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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Q & A (5)

(Note : Moderation of comments would be slow for a few days during the absence of Maj Navdeep Singh)

Readers may send in their Questions through email for a Q & A session with ‘Q&A’ as the subject. For rules, please read this post.

I served in the Army for 12 years and took premature retirement on compassionate grounds in 2004. Please inform me about the facilities available to me as an ex-serviceman. (V Rawat)

You are not entitled to the status of ex-serviceman as per Govt of India guidelines. Post-1987, broadly speaking, only those persons are termed ‘ex-servicemen’ who retire with a pension or are released on completion of terms of engagement. You may access the definition of ‘ex-serviceman’ as per year of retirement by clicking here.

I was awarded Vayu Sena Medal during the Indo-Pak War of 1971. I am in receipt of monetary benefit for the Gallantry award alongwith my monthly pension from the DPDO. I came to know that vide provisions of IT Act Sec 10 (18), Gallantry Awardees (including Vayu Sena Medal) are exempted from paying income tax on pension. I have been filing tax returns regularly. My query is that what is the procedure to inform the IT dept about the IT exemption for me. Other than just writing a letter to the ITO, is there any certificate to be produced to the ITO. If so, who is the authority empowered to issue such certificate. (Gp Capt Menon)

Your CA would be able to answer that better. However you need not attach any certificate alongwith your returns as far as I know and you can simply produce a copy of your citation in case demanded by the IT department at any time. You may just mention the relevant section of the IT Act under which the exemption is available to you.

Do I need to attach a fee of Rs 10/- while appealing to an Appellate authority in my district under the RTI Act ? (Col ABC)

No, there is no provision of any fee under the Act for filing appeals.

What is the rough military equivalent of a District Superintendent of Police or Senior Superintendent of Police ?

Generally, officers of the Senior Time Scale (GP 6600) or Junior Adm Grade (GP 7600) are placed as Police chiefs of districts. In case of the officer is of the STS, then post-6th CPC he or she is equivalent to a Major and if the officer if of the JAG then he or she is senior to a Maj but junior to a Lt Col.

The minimum pension / family pension used to be Rs 1275/- during the 5th CPC, has a new figure been notified ? If yes then what is the new figure ? My mother is still being paid a family pension of Rs 1275/- . (Ram Kumar)

The new minimum pension is Rs 3500/- per month plus the applicable DA. You may write to your mother’s Pension Disbursing Agency (PDA) for enhancement to 6th CPC rates.

(Posted by Navjosh Singh during the absence of Maj Navdeep Singh)


Col NR Kurup (Retd) said...

The Answer given that "No fee is charged for Appeal" is not correct. Fee is charged as per rules framed by the respective government. For example, Pondicherry government charge fee for first appeal.

Anonymous said...

In response to the query regarding equivalence with Police ranks, occasionally, in larger states like UP, officers of NFSG rank are also placed as SSP's of districts. In this case, they are in GP 8700, and could technically be senior to Lt. Col's, post the VIth CPC. However, this is not at all certain, considering that Grade Pay is used only as a reckoner for seniority within a cadre, so total emoluments are what will determine seniority finally. As such, with MSP, a Lt Col is possibly senior to an NFSG officer also. Perhaps Maj Navdeep will clarify.

Anonymous said...

An officer , who had retd in 1996, lost his life in an accident last year.He was 64.
Is his wife entitled to enhanced family pension since she is only getting normal family pension ?If yes ,till what age 65 or 67 ?

Radhika Ogale said...

Dear sir,
kindly help me calculate family pension at normal rate.
Details are as follows-
1. Rank: Commander(Indian Navy)
2. No. of years of service: 21
3. Date of Expiry: 20th April 1998
Also advice me where I can get latest PPO/ letter with sixth pay commission amendments regarding my pension.

Grewal said...

is there any concession for servicemen/awardees on stamp duty registering their houses in the state of Punjab???

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,Is there any newes of Time scale rank comming at 21/22 years of service.

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeeep
We have heard timescale Col in 18 years signed by PM can you or any one on blog confirm?

Maj raman Kumar said...

Dear all
can you pl advice, how much percentage disability qualify for disability pension

Anonymous said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

Can you throw some light on the Union of India v/s Maj Bahadur Singh (2006) case in context of the Dev Dutt v/s Union of India & Ors (2002) judgement given by H'ble Justice Kutju.

In particular, what could be the salient reasons that the Dev Dutt decision shall not apply, only for the military.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
One important issue is not reflected in this blog i.e.
"Prime Minister is believed to have approved substantive time scale promotion to the rank of full Colonel and equivalent in Army, Navy and Air Force after 18 years of service. Thus Col will not be a select rank any more"
Your expert comments are awaited eagarly on the subject.

Anonymous said...

is there any leave called paternity leave for armed forces officers????????
if so please info the same

A B Mehta said...

A large number of officers who get their pension through SBI have not been paid full balance of 60%. I am told that some Lt Cols have received 40% increase on previous pension and ALSO the PB4 arrears in addition.This has resulted in even clear cases of Cols and above being kept pending for further checking. PCDA has not responded to individual complaints. Is their some remedy?

Gp Capt A B Mehta

Anonymous said...

SBI Chandni Chowk Delhi (pension link branch)has a huge backlog of defence pension cases with limited staff. From a widow of a Jawan to retired Colonels are seen standing for long in the queues manned by one or two persons who seem to have become insensitive to the plight of retired defense personnel. They have a backlog of two to three months at any point of time. Is there any way to pesuade SBI to assign additional staff to clear the backlog and speed up the pension disbursement process? Anon

Anonymous said...

What is the experience of those defence officers who opted for HDFC or ICICI bank to get their pension? Is it better than those with SBI? Do the rules allow change of pension account from one bank to another? If yes, then what is the procedure to do so and how long will it take?

itsme said...

I am a Short service commision officer, opted release after completion of 5yrs service. I have 20 % disabilty. Firstly do i come under ex-servicemen catogory? Secondly will I get any AGIF benefits wrt my percentage of disability?

rsrawat47 said...

Bankers are not paying Special Pension unless a PCDA(pension) letter of Nov 09 is produced -as they do not have the same. I have tried in vain to download this letter from various sites. Shall be grateful if a copy could be uploaded for the benefit of widows.
RS Rawat

rsrawat47 said...

The precise amended letter pertaining to IT Exemption is with me. I shall try to put it up ina day or two.

ms said...

paternity leave of 15 days is authorised for central govt employees. has it been introduced in army as well. is there any authority regarding paternity leave in army??

Anonymous said...

Just saw this query regarding allowance of 15 days paternity leave in Army & supporting document, if any, being available. Can somebody throw light on this.