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Friday, November 7, 2008

Who propagates these myths ??


(First an unrelated newsflash :- The Hon'ble Supreme Court has upheld the orders of the Delhi High Court which had held that Low Medical Category personnel cannot be discharged across the board as a policy unless there is a specific endorsement of being unfit for military duty by a duly constituted Invaliding Medical Board. It may be recalled that thousands of LMC personnel were discharged last year after being declared surplus. All personnel may have to be reinstated in light of the latest development)

Now with the blog post. An oft repeated rejoinder against upgradation of Lt Colonels into Pay Band-4 is that in the good old days, Lt Colonels used to command units but now the said function is being performed by full Colonels and hence it is Colonels who deserve the erstwhile pay of Lt Colonels and Lt Colonels have been rightly placed in Pay Band-3. It is also rubbed in that officers in certain arms are attaining the rank of full Colonel in 15 years.

My first objection to this argument is that contrary to popular perception, most units are not being commanded by full Colonels but by substantive Lt Colonels who are actually acting Colonels. Officers are not promoted to the rank of Colonel in 15 years - they attain the substantive rank and pay of Colonel in 20 years which is the minimum statutorily prescribed length of service under the rules. Secondly, less than 30% officers make it to Colonel and keeping that in view, as on date the defence services may be the lowest in the ladder in the arena of officers in Pay Band-4. Thirdly, why isn’t the same argument used against other services ?. An Inspector General of Police (IGP) in the Senior Administrative Grade used to be the senior most officer in the IPS and in charge of the entire state. Today the same function is being performed by a DGP who is three grades higher than an IG, but do we hear anywhere that a DGP should be granted the scale of an IG whereas the scale of an IG should be drastically downgraded because the erstwhile functions of an IG are being performed by a DGP ?. The 6th CPC states that the military’s closest counterpart for pay comparison purposes is the IPS, but did you know that out of the total cadre strength of the IPS, more than 90% are today in Pay Band-4 ?, What about the defence services you may ask, well the percentage stands below 15% as on date.

It would be a very small gesture in my humble opinion if the anomalies as projected by the services are rectified. While the equality between different services and pay scales has been harped on by the 6th CPC, career progression in the defence services leaves much to be desired. If the present situation is allowed to continue, the lag in promotions would remain as follows :

(Note : The length of service is being reflected by including the training period assuming the IMA standard of 1.5 years)

Lt is 1.5 years behind his/her civilian counterpart from the IAS as well as the IPS

Major is 3.5 years behind his/her civilian counterpart from the IAS as well as the IPS

Lt Colonel is 5.5 years behind his/her civilian counterpart from the IAS as well as the IPS

Colonel is 8.5 years behind his/her civilian counterpart from the IAS as well as the IPS

Brig is 15.5 years behind his/her counterpart from the IPS. There is no corresponding scale in the IAS

Maj Gen is 18.5 years behind his/her counterpart from the IAS and 16.5 years behind his/her counterpart from the IPS

Moreover, while progression to Maj Gen equivalent grades is available to 100% officers on the civil side, the story is not the same with the military.

Knowing certain commentators who would definitely question this data, the following are the IAS and IPS rules after the 6th CPC which may first be perused before shooting those keys on your keyboards.

IAS Pay Rules, 2008

IPS Pay Rules, 2008



Anonymous said...

I could not.
There could not be a better analysis (comparative) Than this.Good Job keep it up!You are repaying the organisation that Groomed you.God bless!

OneTopic at a time said...

It was as incisive as most your articles but does the IAS or the IPS read this, let alone ponder about any/all aspects?

I doubt it because there are many who would rather hide their heads in the sand (forgetting that, in the process, their butts stick out) because it suits their aim - grind the Armed Forces into the sand.

Isn't there some way you could make the media read (hey, where is my pal Saikat Datta?) and respond?

So do you think the AVSC would be the answer? What would be the impact of the phases I & II on the 7th CPC, if there is one?

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
There is an IAS website "whisperinthecorridors", why dont you post the article in that forum also.
I know for sure that the site is visited by all IAS/IPS/IFS/CSS and all other govt officers and maybe politician's aides too

Anonymous said...

@ Dear Navdeep,
1 Reference your latest post.
2. If the table at the end of the IAS Scales are seen closely, then against the Deputy Secy post, there are two pay scales , one is selection grade and the other, JAG.
3. That means that the Deputy Secy post is tenable by either of them and the only criteria for the ias guy to draw which pay is by account of the length of the service.
3. then we should also project the same analogy and say that the director post can be tenable by a Col/Lt Col and the Jt Dir post is tenable by Maj / Lt col and accordingly the pay scales can be decided by the length of service, i.e by 13th year an officer moves to PB 4

Anonymous said...

"did you know that out of the total cadre strength of the IPS, more than 90% are today in Pay Band-4 ?"
how have you calculated this Navdeep??
if IAS/IPS get selection grade in 13th year, and if the average intake is the same every year, then about two third of the cadre would be in PB4 and above, thats about 66%. what do u say??

Anonymous said...

buddy, y dont u leave army nd join IAS??

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep, you always question my credentials when ever I make a critical comment. It’s just that I belong to family with an IPS in it and I see the similarities and differences everyday, what most of you only read or hear about. They are only 2373 ( http://mha.nic.in/pdfs/ips_cadre_stren.pdf ) managing state police and CPOs combined strength of more than 2.1 million men. If you read the relevant parts of the constitution you will realise that the service was created more as an administrative cadre than as a fighting force. The service conditions are completely different from army’s. The only similarity is the rank structure and thats where we have got stuck. Our focus should be to try and get that delinked. I am told that the IPS is desperately trying to do that because they feel that they are suffering on that account!!

digvijay said...

navdeep is doing good work on the subject but what our senior officers have done to us in the past is hard to forget & they will continue doing so ,one maj gen is very unhappy because his arrears have not come , remarks 'because of this pb3-pb4 iam not getting my arrears , i,me& myself ,things will continue like this , cut each others throat to achieve your aim,At least learn from them "u scratch my back i'll do yours "

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@Anony @ 11.39 PM

Because of the diminished intake for a long period of time, the IPS cadre is currently top heavy. The figure I have quoted is true and actual and can be verified.


I have never questioned your credentials. Secondly, I do not see any similarity between the forces and the IPS but it is the Pay Com that has wrongly placed the military before the backdrop of the IPS. Please go through the chapter dealing with the defence services. I also disagree that the rank structure is similar, in my opinion only the rank badges are similar.

OneTopic at a time said...

could not find that IAS blog but here is something from the Indian

Express Blogs

IAS In India

Print Email Bookmark To Editor Post Comments
The Indian Express today (18th Sep) carries a report of several run-ins between the Ministers and their IAS officers in Kerala. The minister are reported to have called names, spoken in highly derogatory terms and forced many IAS officers to go on long leave or seek changes in jobs. While such goings-on are depressing from a common man's point of view, they highlight an aspect of governance in India which has been shoved under the carpet for too long for the country's good.

This is the need for devising an administrative machinery that can help the country and its people forward in the present day political India. The IAS is a legacy of the colonial rule. This has replaced the ICS of the British times which was unabashedly an iron frame to help consolidate the colonial masters' hold over the country. There was no concept of service to the people, no concern for the development of the country except in so far as it helped bring more riches for the colonizer. The IAS followed the pattern of the ICS except that with the passage of time. Efforts have been made to extend their concerns to suit a democratic country. But basically the IAS are oriented to regard themselves as rulers of the country, enjoying life-styles far removed from that of even the well off Indians and getting numerous privileges ostensibly intended to facilitate their performance of duties but used in reality to enrich their private lives.

To the privileges available to them officially are added those diverted from their other normal official uses because the boss comes first. Yes, they realize much sooner than later that to keep all this, they too have to render some services. But not to the country or its people but to the ministers and the political masters. But there is difference. The IAS, once having passed an examination enabling entry to the service, has his job to keep for the rest of his life with all periodical promotions and all but the poor Minister has to face his electorate every now and then and give his report card. Naturally the minister wants his bureaucrat to show some concrete work which he can highlight before the electorate and his party.

And a run-in is to be expected if the bureaucrat wasn't keeping this in view and wallowing in his own pompousness. The IAS has not done the country well. After Independence, the politicians who came to power had no experience of administration and the civil servants used this opportunity to consolidate and expand their hold. Of course all the top posts in the country's govt secretariats (central or states) were occupied by the civil servants. The only talent they could boast of was that of pen pushing. Ofcourse that was not the age of specialization. But as the country sought to develop, some activities called for special skills or specializations. Public sector undertakings were set up to take up developmental activities in various fields. Instead of putting these undertakings in the charge of people having the required skills, the IAS managed to capture all the top positions in these undertakings as well.

The country has had to pay a heavy price for this practice, as most of the undertakings failed to deliver and squandered the country\'s limited resources. While the practice has largely discredited itself, the IAS still fight hard to grab any opportunity at the top whether suited to their skils or not. With the IAS generalists holding decision making positions in the govt's secretariat, a work culture to suit them has developed. In the present day and age, when govt is required to take decisions involving highly specialized and technical issues on most matters, whenever such an issue comes under consideration, the first step taken by the generalist decision maker is to call for comments of the persons in a subordinate establishment having the requisite knowledge. Based on these comments, the decision maker in the sectt. makes his own recommendations to the minister or takes a decision himself. When the issue is multi-faceted, resort is taken to formation of committees.

The result ofcourse is delayed decisions. In the present governmental set-up in the country, we have two tiers of generalists in the final decision making positions- the Secretary to Government and the Minister. One would think this is a luxury, a poor country can do without. But this is the result of the obduracy of the IAS to hold on to positions that others are better suited to hold. The Administrative Reforms Commission headed by K. Hanumanthiya, in their report in 1977 was not happy about the role entrusted to the IAS and had recommended that a functional field should be carved out for this service.

But with the IAS having an iron grip over the decision making apparatus in the government, this recommendation was ofcourse turned down. The generalist nature of incumbents of the IAS has won them a certain notoriety. In the British and early post independence period only the lower rung of administrative staff, like clerks, were referred to as 'babus'. But now the entire bureaucracy, engaged largely in supportive functions despite holding important positions, is referred to as 'babus'. Another administrative reforms commission is now in position. The IAS's role will again come under the scanner but IAS is still is positioned to turn things to its advantage. As for the country, one can only hope for the best.
The views expressed here are those of the writer and not necessarily of expressindia.com

Anonymous said...

@navdeep sir

we are banging our head against wall.if the govt feels that army officer do not deserve to be equated with group A officers then they must declare it so. (for your info now university teachers also will get pb4 in 15 years. so it is only army and PMF officers are treated like class II officers.
but the problem is not govt the problem is our own top brass. why can't they accept that army officers are class II officers and start behaving like one. why can't we have 10-5 in peace areas and so many other things which everyone of us know. As per hindu mythologhy after 84lakhs of birth one gets human life then why one should be lured and made army officer by just showing the tanks and jypsies why can't Gens show realities of army life. and why they should stop any body who wants to go out.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


phir kyon ro rahe ho mauj karo
do not ask for any thing janta fauj ko full izzat de rahi hai. IAS se parity kyon mangte ho.

for the last 50 years this attitude of not comparing with others is harming more. army is no more a holy cow in the eyes of aam janta. it is totally under media scrutiny. so army is no more special just treat normal behave normal ask for normal so that you also get what other class I officers are getting. else you can read the writing on wall GO TO HELL no body is interested in army's welfare media just not touching the topic. your own retd Gens like CM of uttarakhand has not spoken even a single word for the core issues.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

Nice to see your another article on degradation of status of Defence Service Officers.

It appears that edge given to the Service Officers in various ranks from Lieutenant to Brigadier by Third Pay Commission on merger of Special Disturbance Allowance with the Basic Pay has been taken as increase in status by Service Officers. This edge was nothing more than monitory compensation to the hardship of Military life. However, since the young officers are not aware of the history of this edge, I had posted the same in my blog www.indiancpmf.blogspot.com , I would request all Service Officers to go through it and then decide whether the pay band and Grade Pay given by the Sixth Pay Commission are correct or not. Moreover, when this allowance was merged none of the CPMF / CPOs existed. The pay scale of CPMF / CPOs are on the civilian pay scales and thus there was always a parity between various CPMF / CPO ranks and with that of Defence Officers ranks.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...

@BP Singh

My dear BP Singh Sir,

The SDA was granted only @ Rs 45/- per month for ALL RANKS. I have not taken into account the SDA while putting across 3rd CPC Scales so your contention is redundant. I'll also post the pre 3rd CPC scales if you want - and that would further expose the hollowness of the 2IC = Lt Col argument of the CPOs.

Thanks for your time.

Anonymous said...

Dear Mr BP Singh,
Your views, knowledge and respect for the armed forces are as myopic as they can get. You have no knowledge what so ever at all about the armed forces. You obviosly have no clue about the command structure in IAF and IN where the combat units/sqns/ships are commanded by Lt Col equivalents. Are you even aware that all front line fighter, helicopter, missile, radar and most transport sqns are commanded by Wg Cdrs (ever heard of that rank) in the IAF. Most combat ships albiet a few are commnded by Commanders (another rank that you may possibly not have heard of) in the IN. Your venom in all the forums you visit is indicative of your lack of knowledge and your eternal quest to match the offrs from the armed forces. We all are aware of the entry parameters for CPO's (reservation, sifarish, etc) and so are you. Your training standards, conduct and intellect are abysmal especially in your officer cadre (including senior ranks) and are no match to even a fresh armed forces officer straight out of IMA/AFA/NA. As such your mettle in handling Internal Security situations in the country needs no mention. You actually ought to be thankful to the Armed Forces for holding your hand and saving you the embarrassment of your inadequacies and failures being highlighted to the nation. Not only are your bosses incapable of controlling the situations handed to them (IG CRPF- Srinagar aug 08) they find no shame running to the nearest army formation for help to save their slimy skins. Please do your job and leave the Armed Forces alone. We are sick and tired of stepping in to cover your failures time and again. May wise sense prevail on your tribe.

Anonymous said...

@Wg Cdr

sir you said "Your training standards, conduct and intellect are abysmal especially in your officer cadre (including senior ranks) and are no match to even a fresh armed forces officer straight out of IMA/AFA/NA".

but then how the same officers when became the top brass could not understand the so called downgradation of defence forces and now they are so helpless that for the last 40 days they are just waiting for out come which they know will not be in their favour where does that smartness has gone let us see how smart your officers are.

Anonymous said...

Patience is a virtue only the wise understand. 40 days is no great shakes when so much more is at stake. The govt obviosly is weighing its pros and cons before a verdict is given and the fact that there is so much delay means that the decision is in the favour of the armed forces and it is unpalatable to the b'cracy. and for the intelligence of the top brass please dont forget that they are master strategiests and trained to win wars and know when to knock the enemies centre of gravity. The writing is on the wall for all to see. The babu is on the backfoot and is finding face saving measures for his kith and kin. and the gentlemen that the armed forces are they are allowing the vanquished to conduct an honourable retreat. More tomorrow am off for the weekend.

Anonymous said...

angrez chale gaye ias(ics) chor gaye...

Anonymous said...

@Wg Cdr
Congrats! Your rejoinders to B P Singh and Anony is a treat. For the sake of heaven, how does PMF even think they are at par to us? Everyone knows what their track record is these past few decades. Come to think of it, what else do you expect from officers from quota reservation? Thank God there is no reservation in Armed Forces, otherwise.......

Anonymous said...

The likes of BP singh and some others do know in their heatr what facts are in reality. They are PARA Military and nort military and thus the cvery literal meaning should tell them of their status. Some of these CPO & PMF cadre Officers come to attend the Junior Command course. Their performance and knowledge is pathetic to say the least. In joint operations scenario also they are found wanting whether it is in J&K or elsewhere. I have actually seen these guys fron close quarter during insurgency situation and they leave a lot to be desired.
These PMF and CPOs can not even have their cadre officers at the helm of affairs and are literally ruled by another cadre i.e., IPS who will always keep them subservient to them. So rather than fighting the Armed Forces, the CPOs need to fight for their rights within their own set up.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 2.22 pm
Angrez toh army ko bhi ICS ki brabari par chodd gaye the, but our top guys have been ostrich like in their approach.

Must read the article on US army's Gen Petraeus' at Pragmatic's Blog and compare our PQpsc half-bakeds.

OneTopic at a time said...

Honestly, Major Navdeep, what prevents Armed Forces from promoting majors (and equivalents) by Promotion Boards at 6 years, Lt Cols at 13 years, Cols at 16 years, Brig at 20 years, Maj Gens at 25 years and Lt Gens at 30 years of service?

If select grade is the semantics used then so be it - have Promotion Boards from Majors (and equivalents). This is the chance in many years and then tell the IAS/IPS and those IDAS et all OK here we are Select grade all, now what?

Might need some 100 watts bulbs functioning overtime in MS, COP and AOP branches but it would be worth cocking a snook at the IAS.

What say?

Anonymous said...

@BP Singh

Let me congratulate you for your foolhardiness in just dropping in and offering close to stupid comments despite having minimal knowledge of the subject.Let me try and make you understand basics of SDA. Major Navdeep has already brought out SDA prior to 3rd CPC was Rs 45 pm for all officers upto the rank of Brig. the 3rd CPC merged it and provided an edge of Rs 50 only at 2nd Lt level only (JTS for civil services) after that if you compare the scales you will find SDA edge has not been given at other level. for example the STS scale for civil services under 2nd CPC and III CPC recommendation thereon were:

PRE III CPC 740-1300
1200-1700 (STS IPS)

Similar scales of Armed Forces for Captain were: -
PRE III CPC 750-990

The case for all other ranks is also similar. So where is the SDA edge are you talking about. If you see the scales you will realise that III CPC gave edge only at JTS level. Please get your facts in order first. Do not shoot what you hear from bureaucrats. They are generally misleading. Major Navdeep has proved the false hoods of even VI CPC in his previous blog. please do some research and then comment.

Seeing your comments one Haryanvi saying comes to mind.

"Ghori ne Tehnal Jaraya, Meendhki ne bhi pair uthaya."

which means , 'when the frog saw horse getting his horseshoe fixed, he also lifted his leg for a frogshoe. God Bless you with whatever you are lacking in.

Anonymous said...


Don't get upset with Mr BP Singh, he is intellectually challenged.

He is from an organisation that, by his own admission, did not exist at the time of the 3 CPC. Therefore he has to be either presumptuous or intellectually challenged to compare Armed Forces with CPOs.

As fo how well the CPOs are doing - remember the recent fatalities caught in the middle (of a river/pond/lake)? God bless their souls and God Bless India whose internal security will be maintained by the CPOs

Anonymous said...

can't we just ignore this bp singh sardar? all he wants attention and we give it to him. we if just ignore him, he will become bald quickly.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely right. We should ignore BP Singh and all others, whose comments don’t suit.

Anonymous said...

lets keep silence for a few days in honour of sri sri sri bp sing jee. Let his soul rest in peace.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

It is a revelation, reading your well researched articles. Your comments serve to clarify a lot of issues without taking recourse to bombastic rhetoric.
Keep it up!! If the anomalies are corrected it will, in a large part, be due to the contributions of officers like you.

Anonymous said...

Bp singh might have been a stupid, costipated, ssb reject etc. But it was sad to hear that he is no more.

May God keep him in seperate chamber with the souls of nobles so that in his next birth he is not born with sick mind. May God also give him enough IQ, and wisdom in next birth to get selected in his further attempts of ssb.

Navdeep / Maj Navdeep Singh said...


Come on, Mr BP Singh is passionate about his organization (Coast Guard) like you are for yours.

Let us be more compassionate and open to arguments.

Rebut his arguments with logic and desist from personal attacks - my humble request please.

I support his right to disagree with us.

Sorry and Thanks

Anonymous said...

infuse some positive thinking, here is an article by Dr Harsh V Pant.'The Loyal Indian Soldier stands Alone'
He says "Political apathy and bureaucratic design are rapidly eroding the self-esteem of our forces. A functioning liberal democracy needs a loyal soldier that can take care of the state's security, allowing the state to look after its citizenry. In India, the State is gradually withering away, all that's left is the loyal soldier. How long will this soldier, under siege from all sides, remain steadfast to its commitments, is a question all Indians should seriously ponder on."
Read the full article here.

Anonymous said...

Even Nehru, after neglecting defence for all the years after independence had to eventually concede in 1962 that India's military weakness 'has been a temptation, and a little military strength may be a deterrent.'

The Indian public and press remain apathetic on defence issues. We make Kargil into a television spectacle, an opportunity for our journalists to try to show their temporary bravery by going to the frontlines for a few hours and getting the excitement of covering a war from the inside. And then when it is all over, our soldiers have been interred into their graves, we move on to new and more exciting spectacles -- to our song and dance reality shows and saas-bahu sagas, forgetting that soldiers are still on guard.

This is a nation that will cry with Lata Mangeshkar [Images] when she sings Aye Mere Watan Ke Logon but will not make any effort to understand the real problems and concerns of its soldiers. It is a sign of the highly skewed priorities of the Indian media that the rising turmoil and dissatisfaction within the ranks of nations' armed forces is being given only perfunctory coverage.

It is an issue of nation's very survival yet the media seems busy with its devotion of superficialities. Every rave and rant of Bollywood actors is religiously covered, detailed dissection of seemingly never-ending cricket matches are conducted, exorbitant pay rises in the corporate sector make it to the headlines but the one issue that can make or break the future of this country is consigned to the margins.

We continue to pray at the altar of our false heroes while our real heroes continue to face neglect and scorn.

Anonymous said...

@ Wg Cdr

netas and baboos are playing a very simple game. every officer is waiting his turn to become General so next time give the chance to only the most submissive who never dares to speak. and till then let all of them keep waiting for any decision from GOM.
why do you all forget admiral bhagwat episode none of the Generals helped him( no course spirit)
and how can you forget the episode after last pay commission when AF fixed its own officers just to keep netas and baboos happy.

so the delay is just to make sure the slave do not open their mouth

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep

Your comments at 10.23 am today. I am sorry. I have posted the comment about Sri BP Singh at 1012 h today.

In impulse, I have forgotten that everone has right to present his/her point of view. Understood ur point. Thanks for opening my eyes.

Regards, always with u

Anonymous said...

@BP Singh

I am sorry many people on the blog have been harsh to you. But I can understand their anguish. I have operated aongside the CPOs and I do not rate the operational and motivational profile of the CPOs too good. These forces are trained and are utilezed in compay sized bodies generally under the local police inspector. I have rarely seen the commandant of the CPOs leading the troops himself. He has virtually no responsibity in the operations and generally leads a cool life visiting the local DC or liasiing with to SP. Also these forces have training to operate in difficult ares and are only trained to do soft jobs. They do not have ability to operate crosscountry or navigation at night and they have to be guided to the area of opration by their informers.And of course they do not have any offensive abilty. I have seen ONE solitary infantry battalion producing 95% of the tangible results in a NE state where 38 units of the CPO were deployed. I am yet to see the CPOs taking on the relief operations on their own despite their very large strength. It is unfair to compare the Army with the CPOs; the range of responsiblity of the Army is much much large and the CPO officers know. They do not flaunt their capbitities when the Chips are down. That they are no less than the Fauj is only remembered in domain where they cannot be tested. Due its training ,motivation , regimntaion and the spirit an infantry battalion can be easily compared in term of combat potential to atleast five CPO units. This may not be palatable but that is the truth. If not then why cant the strength of all CPOs be couted as offensive combat strength of the Indian Army---I am sorry of the Indian State. Please be fair

Anonymous said...

Fabulous blog. I have a query. Why can't someone take this up with the Supreme court as a matter of injustice done to the forces. I mean, is it possible to do so?

Anonymous said...

Correction to that statement that "good old days "-in the IAF 80% of the units are still being commanded by Wing Commanders .Its only real massive ones that have officers to the tune of 40- 60 that were upgraded to Group Captain

Anonymous said...

HT Leadership Summit should be good forum to ask our dear PM and SONIAJI as to whatever happened to time limit and resolve to clear tha air on PB 4 Issue
Can you please arrange to ask questions during Summit

Anonymous said...

Breaking News...

Brig Ranji has joined the National Security Guards (NSG) as DIG.


How can we expect parity if people are still after lower status posts?

Anonymous said...

Nice to know that BP Singh is from Coast Guard.

Now may be he will tell us why the LTTE has unfettered use of India's, I repeat, India's coastline down south?

Not enough pay to operate their ships and chase the LTTE off?

Anonymous said...

What a SHAME ,at one place we are asking equilancy and other place a BRIG is joining a post held by NFSG.thus we are asking much more than we deserve.Maj Navdeep please stop your blog or write why a BRIG sould not work under director

Anonymous said...

brig joins under director?

all are slave of army act can they say no?

Anonymous said...

DIG is in pay band 8900 thus notunder director whoose grade pay is 8700 thus joining of BRIG is correct but when in army so much shortage is there why should go outside

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Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,
The MOD order dt.11.11.2008 for pre 2006 defence pensioners is a great disappointment. The Govt/MOD had not bothered about the past pensioners. The 5th CPC graciously allowed to draw two pensions seperately without any floor ceiling for the re-employed pensioners. Whereas now the 6th CPC bringing in a floor ceiling of Rs.3500 for each pension, which will affect a large number of re-employed pensioners. Instead of getting some increase in pension, their pension will be reduced now. It is a great in justice. Any reduction in the existing pension benefits cannot be accepted. We may approach you for a legal battle Sir. Pl. help in the matter.