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Friday, October 23, 2009

The mother of all compendiums !!!

Is it ‘compendiums’ or ‘compendia’ ? Experts on the Queen’s language may please enlighten ! Or perhaps I should just ask my wife :-)

Veterans keep writing in to know about various welfare schemes concerning them initiated by the Central Govt in general and Kendriya Sainik Board in particular.

The Kendriya Sainik Board has a well researched policy book on most of the schemes related to veterans and their families. The said compendium also contains broad guidelines issued to the State Governments from time to time on the subject of various issues concerning retired personnel and family members.

You may download the compendium by clicking here. I must caution you however that at almost 350 pages and 5 MB, it’s a pretty heavy file, hence patience would come handy !!!


Unknown said...


• noun (pl. compendiums or compendia /kpendi/) 1 a collection of concise but detailed information about a particular subject. 2 a collection of similar items.

— ORIGIN Latin, ‘profit, saving’ (literally ‘what is weighed together’), from compendere ‘weigh together’.
From the Oxford English Dictionary website-the net is actually a wonderful thing, Sir...

Anonymous said...

Sorry for posting this at a wrong place in absence of a chat box.Can any Officer in Delhi update on 18 years Col and first select rank at Brig? This is an imp issue for Gp Capt TS and equivalent officers retiring at 54.Otherwise retirement age will become 57 for all Col ranking Officers.Thanks

Anonymous said...

Any news on the pension orders for retiree officers between Jan 06 and Sep 08; 33 years qualifying service and 50 % pension issue ,