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Sunday, November 16, 2008

Changed status equation vis-à-vis civil officers : practical effect on pension after issuance of pension orders


As discussed earlier on this blog, the changed status equation has had a cascading effect on pension of military officers.

A theoretical example of Lt Colonels Vs Directors to Govt of India was provided to amplify the said situation.

Now that the pension tables for pre 2006 military and civil pensioners have been published, here is the practical difference in basic pension between the two categories :-

Basic Pension as on 31-12-2005 (5th CPC rates)

Director to Govt of India : Rs 7150 per month (@50% of lowest end of scale, that is, Rs 14300)
Lt Colonel : Rs 7550 per month (@50% of lowest end of scale, that is, Rs 15100)

Basic Pension as on 01-01-2006 (6th CPC rates)

Director to Govt of India : Rs 23050 per month
Lt Colonel : Rs 17063 per month

The govt is seized of the matter and hopefully this anomaly too would be addressed as an off-shoot of the Pay Band-4 issue.

The latest pension orders for military pensioners are now available on the CGDA website and can be downloaded / saved by clicking here.



Anonymous said...

Preamble, Scramble and Gamble says Air Mshl Sharad Y Savur(Retd)
"Presumably but unfortunately, the CoS, even the Secretary Expenditure, forgot something important. It was only in the days of the British Raj that Commissions in the Armed Forces were sold to those who could pay or bestowed on those whom the British favoured. It was not some professional organization – trained, responsible and accountable. CoS also forgot that the soldiers, sailors and airmen today are signifiethercantly better educated than they were 50 years ago. CoS also forgot, presumably in their blinkered pursuit of power at any cost, that the Chiefs of Army, Navy and Air Force always cooperate with each other in times of war. And this was war – of principles, for fairplay, for justice."

Read the full comments in Shiv Aroors blog here.

Anonymous said...

when is the mukherjee comitee xpected to submit its final report.pl reply

Anonymous said...

I think not before 7th CPC in 2016

Anonymous said...

Hey he has promised it to be sorted out before Diwali (2018)!!!!!!

IndianACE said...

@Ajith and all,
We must now also visit Air Mshl Savur's own blog for the best possible posts in these times of anonymouses

I hope we all comment with due respect to the soldier scholar.

kgr said...

Are you sure that 7th cpc for employees of Central Government of India will be in 2016? In my opinion this country would have been disintegrated by then.

Anonymous said...

Ms. Sushama Nath
Id No. 027601
nathsg@ias.nic.in qualification:Graduate chemistry) 03/03/1951
On CD since 23.05.2003

Anonymous said...

What a piece has been this pension document!! Mrs naath and party have created somthing to admire at. Look at Retiring pension chart after page 80. A Colonel will be drawing double the pension of a Lt. Col. and more pension than even Lt. Gen. at 27.5 yrs of service. Why should one sweat to become a Gen or for that matter a Brig even. Ms Naath and party knows nothing about the whole thing and what ever the clerks are presenting her after typing she is signing. She has shown that not only her foresight and wisdom in ruining the moral of armed forces of her own country is poor but also her knowledge of the subject she is handling is pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep request clarify the anomalies in retiring pension chart as brought out by a pensioner.

Anonymous said...

The anomalies are probably due to the weighting factor which gradually reduces as the rank increases.
The typical solution that the government will effect is to make the senior's pension same as that of the lesser rank .
This is what was done to Maj Gens (who then fought & won a case in the supreme court) after the 5th pay commission when they made the Maj Gen's pension same as a Brig.
The correct thing to do is to make the pension same as the newly retiring person's pension of the same rank.
The problem here is that then they have to do it for every rank(which obviously they dont want to do)
We will be seeing lot of court cases again.What we need is a class action suit by all (Civ,mil etc)