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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Full Pay and Allowances for the entire period of hospitalisation : Orders issued by MoD

In another welcome move, the MoD has issued orders authorising full pay and allowances for the entire period of hospitalisation of defence officers.

Full pay shall also be granted to such officers while on sick leave (even if the period of leave is more than 6 months).

The orders have been retrospectively implemented with effect from September 2008.

The same may be viewed and downloaded by clicking here.


BC said...

welcome move. Der yaye Dorust Yaye.

Anonymous said...


and you said only army gives chance for higher education on govt expense

Anonymous said...

who say Grade pay is to decide only the seniority with in the same service.

then how come an officer with grade pay is authorized 7000 pm tpt allce.

now is it not injustice when even professors in universities get tpt allce of 7000 at the service of 15 years where as the so called class one army officers will get it at the service of 30 years(Maj Gen).
and only 3-4 percent become MAJ GEN.Does army and govt has the guts to put this fact their advertisements?

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Anony above

The Grade Pay of Central Govt services has no link or comparison with that of University faculty. These are based on different yardsticks. In fact the Grade Pay of faculty is known as Academic Grade Pay (AGP).

Anonymous said...

it is necessary that our grade pay is also time based along with civ in order to get full allowances and benefits
otherwise there will be a big loss financially to service officers

is there any plan by higher ups to get non func financial upgradation or are they busy with themselves
it is one thing that is most urgently required to remove the financial loss of a service officer compared to all gp a officers who will retire in hag pay band
while most of us will retire with grade pay of 8700 which other will reach in 16 yrs

shouldnt the issue be discussed

Col NR Kurup (Retd) said...

From the poor responces, I believe that no one appear grasped the importance of this order. I think I should narrate a specific case for information of those who did not follow the glory of this orders.
While I was serving in a field area of Srinagar (where family was allowed), one oficer fell sick and ultimately evacuatted to CTC, Pune after treating him for 4 months in MH Srinagar, and Udampur. His young wife and child was living in the Unit Bashaw. Though we were keeping close observations on the officer, much of his condition was not disclosed to his family. Just few weeks before his completion of 6 months hospitalisation , the unit got a letter addressed to the oficer from CDA(O) that after few days (once he complete 6 months hospitalisation) his pay will be stopped; but restored to half on obtaining certain certificate that the officer is likely to return duty etc., etc.
One can imagine the demoralising factor if his family come to know of this letter and the condition of a young wife without any pay, staying thousands of KMs away from home.The cruelest part is the responsibility to render such certificate was on the officer who is in the hospital.

Thank God , the above orders will avert such a cruel cituations in future May God bless those who thought of such a welfare measure, because such cases will be very very rare and government will not be incurring any financial burden with above type of orders.

Anonymous said...

there have been lot of orders and instructions which though may have been placed in good spirit, but on field level actually have a detrimental effect.

in iaf, there is a procedure of writing a service paper along with each ar. i think, if somebody feels that some order or instruction is actually a stumbling block in maintaining good order, it should be taken up through this channel.

i disagree that every body placed above in chain of command is a self centered person.

there are provisions for officers to voice their opinions and they must do it. ills in system will get corrected on its own.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

Anonymous said...

@col kurup

Sir every order about army has serious repercussions on all. But the problem is that there is way out. Being Under army act you can not even open your mouth. and responses on blogs like this generally has not meaning.
for example the issue of grade when class one officer get grade pay of 10000at the service of 15/16 years why not us? you will say what is the repercussion. For that another reasearch is required.

Anonymous said...

Please give us some inner gen on col for all at 18 yrs and first select rank would be brig.

It was reported in wishper in the corridors of power that the PM has cleared the file.

Understood some decision is likely to be taken on 15 Oct 09 cabinet meeting.

is it true? if yes, will it also be applicable for IAF and IN?

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep anything latest on Col TS?

Ramani said...

Dear Navdeep,
Thanks for updating us on all the important and relevent matters pertaining to the forces.
one glance at your blog and all we find is news news news,

Anonymous said...

@annonymous 10 oct 10.30&10.51pm
If you are a fauzi you should have understood the matter by now.
for non fauzi it is difficult to understand.

for your info i repeat all.

Till now all the Cols with red tab you used to see were actually BARSAATI cols because till now you could become subs col only after 20 years of service.
now PM has done this meherbaani that you can become subs col at the service of 18 yr instead of 20 yrs.

there is not even whisper of col at 18yrs time scale.
as it is it is no use col at 18 yrs because when all others are getting 10000grade pay at the service of 15/16 yrs why do you want just 8700 that too at 18 yrs.

Ask for 10000 grade pay at 16 years of service.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Anony at 10.16

Unfortunately you are wrong.

In fact the time period for the rk of substantive full Col has already been decreased to 15 years. The rumour was about TS Col at 18 years, but it seems just that - a rumour.

Anonymous said...


sir then it is not rumour because it was first flashed by the website whispersinthecorridors.net which is a very reliable website like yours.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Anony at 10.58

It is a whisper for sure which will not get translated to paper. There are officers of certain arms and services who are facing the board in 18 to 26 years of service for selection grade full Col, the grant of TS Col at 18 years would hence logically make no sense. If it comes, it shall come @ 21/22 years. :-) Hasty decisions like these shall further degrade the sheen of our military ranks. The only way out is to delink military rank from pay / grade pay progression vis a vis All India Services and configure it with length of service instead.

Anonymous said...

@Navdeep at 1106 on Oct/11

Its almost confirmed that Col and equivalent ranks in sister services for all at 18 yrs would come through. first select rank would be Brig.

It wouuld be announced in Vijay Divas, may be earlier.Just wait....it is not far off.

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep please restart the chatbox...it used to give so much dynamic, valuable inputs by so many people..u r blog was ever vibrant...now also its good but that every moment dynamacity is missing..I am sure many people will want to give lot of inputs about Col TS and others...

Anonymous said...

it is heard that Air
chief has conveyed in some forum that Gp Capt Ts in 18 years is getting implemented some time in December ,can any body confirm?

Anonymous said...

just wait till 15 oct 09, thursday, something might come up, although not very sure, but maybe

Anonymous said...

Anony/1253pm 13 Oct 09,

Yes, I have also heard. May this be true. Best wishes!

Anonymous said...

@all talking about COL TS
it all started with a info from the web site whisperinthecorridor.net

but as Navdeep has contact with well place persons so he can give us correct info.
but till now he has denied it fully.
so it seems this all is just rumour only.

Anonymous said...

If everything goes fine and GOD willing, maybe COL TS at 18 yrs will see the light from Dec 2009, till then lets keep our fingers crossed

Anonymous said...

Anony/0838pm/13 oct 09,

Navdeep may not be aware and no body will give him gen. These files move by hand. A few select are only aware. After all Govt would also like to give you a nice surprise on some special occassion.

No one wants to spoil the case by making it public. So just wait...Be optimistic...it will come.

Anonymous said...

Another point, it is not Col TS. It is Col for all at 18 and first select rank would be Brig.

Sathye said...

How nice! One question though.... Were there any proposals of this nature from the personnel directorates of the services? Very unlikely.

One should be seeking for time bound revision of grade pay and pay bands rather than paper ranks.

Anonymous said...

Its a request please donot call our ranks as Paper ranks..it is earned and have lot of values, even the nonselect ranks...

Sathye said...

No disrespect is intended by the term “paper ranks”.

Though time based promotions are very common in other services particularly in central civil services, it is only in military this curious prefix of “Time Scale” or “TS” is attached with the ranks attained by time.

In civil services things are other way around. Many time bound grades named as “Selection Grade” where anyone and everyone is notionally “selected” as matter of routine to assume the position. By default cent percent walks to the “select” grade by the only criteria of years spent unless facing disciplinary action /prosecution of some sort. It is time for military to learn something from this and do not degrade military ranks ( which even today every other cadre covets yarns to be equated with) by officially stamping it as “TS”.
Did anyone hear about a Director TS or Joint Secretary TS anywhere and further adding insult by having made to occupy positions tenable by junior grades?

Let as have a long term view.

Anonymous said...

Point taken friend, no hard feelings regarding Paper ranks, I wish all of us including Maj Navdeep a very very happy Diwali.

Any NEWS regarding Nonselect Col rank?

Anonymous said...

Anybody any update on NonSelect COL at 18 yrs?

Anonymous said...

sir thank for giving this opportunity.
sir i would like to bring to your notice that no recognition is given to your work in defence services. i am combatant member and put up this rank in 2007. and the person who is junior by three 3 months and could get this rank till date got the opportunity through MACP for re-fixation in my rank pay band . when we see the fixation as on date he is drawing only 63 rupees less to me where as i am discharging rank responsibility since last 04 years clear all promotion in time . counted as supervisor staff where as he is holding nil responsibility.