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Monday, August 16, 2010

Fresh guidelines on the Central Staffing Scheme

The Central Staffing Scheme is one of the oldest systems in place in Central Secretariats of the Union Govt.

Officers from the rank of Under Secretary to Govt of India till Secretary to Govt of India are selected and placed in all Ministries and Departments under the Central Staffing Scheme.

Apart from officers from the All India Services and participating Organised Group A Services, officers from the Central Secretariat Service (CSS) also play a vital role in the Central Staffing Scheme. Central Secretariat Service Officers are initially recruited as Group B Officers at Section Officer level and then rise to Group A level on promotion.

The Govt is in the process of issuing fresh guidelines on the scheme and has floated a draft Office Memorandum seeking comments and suggestions so that the same can be incorporated in the final circular.

Holding of a particular level of appointment does not ipso facto result in eligibility under the Central Staffing Scheme. For example, to be eligible for an appointment as Joint Secretary to Govt of India, an officer needs to be in the Senior Administrative Grade (SAG : PB-4 / GP 10000) but that alone does not make one eligible to be placed as Joint Secretary to Govt of India since there is an elaborate process by way of which officers are empanelled for particular appointments. Officers of the IAS may reach the stage of GP 10000 in 16 or 17 years of service in their own cadres and also become eligible for empanelment after 17 years of service but are not actually and practically empanelled till attaining about 20 to 21 years of service. Moreover not all officers of the SAG are empanelled as Joint Secretaries to the Central Govt.

The draft guidelines can be accessed by clicking here.


ranjay said...

thats precisely what defence forces should follow.pay & rank be treated differently.if you see scpc hostel subsidy/edu allowances are same for all....thats because of some logic. ARMED FORCES should follow the civil services model for pay etc....and people holding should get more perks.....pay requriments of an individual is an age based,issue based issue....@ navdeep your presentation based on rank & pay for officers keeping the years of service akin to DACP...be implemented for all....

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