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Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Pay in original Pay Band to be protected on voluntary shift to a lower post : Govt of India

This should come as a relief to officers who opt for moving to a lower post on their own volition.

Earlier, the pay of officers shifting to lower posts in terms of FR 15 (a) was restricted to the higher end of the scale of the new (lower) post even in cases where the said higher end happened to be lower than the pay drawn by such officers in their original scales. On promulgation of running pay bands with Grade Pay after the 6th CPC, there was utter chaos in the system especially for officers opting for lower posts which had a lower pay band, for example officers in PB-4 opting for lower posts in PB-3.

The govt has finally issued orders regulating the said problem. According to orders issued on 21 October 2009 (with effect from 01 January 2006), the original pay of such officers shall remain protected, however the Grade Pay admissible would be as per the new (lower) post.

The letter in question lays down the following :

“…the pay in the pay band of the Government servant will be fixed at a stage equal to the pay in the pay band drawn by him prior to his appointment against the lower post. However, he will be granted grade pay of lower post. Further, in all cases, he will continue to draw his increments based on his pay in the pay band +grade pay (lower).”

The complete letter can be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.

There may be similar situations in govt organisations where exact or ‘to the point’ rulings or decisions of the DoPT or the cadre controlling agency may not be available, for example shifting of senior officers on deputation followed by absorption in parallel organisations, fresh appointments made on the basis of earlier experience in higher posts etc. The spirit of the ibid DoPT guideline may be invoked to deal with such situations too.


Anonymous said...

nice one !
this will suit the officers who convert as scientists after tenure in DRDO

Anonymous said...

Does this apply to Re-employed officers of the Armed Forces

B P Singh Maidh said...

This GOI order may be of great use to many officers/others

F.No. 31011 / 3 /2009- Estt.(A)


Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pension

Department of Personnel & Training

New Delhi, the 28th October, 2009


Subject:- Use of own car / hired taxi on LTC journey on account of physical handicap.

The undersigned is directed to refer to this Department's O.M. No. 3101114/2008-Estt(A)dated 23.9.2008 in which it was stipulated that LTC facility shall be admissible only in respect of journeys performed in vehicles operated by the Government or any corporation in the public sector run by the Central or State Government or a local body.

2. Instances have come to notice where Government servants on account of physical handicap/disability of self or dependant family members are unable to perform the LTC journey by the authorized modes of transport and are compelled to undertake the journey by own car or private taxi. Representations are being received to allow reimbursement in such cases. Matter has been examined in consultation with the Ministry of Finance, Department of Expenditure and it has been decided in relaxation of LTC Rules to authorize the Head of Department to allow use of own/hired taxi for LTC journey on account of disability of the Government servant or dependent family member after obtaining following papers/conditions to avoid misuse of such relaxation:-

(i) Medical Certificate from competent authority.

(ii) Undertaking from Government servant that journey in authorized mode is not feasible and he actually travelled by own car/hired taxi.

(iii) such claim should not be more than journey performed by the entitled

class by rail/air by the shortest route.
B P Singh

Aditya said...

And now a little humour, courtesy the US Marine Corps. The US Marines being an amphibious infantry service, under the US Department of the Navy (Rough equivalent of a "Navy Ministry"), uses many naval terms.

As such, it's senior NCO's (like JCO's in the Indian context), are called "Chiefs" informally.

Here is a posting of the rules that every marine rifleman must remember about the "Chiefs":

Rules as they apply to The Chief

1. The chief is always right.

2. In the impossible hypothesis that a subordinate may be right, see Rule #1.

3. The chief does not sleep, he rests.

4. The chief is never late, he is detained elsewhere.

5. The chief never leaves work, his presence is required elsewhere.

6. The chief never reads the paper in the mess, he studies it.

7. The chief never goes on liberty with his juniors, he conducts training sessions.

8. Whomsoever confronts the chief with an idea of his own must leave with the chief's idea.

9. The chief is always the chief, even when in his shower shoes.

Anonymous said...

Any one can throw some light on Col(TS)coming through in 21/22 yrs ???Maj Navdeep do you have any inputs on this? If so please intimate.

Anonymous said...

You may have a very pleasant surprise on Vijoy Diwas.18 yrs most likely

Anonymous said...

in case you need to fly a private carrier on a specific date - and the reasons are that the national carrier does not offer service or no bookings are available.. don't fret.. all u have to do is this..

send a fax to 011-24655839 - this number is of shri prashant shukla , jt secretary, ministry of civil aviation , b block, Rajiv gandhi bhawan, new delhi.

his land line no. is 011-24610386

i tried it for a ty duty to vizag that i am going in the coming week..and it works...

all u have to do is to send a fax indicating the broad nature of the move, indicating its urgency and why u cant fly national carrier.
and request him for a return fax with the permission accorded. the entire process takes about half a day..one day at max. i followed up the fax with a telephone call ..its picked up by his PA, they are very understanding and cooperative. .. when i thanked them..they said,..arrey saab ,yeh to hamara kaam h ai..

so check this out fellas..and here's to flying the good times again


Anonymous said...

there are already several organisations however, where they are following the example given in the latest edition of swamy's- reemployment of pensioners(instead of the spirit of this letter) for pay fixation . In the example given, such officers are sought to be given the maximum in PB3 and grade pay of 7600 !!


Travelling on TD

Dear Navdeep
Kindly clarify

What is the latest- Are we authorised to check into any hotel (upto Rs 3000/-) OR do we have to get a NA/ NOC from the visited station and only then go to a hotel.

Also are these hotels required to be 'registered' with the station HQs?

Further if you stay at an Army facility, do you get the actual mess bill reimbursed or is it limited to Rs 135/- less the Ration Money.