, Military equivlence was by Rank and not by number of years.

Warrant of Precedence as it exists today owes its origins in the Royal Warrant by which Precedence was regulated in British India, dated 10th September 1850. Civil Servants (East India Company ) had been divided under the Queens Warrant, into six classes according to date and their standings. Following is the extract from page 60 & 70 of the book “ PEERAGE, BARONETAGE, AND KNIGHTAGE, GREAT BRITAIN AND IRELAND, FOR 1860, INCLUDING ALL THE TITLED CLASSES.” By Robert P Dod, Esq, Associate of King's College, London. Published by Whittaker and Co, Ave Maria Lane, MDCCCLX. Gilbert and Rivington, Printers, St Johns Square ; 1860 :--

Rule 29. Civilians of the 1st , i.e. of 35 years standing from the date of rank assigned them on their arrival and Maj Generals.
Ranking jointly amongst each other according to seniority, which is computed amongst the civilians form the date of there entering the class to which they belong and amongst the military officers from the date of their commissions.

30.Civilians of the 2nd class i.e. of 20 years standing from the date of rank assigned them on their arrival, and Colonels.
Ranking jointly amongst each other according to rule No 29.

34.Civilians of the 3rd class , i.e. of 12 years standing from the date of rank assigned them on their arrival and Lt Col.
Ranking jointly amongst each other according to rule No 29.

35.Civilians of the 4th class , i.e. of 8 years standing from the date of rank assigned them on their arrival and Majors.
Ranking jointly amongst each other according to rule No 29.

36.Civilians of the 5th class , i.e. of 4 years standing from the date of rank assigned them on their arrival and Captains.
Ranking jointly amongst each other according to rule No 29.

37. Civilians of the 6th class , i.e. of under 4 years standing from the date of rank assigned them on their arrival and
Ranking jointly amongst each other according to rule No 29.

Anonymous said...

@Kaushik & anonymous 11 .57 ,
why only 14300/ none in the scale would reach .e.g 18400/X 1.86 =
34224/ SCALE given 54600/ 30000X 1.86=55800 --90000/
26000x1.86=48360. scale givenRS. 80000. 6th pay commission it self is fully of such discrepencies or without justification. pb4 scale should be scraped . NEW scale with multiplying factor of 1.86 +GRADE PAY should be given .

Anonymous said...

@pawan FORGET BRITISH legacy. THERE should be no comparision . ARMED FORCES should have its own pay commission .pay scales should be in accordance to INDIAN ECONOMY.

Anonymous said...

@kausihk& anaonymous 11.57
why only 14300. our 17100 x1.86=31806.// 16400+2400 X1.86=34968. HAVE been placed at47050.and52290.MNS COL.13400 IS PLACED IN PB4 at 47050.GOOD going keep it up. IN civil mns startpoint is group (c) end point is senior class 1.

Raxas said...

Just found an article.

For those who are not in the know If you put up your papers (for resignation) you'd better sound respectful and make the correct noises. Otherwise your application will be returned "after being duly considered" at the appropriate level. I know of a guy who put up his papers after the Pay Commission. His appl was returned. It even did'nt figure in the list of guys who have asked for 'premature retirement' which is on IAF "personnel" site. So now they have againg caught the wrong end of the stick to shaft us with - "NO OFFR HAS PUT UP FOR PR B'COS OF THE PAY COMMISSION" is what is being quoted.

Anonymous said...

Depawali has come and gone.
Govt as promised has not done anything as 6PC is history and gone in thanda basta..
will govt do anything if Defence accepts the existing 6PC.
so now use Lt Col as useless guys fit for nothing.
at least Army can say those who want to leave can leave.as it is they are not required by the Nation so why keep disgunteled people in services and lower the standard of the Services.....
will any one take up this issue with the army at least..

Anonymous said...

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anil said...

Dear sir,
Though we are claiming that DA is admissible on MSP, CDA(O) Pune is still not paying DA on MSP as per the monthly statement of acct for the month of Dec 08 also whre as CsDA of AF and Indian Navy are already paying DA on MSP wef Sep 08. Are the Army auths centrally taking up a csae with CDA (O) Pune for getting the issue resolved or each indl offr will have to take up the issue?

Anonymous said...

DA is not admissible on MSP. DA paid to IAF has been recovered in Dec pay.

vikas sharma said...

Dear maj Navdeep,
Request you to please provide the reference no of MOD leter dated 10th october,2000 rectifying the anamoly in fixation of pay of Sqn. Ldr's promoted during period 01/03/1999 till 28/02/2000.

Thanks and regards

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj. Navdeep,

Could you provide a website link to the circular dated 10.10.2008 which states that the pay of Major was revised to 13125/-.