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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Another glass ceiling shattered in the US : Lady Officer to command naval carrier strike group

Rear Admiral Nora Tyson becomes the first lady to command a Carrier Strike Group - Carrier Strike Group II of the UN Navy. She took over command aboard USS H W Bush, the last of the Nimitz class carriers.

Commissioned in 1979, Admiral Tyson is a one star officer. Unlike the Indian Navy, the US Navy has two grades of Rear Admiral, that is, lower half (one star) and upper half (two star).

The Admiral graduated from Naval ROTC (Reserve Officers’ Training Course), the rough naval equivalent of the Indian Territorial Army, and not from a Regular Academy, and later turned from a reservist into a full time naval officer.

A news-report with some interesting comments on the development can be accessed by clicking here.

A brief history of women in the US Navy is available here.


Anonymous said...

With the CPOs calling themselves Armed Bns, Why not we transfer some of our willing LOs into the CPOs? I am sure the need for ladies serving in Fighting Arms will be tested. And once transfered they can rise in the CPO cadre to Flag Stars.
And, have we ever wondered that CPOs advertise for only MALE recruitment in their Officer Cadre.

Anonymous said...

Heard from someone that CAS during his recent visit to one of the air force station in Bangalore, had told a gathering of officers that TS Gp Capt is likely to come in 24 yrs from currently at 26 years.

Maj Navdeep or someone close to the corridors of power, kindly comment.