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Monday, August 2, 2010

For all those who did not opt for a beneficial switch-over to 6th CPC scales : help may be on the way !

When the 6th CPC recommendations were implemented, an option was to be exercised by employees regarding the date of switch-over to the new scales. This was supposed to be done within a period of 3 months of the publication of Central Civil Services (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008 and the analogous SAIs in the defence services.

Due to confusion created by introduction of new concepts such as pay bands and grade pay, many central govt employees were in a fix and as a result exercised options which did not ultimately prove to be beneficial. The Central Govt has therefore relaxed the rules and the option which was initially to be provided within a period of 3 months can now be revised and changed till 31st of December, 2010. The CCS (Revised Pay) Rules, 2008, have already been amended to the extent and as per precedent, a mutatis-mutandis approach would have to be followed by the Ministry of Defence for defence employees.


Anonymous said...

Hi Navdeep,

Does this option apply for the option exercised for the commutation of pension also. Like employees who have submitted the option for 45/50%/no chnage as per VIth commission but later on realised that, the other option is more beficial. Can they submit the option again for commutation of pension?

Unknown said...

Thank You.

But is there a calculator which can help me decide which option is more beneficial for me.

Anonymous said...

Maj Navdeep,
What is the policy on stipend for relegated cadets. Are they entitled to receive the stipend even for the relegated period?

Unknown said...

dear navdeep
cdao has not beeb admiting field area allc for servci offrs posted to BRO with the pleae that they are classified as static stations. depite AFT NEW DELHI judgement of feb 10, cda is not admitting claims and is saying judgement is against CGDA and they have to issue instr/ decide. please suggest further course of action. regards.
brig pandey

Anonymous said...

Dear Brid Pandey,
The judgement can not be against the CGDA as he is no authority to give even a single penny. He requires orders of MoD with approval of MoD finance.

If counrt orders are clear then go in for contemt of Court proccedings. Let the respondant reply. In the meanwhile you can put up an RTI with CGDA if they have received that judgement and what are ther actions on the judgement. That will help you making your case starng.

Howevr, this is no legal advice as I am not into legal matters and Navdeep will be able to elucidate on it.

Anonymous said...

Under the 6th CPC policy for pension of PBOR changed to 50 % stating that the PBOR will be offered with re-employment in Central Police Organisation under lateral entry scheme. However, in the CPC report it has been objected by MHA and clarified its stand on lateral entry recruitment. But the report has been accepted. So far except in initial stage during the implementation of 6th CPC there is no recruitment held for the PBOR under lateral entry scheme. It seems that there is lot of confusion between the MHA and MoD but ultimate looser are the PBOR who have lost their pension formula of enhance pension due to compulsory retirement at early stage than other Central Govt Employees who serve upto the age of 60 years. Govt has accepted 70% pension for Armed Forces Personnel POOR but the implementation is awaited. It is sure the Govt is sitting on the report and not likely to accept the proposal until and unless there is hue and cry over it. Now the OROP is being accepted by the Govt. but in some cases as per the existing scale the retiring pension of PBOR 50% is less than the PBOR retired prior to 01.01.2006. Moreover, OROP formula was put up to the Govt. 25 yrs back which has got no benefit today. Do you have any information about the status of 70% pension to PBOR and whether Govt is likely to accept. In case Govt do not accept the proposal what could PBOR who are retired after 01.01.2006 do on the this subject?