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Friday, December 4, 2009

This would not be music to Veerapa Moily’s ears

As discussed here earlier, the Law Minister aspires to make the Government a ‘responsible and reluctant’ litigant.

However this story here may not be music to his ears at all I bet.

The government machinery needs to be more sensitive to the needs of pensioners. The above report shows how some elements on the Legal Advisory side in the Ministry of Defence have been ignoring requests from the Army and also putting aside legal advice from the highest echelons of the Law Ministry resulting in wilful denial of benefits to poor disabled soldiers. This not only affects the morale of our veterans but also results in embarrassment to the Army in particular and the Ministry of Defence in general. Very sad indeed.

A related story appeared in the same columns earlier.


BC said...

Dear Maj Navdeep,
This is what IRONY is about our system. Eveen there is a clear rule positions in place, people/system take out there own iterpretations which leads harassment to the people. Sometime I feel we should have had Communism intead of Democracy, but that too is not perfact.

VNatarajan said...

Maj Navdeep,
Why in other Ministries? Even within the Law Ministry where the file has to be refrred to the Addl. Solicitor General- it is being dealt at the lowest levels stating that the ASG may not be disturbed for the issue in hand!. Irony is the issue related to the entire spectrum of the pre-2006 pensioners - applicable to all sectors! Tragedy is aggravated by the higher level of Law Ministry administration without making an effort to appreciate the gravity of the issue and endosing such "irrelevant" notings! We have RTI material to substantiate such gross omissions within the same Ministry or between various Ministries/ Deptts in so far as old pensioners' matters are concerned. LET HON. LAW MINISTER TAKE A SERIOUS REVIEW OF CURRENT PRE 2006 PENSIONERS' GRIEVANCES/ PROBLEMS MANY OF WHICH ARE NOW GOING FOR LITIGATIONS IN PR CAT/ HIGH COURT/ AND EVEN HCS!!!

Anonymous said...

"some elements on the Legal Advisory side in the Ministry of Defence"
Dont these people come under the RM & RRM ?Isnt the Def Secy responsible to exercise control over them & accountable for thier misdeeds/ommissions?Why is the Secy ESW not pro-active in such matters? All this clearly points to total mismanagement in the MOD.

Anonymous said...

Dear Navdeep,

What to talk of deliberate apathy and culpable dilatory and totally negative hostile attitude of the MoD officials in this case, the MoD assiduously and in a planned manner has turned the recommendations of the GOM for integration of MoD into a pure nonsense.

The MOD should have been integrated longtime back functionally. But MoD Babus have integrated it just by changing names of the Services HQ.

The MoD and Services appear to be on war path rather than integrated for conduct of War. It appears the Babus look at their interests being supreme than that of the society and the country.

Some drastic measures are called for defence management and attitudanal changes.

Anonymous said...

how can u be contacted sir?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, Maj Navdeep Singh's email is right there on the top of the blog introduction.

Anonymous said...

Navdeep i suggest that u can make ur blog more interesing by bringing out debate on anomalies we face vis a vis civilian counterparts.

Let us have atleast Col at 10 yrs and min promotion to Maj gen before retirement as exist in civil.... if we cant bring that at least NFFU like GP A services.

Lets have a debate! Not a bad idea; what do u say?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"some elements on the Legal Advisory side in the Ministry of Defence"

Unfortunately, most of them are clerks promoted as Desk Officers or US. To add to the woes and complicate the cases, some of them posted in MoD as legal advisors are JAG officers.

The completes the cycle of hostelity and negetivity.

Anonymous said...

The TamilNadu State Information Commission has ruled that IAS officials are a privileged section whose property statements need not be made public.

Gurkirat Singh Dhillon said...


Can u please email me a copy of this order of the Tamil Nadu Information
Commission ?

rgds ...