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Saturday, August 28, 2010

MNS cadre restructured

The following is the Cabinet note on the approval accorded yesterday :

The Union Cabinet today approved the proposal of cadre restructuring of Military Nursing Services (MNS). The proposal approved by the Cabinet includes:-

Upgradation of 74 posts of Lt Col (Time Scale) to the rank of Lt. Col (Select) and above. Now, there will be 2 Major Generals, 18 Brigadiers, 58 Colonels and 157 Colonels (Select) in MNS.

Revision of service criteria in the Time Scale promotion in the non Select Rank up to the rank of Lieutenant Colonel (Time Scale) will be as follows : Captain- 3 years (from existing 5 years); Major – 8 years (from existing 12 years) and Lt.Col.(TS) – 16 years (from existing 20 years).

Qualifying service for Lieutenant Colonel (Select) rank by Selection Board revised from the existing 18 years to 14 years.

The decision will reduce stagnation in the various ranks of Military Nursing Service by increasing the number of select appointments. It will also help in retaining competent and qualified nursing officers in service by providing adequate opportunities for career progression.

The last cadre review of Military Nursing Service was carried out in the year 1986. The authorized strength of MNS cadre is 3860 and there are only 161 select rank posts in the MNS cadre. There is a steep pyramidal structure at higher select ranks. An MNS officer is able to pick up the select appointment in the rank of Lieutenant Colonel approximately after 26-28 years of service, when she is around 46-48 years of age. On account of limited number of vacancies, arising out of superannuation, there is large scale supersession of many deserving nursing officers (both specialised and non-specialised) in the Promotion Boards for promotion to higher ranks. Apart from causing de-motivation among these nursing officers, non-selection for promotion also leads to seeking premature retirement by such experienced nursing officers. To retain such qualified and trained nursing offices, it has been considered necessary to improve promotional avenues at all levels so as to mitigate the hardship of nursing officers by increasing the number of posts in select grade appointments within the overall strength of cadre.


manav musings said...

We must thank the Central Govt for this delayed but necessary restructuring.

They are an essential part of our organisation.

Girls and ladies NOW cheer up.

Der aaye durust aaye!!!!

Anonymous said...

A welcome step but I hope this does not remove too many from the actual job of nursing and place them in administration. Then the step will become retrograde since it will reduce efficiency of the organisation. As for opening promotional avenues, it does not matter what the rank is so long as the job is being done effectivily.

Anonymous said...

DACP for AMC, hope that will also see the light of the day, sometime.God willing, will come someday.

Anonymous said...

The case for male nurses with the same emoluments etc should also be seriously examined. With war doctrine shifting from set-piece battles to low-intensity conflicts, male nurses shall augment the AMC's ability to provide medical cover under such conditions.

Anonymous said...

Why not to consider granting 'commission to male nurses' also. Now women are in to the army's every non-combatant arms. For ensuring equal opportunity for men, grant commission for male nurses in army. Form a 'Army Nursing Corps (ANC)' from Nursing Officers of MNS and Nursing Assistants + Male Nurses (Nursing Tech)of AMC. Every qualified and eligible male/female Nurses should have equal opportunity to get 'Commissioned as Officers' in such ANC.

Unknown said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,

How about PB 4 for MNS Lt Cols? Is the proposal under consideration?

marshal said...

The news was reasonably satisfying.We have a patients str of 33000 put together in all MHs in the country incl Army Navy & IAF.(Macro analysis= total str + total family str= X(assume it as X). 2.5% is the average morbidity rate . This number reports sick. Out of this , 2% gets admitted for investigtn & treatment. Average hosp stay being 15 days , accumulation is this 33000. It can have a + or - 3% standard deviation.)Now we have 3300 MNS offrs for looking after this 33000 pts. This incl SIL/DIL/Just sick etc. SIL?DIL?ICU pts needs 1:1 ratio mind you!all these pts are available 24 hours in the Hosp. where as an MNS offr can be there for 10 hrs at the most a day. So the 24 hrs has to be divided into 3 or 3 MNS Offrs for one day.or one 3rd of the str is available for any one time for the bed side nrsng. The pts have to be given 24 HOURS vigil. Out of this 3300 mns cadre str, minus400 or so will be off on adm /supervisory duties. 25% of the remaining will be on leave+ courses+ TD+ etc.Balance str is 2175.i/3 of this str is just 725 mns offrs on duty at any one given time. They- 725 mns , manage 33000 pts.!!! imagine the colossal work ? What is the ratio? 46 patients to be looked after by ONE MNS Offr. They break their back bones mostly!They crib. no body bothers!So You have to increase the str by considering the matter in the right perspective. Let no one have any biassed images about or towards them. Give them best conditions for work and they will look after the pts. Give respect and take respect. Forget about the past!Think of the present, the new generation of Medicos should restructure the MNS cadre to benefit the ARMY Patients and families. How do you do it, its your business as well as affairs, young Gntl.men/ladies!

Anonymous said...

An EXCELLENT order by the Govt.Well done.

These Nurses are also a part of Indian Defence.So kindly make them wear One of the uniforms of ARMY OR NAVY OR AIR FORCE.Ofcourse not the one they wear now...ridiculous.Make them a part of Army because that will be convenient dress for work.White dress of Navy will also be good because it is an elegant dress and neat always.